These are difficult to understand in “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”

At many points unreasonable, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” is not expected to succeed as it was before.

Exotic working mechanism of the volcano: According to IFLScience, volcanic sequences at Isla Nublar are unusual, even ridiculous. Like what happened in the movie, volcanic eruptions made the mountain burst. In fact, these two phenomena will not occur on a large scale like in the film at the same time. Another point to note is the speed of lava flow in the film too fast compared to the truth.

Leveraging his unmistakable cameo: Jeff Goldblum is back in the role of Dr. Ian Malcolm. However, his total duration was only two minutes. The actor is set in the background of the trial of the dinosaurs’ fate. Meanwhile, Jeff Goldblum is a favorite actor from the original Jurassic Park series. So, fans expect his re-release will be more epic than what is seen in the movie.

Owen Grady or Star-Lord: Fallen Kingdom is hard to understand when most characters do not feel afraid of dinosaurs. In particular, in a variety of animal encounters, viewers do not understand Chris Pratt playing the Star-Lord (Guardians of the Galaxy) or Owen. He is always ready to move forward regardless of whether he is alive, whether it’s Blue or the dinosaur mutant evil dick mutant. Also, when the volcano erupted, the lead male dinosaurs ran out of the forest with irrational speed.

Unmanned Blood: In the movie, after being shot, Blue loses a lot of blood. So, Owen and Claire had to get the blood from another dinosaur to pass to Blue. At this point, Owen instructs Claire how to draw blood from the T-Rex to pierce the needle through its thick skin. However, this is not the correct way of doing the blood. Furthermore, Zia, formerly a marine veterinarian, was not directly drawn to blood.

Eccentric monitor: In the movie, Benjamin Lockwood ordered Mills to confess to the police after knowing his name to trade illegal dinosaurs. However, Mills decided to kneel Benjamin Lockwood until he suffocated. A moment later, when Maisie entered the room looking for him, she thought he was sleeping. It was only when he lay down that she realized that her grandfather was dead. At this point, the ECG screams. In fact, the device had to signal the moment Lockwood had stopped breathing.

Human cloning: In the parts of the dinosaur series there are at least one child character. Maise plays the role in the new film. However, things are more complicated. Benjamin Lockwood’s niece is essentially a cloned, Lockwood-style clone. In the script, Maise was the one who released the dinosaurs out because she thought they were the same scientific product. Assigning Maise to the same fate of the dinosaurs would increase the complexity of the problem in the next section. Because of this, the existence of this species is still controversial, and Claire with years of struggle for dinosaurs fit to do this instead of Maise.

10 sec odd: Post-credit has become the trend of movies over the years. It is a short film clip that appears after the complete or partial introduction of the cast list. Usually, post-credits are comical or suggestive to the sequel. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is also catching up with this flow. However, the film gave the audience the feeling of regret for 10 minutes of waiting when the post-credit is only 10 seconds meaningless. Specifically, the audience will see two pterodactyl flying towards the Eiffel Tower of Paris. However, as the camera zooms in, the viewer recognizes that this is only the Eiffel Tower model at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel in Nevada.

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