Young & Hungry review – Watch Young & Hungry full movie online free

Watch Young & Hungry full movie online free – Great situational comedy. Could do with a little less pushing of the gay agenda. The show is very entertaining and funny Characters are very likable and have great chemistry. Hope this show continues until Josh & Gabi get together and beyond. Need to write Cooper out of the show for not telling Gabi “the secret”. Eliot’s acting is annoying at times. Josh and Gabi have amazing chemistry and timing and make a cute couple that could stand on their own. Cooper, as a character, is just far too BLAND for the show. It’s suppose to be a comedy and he just brings the snooze factor into the show. The show has so much room to grow and expand while keeping the theme of Josh & Gabi. Sofia needs an larger role and adds a lot. Even Yolanda can go beyond just the desperate need for a boyfriend.

Young & Hungry review – Watch Young & Hungry full movie online free

Young & Hungry review by Joannaloup – nice!

This seems to be a very nice comedy… i have seen a couple of episodes, they are fun, they are original, it does remind me of some older comedies, but at the same time it is quite refreshing. The acting and directing is good, the writing is nice, the budget is obviously seriously low but however they managed to create something really cute! will be watching for sure ! just hoped they would make these comedy shows last a bit longer than twenty two minutes.. Why do we only get 22 minutes of laughter and always 45 minutes of drama drama drama.. This is frustrating..! Anyway, as I was saying, if you are looking for a nice new comedy series for summer, you should totally check this one out.

Young & Hungry review by CableExecPA – Emily is no kid anymore – This show should stay on the air

A hilarious vessel for Emily Osment (always has been one of my favorites). Emily gets to show herself as the young adult that she is now and Y&H is filled with adult innuendo (as I said – Emily is no kid anymore and the rest of the world is all the better for it).

This group’s on-screen chemistry is evident – they are fabulous together and their comedic timing is impeccable. Their characters are each their own people and I can’t wait to see what happens to each of them from one week to the next.

I’m glad that they chose to develop Aimee’s character as she is definitely able to pull it off. I certainly want to see more about what happens with Sofia. The same for the characters of Rex and Kym. They are all a howl to watch.

The writers need to develop Jonathan’s character more if he is to be more prominent in the show, but it’s not absolutely necessary. I expect we’ll see more of Josh as time passes.

I expect this show to kick off chapter 2 of Emily’s career, boost Aimee’s into orbit and further validate Rex’s and Kym’s already successful careers.

Young & Hungry review by florin-radu-343-900094 – Glorious

Best sitcom in many many years, it would be a shame if it is not continued. The main quality for a sitcom is to be credible, to deal with real life. If it concerns hypothetical situations, it becomes artificial and unconvincing. So far, only three sitcoms worked for me: M*A*S*H, Married with Children and Taxi. ‘Young and Hungry’ is a worthy addition to the pile. It is spontaneous, exhibited and sparkling. You really feel that you are part of the plot, because the plot is tangible enough for you to blend in. Enjoyment, effervescence, wit, it has them all. It just reinvented the sitcom, a genre undermined by ill-fated precedents such as ‘Friends’ or ‘Seinfeld’, meant for pea brain viewers. Absolutely brilliant.

Young & Hungry review by Bigfootpat – Been there, done that, little to no funny aspects

I haven’t been able to watch more than a few episodes, but I also don’t intend to. So far it seems like this show is a cheap Melissa & Joey knock-off, with the genders reversed.

The acting isn’t that bad, but it isn’t good either. I have the feeling that the actors have problems with keeping a straight face after something (apperently) funny happens.

I don’t know the overall story, but the stories in the episodes are done a million times already and feel really tiresome to watch. Overall an episode brings a faint smile on my face once, which is pretty bad for a sitcom, but the worst is yet to come:

The stereotypes! An over the top gay character, an over the top black woman, everything is blown out of proportions with little subtlety. And that laugh track, it’s incredibly annoying! And with unfunny jokes, subpar acting, and stereotypes, the laugh track is the final nail in the koffin of something that’s labeled a “sitcom”.

Young & Hungry review by jvanderwalt5 – you just gotta love it!

This is funny and good wrapped up in one package. It stars one of my favorites Emily osment. A young “chef blogger” gets a job as a chef at a rich tech’s home.One night she accordantly slept with him.OOPS!!!! There’s also a lot of funny moments,a fake pregnancy,a relationship with a car and a very funny love triangle. Let’s not forget Yolanda(the housekeeper)and Elliot(the organizer) those two are hilarious. Give it a look its laughoutloud funny!!!!!!!Abc family really shows good shows I am happy that this got a second season bc its not easy to get one many shows gets canceled after a couple episodes!!!!

Season 2 is continuing in august 2015!

Young & Hungry review by PopcornCreature – No one is laughing

No. Call it a shtick, call it a spoof, I have no idea what audience this show is trying to appeal to. The humor is pure cliché sitcom with its “likable” funny poor girl. Emily Osment’s Disney roots, Hannah Montana, shares level of maturity with her new show except that most of the jokes are based on tacky lines on sexual tension. The plot is completely predictable and shallow. If this was some genius retaliation on Disney’s TV shows from former Disney stars, then I applaud. They definitely also desperately try to chase today’s popular trends while not understanding any of this material that’s in their scripts. The crap acting doesn’t help either. So far Yolanda is the only one who is surprisingly believable to me. Now since this clearly not for mature adults and clearly not for children what audience is this for? Teenagers and young adults? Well, I am not trying to represent all teenagers, but as a teenager I find this show annoying and stupid. The whole conflict of this show is booze and questionably work ethics.

Young & Hungry review by Tom Oosterhof – A great sitcom!

This is the definition of a great sitcom.

It has great comedy, a little drama and you can somewhat relate to situations.

If you liked sitcoms like Two and a half men & The big bang theory then you possibly like this one too.

It is noticeable that the budget is very small. However, the jokes, the people and the overall harmony are very good.

I just finished watching the first season and I’m definitely going to watch the next one. I hope this show stays on for a long, long time.

This might even be my new favorite sitcom!

Young & Hungry review by Klaus Me – A very entertaining series

I love Emily Osment since I perceived her as a small gem with her presence on Hannah Montana; there and then I sincerely thought she did all the job, or, let’s say she was more spontaneous and natural than the main character. After I watched a few times all the Hannah series, I felt that Emily deserved more, that she could show more, only if she had a chance. I am very thankful because this chance came for her and because I got to see her develop and show more from her potential and the qualities an actor should have: spontaneity, humor, good presence and rapport between the other members of the cast, and lack of falseness. I am not a movie expert, and I talk from the heart when I say that the Y&H series is very entertaining, because the more episodes I see, the better the cast gets together, harmonizes itself and deliver very good jokes and plausible situations, and we also can learn some educational stuff, too. The entire cast does an amazing job, Emily’s self-deprecation humor is very funny, without falling into dark, so I like everything I see. Keep up the best work and from me to you, Emily: I am very glad that you have received this chance (I am mostly sure that more will come for you, from the smart directors) and hope only the best for you, since you have lots to give to the audience! She will be one of the greats, someone, mark my words!

Young & Hungry review by Shopaholic35 – Super funny.

The show started out awkward at first but after awhile I began to really enjoy it. It’s actually really funny. Still a very clichéd sitcom but it works. It’s something light and fun with an outrageous side. Besides I cannot wait to see the show play out. After watching one episode I could see where they were heading and the more I watch the more invested I get.

I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that the success of this show has something to do with the hilarious cast. Emily Osment holds her own as the lead (which completely shocked me), but honestly it’s the supporting cast who really make this show. They are all brilliant but the surprise talent is the best friend. Her comedic timing is great and she shines in a group of equally talented actors.

I hope the show continues to get better and better.

Young & Hungry review by Jose Carlos Domingos – Pure comedy!

I never had doubts that this show would rock, but the series exceeded my expectations! To me, this is pure perfection, there are so few series of this type that really are funny, well written and acted, and Young & Hungry is part of that glorious list. It’s different, refreshing, funny and you can play with this series for years and seasons, the story and plot is not limited or weak, you can add this and that. For some reason it’s in his second season, actually Season 2B, and I’m so freaking happy that this show is back. Believe me, it’s worth it watching it, every single episode put a big smile in my face, I’m never sad or bored while watching the series.

I’m so happy for share my opinion with you guys, and I hope you like this series, if you haven’t watched yet.

Young & Hungry review by pfisher-736-562420 – Better than it looks

So this stars the other actress from the Hannah Montana show. She’s quite likable, but she’s a caricature, similar to the Disney show. The gay Asian assistant and the black maid are also caricatures. He’s reprising his role in Entourage, and they both do a good low brow job. The male lead is OK, but the least interesting of the bunch. He has an evil, status conscious girlfriend who’s actress is pretty good.

The main character and the Zuckerbergesque male lead sleep together in the pilot. It looks like they’re destined to be together, but that will have to be postponed for as many seasons as possible if the show isn’t cancelled, a la Moonlighting. Three’s Company type shenanigans ensue, but slightly more risqué.

Young & Hungry review by Christine Wilson – Laughs every time

OK, this is not the worst thing that ABC Family has put out. In the beginning I wasn’t so sure – but after watching the Pilot I totally changed my mind. It had instant laughs, and jumped completely in and got the story going right away!!! I loved that!!! Sure it has cheese moments and a few lame jokes – but I seriously laugh out loud at every episode! The car episode killed me – we’ve all had that clunker car – and some of the stuff that happened was SO familiar!! There’s definitely some good comedy in there! Yolanda kills me! And I love Sophia! I totally enjoy this show!

It’s a nice break from the guns, drugs, zombies, vampires and motorcycles that seem to grab top bill these days. Young & Hungry is a fun show. It seems to push the limits with the jokes- I love that! Not sure if it’s a “Family” show! 🙂

I would like to see it get another season!

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