Show Dogs zmovies – Watch Show Dogs full movie online free

Watch Show Dogs full movie online freeReading the critics’ reviews we weren’t sure what to expect but we all laughed a lot and had a great time. Kids loved it and were quoting it all the way home. I highly recommend this old fashioned fun kids flick. You won’t be disappointed!

Show Dogs zmovies – Watch Show Dogs full movie online free

Show Dogs review by Garygwilliams – You’ll be hard pressed to find a bigger waste of your movie dollars

Talking dogs, talking babies, talking cars. There usually only one good movie ever made but they continue to try. Thankfully, this will forever make it harder to finance a talking dog movie. Don’t get me wrong, Ludacris was funny as Max, the streetwise canine cop. Casting did their job as many voices were spot on but with no script, direction and inferior production values, they had no chance. The CGI was mildly inventive but the rest was awful.

Show Dogs review by firefly900 – Fun Kids Movie……. For Kids!

So as my headline says this movie is for kids, did the clueless low raters think they were watching Schindlers list when they saw this? Or most likely the vast majority of them havent seen it and are just giving it a low rating anyway.

Look this isnt going to be the best movie you will ever see but it is fun. Even as a 36 year old male I got a laugh from it. I saw this movie as part of a charity screening and I had alot of fun watching it. And to all those that are giving this a low rating because this childs movie does not live up to their supposed intellectual prowess….. You people really are to be pitied.

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Show Dogs review by Justjocie – I was actually entertained!

I usually hate kid movies. Almost all of them, especially animated ones. I didn’t have any expectations going into this, but the jokes were actually pretty funny and it was a cute storyline. People are always going to hate on movies like this but it’s not made for adults. It’s a kids movie, and a pretty good one at that. If you’re looking for a cute funny movie with really adorable animals, go see it! You might be surprised.

Show Dogs review by Springfieldrental – Wag your tail for Show Dogs

If you are a dog owner or had one in the past, you can relate to the collage of canines presented in the comedy “Show Dogs.” This Raja Gosnell-directed film is a light-hearted delight showcasing the poochy world of man’s best friends communicating amongst themselves. The plot is a little thin, and the wackiness could be amped slightly higher, but scriptwriters Max Botkin and Marc Hyman have supplied enough jokes to keep a smile on the viewer’s face throughout. Ideal for the entire family, SD is a film that even mom and dad can enjoy with the kids, which is rare in today’s movie theaters.

Show Dogs review by Dave McClain – ignore the bad press and enjoy a wonderful movie

“Show Dogs” (PG, 1:32) is an action-adventure comedy which was directed by Raja Gosnell, who has two Smurfs movies, two Scooby-Doo movies, “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”, “Big Momma’s House” and “Never Been Kissed” on his resume. The film was written by Max Botkin (“What Happened to Monday”) and Marc Hyman (“Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted”, “How to Train Your Dragon”) and produced using a combination of live action and CGI. It has, unfortunately, also been the subject of some controversy. Some people have interpreted one canine character’s struggle to learn how to deal with being handled during competition as some secret message teaching children to accept fondling. This minor subplot could also be interpreted as encouraging men not to be afraid of prostate exams. Or maybe it’s just a relevant plot point for an alpha dog preparing to be in his first dog show. Either way, the rest of this review will ignore the controversy and talk about the movie, which is more than a bad press magnet.

Max (voiced by Ludacris) is a Rottweiler working as a tough-as-nails NYC police dog. Max is tracking some rare animal smugglers when he runs into Frank (Will Arnett), an FBI agent working on the same case. Max’s human supervisor convinces a reluctant Frank to work with Max on their joint venture. The two new partners develop a love-hate relationship as they follow the clues to Las Vegas, where they believe an international dog show there is being used as a front by the animal traffickers. A dog groomer named Mattie (Natasha Lyonne) works with Frank as he poses as a dog handler participating in the competition. Of course, Max is forced to endure the indignities of a primped pooch paraded about during the various challenges in the dog show as he does his own undercover work. Along the way, Max gets help from an unhinged former champion named Dante (Alan Cumming) and a fellow participant named Daisy (Jordin Sparks). RuPaul, Gabriel Iglesias, Shaquille O’Neal and Stanley Tucci also voice CGI dogs, while Anders Holm, Blake Anderson and Kate Micucci voice a trio of pigeons who are fans of Max.

“Show Dogs” is cute, clever, comedic and compassionate. Sure, this movie could be seen as just another man and mutt police pairing, in the vein of “Turner and Hooch” and “K9” (both from 1989), or a hairy rehash of 2000’s “Miss Congeniality”, but those comparisons really do a disservice to this delightful comedy. The story is simple enough for most kids to follow, but involved enough to hold the interest of most adults. The voice work is great and the performances and plot combine to make for a very enjoyable (mostly) family-friendly film.

Show Dogs review by Fudge-3 – A little bit of doggie humour for everyone

Max, an NYPDog, must go undercover in a Dog Show to bring a gang of animal smugglers to justice. He gets partnered with an incompetent FBI agent as his handler.

Yep – it’s another live action, talking dogs movie where the animals (and most of the women) are a lot smarter than the men. There are enough laughs in it to keep both the children and the parents amused. It does make fun of itself too. Most of the other user reviews are highly polarised between 1s and 10s but I think the truth is in between.

There were news articles around at launch time that two scenes were going to be cut because they might, ‘normalise groping.’ When I watched the movie in the UK well after launch those scenes seemed to be still in it. In a dog show a vet will check all the animal’s assets from teeth to tail and Max has to stay calm while the medic confirms that he’s still got his nuts. The movie, ‘Best in Show,’ has the same gag and I don’t think children will necessarily understand why it’s funny. So; something else for you parents to explain, but hey: you’re used to that.

I liked: the animation, the cute pooches, the tiger and the out-takes at the end. I didn’t like: The pigeons plus there are parts of the movie that have some extremely tight editing, the dialogue is too fast and any joke is thrown away.

If you’re a dog person add 1 point. If you’re a cat person subtract 2 points.

Show Dogs review by Jimbobwoodenwood – I liked it!

Saw this with my kids and I have to admit I actually quite enjoyed it. In the marketing this looked like simply another dumb kids movie but I was pleasantly surprised by the intelligent humour which left me chuckling a few times. There were a few jokes aimed at the adults too and I appreciate that the filmmakers had more than just the kids in mind. Glad I saw it and it’s an 8/10 from me.

Show Dogs review by Subxerogravity – Worse movie ever!? Not with as many laughs as this film gives me.

I did not realize that Ludacris was so hard up on money,but apparently like Tyrese Gibson barking on Youtube about being broke, The Fast and Furious Franchise aint paying the brothers enough money so apparently he does need to do this alternative.

Luda plays Max, a tough as nails NYPD dog who teams up with Will Arnett, whose obviously trying to not make Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows his worse movie (He failed cause this movie out shines Turtles 2 100 percent). Together in a not so uncanny buddy cop movie (cause they did do it in Turner and Hooch) they go under cover as dog show contestants to find an animal smuggler.

Realistic, this movie is stupid, that’s a given, but what it has going for it is that it knows how stupid it is, and with that knowledge you can’t help but to laugh at the dumbness going on.

There are so many points in the movie that are just so foolish, but you can’t help but to smirk. It’s like Ludacris is taking the role so seriously that the whole thing is…Ludacris (he does the same pun in the film), and I can’t help myself.

So yeah, Show Dogs is bad, but it’s definitely worth seeing. It will make you laugh!

Show Dogs review by Lyndaacb – Disturbing message of sexual compliance

This movie is only slightly entertaining, parents should know, when the dog’s genitals are groped by the show organizers, he doesn’t’ like it, and is told he needs to just deal with it and not complain to anyone (when he is being “checked out”)….he is told to find his happy place and just bear it, that it will be over soon. Terrible message for kids in my opinion. Wonder what pedophile will use this as an example the next time they are grooming their victims. I’m all for artistic freedom, but this is a really creepy message. It’s a message like so many women have been victim of in Hollywood….you want to get in the show, you better let me do what I want. But it’s even worse that it is geared toward children. They “humanize” these animals so kids can relate to them….and then send this creepy, not so subliminal message.

Show Dogs review by Shazmaphat – Warning: not for children

I can’t believe I have to write this, but parents need to be warned that there are actual child grooming messages in this movie.

The entire success of the main dog’s mission rests on him overcoming his trauma about having his genitals inspected, and acquiescence to being interfered with by an authority figure. I kid you not.

There are several questionable scenes encouraging him to disassociate while being traumatised ‘down there’, and then when he eventually submits the trauma is painted as wonderful. I cannot believe this movie was allowed to be made let alone released and marketed to children. I am surprised there isn’t more of an uproar about it.

The rest of the movie is also unfunny and boring. So it’s not for adults either.

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