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Watch The Outsider online free – This movies is an instant classic I want more the 50’s setting in Osaka Japan was visually stimulating I would have liked to have seen more hence the 9 out of 10 rating but the director without doubt made an instant gangster classic I’ll be putting this dvd right next to my “Scarface” box set Jared Leto is not my favorite actor, he wasn’t the best as the joker besides the helicopter scene witch to me was classic joker but in this movie he is just to good for words I don’t want him to be typecast unfortunately that being said he is just so good at playing these noir (dark) roles I will be looking for more out of Martin Zandvliet who gave me a directors orgasm with all most every scene can’t wait to watch it again I rarely ever watch movies a second time unless I truly love them great film everyone go watch it seriously just do it do it…

The Outsider putlocker movies – Watch The Outsider online free

The Outsider review by rodrigorossi300 – Good Movie, See For Yourself and Ignore Critics

Before watching the movie I looked for any kind of Internet reviews, as I usually do, and what I found kind of surprised me, since they were VERY low ratings, like Metacritic’s. It was disappointing at first, because I was really looking foward to watching it, but since I love oriental/yakuza themed movies and had nothing better to do anyways, I decided to give it a chance.

For starters, I enjoyed it a lot! It’s not by any means a masterpiece, but it was a very solid movie with good casting and good plot. If you are into the japanese culture as I am, I can guarantee you are going to have a good time as well. Maybe because my expectations were set very low (by the reviews and ratings) I ended up enjoying it more than I thought I would.

The acting is very convincing and even though Jared Leto’s character doesn’t talk much, I believe it was the author intention to give him this blank and mysterious background. The other, japanese, characters are also very well portrayed, but not much development is given into them. The post WW-II Japan’s atmosphere is amazing, and it does give you a feeling about the underground yakuza world at the time.

For what I think could have been better, the pacing was a bit too slow at times and the story is VERY predictable once you figure out who the bad guy is. It could also have developed a bit better our main protagonist, I understand he’s supposed to be mysterious, but almost NOTHING is given to us about his background or anything that could explain why he acts the way he does throught the movie (maybe a sequel exploring it, who knows?).

Nonetheless, it was a good movie and I strongly advise you ignore the critics and go watch it for yourself and, hopefully, help spreading the word afterwards too!

The Outsider review by cool hand steve – Like all outsiders, bit of an oddity

This should’ve been great. As a concept, the fish out of water storyline is a tried and tested formula, and the setting within the Yakuza in post-WW2 Japan was potentially an inspired choice. However, it didn’t delve anywhere near deep enough into these ideas, and instead remained very much on the outside. Perhaps that was a choice of the filmmakers, but as a storytelling device that only works for the characters, not the audience. We need to be let in on the inside.

I was excited about this film because it was picked up a few years ago on the Black List and it seemed to be my kind of story. I don’t know if the idea came from Tony Luraschi’s 1979 film of the same name about a young American joining the IRA who finds himself out of his depth, but there are many obvious similarities, and not just in the title. The problem with this film though, is that it didn’t have the same dramatic conflict or character development. Things just happened and we kind of drifted along with Jared Leto’s protagonist, Nick.

We didn’t get to know anything of Nick’s motivation or much of his backstory. That kept it intriguing for awhile, but by the end I didn’t care one bit about him. Although the film was stylish and quite atmospheric, it suffered from poor pacing. When there was action, it was bloody and gory and often spontaneous, which can work to good effect, but I didn’t find it particularly shocking because there was no build up of tension.

The whole film was a bit of a mystery to me. It didn’t really use the setting of Japan to good effect, apart from a few cool looking scenes, and kind of skimmed the surface of Japanese culture, which to me at least, as an outsider, is utterly fascinating, and was the film’s strongest selling point. Nor did it particularly explore the Yakuza in any great detail. I was really hoping for an updated version of The Yakuza (1974) but was left disappointed.

It scores a solid 6/10 because despite its limitations, it’s enjoyable enough and it’s refreshing to get something a bit different from your usual Hollywood fare. I also thought the cast did a pretty decent job.

The Outsider review by neener3707 – Very Cool, Not Without Flaws, But Still Great

I for one thoroughly enjoyed this Netflix film, which is rare. Not sure what th deal with Metacritic rating it so low because I found it to be above average compared to most streaming originals. If you don’t know the story, go ahead and watch the trailer, and for me, I was immediately drawn in to it by the trailer, because I’m a big fan of Asian crime films. And this film was not a let down in nearly any way. I loved the story, such a unique one in the time of super hero garbage and needless remakes of classics. The story pulled me in and the world it creates is a well represented one, definitely channeling other very successful Asian crime films. The action was true to the genre and definitely satisfied me.

Unfortunately not all the actors shined. Don’t get me wrong, some had great performances, but others just seemed to be playing themselves, which I hate. As I said before, the world is well put together, seems very authentic with pretty good cinematography. I didn’t like the pacing at some parts of the film but that really had no effect on the enjoyable experience. So I would say this is a pretty decent breathe of fresh air to see on Netflix, better than the majority of bombs that they put out into the public.

I would highly recommend it.

The Outsider review by Seanfinnau – Very very underated

If you like movies like Eastern promises you will love this, strange things have been going on with critical reviews of Netflix movies lately and considering RT have this a laughable 10% critical when the audience score was 81% is completely stupid. This is a very well made movie that evokes similar feelings to the last samurai while excelling in not just story but also more modern editing and kinomatrography, acting, lighting, great soundtrack as well as a nice moody atmosphere. Jared Leto who lets be honest has a tendency to over act is great in the role which calls for more subdued acting. Is it a perfect movie ? Almost i’d put it right up there with the best crime thrillers and mob dramas. Some may find the editing a bit unusual but i liked the pacing and it fit the setting of 50’s japan very well

Please anyone who wants to watch this please do dont pay attention to the critics the mouse is trying to rubbish good movies like this.

The Outsider review by Puddles – Ignore critics and watch this movie

The critics are once again wrong. This is a good yakuza movie although there are better movies but I enjoyed this movie. It is slow going, building up characters. The climax and ending are good. Jared Leto is great in this movie, playing the silent but dangerous American who gets involved with the Yakuza. Leto’s character is mysterious, maybe too mysterious. It would have been nice to understand his motivation and background. There is a small caveat to his former life but it is so small that it does not answer any questions except that’s Leto’s character is brutal. I didn’t think this was the white savior type of movie like The Last Samurai. Please watch and support movies like this, movies that take a chance.

The Outsider review by christurley-75161 – Before you write this off… WATCH IT!

Imagine… You enjoy independent cinema… You are trying to rid of your ideleness, by seeing something fresh and exciting, yet it combines themes from other films involving organized crime. We all feel like outsiders at times. We all are just maybe looking for swim against the current, yet knowing when to flow with it – As Leto’s character, Nick, in this film suggests to the very gorgeous Shioli Kutsuna. There won’t be spoilers in this review, that last part I cited is found in the trailer.

I have been debating tirelessly on Twitter against Asian critics of this film. They dismiss it, before it was released as, “Whitewashing;” “Offensive;” “Westernizing;” amongst many phrases that are slanderous. It is impossible to know the intent of Jared Leto, for taking the role and executive producing. It is not possible to understand the mindset of Martin Zandvliet (Director), or the screenplay writer Andrew Baldwin, behind making this film.

Is this a perfect film? Or course not! It is not trying to be! Is there sexy style? Yes. Is there a cool plot? Definitely. Is it worth watching? Absolutely. I think this is one of the best 2018 has yet to offer and just like Leto’s work in Blade Runner 2049, it’ll forever be underappreciated. All thanks to the big baby critics (Not all Asian), but the others who before even witnessing this great film – wrote it off as something that it’s not.

If this film was making an attempt to have a hot shot Hollywood guy (Jared Leto is anything but, the guy is the lead singer of 30 Seconds to Mars and has proven to be a HARD worker as an actor) just be propped by Asian extras in a Japanese culture to make Asian culture more palatable, would the film be named, “The Outsider,” or as they call him (You may remember from Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift – nobody accused this of white washing, hmm wonder why?) “Geijin,” which is Japanese for, “Outsider.”

I am baffled by everyone’s uproars to a perfectly harmless picture. Japan is behind China, but with South Korea shares the spotlight of having a top-ten rating in terms of revenue generated in cinema, where are the naysayers to be found in those films? But they go out of their way to bash this before it’s even released! I find that to be more offensive than a guy who is white joining the Yakuza.

This movie is wrongly being bashed for everything that has nothing to do with the movie. How I worded that may be confusing, but I mean every syllable – read it slowly. The soundtrack, cinematography, the ode to John Wick nature this film has makes films like, “The Last Samurai,” look as cheap as the title suggests.

This film was mishandled by its producers in my opinion and Leto could be one of them; however, how responsible they are for marketing is above my pay grade. I can tell you, if you see this movie for yourself – you should be thinking, “If a black or Mexican guy were to be cast instead of Leto, would we be having the same reviews shown to us?” I am in no way being dismissive of racial inequality, it is present and I admire any Asian critic who wishes to voice their opinion, but from my vantage point; I believe their using the wrong film to do so with.

This story is probably unrealistic; however, there is something profound about it. There is true magnanimity in Leto’s character. Assisting Japanese thugs to the point of him becoming trusted and loved. If ever in your dull and idle life finding yourself feeling like an outsider – this is your movie.

I give it an A – because again, it is not perfect. The moments of violence seem all too convenient; however, this does take place after WWII. Enjoy it, believe me; I have seen awful movies – this is not one of them.

The Outsider review by Azzir Grafenberg – An Excellent Homage To The Classics

Firstly, do ignore the ratings given by Metacritic and do keep an open mind before watching this underrated gem. Imho, It is unfair to compare “The Outsider” with “Bright”, the other sombre Netflix’s star-studded flick as both are in a genre of its own right. As a “Yakuza” movie, “The Outsider” storyline remained faithful to the 60′ 70’s yakuza genre with its typical subject of betrayal and honour, in other words fans of the “Yakuza Papers Anthology” won’t be disappointed.

Suprisingly, there are less dialogue which i find it essential to the storyline as it sets the zen-like mood and calmness throughout the movie. The pacing is so subtle and that one will not flinched at some of the violent scenes. The cast did their part very well although the chemistry between Asano and Leto could have been explored further. Overall, i enjoyed watching “The Outsider” and also the movie pays homage to the Japaneses classics. Highly recommended.

The Outsider review by Thebackofmyhouse – Enjoyable, but opportunity missed.

It’s hard when the movie’s main flaw is the main character. Nick is supposed to be this quiet and intense guy, but inconsistencies in both the writing and acting keeps this movie from being great. I like the concept. It’s not an all-out action movie, more of a character study with bursts of violence. My kind of movie.

The 50’s Osaka setting, the atmosphere, it’s good. But the camera work doesn’t take full advantage of the setting, and shots could’ve been better framed, better movement. The small budget shows. The audio mixing was acceptable but not great. In better hands, this movie would’ve been great. I’m not saying it’s terrible, I enjoyed it. There wasn’t any part of the movie where I got bored, I was engaged throughout. But at the same time, throughout the movie, I there were points where I was aware of how things could’ve been better.

I like Netflix doing unconventional stuff. But rather than make a lot of them, give them the budget they deserve to make them great.

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