You Me Her fandango – Watch You Me Her full movie online free

Watch You Me Her full movie online freeReally? Three persons sharing a relationship? No jelousy, no wrong attitudes? No way…although I don’t believe in this kind of relationship, have to admit that “you me her” is so interesting, so provocative, so charmind and above all, has so much humanity in the characters…I have literally eaten the three seasons. Fabulous acting, very good directing, so funny…this series deserves to be very popular despite of the controversial subject.

You Me Her fandango – Watch You Me Her full movie online free

You Me Her review by Karjens – Unexpectedly Loved it

I saw the previews for this and had intended to skip. I don’t personally by into the polyamory thing as I don’t see anything but heartbreak ahead for someone. Still one night I was surfing and it was on and I was hooked. 1st of all, I knew the girl who played Izzy looked familiar but had no idea she was Chloe on Rookie Blue. I must say I love her much better in this.

As for the show itself, the writing is incredible. I find it light hearted, authentic and just wonderful. The acting is sublime and the chemistry between all of the characters, not just the three main characters, is better than just about any television show I’ve seen. Even the characters I want to kick in the teeth, (ex: Stalker Andy, Nosy Lori and her daughter) I love because they’re so well written. And I won’t lie, the chemistry between Emma and Izzy is magnetic, IMO there are way more feelings between Izzy and Emma than either woman with poor Jack.

This is not a ‘sex’ show. There are intimate scenes but it’s not Game of Thrones. There’s no naked people so if that’s what people are looking for they will be disappointed. This is a story about unexpected desire I guess (I wouldn’t call it love in this stage of the game) and following your heart and while I can’t relate at all to the “three-way” idea, nor do I want to, I can relate to complicated feelings. Just enjoy this for what it is. A rather sweet story about relationships of all kinds.

You Me Her review by S. Graham – Better than I could have imagined

Love this show! Just binged watched last night. I was skeptical about the premise thinking it would be slutty, totally isn’t. Has so much heart, couldn’t stop watching until the end. All the actors are so real, even the non-leads are awesome, could be leads in their own right. When will it be back!!?? Aahh! Can’t wait!!! Should be in awards discussion. Why are there not more shows like this on TV? Follows the romantic comedy structure of 80’s and 90’s movies that I miss so much. Thinking Nora Ephron whole time I was watching. The dialogue is sharp, fast and witty. I would and have recommend this show to all who love relationship driven TV and movies.

You Me Her review by jljlightshadow-16148 – Honest, funny, poignant, & real

While You Me Her definitely simplifies some of the topics that a lot of polyamorous relationships encounter, all in all, this is a well thought out, honest, real look at what polyamory looks like. There are definitely some “that would never happen” moments, but not as many as one might think. It gets complicated, but like any relationship, there is humor, there is friendship, people get hurt, they make up, & at the end of the day, what matters most is love. I think the story lines really show that, & I hope that this show gets renewed & sticks around for quite a while. I also really like the fact that rather than turning this showing into something trivial, this show has depth, & really starts to make you think about relationships in general, & how they affect all of us.

You Me Her review by Ajrowfield – In my personal opinion, it’s an amazing TV Show

I am going to keep it short. I went into this with nothing much of an expectation. Turns out this is one of the best shows I watched in a long 2016 at least. I mean the situations that were depicted felt so real… you know for a comedy show. This is the genre that I prefer – and this is the type of TV show that I like the most.

The storytelling along with the background score just makes it wonderful. The scenery is also wonderful. It’s set in Portland. Talking about the characters, I don’t think that there’s a single one whom I dislike. All in all, an amazing show. Don’t let the ratings fool you. 7 stars!! It should be at least around 8.7 in my opinion.

Just watch it and enjoy. Hopefully you will like it.

You Me Her review by Logomark – funny romantic and definitely entertaining

This is a heavily underrated show. It is sweet romantic and light hearted comedy which is simple and different as it deals with you know “throuple”. It deals with challenges in polyamory in a subtle and funny way. Best thing about this show is this is not dark like other shows which deals with extra marital affairs. It takes on the subject sensitively and humorously. It is little realistic and little cinematic .Priscilla Faia stands out. She is adorable and sexy who can emote well. All the characters are likable and played well. If you are looking for entertainment this one is for you. Episodes are short 30 min’s wished they were longer as this show breezes through time. Kept me hooked from start. Wish this show continues for more seasons.

You Me Her review by whynot-44632 – Charming not sleazy

I was worried that this was going to either be sleazy or boring when I saw the ad. However I was pleasantly surprised when I watched the first episode. It was funny and charming. I was hooked. As I further watched the episodes it would get slow at times in telling the stories, but remained funny and I never lost my concern for the characters. I am looking forward to the next season and see where the story leads. The other characters really help the characters as well, filling the story nicely. I only rated this an 8 because sometimes the story would move slower than it needed to. I imagine that’s because they had to fill time. I hope this is not an issue in the upcoming seasons.

You Me Her review by Anagent – Superb Stuff

I love this show. It’s funny in places sad in others and explores the hang ups and red tape that binds society. If three adults decide to live as a THRUPLE then so be it. Why should their lifestyle affect jobs and social status? But it isn’t all about what other people think it’s about all the jealousy and mistrust that can easily seep into relationships and either cement it or destroy them. TV is usually very good at removing jealousy and frustration from characters following the news that someone they love is cheating. Often when we see this on TV when the couple remain best mates and are totally adult about the whole thing when in reality that’s usually not the case. You Me her explores all these feelings and gets them out on the table for everyone to see.

I gave this top marks because the directing the acting and the mood of the show is worth the recognition. If you are looking for some light hearted reality you will find it here.

You Me Her review by Windowsdan – The writer of this has definitely had a 3 way relationship!

At first I watched this show to see what rubbish was churned out by a dramatisation of polyamorous relationships … only to be completely shocked at how good it was at capturing the complete reality of the situation these characters find themselves in!

The more the story-line progressed and the roller-coaster of ‘will it work out won’t it’ ensued I could not help but be amazed at how completely truthfully this show captures the peaks and troughs of a threeway relationship. There are complete scenes and conversations that allude heavily to the writer having had first hand experience in a throuple.

The characters are well developed and the acting is pretty good. Having experienced a lot of the story lines in this show myself I can attest to how well it captures the experiences and sometimes awkward conversations that happen during the beginning stages.

I’m glad the show does not show it all to be doom and gloom and that these types of relationships will never work out, because that is simply not true. I would recommend this show to anyone thinking about threesomes, polyamorous relationships etc. as I believe there is more genuine real life accuracy portrayed here that the show is given credit for!

You Me Her review by Racheyrac – Poyromanxe

This is a very sweet show with an interesting premise. The characters are well-written, the chemistry believable and the situations realistic, considering the odd plot we start with. I greatly enjoyed seeing these three interact and I liked how the interactions with other characters are realistic. They don’t simply jump into acceptance, and the other characters may be supportive in some ways but in the end, they clearly disapprove. It makes the story feel more real than if everything was happy and wonderful right away. The characters are lovely, the relationship is believable for being based in such a strange place. This is a very good show and I’m excited to see more!

You Me Her review by Pascal Charpentier – Who would if thought

I was going in nowing nothing about this show. Just saw the picture of the show of 3 people laughing sitting on a bet and thought that lookes generic. Boy was I wrong. Some bad reviews here show why this show is not only entertaining but necessary. It tackles an interesting topic that for some reason that I don’t even in this day in age would irretate people.

What makes the show great? It is warm-hearted has a very good cast is really funny and is just beautifully shot but most important importantly it deals with the whole topic without hitting you over the head. It is always with humor always very light hearted. To make it short this show is totaly underrated.

You Me Her review by emv1031 – Just came here to help bump up the rating

This show deserves way more than a 6.6… It’s funny and entertaining, a whole new set of actors instead of recycled ones from other shows. The comedy is not the stupid kind of comedy either. To be perfectly honest I don’t even know how I ended up watching it. I went online, looking to continue another show I’m currently on, and by mistake clicked on this from the NEW SHOWS list. I realized about 2 minutes in that it definitely was not what I was there to watch but 2 minutes in, I was hooked. Could’ve just hit back and looked for my other show, but instead here I am, 4 days later and just finished all ten episodes on an un precedented binge run. Since I finished the first season now there’s nothing else but waiting for the second one.

You Me Her review by MoBlo – Honest, exciting, with a funny twist.

I saw this on Netflix, advertised as a ‘you might like this’, and I thought… ‘how about no…’. But, after I had finished another series I really needed something new with short episodes for work breaks to watch…

So, I gave it a shot, and was first of all surprised to see Priscilla Faia who I already liked in Rookie Blue. So I gave it a bit more than 10 minutes, and now I’m ‘hooked’. Sometimes it might be a bit slow, one episode is basically one day, or not even, but I think this is the way you kind of address something like this. The characters, overall, seem real, from leads to smaller parts/characters. Of course with a bit of extra over-the-top suburban stereotyping in the form of Lauren, but… all in all: great stuff.

I think it’s just lovely that these kind of poly relationships get some more attention in a positive light. Even though I’m as monogamous as they come (I think, I’m not sure after seeing this 😉 ) I know a few people who do live like this, and who are ‘just like that’. It’s not all porn and lust and sex as stereotyping has it. I may hope that every relationship in whatever form has this kind of ‘sexy, exciting’ ingredient, as important as love, affection, fun and more.

Nope, great stuff. Half way through now and I hope they keep it up (no pun intended..) like this in the second half and second season.

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