The Space Between Us putlockers – Watch The Space Between Us online free

Watch The Space Between Us online freeA combination of science fiction, reality and a love story. I believe in the future this could be reality. Where other science fiction/space movies are very unreal and fiction, I think this could really happen in the near future. The love story in this movie between two young teenagers makes it more touching and real. Great story between reality, love and science fiction. A good reflection of what we can achieve in the near future.

The Space Between Us putlockers – Watch The Space Between Us online free

The Space Between Us review by Dunfincin – Ageless Sci-fi

I quite enjoyed this film. A fairly novel concept with decent effects,

A coherent and interesting plot and some good acting particularly from Asa Butterfield and I thought also from Carla Gugino an actress I hadn’t heard of before. I couldn’t escape the feeling however that I was being treated like an idiot to some extent by the director/producers and casting people of whom there seemed to be a considerable number. Asa is aged 20 but a little physically immature and he played the part of a gawky 16 year old very well. His high school girlfriend was played by Britt Robertson who we can be forgiven for thinking must be in the same age group – ie 16/17. The actress is in fact aged 27. Now she is clearly an attractive young woman but 16 she ain’t. In one of the final scenes we are treated to the revelation that Asa’s father was Nathaniel Shepherd played by Gary Oldman.The mother we already knew was Sarah Elliot played by Janet Montgomery who is in fact 32 years of age but appeared younger in the film maybe a very pretty late twenties allowing for the fact that she held the rank of Lt-Col in the USAF. Gary Oldman, bless him, is currently 59 years old and has obviously,shall we say, enjoyed life to the full.The idea therefore that a very attractive twenty something career officer was having a relationship with and conceiving children by a man who could be mistaken for her grandfather I found a bit hard to swallow. The other problem with the film in my opinion was the failure to explain or in any way allude to the technology being used to ferry people to and from Mars. The Nasa mars mission was recently put forward from 2030 to 2050 due to “technical problems” largely the fact that they have so far failed to invent a form of space travel more sophisticated than liquid-fuelled rockets and I would have been interested to learn from the makers of the film how they predicted this problem would be overcome. Nope,you just keep on firing rockets into the sky.I hope I’m not being too picky but when a film starts not to make any sense,suspension of belief becomes difficult to maintain.

The Space Between Us review by Enkidu – The American “Le petit prince” visited his red rose on earth

The American “Le petit prince” visited his red rose on earth The movie is about a kid who born in space and his mom passed away while giving birth to him. Asa Butterfield didn’t get out of his typical acting and we saw an innocent face, simple, smart, passionate (at-least in story line), sensitive with cute smile; but honestly his face was totally out of passion, just like a mannequin. First thing surprised me was the Fast communication speed between mars and earth in a movie which obviously is not happening in future, at-least not a far future. The little prince communicates with his red rose through Internet, having video call and everything is super fast without any delay. even when the director is watching him in space ship through CCTV cameras, the camera playing real time with no delay! It was not clear how could he travel to earth even his existence was so classified and sure nobody in NASA headquarter didn’t want him here. some very shallow lines with the homeless guy and some cute funny things to show he is not used to earth, like walking under rain or enjoying the automatic door of bus (am sure in that spaceship, an automatic door wont be a surprise), which i believe writer could do much better job. he wear the middle age mans clothes which surely was overweight but clothes was totally fit on him. He found the girl and she suddenly decided to help him to run from some strangers without even questioning him ( writer wants us put that on teenagers emotion), then she suddenly knew how to ride an old airplane and how to land it perfectly! they blow a horse stable, stole stuff in shops, stole car,… and you never see police putting charge on them, is like NASA is CIA and can silent all! there was tones of things happening without explanations like the writer was not patient enough to care about details and expect us to buy his teenage love scenes and visual effects. they meet the lord of the ring and we see another bad acting from the high on illusion girl and the so called spiritual guy. they find the mothers brother and we see a very bad acting from him. the he walks into the sea to die where he had seen his mom to walk on in the video. they take him the American le petit guy to his birds to take him bad to his planet and this time, it was the red rose going after him. the idea of movie was interesting, but actings were terrible, missing tones of details and ya, a movie which has been written and directed in rush!

The Space Between Us review by Paul Magne Haakonsen – A rather predictable storyline…

When I watched “The Space Between Us”, it was solely because I had the chance, and I figured that a movie with Gary Oldman couldn’t be entirely bad.

Now, that I have seen it, I must say that I wasn’t particularly impressed. Why? Well, this movie just wasn’t outstanding or particularly memorable in any manner.

Sure, it was a visually great movie, and the special effects and CGI team had really managed to produce something quite beautiful, and it all looked very realistic. But these effects hardly could manage to lift up the mediocre storyline.

Yes, I thought the storyline was mediocre. It was entertaining enough, certainly, but it was frightfully predictable. Writers Allan Loeb, Stewart Schill, Richard Barton Lewis and Allan Loeb just failed to come up with a storyline that offered surprises or unpredictable plot twists. There was but a single twist to the story, but it was one that you pick up on from early on in the movie.

“The Space Between Us” is carried by some good acting performances. And I must say that Gary Oldman and Carla Gugino carried the movie quite well with their performances. Janet Montgomery and Asa Butterfield also did good jobs with their roles. It was a shame that BD Wong didn’t have a bigger role in this movie.

While it certainly was entertaining enough for what it turned out to be, you shouldn’t expect a cinematic masterpiece here. My rating for “The Space Between Us” is a mediocre 5 out of 10 stars.

The Space Between Us review by jallen-67976 – Started Strong fell short

When I heard about the movie I thought it was going to be another predictable Young adult film with a shallow ending like Paper Towns. Thankfully this wasn’t the case, though a young adult film it still has aspects of interest and the characters had debt and story’s independent of each other. Meaning its not just i guy chases girl, girl chases guy they had other motivations. Now, the film started really strong and took a truly unique approach to the martian visits earth concept. They didn’t over emphasis the futuristic aspects and the earlier scenes even had some aspects of mystery. Then the film is speed up to double time through a reel of budding romance between the characters until the climatic disaster followed by the “big reveal” (witch is never fully explained), every one says there good byes and the movies over.Leaving me to think “What just happened?” In conclusion, it was a good yet incomplete film

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The Space Between Us review by SnoopyStyle – questionable set-up

Visionary leader Nathaniel Shepherd (Gary Oldman) organizes the first Martian settlement, East Texas. Sarah Elliot is one of the six astronauts to be the first settlers. Everybody is shock to find that she’s pregnant. Fearing a PR nightmare, her pregnancy and her subsequent childbirth death is covered up. Sixteen years later, Gardner Elliot (Asa Butterfield) has been raised in secret by scientists like Kendra Wyndham (Carla Gugino). His only friends are a robot and an online friend, foster kid Tulsa (Britt Robertson), who doesn’t know his true identity. His upbringing on Mars has left him incapable of living in Earth’s gravity. He manages to escape and with Tulsa’s help, goes in search for his unknown father.

Britt Robertson is getting a little old to play a teenager but it actually works well for this character. She’s world-weary which matches well with the fish-out-of-water Asa Butterfield. The age difference brings out the experience difference in the two characters. They make for a cute couple.

The main problem is the set-up and the questions that arise. One must ignore a lot of these nagging questions. The kid has trouble with 1g but he has to endure multiple gs in his travels. It’s also a pretty big secret to be kept by NASA. The distance between Earth and Mars is about 10 light minutes which would make online communications noticeably delayed. The questions keep pilling on and on. A few more rewrites are required.

The Space Between Us review by mike-97420 – Far Out Man

I really LOVED this movie and it’s got all the right stuff! Romance, rockets and a whole lot more, what better combo than that? First off it’s got a planet that is near and dear to my heart, Mars. I wrote a short story called “Far Out Man” about this very planet. And I thought it fitting to use that name in my Summery because of the plot of this fine piece of film-making.

It was entertaining and that is what a good story is supposed to do, right? Who cares if everything in a movie is not perfect for the so called nerds that are critical of every detail and give it a low rating. The movie does give you a good after-burn feeling when you leave the movie.

So nothing more to add, I like it and i’ll be watching this movie many times. See you in the funny papers…

The Space Between Us review by robercik-97895 – Watch it yourself.

Do not get confused by some comments. This is a very nice story. Well played. Despite all the space theme is very down to earth and emotional in the right sense. I remember about a week or two ago reading very bad review on this very site. After that probably most people will turn away from this movie. Don’t. It was I think some poor, lonely woman with loads of anger and just needed to sill it out. IMDb should read before posting reviews as they sometimes very misleading.

The Space Between Us review by Aparna Bhumi – Love story of a Marsian who loves Earth

The first human born on the planet Mars, craves to belong to Earth. He is in love with the feeling of feeling earth. His travel aims to to meet his father and bond better with the only girl he knew in the virtual world. Turns out we want to blend and belong to the grass (In this case, planet) on the other side. Space between us, a ROM-com that finds a space for science intermingling with sentiment.

The Space Between Us review by erick-palacios04 – Romantic Settings Are Everywere

Romantic movies are now a cliché, the guy or girl who have to fight for the girl or guy, the weird kid who loves the most beautiful girl, an impossible love, etc, etc, etc. But when you do that in the perfect romantic setting, that’s the money right there, this time it’s a long way from a martian kid to an earthling girl, now that is original. The literally impossible love made possible by human technology.

This is the story of a kid who was born in Mars who likes a girl from earth, and he does the impossible making the trip to earth to find that girl he loves. Romantic ideas are really dying? Maybe, but that helps writers to make this unlikely romantic setting. It is a very entertaining Science fiction teen romance, the thing is, how are romantic writers gonna top this?

I have only one complain, Gary Oldman is the most experience and talented actor in this film, and sometimes I felt he was overacting, why is that? why?. But no the less, it’s a good film. Good job Peter Chelsom.

The Space Between Us review by Barbagvido – So dumb, so cheesy, yet so adorable

The Space Between Us is a sci-fi teen romance about a boy who is born on Mars and comes to Earth to find his father and is accompanied by this angsty girl he chatted online with.

Don’t expect a sci-fi movie. Don’t expect a smart and unique sci-fi film about a person born and raised on Mars. This is just a sweet teen romance that happens to have a sci-fi backstory. The idea had potential, but that idea is completely out of focus. But you will have to embrace it. Because this is such a feel-good film. It completely ignores the logic and sense, but it was so full of innocence and cuteness, I just couldn’t hate it. It’s like seeing a kid doing something completely stupid, but it’s adorable because it’s a kid. That’s how I would describe this movie. It has so many cheesy moments, sometimes I couldn’t believe I was actually watching that. This movie really doesn’t feel like it came out in 2017. It feels like one of those really cheesy, but really enjoyable and adorable movies from the 2000s I would watch as a kid. It might not have the brains, but it certainly has a heart. The CGI is very good (one plus about pushing this back so many times) and the acting has ups and downs. Asa Butterfield is perfect however and his young co-star is sometimes too much into it, but she’s lovable. And to mention one drawback (aside from all the stupidity), it has so many unnecessary scenes just to have some “nice” moments. So many scenes scream “Wow, look how cool the future is!”. But with all its flaws, it’s so much fun.

I couldn’t hate this film. Even though it’s really, really stupid and definitely not quality, it’s still a fun Sunday afternoon watch for the whole family.

The Space Between Us review by Alex – Reminiscent from the 80’s

This flick is certainly not a master piece but it is far from boring or as cheesy as some said. It is a coming of age story with some interesting premises. The FX are not grandiose and Gardner(Asa Butterfly)’s life on Mars should have deserve more exposure just to get a bit more in his mind and because he grows up the colony on Mars, this would have make easier for us to emphasize with his feeling during his trip on Earth. Here we just see his birth and then we jump 16 years later with a new character, his mum figure, from whom we don’t know anything while she playing an important role in the story. Same for his pen pal Tulsa, it should have been a interesting story to see her grow up in parallel with her martian friend as she seem to had some hardship in her life as well. The rest of the movie is cute, but the lake of exposure for all the main characters stopped me to really feel for them. The end is conventional but fine they just should have avoid to write the obvious end twist has we got it almost from the beginning.

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