October putlocker – Watch October full movie online free

Watch October full movie online free – This film is so pure so magical it touches your heart and soul completely, i have seen such films in hollywood which defines true love and always wondered when bollywood will make such films as bollywood is still busy in making tamasha kind of films in the name of romance and sad thing is that Indian audience enjoy such film but finally i am happy somebody made a film which is pure romance and pure love, if you want to know what love means what caring for other people means watch october, both lead actors put their soul in acting its a film which will be remembered forever its a classic, please every director of bollywood make october kind of romantic films dont give us films like tamasha, ae dil hai mushkil etc kind of craps in name of romance.

October putlocker – Watch October full movie online free

October review by kaustuv-85441 – It’s a story about love….

True to its promise, it wasn’t a love story, at least to what if felt, it strongly wanted to pursue the audiences to feel this strong string of emotion called love that binds two persons, not necessarily to be two dating love birds. So strong is this emotion that even a person who despises the other, falls into being so deeply affected by the other. Just that one question, “Where is Dan?” evokes this lump of emotion called love. Neither his best friend nor a freindly associate and this guy turns out be the most affected. That’s what love can do to you. That’s what love can do to mother, to gather her patience. By the end of this movie, you will really be knowing who actually, like in the most realistic terms, actually loved Shiuli; and those for whom love was just a formality!! Trust me this ain’t a love story. It’s meditative, it’s calm as that moment of silence in the end. It’s persuasive and affecting, but it’s not a love stories boys and girls. It’s a story about love!

October review by muvi-fan-73 – It is average business for majority.

The main reason I decided to see October, more than its trailer was because it’s coming from the same director – writer team, which gave us Vicky Donor, Piku and Pink. After watching the movie I would say that I liked the previous movies more.

The movie runs in totally real atmosphere where Dan (Varun Dhavan) belongs to main lead. The potential that Varun has as an actor, in my opinion comes out well in the movie Judwaa 2 (although movie was bad). In the long run, that being a success, doors opens to act in non-commercial movies such as October.

Tone, Script & Story: Overall tone was dependent on why Varun spent so much time in hospital. It was carved well. Varun Dhavans character building, before the accident was unnecessary. The character building after the accident and the way it was acted out, all were terrific. Most people find the story slow; I believe it was what made the movie going. Overall tone, script and story were good.

Direction, Screenplay, Cinematography: Direction, Screenplay and Cinematography – all were well justified for the movie.

Final Verdict: One of the reviews gave me the idea of ending. Knowing that, I enjoyed rest of movie. It is average business for majority.

October review by pawansagar2000 – Worth a watch

While the movie does take you to an emotional ride while keeping some humor alive, it doesnt quite make you cry or laugh out whole heartedly at any juncture. Varun at times seem to be acting too childish while trying to portray a very likable and pure hearted character. Brought back the memories of 90s when good acting was all about underplaying the part. However, despite of all that, I think what keeps the movie alive all the while is Shoojit Sircar’s direction. The characters are well defined. The emotions are never forced on you. The pace of the movie is just right. A special mention to the actor who plays Varun’s boss. He has done a great job in the small part that he has to play. If you have loved movies like Swades and Guzarish, you’ll most likely love this one too.

October review by prabhash-halder – I am shaken to the core

I have never ever came across any Bollywood movie which is so realistic that you feel everything is happening around you. Detailing of this movie is so fine that even though you try finding a fault you won’t be able to. I can relate too all the situations which happened in the hospital in this movie because I have lost one of my loved ones in similar circumstances very recently and the helplessness you feel that you can only watch & can do nothing but try to be positive & hope for the best. Career best performance by Varun with right amount of innocence & vulnerability. Banita was great emoting through her eyes, Geetanjali Rao was very natural & supporting cast were all awesome.Watch this movie if you want a real life experience of Love & Pain. It takes Bollywood to whole new level. People should support this kind of realistic cinema.

October review by Shekhar Tomar – October: A scenic beauty picturing the hardships of life

Bollywood’s obsession with romantic movies is well-known. Sometimes this results in some outstanding movies while most of the times the result is disappointing. ‘October’ however belongs to none of the above categories. It is a beautiful movie depicting the hard truth of life in a very mature way.

‘October’ is the story of Shuili(Banita Sandhu), a hotel management intern who one day suffers a horrendous accident and fades into a coma. This has an intense effect on Dan(Varun Dhawan), a co-worker of Shiuli. He along with Shiuli’s family starts taking care of her selflessly being a big support to her mother Prof. Vidya Iyer(Gitanjali Rao). The movie conveys the contrasting emotions of both Dan and Vidya with absolute innocence and grace.

Shoojit Sircar keeps expanding his repertoire with each of his movie being completely parallel. He makes ‘October’ seem so close to reality with no manipulation or over-compensation of emotions. The theme of the movie makes the cinematography even more mesmerizing. A special mention to Avik Mukopadhyay, the cinematographer of the film who has captured the winter of Delhi and made it seem delightful. Varun’s character is a simple, caring, immature adult trying to stabilize his career and he seems average throughout. Banita, making her debut doesn’t have much to work with although Gitanjali as Vidya pleasing bringing vulnerability of her character to the screen painstakingly. ‘October’ is definitely another of Shoojit’s gem that might well go under the radar if it’s not given necessary spotlight.

October review by jash-98569 – A Story Full of Heartfelt Emotions!

First of all I would like to say that even though being an Indian I usually don’t like most Bollywood movies except a few…But this one is really worth watching. The story if you ask me is nothing but a kind of progress report of a patient…But the way in which it is directed conveys so much more. As said in the trailer ‘This is not a love story but a story about love.’ That is true to the end.Shoojit Sircar is able to capture the wordless, condition less and pure love on screen like seen nowhere before(atleast in Bollywood).

Varun Dhawan(Dan) is at his level best in this less demanding though strong role. Banita Sandhu(Shuli) is courageous enough to have her first role in this way I.e. highly make-uped and not very beautiful and charming as an actress is usually demanded to be in a Bollywood love story. This movie captures the love in patience for your lover.

I would like to end this review by saying that there are just a handful of movies in which I have genuinely shed tears..This being on of those rear ones.

October review by samudra-433-424313 – Pathbreaking for bollywood

October is nothing like you have seen before in hindi film industry. The treatment is so geniune and life like that you almost forget its a film you are watching. There are no clear reasons why you care for somebody. The film shows this with such a beauty is a work of art. It is probably shoojit’s most matured and best work till date. He is definitely getting better with every movie. This is purely no compromise cinema at its purest form. Script from Juhi is exceptional. No cliches, no over the top dialogues or drama. Varun is the heart of the film. He has done a great justice to the character and was able to portray the complex emotions. He is getting better at his game. On a whole a fresh not like before cinema which deserves all the appreciation and encouragement to bring bollywood to the international stage.

October review by shivamt25 – October – An unconventional tale of unconditional love

When my parents asked me if I want to go watch October with them, I was a little skeptical. One of the reason was the trailer. It did not clarify if the movie is going to be a comedy or a sensitive drama. Also, I was anxious if my parents are going to like it. At last, I went through all the Shoojit Sirkar movies on IMDb and found that I gave them all of them a 7 out of 10. I really like his flicks, they’re usually made skillfully and have moments which leave an unconscious smirk on your face. But they couldn’t hit the mark for me. October reformed this. October is about Dan. Dan is an intern in a big hotel. He is mischievous, temperamental and sluggish. A total opposite of Shiuli. A meticulous and lovely girl who is attentive and responsible. But fate had its way and Shiuli had an accident which landed her in a coma. Dan, who rarely crosses path with Shiuli unexpectedly becomes drawn to her after her accident. The rest of the movie is an eccentric tale of Dan falling in love with Shiuli, who might not wake up ever again. It is very tough to even visualize how someone would fall for someone like that. It’s not even a case of fault which we have seen in some previous movies, where the person responsible for the accident finds himself/herself linked to the affected. October rather deal with Dan’s curiosity. It starts with Dan frequently visiting Shiuli. Then he starts talking to the family, the staff and the doctors. A type of connection is build when he came to know that she asked about him right before her accident. This changed a lot for Dan. The fact that a girl who he hardly knows asked about him and the remorse that he might never be able to tell her anything is the driving force of this movie. It’s one of those movies which might have a light story but is made very strong by captivating performances. Shoojit Sirkar should be given the credit for such a remarkable screenplay. One of the things that fascinate me is how the pace of the movie is kept constant but yet there is no point where you’ll be sidetracked. I was expecting a heavy melodramatic speech in the end like the one we saw in Neerja (I have no problem with Neerja, but I just feel that the whole movie is highly dependent on that one speech by Shabana Azmi in the end). But nothing like that was here, the whole movie was like slice of life. It showed how someone can get so affected by someone’s loss that they might even start having feelings for them. The few jokes which put here and there added to the straightforwardness of the characters, especially that of Dan. Playing Dan can easily be said to be a turning point for Varun Dhawan’s carrier. It could’ve been Badlapur but the limelight was stolen by Nawazuddin at that point. Varun has put a lot of effort in this role and its evidently visible. The presence of decent supporting cast helped but the movie was to be carried on his shoulders which he was able to accomplish with finesse. October is one such beautiful movie which has a rare brilliance which won’t go unnoticed. It left me thinking about the complex human emotions and definition of unconditional attachment to someone. Last time any Bollywood movie which affected me like this was Guzaarish. For me, October is Shoojit Sirkar’s best. I hope this movie win a lot of accolades and awards and I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets Oscar buzz as well.

October review by smartycool-sayan – Nice to see some different Bollywood film

I will keep this review short. The movie is very different than the usual nonsense that comes from Bollywood these days. Highly appreciable effort. Varun dhawan, having done so many overacting type films, tried to do his best here in a different role, but his performance could have been better. I feel the acting by female cast was outstanding. The main reason why I enjoyed this movie is we are used to seeing typical Bollywood films where the entire star cast tries to entertain us with absolute bs, and we cheer insanely at their antics..this film is quite on a practical approach, where the human emotions have been given prime importance..it’s definitely a must watch for sensitive movie critics..for those who enjoy the typical Bollywood style.I guess they will be disappointed. Kudos to shoojit sircar for bringing a breath of fresh air in “October”.

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