The Strangers: Prey at Night 123movies – Watch The Strangers: Prey at Night online free

Watch The Strangers: Prey at Night online free – The music is the best part of the movie. I loved the 80s themed soundtrack, especially during the pool scene. The movie slowly ramps up tension and when it hits full bore it never stops. Its relenting. The characters do stupid things of course, but that’s par for the course for these movies. In the end you do care enough to want them to survive . I admit the film doesn’t really bring anything new to the table, but what it does bring it does really well. I’d recommend to fans of the slasher genre and of the original movie.

The Strangers: Prey at Night 123movies – Watch The Strangers: Prey at Night online free

Review The Strangers: Prey at Night by thesar-2 – Cabins in the Woods

Well, I was preying this would outdo the original and BAM!…my expectations were met tenfold.

And speaking of expectations, I had an idea on how this follow-up should play out and, probably wrongfully, I would only like it if it did exactly what I hoped it would. It did. My friend was with me and he saw how incredibly excited I was in the superior third act.

The Strangers come a-knocking once again, not missing a beat from their decade long absence. Only, this time, their prey doubled as did the setting.

You see, there are three masked psychos who love to torment confused victims at night until they ultimately get down to business. That’s all you need to know about them and it’s very clear here who they are. Soooo…now you don’t need to see part one. You’re welcome.

This chapter (and hopefully, last one,) introduces us to a family of four dropping off the female half of the children at boarding school for some terrible thing she did previously. But, they’ll need to stop at a “cabin,” or really, manufactured home, overnight and instantly get introduced to the title’s crazies. Good luck surviving their onslaught as they’re good at what they do and have nothing to lose.

As stated, before going in, I had hoped certain events took place and while you’ll have to wade through the slow start and bumbling middle, you’ll eventually get to the goods. And man, it’s effective. I was so pumped up with what I was waiting for, it was heartbreaking to see a few select WTF moments in the closing. Unfortunately, I had to give the film a pass as ultimately, the movie gave me exactly what I wanted.

I do really like home invasion horror films, but it’s incredibly hard to watch people make monumental mistakes, which is why I hated the first one so much. That movie is chock-full of them. Practically the entire second half of the original Strangers is mistake after mistake. Here, before they got to my wish list of events, they only did a couple and I threw my hands up with the “here we go again” disappointment I felt. Mercifully, it was only two or so and then the movie sped into high gear and a total recommendation from me.

I hate to be so vague, but I am trying my best to both avoid spoilers and convey my entire feelings on what would’ve made up for the dreadful part 1. I almost didn’t even see this, but I had an idea this would be the make-up horror sequel like Ouija: Origin of Evil, The Conjuring 2 and The Purge: Anarchy. All three had terrible first entries and all three had awesome follow-ups.

I was right to pursue seeing this. This was satisfying on so many levels. But, again, you’ll need to make it through the first two-thirds to understand why.

Like I stated above, I hope there won’t be a: “The Strangers Three Little Pigs and Another House They Came Upon” conclusion to an unnecessary trilogy. So, if you happened to suffer through the first one, know this film was the one that should’ve been made first. Or, if you were lucky to miss the original, you can just begin and end here.

Final thoughts: Despite all the bloodshed, and the carnage IS quadrupled here, the real crime is: did Tamara ever come home? She’s been missing for, like, ten years!

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Review The Strangers: Prey at Night by Russthorn – Better than the original

First off I have to say that I am a big fan of 80s slasher movies. They are my favorite subgenre of horror films. I’d much rather see one of the Friday the 13th sequels than a bleak, depressing horror film.

The original Strangers was a good film. It was creepy and very bleak. It’s not a film I can rewatch often because it is so downbeat. This sequel is one that I could rewatch over and over again. Probably as many times as I have seen Friday the 13th part 2. It’s just an all around fun slasher flick. It’s not near as scary as the original but I found it to be miles more entertaining.

The actors all did a good job and I liked the characters and was rooting for them to survive throughout the film despite some of the dumb decisions that some of the characters made. But ALL horror films have characters making dumb decisions. One of the classics is Evil Dead which features a character walking into the woods in the middle of the night because she hears someone calling her name. Horror movie characters are notorious for making dumb decisions.

Overall this was a FUN time at the movies and I would easily go see it again at the theater. The pool scene was awesome!

Review The Strangers: Prey at Night by Produpp – Terrifying, exhilarating and fresh

I lay my cards on the table and admit I’m a huge fan of the original movie and I’m not sure if that makes me the ideal or the worst audience.

I was excited to revisit The Strangers universe, if you like, but equally, I was nervous this was going to be a simple cash in job that in truth belongs in the Target DVD section gathering dust.

But very quickly my Home Entertainment fears evaporated and were replaced with gripping fear, electric excitement and raw anticipation – a feeling I remember oh so fondly from sitting in a theater watching the original!

This is the type of horror that reminds me why making the trip to see it on the big screen is still very much worth it as the audiences reactions, the gasps and squeals, is all part of the fun, key to the experience. I hadn’t actually realised the director is the same dude behind 47 Metres Down, a movie I also saw in the theater last year and loved that as well, so I guess I’m a new fan. I’m undoubtedly a fan of Prey At Night, worthy of a second theater viewing me thinks.

Review The Strangers: Prey at Night by Jared_Andrews – A Slightly Worse Than Average Slasher

With a movie like The Strangers Prey at Night, we know what we want as viewers. We want to see the creepy killers stalk and terrorize an innocent family. I know that sounds messed up, but it’s just a movie, so this family isn’t actually harmed. It’s fine. Anyway, we want to witness this sort of messed thing because it’s scary and creepy in a way that lingers.

What we don’t care about in a movie like this is half-baked family drama. The daughter misbehaves a lot, so the parents are sending her to boarding school. Big whoop. Spare me the 15 minutes spent on this unnecessary plot line. Cut straight to the chase. And I mean that literally.

As a reasonable human being, I can sympathize with this family and root for them to survive without knowing about their drama. We all got problems. The back story, especially a weakly developed and acted one, is a waste of time. I might not have noticed the boring beginning if the rest thrilled me a bit more. When The Strangers start doing their thing, everything feels a bit tepid. I want more. Give me more terror. More struggle. More manipulation. The buildups felt dull then suddenly the action occurred and ended too quickly. The buildup wasn’t executed well enough to evoke any agonizing suspense, and the action didn’t last long enough to elicit true terror.

Instead, I felt slight discomfort, the way I do when I have a pebble in my shoe. In the amount of time it takes to stop, slip off the shoe and remove the pebble, the scary moment was over. It was too fast and too easy.

At other times, the movie fell prey (sorry) to cliché horror movie tropes. Characters said things like, “let’s split up,” “you stay here,” and “who’s there?” It’s frustrating. For the most part, they flat out don’t do smart things. A bit of advice: if killers chase you and you find a loaded gun, be sure to hold onto the gun. Also, use the gun.

Much of the movie thoroughly dissatisfied me. Then the family fought back. Oh, what a moment. At that point, real actual interesting action started happening. I allowed myself to root hard for the family because they were legitimately trying, instead of cowering and whimpering about how scared they are.

Side note: whimpering about how scared you are is both the most annoying and most understandable horror movie reaction. Actually, I just convinced myself to change my own mind. It’s the second most annoying because it is so understandable. The two reactions that tie at the top for most annoying are asking the killer “why are you doing this?” and saying “please” to the killer. Don’t be polite to the person trying to kill you. That’s dumb.

There are too many things wrong with this movie for me to give it a strong recommendation. It’s slightly worse than fine, as far as slashers go. So, take that for what it’s worth.

Review The Strangers: Prey at Night by Jamespycell – Fun slasher flick that reminded me of the 80s

I was prepared to hate this one since I’m such a big fan of the original but I was honestly surprised. I was glad they didn’t try to replicate the original. I think it was the right decision to take this into a more fun slasher movie territory. There are some suspenseful sequences especially one set at the pool. I also really liked the scene in the trailer between the mother and daughter and Dollface. Overall, it wasn’t the next “Halloween” or anything but it sure was a fun time at the movies. The entire audience was cheering and screaming at certain moments which made it even more entertaining. Don’t let the mainstream critics scare you away from seeing this one. Especially if you are a slasher fan. I mean has the mainstream critics ever really loved slasher movies in general? They hated most of the 80s slashers that I love. I hope we start to see more slasher movies in the theaters.

One other thing I’ll say about this movie is that the Strangers have GREAT taste in music.

Review The Strangers: Prey at Night by tresm87 – A surprisingly stylish slasher sequel that puts the first Strangers film to shame.

A near perfect homage to old school 80s slasher/horror, that improved upon the mediocre first film by a massive amount. The John Carpenter influence within the ominous atmospheric camerawork and soundtrack was prevalent and worked flawlessly. The old trailer park setting was so fitting for the overall story and served as an unsettling playground for brutality to set in. This film upped the intensity to an extremely entertaining level with some very unexpected scares and some truly bizarre and grotesque imagery. While some of the cheesy cliches were around, they felt like they belonged there for it to truly be an old school slasher. Instead of random knocks and stupid games played by the strangers in the first film, there were vicious bouts of action packed visceral brutality and damn right insanity by the villains. Johannes Roberts is a director to watch after this awesome film and his style is seeping with foreboding fun. Overall one of the more enthralling and exciting horrors I’ve seen.

Review The Strangers: Prey at Night by Asharirfan – Masterpiece

I like this franchise more than previous, because it has more entertaining chasing sequences then the first one, the background score is the strong bone of the movie, this sounds gives you more goosebumps than tense, this one will edge into your seat though out the movie, also the performances by the all cast is Mind Blowing, everyone gives the real performances and looking so true, Audience needs more movies like this. its a super cool entertaining movie with fun chasing moments and great performances with the solid background score, Direct is just perfect and fit the bill. Go and watch this!

Review The Strangers: Prey at Night by B_Light – A Great Throwback to 80’s Slasher Films

The main influence behind this movie was John Carpenter and it shows. If you go in expecting to be scared, you’ll be disappointed. If you want a fun slasher film, something we’ve seen little of lately, you’re in for a ride. I dug the music score, which was obviously Carpenter inspired and the 80’s soundtrack made the movie even more enjoyable. The way the movie makes cliches seem refreshing is awesome, every slasher trope makes an appearance here and it somehow never feels tired. The killers are awesome and playful, although one death was underwhelming, everything else was amazing. Great work from everyone, especially Bailee Madison who gives a hell of a performance. The movie is thrilling, atmospheric, and always a good time especially when you’re with friends or in a packed theater.

Review The Strangers: Prey at Night by Keithwimmer – Liked the first Strangers, but this one is better

This version adds two more innocents to join as two more potential victims of this mini-cult who may have originated right out of thin air as far as anyone knows. But that’s great, creepy and mysterious. Though this takes place in trailer park that is used only during tourist season-and it is not tourist season-there is enough terror and suspense sustained to keep the quite entertaining. It is a slasher-but not a hard-core blood-fest, but neither is “Psycho” I found the characters realistic and Bailee Madison’s performance great. Hope we’ll see her more in some movies like this. This movie is worth a see if you like slasher/suspense movies.

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