X-Force, Team Avengers muddy version of Deadpool

After the blockbuster Infinity War, Deadpool 2 will definitely be the movie the superhero fan community is looking forward to next summer and this time Deadpool will not act individually but also the appearance of the X team. -Force.

X-Force is a team of expert anti-heroes who perform the tasks of destroying the germ of evil. Unlike X-Men, the way X-Force works is very violent, less human, and willing to do anything to destroy its target. X-Force is scheduled to make its own movie, but they will be appearing alongside Deadpool in Season 2 and will be the focus of the movie. The members of X-Force are constantly changing and the film will consist of the following members immediately


She is a mercenary mercenary with special abilities introduced as “Lucky”. All luck in the world seems to be on her side and vice versa, Domino can meet opponents encounter cyberbullying and reverse the battle.


With a top hat, Marvel fans are not that hard to spot Shatterstar right away. This is a mercenary who has the ability to travel space, time and has once been a teammate with Cable.


Bedlam will be played by Terry Crews. His character is capable of tracking the opponent by biological temperature and creating an electromagnetic field.

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Negasonic Teenage Warhead

A familiar character from the previous series does not know whether she will choose to follow the X-Force team or remain loyal to the X-Men.


Although not officially confirmed, but with the ability to control the current, the character played by actress Shioli Kutsuna is probably the Surge. In the movie, it seems Surege and Negasonic are quite close together.


Considered to be a humanoid character similar to Dopinder’s role in the previous series, this spooky guy is actually a government agent who tracks mutant groups. In the story once he also led Bedlam, the movie does not know Deadpool or any member has discovered his identity no longer.


Cable in this section seems to be the main antagonist of the film. In the comics, he is the son of Cyclops and Madelyne Pryor, a clone of Jean Gray. He has the ability to use skillful guns, good melee by machine arm and especially able to travel time. Maybe the guy with Deadpool will work together at the end of the film and officially joined X-Force.

Mysterious boy

The boy with the ability to control fire is still the biggest unknown. It was he who led Cable back to the past to find the kill and was the motivation for Deadpool to set up X-Force. Many people guess this is the young Pyro or Sunspot.

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