The Last Man on Earth review – Watch The Last Man on Earth 123movies movie online free

Watch The Last Man on Earth 123movies movie online free – I have a hard time understanding why people do not like this show? I guess a lot of people do not understand the kind of British intelligence humor. I am shocked to see the negative reviews. This is one of the most hilarious sitcoms I have seen in a very long time. It’s smart and entertaining. It’s not for people that like cheap laughs like in many cheaper sitcoms. I really hope that they will renew this sitcom for season 2. The actors did an amazing job and the plot, even though I think if went too fast, was very entertaining and creative. Overall, all my friends that saw this show, found it to be hilarious. If you like more intelligent humor, then this show is for you. If you are used to cheap sitcoms with cheap laughs then this show is not for you.

The Last Man on Earth review – Watch The Last Man on Earth movie online free

The Last Man on Earth review by StewartMoore – Hilarious, brilliant….genius.

Astonishingly negative reviews here on IMDb for a show that is a total original, very funny and very well acted. The lead actor is such a brilliant oddball. I’ve watched most of season 1 and it builds very well, sustaining the development and the nightmare scenario while somehow keeping the wants of the lead out of his reach. Thwarted, might be the word. A set of circumstances that evolve in an amusing way. I can’t think of a show like it. Looking back over the negative reviews here I find myself wondering if that is something to be proud of. It is far from lowest common denominator. It will likely not appeal to many, but I believe it has the makings of an underground classic.

The Last Man on Earth review by dongwangfu – Why is this show so polarizing?

For some reason, there are a huge number of reviews that expect this to portray all the details of its post-apocalyptic premise exactly the way each reviewer imagines it should.

It is a sit-com! Was “Bob Newhart” accurate about mental illness? No. Could actual human beings live the summer camp style lives led by the central characters in “Friends”? No. Is “Last Man on Earth” anything more than an excuse to throw together different character types for humorous effect? No.

But as a sit-com style serial it is really very, very funny. Will Forte, the central character, is weak-willed but occasionally self-reflective anti-hero, and Kristin Schaal and January Jones are just two of a set of excellent comedians who play supporting roles.

The only reason I can think that so many ratings are so low is that people may have been looking for show in a different genre, and started watching and were unhappy it was basically a sit-com.

The Last Man on Earth review by dallascowboyfan-48360 – absolutely hilarious and original

I don’t understand the negative reviews at all. I have never laughed so hard watching a show. It is a breath of fresh air, original and immersive. I just wish the episodes were longer, it’s strange how they are about 22-23 minutes long. I can’t wait until tomorrow when the second season starts. I love this show. I can only guess that the negative reviews were from people who possess one of the follow attributes: lacks a sense of humor, doesn’t appreciate an original plot, does not like to be immersed in a show, does not watch enough of a show to truly judge it. This show allows me to fantasize about how it would be to do things that we can’t do in real life. When there are so few people in the world you can just drive to a city or town and move into the house of your choice, go to a liquor store and grab what you want, go to a movie theater and turn on the projector and watch a movie all by yourself, help yourself to some candy and popcorn…provided you have been handy enough to get some electricity going…not hard to hook up some solar panels though.

The Last Man on Earth review by Ricky Couture – Ignore the bad reviews…This show is hilarious!

I suppose it’s expected that a show this unique is going to have its fair share of love/hate responses, but I’m extremely surprised to see it get this much criticism.

My suggestion for the detractors out there is, because it’s a comedy, just let go of the OCD nature of trying to dissect what is and isn’t realistic in a doomsday scenario and just follow along with the show’s humor. Don’t overthink it.

Too many reviews are criticizing needless things, like; “Where’s the abandoned cars in traffic?”, “Where are all the bodies?”, etc…But those things are completely unnecessary in terms of buying the show’s premise. I think they did the right thing to not edge themselves out with grim imagery. It doesn’t need a drama element.

It’s supposed to be funny, and for that reason they had to make the decision (and rightfully so) to dismiss the typical and obvious aspects of a last-man-on-earth scenario and just go straight for the comedy. If they didn’t, none of the humor would land as quickly and easily as it does.

Personally, I think this is one of the funniest and most interesting shows I’ve seen in a long time. It’s rare to have a comedy nowadays that’s so quotable and full of brilliant one liners, and because the characters and the situations they find themselves in are so strange, what comes from it is an incredibly original and fresh show with the potential for many future seasons of hilarious moments.

So if you’re at all reading this review and are comparing it to other reviews to see if this show is worth watching, I suggest you just watch this show and see for yourself. I, for one, love it, and can’t imagine how someone wouldn’t. If it’s not for you, you’ll know instantly…But if it is, you just found a gold mine that will have you in laughing out loud at least a dozen times an episode. Definitely recommend!

The Last Man on Earth review by frankkerrigan Fantastic series

So the world ends and everyone dies, who is left a perfect man from middle America who will take mankind to a new level. No its Phil a damaged little man who is less than perfect. He’s flawed, petty but has a great pool idea that I would love to copy. Remember not everyone one at the end of the world is perfect, what you have is what is left and you have to make the best of it or in Phil’s case make the worst of it. This is laugh, Phil makes you cringe as he struggles to cope with changing circumstances, but it is also very touching if you look a little deeper.

This is really worth watching and worth sticking with it and it only gets better with the second series, episode one is season two is a shocker, not a walking dead shocker but it brings home how fragile the world that Phil lives in now actuals is.

The Last Man on Earth review by andyroo54 – Brilliant, complex, intelligent comedy

I couldn’t help notice all the bad reviews and felt compelled to right this wrong. I’m guessing the bad reviews have ulterior motives.

This show is funny. Not just a bit funny, but actually funny. If you love shows like Curb your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld, etc. then you’re going to love this. If however you prefer sitcoms like “big bang theory” then please, leave now.

I rarely laugh out loud at a TV show but this one had me in stitches so many times! Comedy is about the removal of dignity and over the course of the series it’s amazing they still find dignity left in the character of Phil Miller to remove. Just when you think he can’t go any lower, he does.

Phil Miller is this unsympathetic bastard who just wants to get laid at the end of the world, and yet everything seems to be against him, including himself. In some respects he is well meaning, but he isn’t the most well equipped person to survive the end of the world, preferring to use duct tape and string to solve engineering problems, but his heart is usually in the right place. Usually.

Oh, he also considers murdering someone so he can sleep with more women. But he doesn’t go through with it, he’s just not that guy in the end.

I’m purposely trying to avoid giving too much away here, because I’m assuming whoever is reading this has never seen the show, so do yourself a favor and go watch it now, you will not regret it!

The Last Man on Earth review by tim bliot – Out of the ordinary

The Last Man on Earth is an polarizing drama which will leave you full of emotions, however if you are looking for a comical sitcom you may be in for a disappointment.

The two first episodes feature the main character left alone in empty world on the verge of mental collapse, doing every he can to find another human being.

As the plot reveals itself through the further episodes, his efforts seem to pay off as newcomers come to meet him. The next episodes then go from bad to worse -the more he tries to do everything he can to get along the more he is alienated. As we whiteness him making all the possible wrong decisions, we feel left with a feeling of anger toward all the characters.

The show may sometime seems to parallel so much life situation that’s it’s become painful to watch. Indeed, social exclusion is hardly an easy subject even presented under a comical light.

However all the brilliance of the show is to transmit such feelings with a touching authenticity.

The Last Man on Earth review by Scott-101 – Has the sensibilities of SNL’s best sketches

Will Forte, who co-created the series with “Clone High” cohorts Phil Lord and Chris Miller, believes himself to be the soul survivor of some biological epidemic until he meets Kristen Schaal, and the two deal with the realities of an Adam-and-Eve type situation in which Eve is a shrewish nag and Adam is the kind of adult slacker who sees the end of days as a prime opportunity to have fun.

She’s not quite “Flight of the Conchords” Kristen Schaal crazy, but crazy enough to think there’s a reason to stop at a traffic light when there are no other moving vehicles on the planet. Schaal wants Forte to “marry” her and then do some repopulation to save the human race and Forte eventually relents because he’s just plain horny. But we have ourselves a love triangle when a third survivor turns up who turns out to be Forte’s dream girl (a very down-to-earth January Jones) and he can’t do anything because he’s a “married man.”

This isn’t a show that has an interest in fleshing out any view of the apocalypse. Not even at a comedic level. How these people hijack cars at will, why there aren’t dead bodies, or what the hell they’re all doing in Tucson (where summer daytime temperatures average over 100 degrees) are questions the show isn’t interested in answering. The show can best be described as a Twilight Zone episode wrapped up into the sensibilities of an SNL sketch. Forte finding himself locked out of his dream girls’ pants because he quite reasonably married who he thought was the last girl on Earth is the sophomoric comedic equivalent of Meredith Burgess’s bookworm character having access to all the books on Earth as its last survivor only to have his glasses broken.

It’s truly one of the highlights of the TV season.

The Last Man on Earth review by chris-purchase-1 – This is how it’s done. Watch and learn. Perfect comedy timing.

Single camera comedies like this are a big risk for everyone involved, on all levels of the food chain. The tone has to be just-so and walking that tight- rope successfully takes every actor, director, producer and crew member to be on their game and working to an excellent standard rarely seen. The Last Man on Earth clearly achieves, to an exemplary level, what it sets out to do; to be funny, heart-warming and throw up a mirror to some of human nature’s more modern ailments.

The first two episodes show an extraordinarily strong voice from Phil Lord and Christopher Miller that exudes wit, empathy, a deep understanding of human nature and a love of the world and characters they’ve created.

I have only seen the first two episodes and cannot fault them. Having watched them a third and fourth time I am still impressed and moved by Will Forte’s performance and the perfect use of music and editing to enhance both the comedy and overall story arcs simultaneously.

Incredible writing. Well done FOX for taking a chance on this. The script must have been a joy to read and to see it come to life in such a capable way must be even more gratifying.

If you’re disappointed by this series in any way, then I wish you a good life and don’t be offended if I want nothing to do with you. Can’t wait to see the rest of the series.

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