The 10 most powerful Alpha aliases in the X-Men world (P1)

Cyclops, Polaris, Sunfire, Namor and Mikhail Rasputin are the first names in the list of the 10 most powerful Alpha alters in the X-Men universe.
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1. Cyclops

Recognized as the most famous leader of the X-Men, and also known as a master strategist, Cyclops became one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Universe. Like Havok, Scott Summers has the power of absorbing energy from the surrounding environment and turning it into highly destructive energy rays. Although cyclops’s energy beams are sometimes described as a kind of thermal vision, they are actually a pure and devastating force.

After suffering a head injury in a childhood airplane accident, the Cyclops lost control of their mutant power. That’s why he relies on his glasses to control the size and power of his beam of energy since he was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1963 in the X-Men # first.

Cyclops was recognized as a Alpha-level alpha in 2000 in the X-Men # 97, written by Davis and Kavanagh. At first glance, it seems like the cyclops’s energy rays seem to be quite simple, but in fact, the cyclops’s energy rays can generate more energy than a nuclear bomb.

Cyclops’s energy beams are often described as strong enough to create a hole in a mountain, and he even says he can cut a small planet in half. In one of his most impressive performances, the Cyclops defeated the Apocalypse with a single large beam of energy, transforming the immortal into a piece of X-Factor # 68, written by Chris Claremont. , Jim Lee and Whilce Portacio.

2. Polaris

Since Polaris was created by Arnold Drake and Don Heck in 1968 in X-Men # 49, the origin of Lorna Dane has always been a mystery. Shortly after her first appearance, Magneto, X-Men’s longtime rival, announced that she was his daughter. Although that fact has always been denied for decades because Polaris is a member of the X-Men and X Factor, Polaris has finally confirmed that Magneto is actually her father. Since her electromagnetic power is essentially a less subtle version of Magneto’s ability, the relationship between the two is not so surprising as to look back.

Polaris was identified as the Alpha Force through the “Apocalypse: The Twelve” episode of the 2000 issue of X-Men # 97, written by Davis and Kavanagh. Although never explicitly stated, some sources claim that her magnetic power may be equal to that of Magneto. However, Polaris did not practice as much with her abilities as her father because she spent much time outside the battles with another set of strengths without the help of any power or spirit. hide any

However, Polaris managed to achieve some impressive results with his ability. After the mutant nation of Genosha was destroyed, Polaris maintained a giant magnetic field that retained the last moments of its millions of inhabitants for months in the New X-Men # 132 publication. 2001 by Grant Morrison and Phil Jimenez.

3. Sunfire

Although he only joined and was actually an X-Men on a mission, Sunfire left a lasting impression on his teammates. After being created by Roy Thomas and Don Heck in 1970 in X-Men # 70, Shiro Yoshida joined the second generation of X-Men alongside Wolverine and Storm in Dave’s Giant-Size X-Men # 1. Cockrum and Len Wein. Sunfire had no real connection with the X-Men team, then returned to his home in Japan, where he eventually helped form the Big Hero Six and served as the Avengers. While Sunfire’s temper has been subdued over the years, his ability to mutually absorb solar radiation and shoot brilliant flames is still stronger than ever.

Like the rest of Twelve, Sunfire was confirmed as a Alpha-level mutant in 2000 in X-Men # 97, written by Davis and Kavanagh. For most people, the power of Sunfire is as powerful as the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four. In a confirmation in 1986’s Marvel Universe’s Official Handbook: Deluxe Edition # 12, Sunfire could produce plasma bursts at a temperature of about 1,000,000 degrees Fahrenheit, or about 100 times the surface temperature of the Sun. . In the Uncanny Avengers # 8, written by Rick Remender and Daniel Acuna, Sunfire used his atomic flame to instantly evaporate an enormous spaceship that crashed into Rio de Janeiro. , Brazil.

4. Namor

Although not a memorable name, the Motion Picture Funnies Weekly # 1 published in 1939 is still one of the most important comic books ever published. In the comic book, Bill Everett created Namor Sub-Mariner, Marvel’s first superhero, and accidentally created the Marvel Universe. For the past eight decades, Prince Namor has developed and has a better role to play in becoming King of Atlantis by using his cruel nature to defend his kingdom under the sea at all costs. However, Namor only battled Marvel heroes several times, the rest more familiar with the role of superhero in the team as the Avengers, the Invaders, the Defenders and X-Men.

Although Namor has only superhuman strengths, he is still considered one of the strongest heroes in the Marvel Universe. From the files of X-Men in X-Men # 94 composed by Davis and Kavanagh, Namor has officially been identified as a Alpha-level mutant. Thanks to the mutant ability as well as the blood flow between the Earth and its Atlantis, Namor has a range of powers including super strength, flying, super speed, telepathy and super strength. Namor defeated super heroes like Luke Cage, Thing and She-Hulk without much difficulty. He even defeated his teammate in Defender Hulk, causing the Hulk to lose consciousness a few times.

5. Mikhail Rasputin

In the Marvel Universe, Mikhail Rasputin is a more famous Russian astronaut than the X-Men Colossus. Although he seems to have died in a space mission, Mikhail is revealed to have been alive after years of drift in 1992 in Uncanny X-Men # 285 by Jim Lee, Whilce Portacio and John Byrne. Using his mutant ability to open the gate of space to various dimensions, Mikhail has fallen into strange realities, and they slowly make him go crazy. After an encounter with the X-Men, Mikhail led a group of Morlocks in the sewers and formed a group of young villains named Gene Nation in a short time.

In “Apocalypse: The Twelve,” Mikhail was confirmed as an alpha-level mutant in X-Men # 97 composed by Davis and Kavanagh in 2000. In addition to the ability to move between space dimensions, Mikhail has a set The possibilities are not determined from creating explosions of energy to exploiting atomic particles and even creating life for inanimate objects. Despite his tremendous potential, he was unable to fully develop his abilities due to neurological problems that he constantly encountered. While the Apocalypse tries to take advantage of Rasputin’s spatial connection in the main Marvel Universe dimension, the two villains collaborate in reality to replace the “Age of Apocalypse”. In the world that Apocalypse ruled, Mikhail held a fairly large portion of the Midwestern United States.

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