Won’t You Be My Neighbor putlockers – Watch Won’t You Be My Neighbor full movie online free

Watch Won’t You Be My Neighbor full movie online free – I was lucky enough to see this modern marvel of a film at the Sundance film festival. Well edited and seamlessly structured, this film pays a true homage to the art of making a documentary, and to a man that society didn’t know they needed until he came along on their television screens.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor putlockers – Watch Won’t You Be My Neighbor full movie online free

Won’t You Be My Neighbor review by Loganholley – A beautiful documentary for a wonderful person

I didn’t grow up with Mr. Rogers, I hadn’t even seen an episode of his show until my later years. Despite this, I came into Won’t You Be My Neighbor? As eagerly as possible. When I came out, I was almost speechless. The conversation I had with the people I’d seen the movie with was almost too jumbled to be understandable. I was at a loss for words, and it was a good thing. Few documentaries have been able to capture the spirit, humanity, and works of a person this well.

The tone of the movie is set almost immediately; old footage plays showing a much younger Rogers playing the piano and giving reason for his ambitions. He doesn’t seem to be too full of himself, and the concept he has in mind is one that is both humble and sweet. Even before he’s given the ability to use his talents, he seems as if he’s right next to them. The strong point of this film, for sure, is it’s humane portrayal of Rogers. It doesn’t just linger on the fact that he did good things, it explores what made him want to do those good things. His motivations make sense, and he, as a person, nearly brought tears to my ears several times. I didn’t cry at all, but I’d be lying if I said I never came close to it.

There really much else to say about this. This is a profound, well-made documentary that does it’s job excellently. I can’t think of a single thing that made the engrossing experience of watching Roger come to life on a big screen any less engrossing. I loved it and will most likely see it again when it finally gets the wide release it deserves.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor review by Thomas Drufke – 143

My first thought after viewing this film was: How impressive is it that a documentary which presents itself as a story about a life of a man, gets us to think more about ourselves internally than it does make us think of the life of Mr. Rogers. All I could think about was what am I doing to improve the world or improve myself? How can you love your neighbor as honestly or as devotingly as Fred Rogers? Who was it that helped me get where I am today? How do I become the best person I can be? It’s these questions that make appreciate “Won’t you be my neighbor?” even more every second I think about it. I would consider myself a casual viewer of the original show, only ever seeing the episodes late in its run. But it always struck me as powerful because of the earnestness and genuinity of Fred Rogers and the messages he was trying to get across. Is our world in a better place now than it was before the show? Probably not. But his message of loving yourself and loving your neighbor is something that transcends generations and ideals. I would be hard pressed to find a film that was as emotionally impactful as this in 2018. It’s exactly the type of film we need at right now, when our world is at a low. Rogers truly represented the best a man could be and it’s time we got back to viewing life the way he did. Love is at the root of everything, love or the lack of it. Wow, if there was ever a quote that could represent an entire population, generation, or world. That may be it.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor review by David Ferguson – a legacy of nice

Greetings again from the darkness. Is it too good to be true? We often ask that question in life, but when it comes to Fred Rogers of “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood”, director Morgan Neville’s documentary proves the answer is no … he was good and true. Fred Rogers hosted the children’s TV show on PBS for more than 30 years, starting in 1968. The terrific (and surprisingly emotional) film provides the background of the show, and more importantly, profiles a wonderful man.

Director Neville (BEST OF ENEMIES: BUCKLEY VS VIDAL, 2015) has produced numerous biopics on musicians ranging from Keith Richards to Muddy Waters to Johnny Cash to Brian Wilson. His subject this time out was known for his singing the show’s familiar opening number, and his lyrical legacy was his substantial impact on many generations of children. Mr. Rogers was an ordained minister and, in the early days of television, recognized that violent cartoons were not appropriate programming for the formative childhood years. Even in the early years, he was an outlier with sincerity and wholesomeness in entertainment. He never shied away from tough topics – not even death – whether it was the assassination of Robert Kennedy or a dead fish in the aquarium on set. He spoke directly to children in a voice and language they understood.

There are interviews with fellow cast members, long timer crew members, and relatives, including his wife Joanne. We hear Francois Clemmons (Officer Clemmons on the show) discuss how Mr. Rogers addressed Clemmons’ homosexuality and race, adding poignancy to the shared televised foot bath. Archival footage takes us back to the early years, and we see Lady Aberlin and Daniel Tiger in both black and white and color segments. We learn that the puppet Daniel most resembled the personality of the host himself … a quiet, patient, compassionate being who cared about others.

We see footage of Fred Rogers testifying in front of a Senate sub-committee to prevent funding for PBS from being eliminated, and we see numerous cardigan sweaters and tennis shoes. Mostly we see the approach of a man who built a legacy on kindness and human decency … a lifetime pursuit of uniting that led to struggles with depression. His obsession with 143 – both his weight and his code for “I love you” provides some insight into his personality, and mostly we hear others speak of his lasting impact.

Rather than comedy and pranks, Mr. Rogers was intent on making kids feel safe and secure in a scary world. Sure he educated – often subtly – but it was his innate ability to comfort that kept kids coming back. There are naysayers who say he is responsible for generations of entitled kids who grew into entitled adults, but the film addresses this by showing Roger’s commencement address where he clearly explains the “special” label. His final show was in 2000 and he died in 2003. His legacy is simple yet powerful. We can each do better. We can each be better. We can each be better neighbors.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor review by bastille-852-731547 – Superbly Made Mr. Rogers Documentary

When I was very young, I occasionally remember watching Mr. Rogers, although I never bothered to learn much about him before seeing this movie. I wanted to see this documentary due to the rave reviews it received from the Sundance film festival, as well as the fact that it is from the director of the outstanding “20 Feet From Stardom.” Needless to say, this is an outstanding documentary that is able to warm hearts while also discussing necessary and thought-provoking complexities of today’s world.

The film chronicles Fred Rogers, a Presbyterian minister and children’s television host, by emphasizing his primary work on the show “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.” The film discusses Rogers’ life and legacy with a wide variety of individuals close to him; each represents a unique, diverse and wholly refreshing viewpoint on the man, so much so that no interview or piece of information in the documentary seems or feels deficient in necessity. This is a key part of what elevates this documentary above other nonfiction or other examples factually-centered filmmaking, but it is not the only thing that makes this film special. The film also does a good job examining Rogers as a human being–and this includes being a human susceptible to flaws, as we all are. All too often, biographical documentaries of revered figures attempt to only portray their subjects in the most flattering light possible. Such a one-sided attempt at filmmaking, even when a generally “good” person is being depicted, fails to portray the subject’s personality in the documentary of having multiple dimensions. The film frankly explains, for example, how Rogers was initially uncomfortable that another actor on the show was gay (unfortunate, but unsurprising given the time period.) That said, Rogers’ positive contributions to society and to American children are the primary focus of the film–as they should be. His work served as a thoughtful and measured alternative to much of the schlocky television programming of the late 20th century.

Finally, this documentary is remarkably emotionally powerful. It would have been easy to make this film feel sappy and sentimental, but it wisely avoids such traps. The film shoots directly from the heart to the gut, and truly makes you feel something–and something great–about Rogers and his legacy. It’s refreshing to be able to analyze human decency, such as what made Rogers unique, during a sad moment in history when our political climate is severely lacking in it. All in all, this is an excellent documentary and one that I am very happy to recommend.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor review by KJ Proulx – Heartwarming from Start to Finish

Documentaries are always a great learning tool for those who haven’t delved into the world that a particular film is exploring. To myself, they are a dime a dozen, due to the fact that it takes a lot for a documentary to hold my interest from start to finish. Make films in this genre take their biggest moments and spread them very thin throughout their two-hour running time and while that may work for some, it usually doesn’t for me. In my opinion, a documentary doesn’t work unless it has important things to say in each and every segment that it presents to its audience. One of the most buzzed-about documentaries of 2018 has just hit the big screen and even with everything I just mentioned, I can admit the buzz around this film is well-deserved and then some. Here’s how Won’t You Be My Neighbor? moved me and why I believe it will move most viewers.

This film follows the life of Fred Rogers. Through interviews and old footage from sets or real locations, its main job is to showcase how truly terrific of a person this man really was. Meshing that aspect with the fact that he was secretly (and sometimes not so secretly) representing the real world, and all of its harshnesses, through his puppets or even personal examples on his show, made for a very emotional experience in my eyes. The conclusion of this film moved me to tears and will probably make quite a few audience members reflect on everything they’ve done throughout their life, whether good or bad. Whether you want to believe it or not, I think this is the film that’s needed today.

This film hits on a lot of important issues, so when I dive into this particular one, please don’t think of it as a spoiler for the movie. There is a moment when an interviewee is asked about television nowadays and he responds along the lines of, “There just isn’t enough room on television today for a nice guy.” From re-runs of classic shows to the amount of R-rated content being provided even on Netflix or primetime television, you’d think that someone out there would give the green light to a show that would teach lessons to kids. Many audiences and critics say that we are in the golden age of television, but shows like this need to be around forever. This man’s material was clearly inspired and this film only gives you hope that someone will come along with as much passion as he did in being a television icon.

Most documentaries seem to drag in my opinion, because they focus too much on side stories and lose focus on the main message they’re trying to get across. At a breezy 95 minutes, the emotional connection this film makes with (probably) the majority of its audience makes it a very easy watch. That being said, there are themes that are hearty for children throughout this movie, but I do believe this film should be seen by them as well. Showcasing many portions of his famous show and explaining the meaning behind certain characters/events, Won’t You Be My Neighbor? almost fills the void of not having this man around anymore.

Overall, I can’t say this film offered any big surprises that would force audience members to rush out and see this movie, but the emotional connection that it makes to its audience is well worth the price of admission. This movie sucked me in from start to finish and truly had me thinking throughout. If a documentary can accomplish that, then it’s a winner in my eyes. My sincerest applause goes out to the filmmakers of this documentary. This one is a must-see.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor review by Willyadkins – This film is a warm reminder of neighborly love and respect, values sadly lost in so much of today’s society.

Like so many others, Fred Rogers was a huge part of my childhood. For that reason, I have been in anticipation of seeing this film for so long and I’m happy that it finally has happened. I got to the theater, running a few minutes behind. I completely bypassed the popcorn and soda stand, because I didn’t want to miss a second of this story on screen. It is only every so often that I get so anxious about seeing a film and it only grew as I sat through opening trailers and previews. I was so in fear that they would take the most inspiring of stories and throw it together poorly, as I have seen in so many other cases. But then finally, that old familiar face that I would see through several years of my youth was on the screen and it didn’t take me long to feel in debt to the filmmakers who assembled a very real look at all sides of Mr. Rogers and his wonderful neighborhood.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor takes you behind the scenes of not only “Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood”, but also behind the scenes of Mr. Rogers himself. His faith, his struggles, his characters (who all seem to be different parts of his own personality), his political statements, his often adventurous crew and above all else, his un-denying passion, love and understanding of children. Never before has his story been told so well. His unique methods of communicating morals, ethics and understanding to children, is only a fraction of what this film offers. You are also shown how he conquered such topics as racism, sexual orientation and violence in children’s entertainment. Through interviews with several friends, cast and crew, we learn a lot about the struggles he faced behind the scenes and he often felt up against a wall without any idea what else he could possibly do to help. A feeling that I believe most of us in today’s society can truly relate to.

For today’s audiences, I think this film is a much needed reality check. The film doesn’t talk about the everlasting world of chaos, greed, hate and violence that we living in today. But, for anyone who sees this film, it forces you to reflect on present day politics, how our society is constantly at each other’s throats and also offers a huge reminder that children still exist and are witness to all of these things.

This film is a warm reminder of neighborly love and respect, values sadly lost in so much of today’s society. Thank you for bringing Fred Roger’s morals and love together to remind and inspire us all.

I truly believe that everyone should see this very well done film. It is sad that it is only screening in select theaters when it is probably the best documentary film I have seen in years.

Won’t You Be My Neighbor review by rockman18 – Won’t You Be My Neighbor? (2018)

It’s not always that I get excited for a documentary film. The trailer for this film based on the ever popular child show icon, Fred Rogers, seemed special. It seemed like it would get into the depths of what made this man and his show worth talking about. I really enjoyed this documentary. There is a lot about the show and what Fred Rogers attempted to create that I wasn’t so aware about, so being able to see it in this feature was eye opening and emotional (believe it or not).

The film is an in depth look at the life of Fred Rogers. It starts with an early look into his life and how he used his talents to get a show on PBS titled Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. The film also shows why exactly the show was groundbreaking for its commentary on racial tensions, acceptance and inclusion, and its bold nature in addressing real world issues that we try to shield from children. The film is composed of excerpts and stories from people who knew Mr. Rogers best in his professional and personal life.

It’s not often we see celebrities without vices and problems, but Mr. Rogers seemed to be as squeaky clean as it gets. His profound speech over the PBS funding dispute is even shown in the film. His neighborhood was iconic, if you were a kid growing up in past decades you knew who he was, knew his sweaters, and his routines on the show. The film is a wonderful look into that world and the personality of a man who America loved for his innovative nature.

As mentioned earlier Fred Roger’s show attempted to cover topics of racism, assassination in politics, bullying, and even mental health. That was extremely bold, not just for its time but because these were sensitive topics for children to talk about. Roger’s importance and unwavering dedication to protecting our youth are on display here. There are some moments in the feature that will get you feeling emotional. I think the film was timely and an overall entertaining look at a very beloved American television icon.

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