Midnight Sun 123movies – Watch Midnight Sun full movie online free

Watch Midnight Sun full movie online free – This was the perfect movie to watch when your down. It’s sad and happy all at the same time. The story was unbelievably moving and the characters had amazing chemistry. You are routing for them from the start. The father daughter relationship is adorable and her best friend treats her like a sister. It gave me huge “A Walk to Remember” vibes. I laughed and cried, and was ultimately touched by the movie. I honestly enjoyed it from start to finish and I recommend it to anyone in need of a sweet teen romance.

Midnight Sun 123movies – Watch Midnight Sun full movie online free

Midnight Sun review by FandomFanatic2 – Dreams come true at night…

Midnight Sun, follows teenager Katie Price who has a rare disease called XP which makes her stay out of the sun because being in the sun is fatal and can result in death. She stays looking out into the world from her window and one night meets her dream guy Charlie whom shes been watching since a young age. The film follows her journey through her first love, first parties, and the one life she has. The film is important as it follows a real life disease and also represents a teens curiousness and their eagerness they have to explore the world and how as teens we can feel trapped. Katie is a strong character who sacrifices a lot and goes through so many trials. I recommend you give this a film a try. My thoughts at first was that the film was cheesy and the story was just like the film Everything, Everything. Well news flash for me, the film is nothing like Everything, Everything and the story was good, the acting was good,the music was heartwarming, and had me in tears. I recommend the film no matter what your thoughts are on the film.

“I’m really busy during the day, but I can be free at night.” -Katie Price, Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun review by safetypro-102-160847 – Delightful, Hard, Beautiful, Devastating – A Masterpiece!

From the trailer running at a local theater venue, I was reticent to indulge in the film. I read more about it – synopses, et al – and decided to give it a chance. Wow, am I glad I did.

Midnight Sun is NOT another “he’s” sick/”she’s” sick) kind of film. It’s far more about the peripheral impact of the disorder XP (Xeroderma Pigmentosum). The story is, in truth, far more about a young woman who does what she can, working around and living with an irreversible affliction.

The story is about important relationships, as well as support of the overall life of the young woman. It is about people who really care, and those who APPEAR to show an absence of empathy.

The first 1/3 of the film is committed to setup. Once that’s been established, it picks up speed – nicely capturing the picture of mainstream high schoolers. Each has an albatross around their respective necks – and, that is part of the magic of the story as it evolves.

I recommend this film highly. While anyone in their teens and beyond will be touched by it, those who have experienced chronic, threatening disorders in their family will especially relate to the portrayal in the film.

Contrary to other posts herein, the film is NOT “emotionally manipulative.” It IS a beauteous, compelling piece that gives one cause to pause – and reflect on the gifts that come in many forms.

Midnight Sun review by nancy2445 – Better Than I Expected

As a frequent movie goer, this was just about my only choice today since I’ve seen the other movies that are playing now. I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. I expected it to cater to teenagers, which is mostly did, but as a person in my 70s, I enjoyed it too. It does tug at the heartstrings, which I find manipulative, but it wasn’t too hard to hold back the tears. The acting is very good except for Schwarzenegger, who is just OK as an actor, but his being so easy on the eyes makes up for it. The plot is predictable; anyone can pretty much guess correctly what’s going to happen along the way, but for a romance-type movie, that’s just what they do. And there are some plot holes, like Katie knowing how to swim when she’s never been in the sun and her house doesn’t have a swimming pool, and her attending a swim meet to watch Charlie swim but no explanation as to how she got from her house safely to the car and from the car safely to the swim arena. She had on a hoodie, but if that’s all it takes, she could go out more often during the day instead of having been cooped up in her house during the day for all of her life. And if exposure to the sun for one day is deadly, how did she get home from the hospital when she was born before they knew she had this disorder. None the less, it’s a good enough movie – just a little sappy – but I think the kids will love it.

Midnight Sun review by Amitkoikkarah – Another Nicholas Spark Inspiration that goes awful on logic!

To begin with I am biased towards romantic movies and usually find them excruciatingly boring. Midnight sun is no exception to that. There are a few emotional tear-jerky scenes that may move you but to be honest the plot rationale just seemed lethargic.

Midnight Sun will definitely appeal to the lovers of Nicholas Spark novels and the love characterization in them. Especially the movie “A Walk to Remember”; if you are fan of that movie, you wouldn’t want to miss this one then.

Romantic movies with terminally ill patient as the protagonist is an age old tale and we have seen plethora of movies addressing it. This movie too has an interesting premise away from cancer and tumor and talks about a disease called Xeroderma pigmentosum that makes interaction with sunlight deadly for the patient. The drama could have been more nuanced but the director plays old school and you basically see the formula of every such teen romantic movie being repeated.

The actors including Bella Thorne, Patrick Schwarzenegger and Quinn Shephard have done their parts satisfactorily but to be honest there is nothing commendable in anyone’s performance partly due to a weak screenplay. The technical details of the movie are well presented and to be honest the movie is not too boring as well.

Finally, if you are a fan of Nicholas Sparks styled romance, I would suggest this film. Otherwise its better giving it a miss.

Midnight Sun review by Straker17 – Defies no Expectations

Every movie omes with expectations. The genre, actors, and subject matter of the film all lend some kind of expectation or judgment before you even see the movie. This movie has many things to give the audience a reputation. It stars Bella Thorne, people who are among her fans will flock to the movies, and her haters should stay away. It is a teen romance, so if that appeals to you, you will be excited for it. It is a terminal illness drama. If an extremely glossed over illness drama is okay for you, then this movie will be fine, if realism is what you are looking for, you will most likely dislike this movie. I fell into the category that was looking forward to this movie. I don’t have much of an opinion on teen romance or glossy terminal illness drama, so those were neither a turn off or a enticement for the film. I am a fan of Bella Thorne, so that alone was enough to attract me to the film. I thought the trailer for the film looked good, and ultimately, for me the movie was good. The film is very tame. It defies no expectations, nor does it break any boundaries. It is a film that is well reflected by its trailer. If you liked the trailer, you will most likely enjoy the movie. If anything stands out as a negative against the movie when you watch the trailer, you will still hate it while you watch the movie. It is great for the people in its audience, a pretty bad experience for everyone else.

Midnight Sun review by SnoopyStyle – formula romance done poorly

Katie Price (Bella Thorne) has xeroderma pigmentosum, a genetic disease which makes her unable to withstand the sun. She spends all day inside. She lost her mother at a young age and her father (Rob Riggle) is extremely protective. Her only friend is Morgan (Quinn Shephard). She has pined for Charlie Reed (Patrick Schwarzenegger) since a young age who walks under her window without ever knowing her gaze. One night, Charlie sees her busking at the train station for the night arrivals and it’s love at first sight. She’s reluctant to tell him about her condition.

I like the premise for an old fashion romance in the YA genre. The plot is very old fashion although I’m not sure if this particular disease has ever been used for a movie. I really wanted to like this for the concept but it quickly runs into fundamental problems. The biggest are the two leads. Bella Thorne is a fine actress but she can’t play the shy girl. She’s much better as the mean girl or the sassy lead. Playing shy comes off as fake for her. Patrick is a smaller copy of his father. It’s hard to tell if it’s his character who comes off as too clueless or if it’s his blank acting. Even though they don’t have school together, it’s more reasonable and quite frankly more compelling for him to pine for her as she shows up to play at train station every night. It’s not appealing for him to come off as a complete idiot. This relationship isn’t an one night stand. They’ve been together for awhile and he must have tried to go to her home during the day. It’s after graduation and he’s not doing anything. The whole conceit is problematic. At least make them fall asleep so that dawn can sneak up on her. The movie blames it all on her broken watch but she still has her phone. It’s unlikely she wouldn’t set an alarm on her phone. The whole premise falls apart and it’s completely expected. I would rather have the mean girl figure out Katie at the party and scream “Vampire Girl”. That would be a better trauma to play with. The movie can kill her on the boat as they get stranded in the middle of the ocean. The plotting is bad.

There are other smaller issues like older Morgan should fit better with younger Morgan. At least, let older Morgan keep her glasses which is her younger defining characteristics. I do like the street busking in Seattle and what that says about Charlie. I like the characters and all the actors. I want this to be better written even if it wants to stay formulaic. It can be imaginative without being stuck to a contrived melodrama straitjacket. There is a real art to doing a standard romance if done right.

Midnight Sun review by Stacey S – Magical and amazing

I recently figured out that watching this type of movies is pretty toxic (in a positive way), since we all can agree that this kind of love story is too incredible to even exist in real life. However, I don’t mind poisoning myself again and again, being a hopeless romantic I am. This movie is about teenagers, who are, by the way, surprisingly mature for their age. Building a love so strong, yet in a very short time, left me speechless. In my opinion, the cast is incredible, & did an amazing job showing off their acting skills. I started sobbing in tears already half way through. The movie is so simple, and remarkably innocent and pure. Got a 9/10 from me because of the unexpected ending (very well done). All my recommendations go to it. Definitely a must-watch!

Midnight Sun review by Coxpnw – Beautiful, real, amazing, powerful love story! MUST SEE!

This movie cannot be compared to Everything, Everything. Yes, that was a good movie. Nothing though compared to the depth of this movie Midnight Sun. Great actors, meaning, real, raw, truth, life, sickness, family, love, father, relationships and just all of it was just fabulous! My favorite thing is that I could see this with my teen daughter who is thirteen and it didn’t have any junk in it. It was beautifully written. There were two “bad” words damn and ass in the entire movie. A teen party scene with beer other than that it was clean. It is about time and so refreshing! Loved it, laughed, cried and enjoyed it immensely!

Midnight Sun review by Dantonstl – had to tell my sister right away

OMG. What a wonderful movie! So, I’m really really surprised that that was patrick schwarzeneggar….I couldnt put my finger on it, I was like, no, that’s not topher grace, It’s not ryan seacrest,not josh duhamel or kip pardue….and whallah…I see. So, I loved this movie. I was wondering where they were. And when I saw CHARLEYS washington license plate I knew, because initially, when we see bella thorn playing guitar at a train station, I’m thinking, man that kinda looks downtown San Antoinio. Bella thorn is wild. I’m looking at her like, dang is she oscillating between being jessica or ashley simpson? (Anyway), I’m all thinking, this is not a very true story….and it was really neat seeing them get closer. And go swimming…until the watch ends up wet and time is lost…and bella thorns XP disease is in serious hazard. Charley doesn’t know that though. He’s just in awe of this babe….and it turns out that lucky bella thorn has had a crush on charley since he was like, ten years old. I did end up leaving early though. so theres only something to learn and not much to spoil….because I don’t know what happens with their relatiionship…and I don’t know if the disease ends up being fatal?

Midnight Sun review by M Art – Well done Bella, not Patrick

The only reason I see this film is Bella Thorne. She has been acting as fun teen or lost teen, and now drama. What? Drama? As a sick girl? Really? No kidding? Perhaps I know less about her but her beauty, well my bad, my bad. So after, I say, I really love her. She is so good. Easily blend to her role. Director would order her to cry anytime, and she does it very well. No problem at all.

Now how about Patrick Schwarzenegger? I see his senior all of the film. Daddy is very strong making his copy. Too bad, Patrick doesn’t balance Bella well. Patrick has the good looking of his dad, which didn’t go through drama well. Patrick should go to acting school as soon as possible. Looking like his dad is both a bless and a curse.

My notes are: 1. Many goofs are clearly seen, like first kiss on the yacht, close up scene Charlie’s left hand touches Katie’s cheek, then zooming out and both Charlie”s hands are holding rope. 2. Rob Riggle fails as Jack – Katie’s father. Man, it is tough to show years of sadness and toughness raising Katie by those eyebrows.

And this film, I hope, could make my mother sits back in tears. Not that much.

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