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Watch Younger 123movies – I find it refreshing to watch a show where the main cast is not overly made up, naked and dramatic, chasing men and talking about fantasy love from fairy tales. It is just a really well made story with a nice cast and plot where women can reflect on our new stance in society and the realities we tend to deny. I love how each role has a normal type and depicts the average life and human desires without going over the top with drama and grotesque scenes. I like how fresh, amusing, casually, and simple the story and its characters just show us a good time and the ironies of being a woman in today’s world. The young and older woman with its perks and difficulties,goods and bads. Thumbs up!

Watch Younger 123movies – Watch Younger full movies online free

Younger review by Loveovel – Excellent and smart; don’t listen to Blacklister

I’m not sure if this is true for others, but the first review that comes up for me describes the show as unrealistic and promoting sleeping around, lying, and other debauchery- the main complaints I’ve seen about this show seem to be that it promotes sex, lying, sleeping around etc. or is ageist and sexist. What these reviewers seem to believe is that the show is either a guide to life that must teach morals directly, or that it is apparently not a tongue-in- cheek comedy using stereotypes to make social commentary in a humorous way. It is not a how-to guide on being a woman in today’s world, and since it isn’t a children’s show, I don’t see why anyone would be concerned that the characters are not all traditionally moral, conservative individuals. I, personally, prefer characters that make mistakes, grow, learn, and change, and have diverse viewpoints. This show has that, and for what it’s worth, the main protagonist is neither ‘slutty’ nor wildly amoral and evil, but is instead rather ‘normal’ and sympathetic.

I would say that the show is witty, humorous, and at times thought- provoking. The characters are, in fact, more complex than the stereotypes they portray, and anything seemingly sexist or ageist is done deliberately and self-deprecatingly. Yes, it IS unrealistic that a woman over 40 would have to pretend to be in her 20s to get a job. That’s the point. Would anyone really go into watching a show with the premise that a 40 year old divorcée is successfully passing as a 25 year old college grad in order to get a job and expect realism?

The show takes little kernels of reality and makes them more absurd, extreme, and unrealistic in order to present a charming, funny show that still provides some insight into social perceptions.

Younger review by Mylifeuncut – Highly recommended feel good show

This show is fun and touches on the challenges of getting older while reminding us to stay young at heart. The main character is a women going through a mid life crisis who is forced to reinvent herself after going thru a divorce to a world that sees her as being washed up, out of touch, and unattractive to the job market and dating scene. Instead of accepting peoples’stereotypes she does a makeover of her life and re brands herself as a energetic highly skilled 26 year old. Too many people as they get older become plagued with responsibility and this show reminds people to get out and live life. We all have a lot of life left to live. We are only as old as we let ourselves be. This show reminds us to live life to the fullest. We cannot let stereotypes tell us what we can and cannot do. Love this show as it is well written and gives people the confidence to make changes and take chances. Highly recommended feel good show.

Younger review by Dangb81 – Fun for all ages

So, I have heard this show being compared to Sex and the City numerous times. I wouldn’t necessarily go there. Sure, it’s created by Darren Star and the actors are beautifully dressed by the great Patricia Fields. And sure, they live in New York, but those are the only things they have in common with SATC. Is that a bad thing? Not in this case. Younger is fun and addicting. The cast is relatable and interesting to watch. Sutton Foster is perfect. Her acting is superb. The rest of the main cast does a great job at supporting her. The chemistry between “Liza” and “Josh” is wonderful to watch. These days I find myself catching a new show and they get to the point too quickly. I like how this show doesn’t do that. And not in the sense that it is dragging on, but that there are so many possibilities and you cannot help but get excited to see what happens next. On another review, I saw someone say it was refreshing. That is the perfect word for this show! My only two gripes are that I feel a couple of characters don’t belong and they lack chemistry with the rest of the cast. I also wish the series was a full hour. 30 minutes is just a tease for my emotions. So, there you have it. Forget the book club ladies. Grab your wine and gather with your girls to watch this. You will not be disappointed. Especially with all of the hotness on the show.

Younger review by shil0500 – Funny, Sexy & Promising Comedy

Oh come on get a life nay sayers! Show is adorable and shot for 25-60 year old male or females. Very cute premise and spot on casting. If you don’t like chick flicks or rom-coms this is not for you!! Sutton Foster is truly a 40 year old who looks 26 & is smoking hot! She pulls off the part perfectly and kicks in enough spice to definitely heat this up a remind you just how sexy a 40 year old can be. Debi Mazar is the perfect sidekick & Hillary Duff kicks in just the right amount of naiveté to her role. I think this show will really start to gel as everyone grows into their rolls. It should have been written as an hour show. Just as the episode starts to hit stride, poof, see ya next week.

Younger review by Dunham16 – Brilliant, timely, enticing

When a TV series is a smash hit you have the options of eagerly waiting for every episode but always the second option of understanding why. Brilliant, timely and enticing are three words coming to mind. Considering the recent trends of former suburbanites moving back to hot New York neighborhoods such as one in Brooklyn the focus of the show’s setting and others finding it difficult to get work in fields in which hiring of twenty somethings now takes preference. Almost every episode has something I can hang on to as one performer told to say the line “The secret of aging gracefully is not trying everything new but knowing when to give up the familiar. Some TV land produced series tried this format but failed due to uninteresting character interaction scripted, single camera format to save money making the half hour episode visually uninteresting and using the cogent topic as a springboard to give characters a spin less interesting than following it up. This one is any time as close to television situation comedy perfection as was the long running hit series it replaced,HOT IN CLEVELAND.

Younger review by Koleen Hansen – My review on Tvland Younger

To whom may concern; My review on Tvland Younger Pamela_Redmond_Satran is prodigious of Amy Sherman –Paladino in a lot of away that kind of creepy.

The storiesare very different like night and day. One is a story about a mother and daughter living a fictional small town in Connecticut It depicting of a close-knit town with sympathetic and vivid character Gilmore girls and the other is Younger is about a 40 years old who look young for her age and has teenager daughter and like Lorelai was said to look to young to be a mom Liza share the same surprise when they tell people there age Lorelai and Liza share many others characterize like witty and sarcasm and a lot away even sharing sympathetic with the display in a fast-talking that sometime you wonder what they are babbling share this themes as well as cultural influences of pop culture but younger picked up were Gilmore grils left of at in 2007 Younger use many cultural influences of pop culture of 2008 and after it full the space of the lest nine years since Gilmore girls lest episodes And the both have characters who love to read book you have Rory and Liza one is and the other working in a publishing firm and the other journalist . Both show education does pay off one show does show the discrimination of age and knowledge verses youth and innocence experience verses just got out of college in the job searching with vary true in the day of job hunting . and current education and what lack now and then.

Younger as comedy of the genre of cute comedy to jocular and burlesque.

Younger replaces my Gilmore girls addict that I had since Gilmore girls ending on 2007

And show the fantasized of business social function and organization. And because so over the top you don’t take face value and feeling insolated

Younger laugh about the best seller list and show a fantasized truth what publishing firm Act like it laugh at the cut throat it in book reading community.

I find it refreshing and vary witty commented.

I recommend younger for fandom of Gilmore girls who are just as addicted to my Gilmore girls I finally find a anecdotes to to my addiction. Best regards.

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