15 most impressive armor of Spider Man ever

Spider Man is not poor, this guy has dozens of different costumes are not lost to the singer.

Everyone who loves cinema as well as Marvel fans are waiting to see what will happen in this important and dramatic movie. In addition, many people have been waiting to see the new clothes of the characters in the film, typical of them is Spider Man. While waiting for the upcoming movie, let’s take a look at Spider-Man’s most striking outfits ever.

1. Classic costumes

This is the classic costume that has been associated with the name of Peter Parker guy from the beginning so far. It does not have much protection effect but it makes him feel more comfortable and flexible when fighting. The simplest is still just beautiful.

2. Electro-Proof Kit

As the name implies, this costume is used by Spider-Man to fight off foes. With the properties made of rubber, of course Electro can not do anything Spider Man. Peter just used it a few times. It is obviously useless against other competitors.

3. Spider Armor

This is a set of armor designed by Peter Parker, and also a rare armor that does not carry traditional colors. However, its silver tone and sparkle made fans extremely fond of it. This armor is bulletproof to protect Spiderman from gunmen. But it was not used much as it slowed down his performance.

4. SP armor // dr

SP / dr is owned by Peni Parker, daughter of Peter Parker at another universe at the Spider Verse event. This armor helps Peni to penetrate the air, and is capable of fighting the energy of a radioactive spider that is mounted inside the armor.

5. Spider-Man 2099

Spider-Man 2099 is owned by an engineer from the future called Miguel O’Hara. Indeed with the technology of 70 years later, this armor is superior to that of Peter Parker when it features super durability, allowing users to fly, albeit slightly limited, and ability to track objects. .

6. Future Foundation

In the Future Foundation section, Spider-Man has teamed up with the Super Fourth Group to tackle the world’s new catastrophe. In addition to fighting together, this superhero group also has a strange white outfit. However, this armor is never dirty and helps Spider-Man to stealth in the dark.

7. Iron Spider

Unlike the story in the movie, Spider-Man sought out Tony Stark and helped build a suit of armor, not the opposite. As a result, Peter still has a glossy steel armor with a variety of high-tech weapons integrated inside. However, he abandoned the armor when it was associated with too many rights and obligations in relation to the Iron Man.

8. Big Time

After being defeated by Hobgoblin, Spider-Man recognizes that he has no way of defeating the enemy’s ultrasonic attack and decides to create a special color change suit. When it is red, it can turn off all sounds around Spider-Man, and when turned blue, he can stealth. This is also Peter’s favorite suit when he has used it quite a lot.

9. Homecoming kits

In the costumes on the screen of Peter, the Homecoming suit is considered the most popular. It is equipped with a personal AI, which is only associated with Ironman. In addition, this outfit has the ability to change the spider silk to another feature, helping Spider climb the wall and have dangerous drone warning from afar.

10. Symbiote

Hearing the name Symbiote seems strange, but the fans will immediately remember this outfit attached to the monster Venom in the movie Spider-Man 3. This alien virus package helps its owner powerful more, faster reflex. However, the cost is that it makes the owner become more aggressive and brutal. It is no surprise that Peter has thrown away this dark outfit after several uses.

11. Superior Spider-Man

When in the body of Peter Parker, Otto Octavius ​​created a new suit for Spider-Man, even more perfect than anything Peter ever had. The new spider costume made of carbonadium increases defense, which is equipped with claws, mesh to help combat and watch more powerful. Although not used by Peter at all, it is still remembered as one of Spider-Man’s most powerful suits.

12. Spider-Armor MK III

Armor is also known as the End of the Earth suit – the end of the Earth. It is considered the pinnacle of Spider-Man in the field of manufacturing. Used against the Sinister Six and the Dr. Octopus, armor has the most excellent abilities including defense, power, melee, and spider’s strength.

13. New Spiderman 2099

If the old 2099 armor was very strong, the new version is also improved by Miguel O’Hara many times. Now it has the ability to fly, new protection systems, new spider webs, missile launch capability and extremely sensitive warning capabilities.

14. Amazing Spiderman Mark IV

This is probably the best suit that Parker has created for its owner with a series of extremely superior features. This suit is equipped with Iron-like AI, stealth and high resistance. In terms of attack, it is capable of firing acid spider webs, concrete spider nets and increasing the accuracy of the mesh firing. At the same time, it also has magical energy, electrical systems, civilian detection in hazardous areas and many other features.

15. Captain Universe

Being strong and still want more strength then only to level up. Speaking of which, Spidey fused with the captain’s ability to fight the Tri-Sentinel. Now, Spider-Man has the power of the universe with endless possibilities that can beat any opponent. As a result, he also became immortal. But he can only exist for a short time because maybe no one wants to play with Spider-Man anymore if he continues to keep this armor on his side.

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