Why is Aquaman the Spirit of the Justice League?

For decades, Arthur Curry or Aquaman, has never received the respect he deserves in DC Universe.

Everyone knows who he is

Arthur never hide his identity. For everyone before and after becoming Aquaman, he is always Arthur Curry, the son of Tom Curry, who holds the lighthouse in Amnesty Bay. Your mission is not a secret. When not in Atlantis, he still lives in his father’s little house behind the lighthouse and always interacts with the townspeople when he’s not in League Justice or busy dealing in Atlantis.

Even the Justice League calls him by his real name, rarely called Aquaman (except Batman). In town, teachers, friends, family see him as Artie or Arthur, not as Aquaman.

Always helping his town

Born in a small town in Massachusetts Bay, Amnesty knows everyone in the town. He refused to leave the poor labor market after transforming into Aquaman.

In Aquaman’s New 52, ​​Trench appears, a weird carnivore from Atlantis, attacking Amnesty, killing many residents. Arthur not only saved his life but also rebuilt Amnesty Bay after the attack, along with his wife Mera.

In the Rebirth series, Amnesty Bay became the home of the refugees from Atlantis, but soon was besieged by Black Shrike and N.E.M.O. a breakaway group Atlantis. After the confrontation, Arthur once again repaired the town, joined forces with the military medical Atlantis and entered the engineering class. Often, he collided with the upper class in Atlantis, but he never left Amnesty Bay when he was in jeopardy.

Married and raised dogs

Arthur Curry is not Aquaman as well as most ordinary people. He married Mera, an upper-class girl in Atlantis, who had a son named Garth, who later became Aqualad. In addition, they also had a golden dog named Salty. Batman can have Ace, Superman has Krypto, but Salty is not like that; Although it is unlikely to be extraordinary, it re-imagines its owner Arthur: fun, loving and has a heart of resilience.

He is not pretend

Arthur more humble than the others in the Justice League. Superman pretends to be a man when he is truly divine, so does Diana, while Batman thinks he is definitely a saint. Arthur, who controls Atlantis and controls 75% of the Earth’s surface, rarely acts as an emperor of the sea. He understands that he has power, but only lives as a man, husband and exemplary father.

After stopping the ambassador’s bomb blast in Atlantis and rescuing a US warship from sinking, Superman invites him to the squad. Arthur expressed his anger and disappointment, reminding that although Kal-El was the most powerful person in the Justice League, Arthur would do anything to protect his beloved ones, and that affected to him as a man is becoming a god (literally).

On the other hand, Arthur is a humble person, always spend time chatting with people, and always try best in every situation. Meanwhile, in the Justice League animated version, he’s just a guy who’s nothing; In Flashpoint Paradox, he is a terrorist.

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