Just Go with It putlockers – Watch Just Go with It full movie online free

Watch Just Go with It full movie online free – A wedding ring, a lie, a journey to find love, two options and two true heart creates this romantic comedy. This film is really great ! Jennifer Aniston is still funny, but she plays a single mother with helpless and look forward to new love. She is perfect in that role. I think this is her best performance in a movie so far. The two kids in the film did a good job to make people focus on modern family issues. Brooklyn Decker is unbelievably beautiful and sexy, but I was very surprised at her natural performance skills. Nicole Kidman is one of the bright spots in that movie, although she has a small but memorable role. If you are looking for a simple movie with a simple story line and simple jokes, this movie is your best choice.

Just Go with It putlockers – Watch Just Go with It full movie online free

Just Go with It review by mamadunn09 – Comeback for Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston!

Honestly, for the past few years I have been losing interest in both Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston movies. Both of their last few movies were total flops, in my opinion, and I went into the theater with serious doubt. However, this movie was AWESOME! If you like Sandler’s older stuff then you will love this movie. He goes back to his basics with humor in this one. Sure it’s totally far-fetched, but the humor makes it worth it. Also like his older movies, there were those few moments that were so sweet that made you wish you had your own “egg-head.” Jennifer Aniston was awesome in this movie. She’s a funny girl, but has been given bad material in the past. This was just what she needed. She was sexy, funny, and totally knew her roll. Plus, she had such great chemistry with Sandler. I can never buy the chemistry in her other movies between her and other guys, but these two seemed to really hit it off! Over-all great, funny movie.

Just Go with It review by Jonnyhavey – Chaos In Hawaii

On the surface “Just Go With It” is just another Adam Sandler critic hate fest, however, Sandler is one of the best modern comedians and brings home the laughs once again. The film is actually based on the 1969 film “Cactus Flower” which received its roots from the French play “Fleur de cactus”. However, besides the basic plot outline, Adam Sandler’s version is vastly different including his trademark crazy, rude, over the top humor. Needless to say Sandler has not lost his way. Sandler’s character Danny Maccabee has his heart broken by his fiancé on his wedding day. This leads him to a bar where he is found sulking while still wearing his wedding ring. He discovers that while every other guy in the bar strikes out attempting to hit on Joanna Damon (Minka Kelly, “The Roommate”, “Gossip Girl”), his wedding ring attracts her to him. This combined with a made up story about how his wife beats him makes her feel bad for him and ultimately sleeping with him. His success leads him to continue his scheme even after becoming a wealthy plastic surgeon, until he meets a woman named Palmer (Brooklyn Decker). She gets extremely upset after finding his wedding ring in his pocket the morning after sleeping with him demanding an explanation. He tells her that he is in the process of getting a divorce and asks his best lady friend and assistant Katherine Murphy (Jennifer Anistan) to act as if she was his wife (soon to be ex). His lie grows more and more that Danny convinces Katherine’s kids, Maggie (Bailee Madison, “Brothers”) and Michael (Griffin Gluck) to play the role of his kids. Everything culminates in a “family” trip to Chaos Hawaii with Danny, Palmer, Katherine, Maggie, Michael and Danny’s cousin Eddie (Nick Swardson), where (throughout the chaos) Danny finds out that his heart is actually taking him towards the woman that knows him best.

Adam Sandler has been creating very unique romantic comedies for years that are able to reach out to a wider audience. “Just Go With It” is most definitely a romantic comedy, however, it does not stick it in your face. Instead the film slowly lets the viewer know that the rom-com is there allowing it to have a lot of fun. This is also achieved by creating characters that are all very likable and not stereotypical. Even Katherine’s nemesis, Devlin, played by Nicole Kidman turns out to be a very likable character. Lastly, what does every Adam Sandler film need? Well Adam Sandler’ mastery of creating good entertainment.

The film starts off on a really weak note with very little relevance to the rest of the film. After the opening segment relevance grows, however, the film doesn’t really get going until the whole “family” goes to Hawaii. This creates a very stereotypical cliché experience. Everything in the film has been done before leaving no surprises except some random undeveloped comical interjections which have become a pattern in the past couple years.

The film’s ending is very predictable, however, Director Dennis Dugan does not throw it in your face allowing the viewer to enjoy the humor of Adam Sandler. This is one of the most entertaining comedies that has come out in a while so “Just Go To It” now.

Just Go with It review by White – We loved this movie!!!

I am so surprised that the reviews on this movie is as low as it is!I was a little worried about seeing this movie because the reviews were low. But don’t trust those stars. Read the reviews and it will change your mind. We laughed through most of the movie, actually the whole theater did!! I think it was one of Anistons best. And Sandler was hilarious! The kids were cute and funny. If you like to laugh I would recommend this to you! But if you have no sense of humor then don’t see it. I don’t want to spoil anything and give to much information. Can’t wait for it to come out on DVD!!! My husband and I really loved this movie!

Just Go with It review by Insertwittyusername – Just Going with It

What “Just Go with It” lacks in witty and clever dialog, it certainly makes up for with enthusiasm. The actors make the film work. I’m a big Jennifer Aniston fan, and when I saw the previews for this movie I thought, oh no, she’s doing another rom com that’s going to go to the dogs. However, Aniston and Adam Sandler work very well off each other and their natural chemistry gives an entirely far fetched plot a natural feel. And let’s face it, it’s a romantic comedy. People don’t go see rom coms to be blown away by the incredible script and mind blowing plot; they go to laugh and feel good for a few hours. It was funny and I found myself laughing more often than I thought I was going to. Brooklyn Decker, Dave Matthews, and Bailee Madison all gave solid performances, but it was Nicole Kidman who really stole the show. Her rivalry with Aniston as her ex-sorority sister was the most believable part of the movie ergo the most enjoyable (the hula dance off was absolutely priceless). The thing that the film easily could have and should have excluded was Nick Swardson’s character Eddie. His annoying accent and inappropriate jokes were completely unnecessary and quite frankly made it a whole lot more unpleasant. All in all, I enjoyed it and thought it was a great way to kill two hours.

Just Go with It review by Prismark10 – Pretending all the way to Hawaii

Just go with it is a remake of the far superior 1969 film, Cactus Flower which won Goldie Hawn a Best supporting actress Oscar.

Adam Sandler plays Danny a renowned plastic surgeon who improved his own looks and pretends to be in an unhappy marriage to sleep with hot women. He wears a wedding band to carry out the deception.

When he hooks up with an attractive younger woman Palmer (Brooklyn Decker) who does not fall for the scam as he does not wear a wedding ring. When she later sees him with a wedding band, Danny has to convince his assistant (Jennifer Aniston) to pretend to be his soon to be divorced wife and her two kids to be their own kids and they go off to holiday in Hawaii where Danny plans to propose to Palmer.

While in Hawaii Aniston meets up with an old college rival played by Nicole Kidman where they have petty feuds.

It all leads up to Danny discovering the Aniston is actually very attractive, has a sexy body and they have a romantic spark with each other.

The film has the usual Sandler hallmarks. He is rich, successful, women fall for him, he has goofy acquaintances. The new thing being that Sandler makes sure he can mix work and pleasure by filming in a popular holiday destination such as Hawaii in this case.

As always there is the normal Sandler quota of 1980s music, here there are some effective mash ups with some recent songs.

The film did not start off well but gets to be more fun and enjoyable as it carries on. To be fair Aniston and Sandler make it better than what it deserves to be but apart from a few minor laughs it is another long line of underwhelming rom-coms. Not funny or romantic enough.

As a remake it is disappointing. The 1969 film balanced Walter Matthau falling for a cute Goldie Hawn and his assistant was played by Ingrid Bergman. The balance is brought out Bergman being middle aged and also the greater age disparity between Hawn and Matthau.

Here it is all beautiful people from Hollywood. Aniston, Kidman, Decker all look great in a bikini. Sandler does not have that rough and ready look of Matthau and the remake has no soul.

Just Go with It review by jonescincy-09924 – One of Sandler’s Best

Sandler should stick to doing movies he didn’t have a hand in writing. Not sure who is better at pulling off often sophomoric humor. Aniston is great and works well with Sandler. The jokes are often fast and furious. There is a lot of absurdity, as per usual, but if you suspend your disbelief, realize you are watching a typical Sandler comedy and enjoy the goof ball jokes then you’re fine. I also recommend watching it more than once. Kind of like 50 first dates it gets better the more you watch it. There are some characters that can be very annoying but overall it is a funny movie and works. I’d prefer they didn’t cast Kidman but she is meant to be annoying anyway so it works well for people who dislike her anyway.

Just Go with It review by Ellie Curtis – Watch it, it is hilarious.

Just go with has been one of my favorite films since it came out. It’s comical all throughout it and there is never a dull part of it. Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler were picked perfectly for the 2 parts, they really played the two roles well. If you are up for a good laugh and a great ending to a movie watch it!! Half of the movie is set in Hawaii which is a beautiful setting and also the soundtrack to it was very related to the movie and added to it. Also the little girl in it called Bailee Madison played her part very well and her future goal of being an actress and her constant ancient change was hilarious. I really recommend it, it couldn’t not make you laugh.

Just Go with It review by Bruce722 – One of Sandler’s better family films.

Just Go With It is actually a really good movie with plenty of laughs. Adam Sandler has struggled as he’s transitioned to more family oriented films to keep his edgy and outlandish style but this is proof that he’s still got it. Jennifer Aniston has one of her best roles ever where she isn’t completely intolerable. While both of the stars are outstanding, the biggest laughs come from Nick Swardson. He is so ridiculous and out there that he can pull off the craziest of roles. Also, unlike most comedy movies, this film isn’t full of annoying moments that never seem to end. Then you throw in the beautiful Brooklyn Decker, who actually is a decent enough actress, and you have yourself a movie worth watching.

Just Go with It review by Strohljared – It’s not Old Sandler, but it’s good enough

This movie was much better than I thought it would be. I agree with all the negative things people say about it, but that doesn’t change my opinion that this movie is genius. The only downside to the movie is that throughout the first time watching it I was constantly thinking “this blonde chick can’t be this stupid…”, but all the hilarity that happens made up for it. I never cared for Jennifer Aniston, but I see her in a different light now after watching this. Never found her sexy either. Now I do. The Blonde chick (don’t know her name) wasn’t really a character. Just the person all the hilarity revolves around. Sandler, of course, is always on his game. He’s selfish and at times cruel, but under all of it he shows his big ole’ heart. His interaction with the children who play in the movie is perfect. The children by the way are great. The little girl was too funny. I don’t want to spoil anything, but the girl is into acting and improv in the movie, which I think makes this movie genius because YOU KNOW there is some improv going on, and not just with Sandler, but with a lot of the actors playing alongside him, including Jennifer Aniston. Nick Swardson is quirky and adds some strange humor to the table, but all in all works out. Don’t want to spoil anything else, but there are two guest appearances toward third part of the film that turn things up a notch. Just think of a coconut clenched between your butt cheeks…. 8/10 for this charming movie that me and my cousin can’t stop watching. It’s going right on my shelf alongside with Little Nicky, Big Daddy, Happy Gilmore, and many others. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go make a “devlin”.

Just Go with It review by JinxsterJones – Sandler on Form!

Just finished watching this one and I can honestly say (despite all the lies in the movie!!) that I haven’t enjoyed a movie so much in ages. I was laughing out loud on several occasions! Not since “The Hangover” have I laughed out loud so much. Some cracking moments. Yes, of course the storyline is nuts, but when it’s written and acted so well, who cares! Sandler was at his best (“Wedding Singer” standard) and Jennifer Aniston was wonderful! The rest of the cast all played their parts well too, but it’s the scenes between Sandler & Aniston that I enjoyed the most. A most enjoyable movie that I’m sure I will return to again sometime, without hesitation!!

Just Go with It review by Mihkelm – absolutely enjoyable

I liked the film, as it contained lots of easy-going understandable humor – but nothing old or usual. Very witty. One doesn’t feel bored even for a second. Even when the characters are acting repetitively, it goes over very quickly or was intended to be like that. There are unexpected twists and turns in the story. The plot is inventive. The characters in the film like think up their own movie on the spot, being creative in the process and there’s the good happy ending. To surprise the viewer, it Does come unexpectedly! All actors do their part very well. The credit goes to Adam Sandler, who fits in his role like the hand fits in a glove. The movie certainly made my mood better, but I must emphasize it depends on a person. If you hate these types of comedies, don’t see it. If you like them, or at least are neutral, then this is one of the best kind.

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