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Watch Traffik full movie online free – So much more than what I was expecting. If you saw the trailer to this movie, not only does it barely scrape the surface of what’s going on but it’s a little misleading to what the film is really about. It’s not the best movie in the world, as it’s a little too obviously being used as a vehicle for Paula Patton (who also produced it) to show how well she can do in the driver’s seat as a leading lady, but the overall direction it’s heading down was very satisfying to see.

Traffik 123movies – Watch Traffik full movie online free

Traffik review by Patrickdangersessoms – “Traffik” is an Hour and A Half of People Making Dumb Decisions

You ever watch a horror movie and wonder why anyone would make the stupid choices the main characters always seem to make in them? Well, ”Traffik” is over an hour and a half of that. Of course, most movie plots can’t really progress unless the heroes are dumb as stumps. To make matters worse though, the characters in Traffik are so unlikeable that it’s hard not to hope the bad guys get them, and those bad guys are racist, white trash, sex traffickers. So, that’s really saying something.

The film opens establishing Paula Patton’s, Brea a reporter who doesn’t seem to understand what reporting actually is. Within a few minutes her characters pretentious and condescending attitude, specifically shown when she is upset that an article she had been working on for months is scooped. Why was she working on it for months? Because she wanted to teach readers about the first corrupt politician to ever exist. Sure it sounds like a “fun” thought piece to post on your weekend blog, but that’s not exactly what an editor might want in a major news story that should have broken weeks ago. Of course, her unwavering sense of “truth” and “justice” continues to overpower common sense for the rest of the film.

Then there’s Darren Cole (Laz Alonso). The necessary asshole that “Traffik” seems to require in order for the stakes to raise in the second act. A narcissist incapable of considering the feelings of anyone else or considering for a moment the consequences of his actions outside of himself, Darren manages to be the exact opposite of Brea, and yet is her spiritual twin. He’s just a lot more aggressive when it comes to his self-centeredness. That’s a good thing though, I guess, since if anyone actually took the time to use logic in the movie, then it would be over pretty quickly.

The rest of the cast though is actually pretty tolerable. Well, save for the racist sex traffickers, since they’re just as obtuse as the protagonists they’re terrorizing. The whole film is based on the fact that one of the girls they’re trying to sell slips a satellite phone into Brea’s bag at a truck stop (something she somehow has in her possession). Said phone just so happens to be filled with pictures or women being held prisoner and plenty of phone numbers for pretty much everyone in their organization. It’s a pretty damning piece of evidence to own, let alone lose. Yet, lose it they do and Brea manages to use her keen skills as a reporter to unlock it, and doom herself and her friends.

The rest of the movie is pretty much a low key siege on the multi-million dollar cabin that the four friends are staying at. Since racist bikers don’t really have the charm to capture the audience’s attention for long periods of time, “Traffik” rolls out a British villain for some reason in the form of Luke Goss. Apparently, biker gangs in northern California involved in sex trafficking need a British leader to oversee day to day operations. Honestly, this sort of stupid is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this film though.

At its heart, “Traffik” is a movie that is trying to shine a light on the horrors of the sex trade and how it is happening all across the globe, even in our own backyard. Unfortunately, its intentions are meaningless in the face of stupid characters and writer/director Deon Taylor who enables them constantly throughout the movie. To make matters worse, he treats the sex trafficking ring in the film as if it were some sort of evil organization that seems more worthy of James Bond than Brea coming after them. Spanning the globe and reaching the highest powers. It tries so hard to make this group seem like such a big deal that it ruins the illusion. If it was just a brutal gang of bikers then that would have been fine and dandy. Its reach exceeds its grasp though and is absurd in the worst possible way.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what audience “Traffik” had its heart set on wooing, because it’s a completely miserable piece of filmmaking. The more I think about it the worst I feel about wasting my time sitting through it. Which 2018 having some many movies with such powerful contemporary commentary on social issues, “Traffik” does it’s cause a disservice. It claws frantically trying to pull itself out of the deep dark hole and ends up managing to climb out of it. Definitely one of the more disappointing movies of the year.

Traffik review by rockman1822 – Traffik (2018)

No, not the Steven Soderbergh film. This one is spelt wrong for some reason. Getting past the really dumb title, I was sort of interested in this film after the trailer. Looked like it could be a decent home invasion thriller, and sometimes that’s what we need. Paula Patton isn’t in a whole lot but when she is I want to see it, because I find her super attractive. Not that familiar with Deon Taylor apart from that awful film he made a few years back (Meet The Blacks), so I felt that this would be a real decider of if he could bring a solid film. All things said, I enjoyed this film.

The film is about a couple who are having a romantic getaway in a remote house. On the way to their vacation location, they have a scuffle with a biker gang. It turns out that one of the girls associated with the gang, puts their phone in the bag of the protagonist (Paula Patton). The phone has information about an illegal prostitution ring of trafficked girls. Now the gang need to get their phone back even if it means killing whoever is trying to bring their actions to justice. The film becomes a cat and mouse tale of survival. It’s not perfect or original but I found it quite fun.

I don’t think the acting in this film is great. Paula Patton does a solid job, although when she had to show heavy emotion I don’t think it was so believable. Also, she is a stunning actress but I felt like some of the shots of her in this film were kind of gratuitous shots of her in a sexual light. The film doesn’t really have that slow sense of horror build as seen in similar horror films where invaders are stalking the lead actors. It’s fine though because it’s fun and a simple watch. I don’t know what was going on with Laz Alonso’s character but he was all over the place.

Is this film memorable? No. Is it going to make any end of year lists? Probably not. It’s just fine for what it is though. I like watching films to pass the time and that’s the purpose of a film like this. Yes, some characters make stupid decisions but it’s what makes stuff like this entertaining. Don’t look for a masterpiece and you should be able to enjoy this. Now, the road is clear to Avengers: Infinity War. Stay tuned for a review on that soon.

Traffik review by Dave McClain – a good thriller focusing on an important social issue, but somewhat contrived and melodramatic

“Traffik” (R, 1:36) is a 2018 crime thriller. And it IS important to have the year in my initial description of this film, because not only is this not the first movie to use that word as its title, but it’s not even the first one to leave off the “c” in an attempt to distinguish itself from earlier similarly-titled films. Of course, regardless of how it’s spelled, a movie with that word in the title is practically guaranteed to be about bad people doing bad things across borders. Written and directed by Deon Taylor (“Meet the Blacks”, “Supremacy”, “Chain Letter”), 2018’s “Traffik” flirts with a home invasion plot, but is primarily about the brutal subject of human trafficking.

Paula Patton and Omar Epps star as Brea and John, a couple who haven’t been dating very long, but who are very much in love and seem ready to take their relationship to the next level. Brea is a Sacramento reporter struggling to please her demanding editor (William Fichtner) and John is a very skilled mechanic who has some big birthday surprises in store for Brea. Darren (Laz Alonso), John’s loyal but obnoxious sports agent buddy, is letting John use his fancy house in the mountains for the weekend. It’s just the break from work that Brea needs – and just the romantic hideaway that John needs for his big plans.

But this movie is more thriller than romance and the romance soon takes a backseat to the thrills. On the way to this house in the woods, John and Brea stop at a gas station where John is harassed by some backwoods locals and Brea sees a woman (Dawn Olivieri), who is bruised, shaken and seems in need of her help. Brea is unsure what she can or should do for the woman and when a local sheriff (Missi Pyle) sees what’s happening with John and those bad ol’ boys, she steps in and Brea and John drive away.

Unfortunately for John and Brea, that gas station stop has repercussions for the rest of their weekend – and the rest of their lives. One of the tough guys from the gas station revs up his motorcycle, follows the couple and tries to run them off the road. John loses him, but Brea is still haunted by her encounter with the woman in the gas station restroom. At the house, the couple manage a brief romantic interlude, but it’s cut short when Darren and his girlfriend (Roselyn Sanchez) show up at the house unannounced. Soon following suit is the woman from the gas station, her “boyfriend” – and his boss. They want a satellite phone that the woman slipped into Brea’s purse and they’re very… insistent. (Romantic weekend over.)

“Traffik” is suitably thrilling and serious-minded, but feels contrived. The plot points seem randomly generated, far-fetched and melodramatic, yet the story deals creatively with an important issue. Overall, the strong performances, the thrills and the drama are sufficient to make for an entertaining movie.

Traffik review by Danny Blankenship – A suspense drama type thriller with secret twist and turns.

“Traffik” is one of those movies that you watch and enjoy as it’s a nice blend of drama, action, suspense with thrills and it’s a twist of plot that reveals secrets. Plus you get nice eye candy treatment with some sexy scenes of beauty Paula Patton.

Brea(Patton) and John(Omar Epps) are a couple who plan a getaway in the northern California mountains only to be visited by bikers and bad guys. From then on the movie will leave you as the viewer on edge as corruption and a cat and mouse game is revealed. Overall good movie to view.

Traffik review by Spowzer – Overinflated

The movie is rated 8 because of the issue it addresses, nothing to do with the acting. Paula Patton looked like a clown. This is a perfect movie for Harvey Weinstein to watch because it shows how gratuitous sex and dressing down women on screen is perfectly OK however drugging and raping them is not. The acting was really poor the script was so-so but I will admit some of the suspense kept me on the edge of my seat.

Traffik review by Jonathan Rosas – Borring!!

I really do like the idea behind the movie, and the fact that it is “based on” true events brings a chilling factor; however, the movie’s quality was definitely lacking.

The only good actors were Omar Epps and Luke Goss, everyone was just plain awful. You’re going to hear this a lot, and it’s true, but Paula Patton is so scandalously clad that her nipples make more of an appearance than she does. I was honestly hoping for all other characters to die off because they were just awful to watch.

The cinematography at some points were just weird. There is no need to show someone running, and then show the same shot but upside-down.

The movie is only horrifying in the fact that this kind of thing actually happens. Other than that, the movie is not thrilling. The movie is boring.

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