The Titan 123movies – Watch The Titan full movie online free

Watch The Titan full movie online freeI like this movie a lot. I thought it went through great pains to explain why things were happening to the other recruits. I understood why the process had to occur and that most, if not all was an experiment that had to have bugs worked out before it could be applied across the human race. I also thought it was important to get at least one on Titan to determine if the process and enhancements worked. I watched it back to back. I am sorry so many people did not enjoy it, however it was pretty amazing to me.

The Titan 123movies – Watch The Titan full movie online free

The Titan review by Dragonsouls – Fantastic allegorical story

Not sure why it is getting bad reviews but I thought this film was fantastic. The year is 2048. NASA finally figures out a way to prepare humans for space exploration so that they could survive on the Moon Titan, the place where humans will colonize in order to solve Earth’s starvation and overpopulation crisis. Titan was chosen because of its nitrogen rich river valleys, because nitrogen can be converted into breathable oxygen.

I think the reason why the movie is considered boring is because there’s a lot of sci-fi technobabble in it about genes and enzymes and lab experiments, with little plot. The writers focused on the sci-fi in place of drama but I found it interesting because beneath the surface this is a film about transhumanism and the attempt to guide the evolution of mankind so that humans may be able to walk on Titan, as in consciousness/intelligence expansion. The name Titan is another word for Gods and it was the only thing that gives mankind “HOPE,” to overcome the turmoil on Earth and survive as a species and that is to evolve mankind into the stars.

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The Titan review by neener3707 – Been Done Before

So yes, many of its story elements have been done to death. Our Earth is no longer inhabitable because of a nuclear war, we look to the stars for a new planet to settle and make a new world, experimenting and genetically modifying humans to make a super-human, only to have it go wrong. But even though its been done to death, it wasn’t necessarily bad, I found it to be very averagely done and honestly could have been and often has been done much worse. So while I wasn’t enthralled by the story, it also wasn’t a mess like many other films that use the same plot points, the story points were relatively well presented and I can only really describe it as average. Pretty much what you saw in the trailer is what this film is all about, not many alterations on the basic plot points.

Everything else was admittedly average but not bad. I like the cinematography, which I found to be the best part of the film, the camera use and the color scheme were at least visually pleasing. The acting was also very average, though the film has many good actors, their performances were not their best, but also couldn’t be considered their worst, as I said, very average. The writing wasn’t anything to be amazed about, dialog wasn’t very engaging but that might be because I’ve seen many movies that have the same plot points as I mentioned above. So all in all a very average film, didn’t find it bad even though the many plot points have been done to death. I would only really recommend this film if you have nothing better to watch.

The Titan review by Nowego – Haters have been spoiled

Seriously….after reading the Netfix Haters reviews on here I nearly reconsidered watching this. Happily for me I didn’t take notice of the haters and watched it anyway. I am an unashamed Sam Worthington fan, he comes from my Country and City, so it is an easy to be a fan, especially when he really can act. It fails me to see what all the haters expected, well too bad for them. I thought the movie was OK, not top notch, but certainly OK. Far better than other Netflix movies that have had rave reviews on here and were utter tripe. Overlook the paid shills and haters on IMDb and consider this movie. It is OK to pass the time.

The Titan review by Industraworks – Not as bad as people are claiming

I’ve seen some terrible movies, but I don’t think this one goes on that list. People sure are ripping it up. Mostly it seems due to it following a storyline that has been done often. I would really like to know which movies some of the people that gave this a 1 out of ten thought were good. Seems sci fi movies get slammed really hard.

There were some moments in this that I was like wtf? But luckily they didn’t dwell on it too long.

Just remember, these are straight to Netflix movies. I’m glad to get new stuff to watch. Anyways.

The Titan review by stedu-flix – It’s a quiet film – not hot action like Independence Day

This film reminds me of many other quiet, thoughtful SF films that are less about special effects and more about telling a story. I found it engaging. Was it a megawatt hit? Nope. Just interesting.

As to the reviewer who didn’t like the casting of Piper Chapman – you should really read the cast list first, as Ms. Chapman wasn’t in the film.

The only diss I have is that at one point in the film a character is standing on Titan, Saturn’s moon, but their child on Earth looks no different, even though it would take about three years minimum to get there.

The Titan review by serg1980 – Human experimentation are bad but

DNA editing could improve humanity, decrease population and there is no need for creating Homo Titanius. For this scientist need to change just appearance of a person without any other upgrade. It will profoundly affect his behavior. For example take ugly vicious male criminal and turn him into Margot Robbie. In just a few years her psychology will change so drastically that former crimes absolutely destroy her mind filling with remorse and absolutely no desire to live. No jail term will compere to this torture. Or cancer patients… they will agree to any trials to help to find a cure. So don’t disparage Genetics. It will make us happy.

The Titan review by Steve Mcmillan – Absolutely mental…..

I count myself as being imaginative… but boy, does this stretch the boundaries! I like Sam Worthington, but this won’t be high on his list of accomplishments when he retires. The plot is simply bonkers, but doesn’t take the road to the Sanitarium until about three-quarters in. If you can gloss over the madness and lack of any plausibility, you might stay with it until the end. Okay… the story-line (put you anti-bonkers glasses on); The U.S Government decides that, as the world is dying, thanks to the pesky human race, they need to move to Titan, one of Saturn’s moons (naturally), but the environment on the planet is too hostile for humans – there being no water or oxygen. The natural progression to, what should be a terminal end to that discussion, is to take a group of soldiers and create super-humans, by injecting them with the DNA of other species. This would enable man to migrate en mass. At this point, I felt a little embarrassed, I didn’t see this blindingly obvious solution! There’s only one (there are really a lot more) reason that this is barking mad: Only 1 in 5 appear to actually survive this process. The whole concept and story-line seems to have been conceived after reading Wikipedia, whilst taking illegal substances! If they’d left the ‘stupidity’ dial on mark one, they might have gotten away with the madness – but, no… they turned it up to max power! Somehow the remaining subjects become something that no amount of DNA tinkering could produce and it’s at that point that the suspension of belief is no longer possible. Hidden away somewhere among the absurdity, is a love story, or, at least a, ‘love conquers all’, overly sentimental message. The acting is very good, so everyone take a bow for that, but when a story-line is so barmy that it gives you a ‘frown’ headache, it can’t be good. The irony is that this is another attempt by a U.S. movie to tell us that we are killing our planet, whilst America is a major contributor to it. Surely, rather than create super-humans to live in a hostile new world, cutting carbon emissions might be easier?? In short: everything is good, apart from the story-line, which has more holes than a sieve and is completely bonkers!

The Titan review by Spottymae – Not getting enough appreciation

I read the reviews on here for this movie during my mid-movie #2 bathroom break. I have to say, I very much disagree with all the negative reviews. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie! Others have said it runs slow, it falls short, it could’ve done a much better job with the idea. I think they did an excellent job. I think this was a very realistic representation of what would happen if trials like this occurred: many complications. Now, I don’t think human evolution is the ideal solution to the problem presented in the movie, but given it is the solution we’re exploring, I think a great job was done with it.

The Titan review by jand-85326 – Great SciFi Movie

First of all ignore all the triggered snowflake negative reviews.

This was based on an award winning book: Man Plus. The acting was great, effects, location and the rest were all first class. I don’t know much about existential isolationism but that’s what it was all about – classic sci-fi.

There was a sequel to the book so hopefully their will be a sequel to the movie, if Sam Worthington can squeeze it in between all the Avatar movies.

The Titan review by ops-52535 – why not???

I’ve seen worse, and I’ve seen better sience fiction dramas, but the evolutionary projects crystalized in the plot of this movie are really mindblasting,maybe far beyond recognition, or is it? I really start to wonder. It’s well made, very structural and adventourus. But it’s also an undertone of utopianism, that it is an impossible possible to rapidify evolution. I wish my swim team could have had an injection of ”fly-kick” vaccine, the underwater shots were just marvellous. Main cast ok, visual effects very good, music imersive. Would I recommend it to my wife…..mmmmmmmmmmmmm, probably.

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