War & Peace putlockers – Watch War & Peace full movie online free

Watch War & Peace full movie online freeNothing bad to say here, it’s so well done everything is perfect. So rare to see this kind of quality any more, no hesitation, watch it. I have not read the book, I always heard it was kind of a struggle, I’m more of a magazine reader short attention span so I was concerned that there might be long Winter scenes and drawn out dull details but this is not the case. The episodes are perfectly paced, the details just the right length and the Actors are truly at the top of their game. Big budget production with gorgeous scenes from incredible Palaces, it gave me a tour of Russia as I have never seen it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have, bravo to the BBC!

War & Peace putlockers – Watch War & Peace full movie online free

War & Peace review by Shustd – Delicate and Powerful

The story that is told by Leo Tolstoy has been shown in more British way as the feeling of Russian culture is often missing however the creator has captured all of the feelings that every character experienced and not to say that the cast is just incredible.I believe that it is when you are attached to the character , then you are hooked on the story , everything from scenery to the cast is outstanding but I would still recommend to read the original novel first in order to truly experience the delicacy of Russian culture , as a matter fact many people say that Tolstoy has given the readers the ‘encyclopaedia ‘ of real Russian spirit.

To conclude , I wholeheartedly recommend this adaption of the incredible novel and moreover the original book itself as you may find yourself in a position of complete hysteria about the novel as it may help you reconsider your priorities in life and show you that there is so much more in Leo Tolstoy’s novel than love ,battle and dominance that is usually shown in movies describing the life in 18th and 19th century as War and Peace has much more meaningful story of Russian Culture and Russian people as this spirit is forever indescribable .

War & Peace review by janewarren2 – Lap it up and enjoy!

I have read some of the reviews, and seen previous versions so looked forward to this with both hope and trepidation. I loved Anthony Hopkins in the 70s as Pierre, Sergay Bondachuk in the Russian version and Henry Fonda earlier than that. The character is one of my all time favourites, so it took me a while to take to Paul Dano, but once I had, I found it to be a sensitive performance that had its own merits, and deserves praise. Jim Broadbent, Ade Edmondson and the rest of the cast also make it worthy of your time.

All I can say is enjoy the show, lap up the scenery, wallow in the wonderful characters and costumes, charge in your minds eye to battle and dance at the balls. Visit Old St Petersburg without leaving your armchair and be entertained. The book has too much to ever do justice to, (unless perhaps Peter Jackson took it under his wing).

War & Peace review by Eapplebaum – beautifully executed

I watched the whole series in a few sittings and I found it to be worthy of it’s literary masterpiece status. From the acting, the directing, the production design, set design, costume design even makeup each component of a production that brings a great piece of literature to visual life was to done here perfectly. The content evoked deep emotion and I commend everyone on such a lovely job. everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion but I believe sometimes people get so caught up in what and how they think a book should be depicted they forget to become a little objective and just “feel” what is being portrayed. One might not have chosen the cast this production did, but that does not take away the talent that shined. I thoroughly enjoyed that terribly bittersweet and epic story in film version. It contains so much sadness, I honestly don’t think I can read it again and this was a wonderful substitute for being able to revisit Tolstoy’s War and Peace another time.

War & Peace review by exis10ce – Worth watching, if only for Paul Dano as Pierre Bezukhov

Contrary to many opinions here, I found it rather watchable and even enjoyable at times. It felt like a polished, brushed, and westernized version of the original novel, and to my view there was little “Russian” spirit in the series. But I understand that overall it fits well within the BBC format of period movies such as those based on Jane Austin works. Perhaps this was the creators’ way to make it more watchable for the modern audience.

Of course, the best thing about this version of W&P is Paul Dano – to me, he’s been born for this part. Kind, intelligent, noble, sensitive, soft, fragile, often a restless soul – Dano is all these things. Couldn’t even dream of such count Bezukhov. Another strong suit of the movie, as many noted, are the locations and set decorations. Amazing. The costumes, on the other hand, looked at best questionable to me, especially when it came to Natasha’s, Sonia’s, and princess Bolkonskaya’s dresses and styles. I was simply shocked by how the former two were dressed for their first appearance in the movie: seriously, they are young countesses, does the costume designer really believe that Russian nobility had no taste whatsoever in fashion? Unfortunately, apart from Paul Dano, I found most of other casting choices rather disastrous (especially Lily James as Natasha). They all are fine actors, but not suited for their parts, with rare exceptions. I felt that a more thorough casting job should have been done.

Overall, I think that it is still possible to enjoy this new production, especially if you haven’t read the book.

War & Peace review by barry-180 – The very best of British TV

War& Peace finished on TV last night and in my opinion it was one of the finest programmes I have ever seen on TV!! The producers may of had the American market in mind as the six part series was all but a precis of Tolstoys monumental work. And to be honest I found the ending superior to the morbid epilogue of Tolstoy. Many intellectuals will say that you must not change the structure of the original for an adaptation. But as an analogy I believe Verdi and Boito’s adaptation of Othello is better than the Shakespeare original. For me the finest scene was the pathos we saw was Pierre met the peasant Platon Karataev and his dog Sashenka. Here Pierre finally finds out what life is all about ,as he expects to be shot by the French or frozen to death. Paul Dano as Count Pierre Bezukhov underplays his part brilliantly. The whole ensemble cast including Stephen Rea as Prince Vassily Kuragin are terrific.

War & Peace review by Ivanoil – An important adaptation

What I like about this adaptation is that it gives the younger audience the chance to know why war and peace is one of the most important stories written so far. It is already known that most of the young population doesn’t like to read books especially when it’s a long ones. I like TV series and films for the fact they can deliver a story similar to a book and sometimes even better. No place to argue that the screen is taking over now so why don’t use it to tell famous and good story .So far I’ve seen 5 episodes and they are all made very well, directors and actors job is just awesome , I strongly recommend this adaptation to everyone!

War & Peace review by Mgumsley – Larger than life …. and spellbinding

After Anna Karenina, I was looking forward to War and Peace being more epic and heart rending. And I have not been disappointed so far. The story line seems a little bit rushed at times, but this was a truly mammoth story and Andrew Davies has a reputation for making fine series out of monumental classics.

So far there is rather more peace than war, but the three central characters, Pierre, Prince Andrei and Natasha seem remarkably well cast and the eternal triangle is forming in a complex way, as expected. The series does not feel terribly Russian but clearly the culture and problems that existed at the time were peculiar to continental Europe. Napoleon was terrorising all of Europe and like many before and after him, thought that Russia would fall under his spell. Its therefore no wonder that characters like Prince Andrei found the military a perfect vehicle for their ambitions and patriotism. But the war was clearly going to decimate many of the leading members of Russian society.

Tolstoy’s ability to tell a complex love story is already showing through, and the lesser characters like Prince Vassily, Andrei;s sister Marya and Jim Broadbent’s wonderful cameo as Andrei’s father make this first rate entertainment.

My only complaint would be that there is not more of this spellbinding story.

War & Peace review by Thiagosblancos – What a disappointment.

I’m not going to lie, I’d always choose a good period drama should there be one, once I heard the BBC jumped into this I got my hopes up after the almost yet disappointing 2007 adaption but let’s be honest, no.

I keep forcing myself to watch, it’s… slow, poorly acted, they don’t get anything of Russia here, we get no explanation about the events, there is no context, at all. Everything seems forced except for the scenery, as always when it comes to the BBC, it’s beautiful and yet nothing, it’s lame, 1 episode and half watched and I must say: I don’t like it, they could have done more. The cast was good, what happened here? Also, it makes me compare this to the 2007 adaptation for the Rostov’s palace is the same they used. Even the furniture, same place, also, I’d like one adaptation to have a brunette Natasha for she was one, I’ll keep watching for I promised myself to give it a chance until it ends but I’d not advice anyone to do as well.

War & Peace review by mb-155 – Here we go again…

Problem with this series is appears, perhaps more apparent than real, that the young actors seem like they are missing their laptops, IPods and so on and other modern accouterment’s of life. Perhaps the sex scenes are overly egged in keeping with the absolutely “anything goes” way forward now. Years ago, let’s say the “Lion in Winter” and here I mean actors like Anthony Hopkins (and guess what other series he was in) really got into their parts and gave the older actors a real run for their money.

Not so now; the Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston type actors are really thin on the ground mores the pity. Perhaps directors like Tom Harper should stick to “modern” dramas, like Channel 4’s Utopia, surely much more up his street because in NO WAY is this like the book or feels like of that era. Perhaps I should not blame the actors perhaps the directors are wimps and incapable of rolling out Russia of that period. For now we have to put up with way too many TV dramas and mainstream films not paying enough lip service to the time period they are supposed to be portraying. Or do they not have enough money to do justice?

War & Peace review by Artless_Dodger – War & Peace is simply a triumph.

War & Peace is simply a triumph. I did try to read the book once, the word ‘try’ being operative, so I’m not considering it as an interpretation of the printed page. I’ve never been compelled to write a review for a TV series before, but as a piece of celluloid art this was spellbinding.

The performances were universally perfect, from the central characters to the more periphery. Paul Dano as Pierre Bezukhov gave us a wonderfully human portrayal of intelligence and humanism struggling against the barbarity of war and the debauchery of peace. Lily James was enchanting as Natasha Rostova, painting her journey from a carefree, inexperienced girl to a fallen woman in delicate colours. The scenes of her reunited with Andrei Bolkonsky (an excellent James Norton) were heart wrenching, as was the ending. I’m not sure a TV series has ever elicited tears from this viewer before, but this one certainly did during the final episode, and three times!

The other particularly emotional scene was between Marya Bolkonskaya (the lovely Jessie Buckley) and Nikolai Rostov (Jack Lowden).

Also brilliant were Jim Broadbent as the cantankerous Prince Bolkonsky and Adrian Edmondson as the affable Count Ilya Rostov, being the two bookends of the piece. Every performance was pitch perfect and I should now list every cast member with a superlative attached, but…

Of course, a great performance needs a great script as it’s foundation stone. Andrew Davies had a string of wonderful adaptations to his name already (including Pride & Prejudice, 1995) and this one might just have topped the lot. Tom Harper, the director, has definitely given us his best work to date allowing the performances to shine yet also giving us spectacle and drama on a breathtaking scale. It will be interesting to see what he does next.

I cannot recommend this highly enough. If you haven’t yet seen it, please don’t miss it. You will be amply rewarded.

War & Peace review by Matthew Kays – Russian aristocracy and the BBC period dramas

It could be really hard task to summon, evoke the atmosphere of the Russian nobility in 19. century. Unfortunately I feel, in this aspect this six-part adaptation will be insufficient. Where is the dramatic, vague sentiment this world symbolizes?

Apart from that, I think the casting is not so bad. Lily James as Natasha Rostova is a real beauty, and a wonderful actress. She characterizes the blissful, ignorant young woman really good.

Paul Dano as the main character can bring some valuable acting, which can elevate the dramatic element of this TV show but right now (after the first episode) I am just waiting. Though the characters are too one-sided, simple, their demeanor can be predictable. I hope Aneurin Barnard and James Norton with their skillful acting can make this show worthwhile.

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