The Lodgers 123movies – Watch The Lodgers (2017) full movie online free

Watch The Lodgers (2017) full movie online free – The Fall of the House of Usher by Poe is evoked here as well as The Dead Smile by Francis Marion Crawford, but this gem is truly original in just about every aspect. The more one knows of Irish history, the more about this film can be appreciated. For example, the Old English of Ireland are mentioned by the solicitor of the old estate where twins just turning 18 make their home beneath a curse that is centuries old. One wonders of they are vampires, and discovers to pleasant surprise that they are not. For the lover of all things Gothic, this film has it all. An old stone mansion in a state of advanced decay, a beautiful female heroine, a creepy sibling, and ghosts. Nothing is out of place–not even the disappointed local veterans of what is assumed to be the Irish Revolution and subsequent Irish Civil War.

The Lodgers 123movies – Watch The Lodgers (2017) full movie online free

Review The Lodgers by slimecity-38663 – This is good

Im very fussy about horrors and like many from hellraiser to the descent to The Autopsy of Jane Doe. I dont usually like the watered types of pseudo horror for the masses like Woman in Black. But I did really like Crimson Peak and this movie is similar to that – a great historical setting and very atmospheric. well paced and great set design. It looked gritty & dark. Great acting and the sister was yum. the story is good too. Very good direction. Recommended if you like The Others.

Review The Lodgers by tim-1419 – Original, atmospheric and highly enjoyable.

Masterfully played and directed, the tension rises and falls until you can barely stand it. There are some similarities to Crimson Peak, but this is a much better movie. Excellent use is made of lighting and contrast, shadows and silhouette to bring to life a great horror film. The whole gamut of human capacity for evil is explored. Incest, murder, rape, lust, greed and entrapment,it’s all there. You won’t feel uplifted after watching this, but you will feel like watching it was time well spent.

Review The Lodgers by sfairgrieve-908-872509 – Impressive Gothic ghost story

This is a traditional Gothic ghost story, and if you found movies like The Innocents and The Others slow and boring, then you will have a similar reaction to The Lodgers. But if, like me, you loved those earlier movies, then you will find much to like in this film.

The Lodgers has the tone and atmosphere that are essential for a proper Gothic ghost story. It is set in a decaying, creepy mansion that feels like the one in Crimson Peak. (It also shares that film’s uncomfortable theme of incest, but more explicitly.) And while The Lodgers pays obvious homage to the Gothic dramas that preceded it, I never felt that it was simply re-treading its influences.

The story is original enough to take its own place in the Gothic tradition. It’s about having to live with the sins of the past, and how those sins will follow you, like a creepy black raven, if you try to escape them. If you love a dark, bleak, and perverse ghost story, then The Lodgers is definitely one to check out.

Review The Lodgers by ops-52535 – a tidal wave of irish horror.

This is not my favourite genre, but the lodger is a decent non hollywood horror production, with well acting maincast,wonderfull filmography, and choice of locations. The prop makers and vfx makers gave the film the sense of horror that was meant to be.. The score are horrifically well designed and used.

A few drawbacks though, especially the pace ,its slow .which means that when you reach the climax of the movie you have waited so long for, what bad things would happen, which made it loose effect on my rugged nerves.

A film about tragedy, curse, madness, poverty, war, social stigma, and loss of faith and hope.

A sequel with a brighter faith to the survivor would be perfect .well worth a watch.

Review The Lodgers by Zariva – Classic Ghost Story

A beautiful ghost story about two siblings living in a decaying house around 1920. It’s reminiscent of The House of Usher and if you like classic ghost stories like The Woman in Black (less cheesy jump scares) and Crimson Peak (also full of beautiful visuals, but less color and more texture based) then this is for you!

Review The Lodgers by eithne-29342 – Gorgeously haunting film

I was one of the lucky few that got to snag a ticket for this film at TIFF and boy, was I happy for it. It’s a beautiful film, truly. I was absolutely captivated by its beauty from the direction to the writing to the acting (Charlotte Vega in particular was astounding in her role – certainly one to watch!). Reminiscent of The Others, with a more haunting, romantic tone – I loved it!

Review The Lodgers by Neom poltergeist – Don’t believe the fake reviews!

I love horror, expecially when it comes to gothic, somber and victorian period horrors. Sadly The Lodgers Is one of those type of films that you Wish It was way way better. I’m gonna make a comparision on what level this film is, for me it’s obvious just at looking at the poster. A half ok horror movie to watch. with maybe some great scenes or decor in there somewhere. What to expect here Is easy if you make a comparison. For the ones that never watch horror. Without spoiling anything It doesn’t come close to The vvitch, the others, jane eyre, agnus dei, in gothic power. It doesn’t even come close to lower grade gothic movies of late “the countess, the awakening, woman in black etc. If you seen emilie clarkes voices from the stone, or asylum with kate beckinsale. It’s more on that level. And no wrong in that, It’s all about if they can build atmosphere and tension and create something unique and The strongest thing In The Lodgers Is it’s unique location. There is much to love here, from the small shops, to the house itself. But the film never really takes off.. It could be great If they didn’t made the film so bbc safe. There’s no frights or jumpscares to be found here at all. The incredibly cheezy cgi effects dragging it down. When clearly the movie had won horselenghts on having practical effects all the way. SO! I really wish it was better. It played out much better in my head. They should have been more dark and twisted, more feral in the making of the movie. Like I said. It’s a great build-up leading nowhere really. I wanted to like the movie really…

Review The Lodgers by s3276169 – Inexplicably interesting….

Whats really inexplicably interesting about The Lodgers is its absence of any real explanation. It simply is.

It’s this rather refreshing, open ended approach that works well in the context of this film. A film whose central themes are the inevitability of change and the need for self fulfilment and love, even in the face of well established yet corrupted tradition.

It’s a story set against a backdrop that’s reminiscent of aspects of Great Expectations and Wuthering Heights but there’s a good deal of departure in terms of the overriding story from both of those tales.

What really set this film apart for me was the stunning visuals combined with simple but effective, special effects. The result is a surreal experience that somehow’s familiar but at the same time, eerie and other worldly.

A good effort from the Emerald Isle. Eight out of ten from me.

Review The Lodgers by Dread76 – Beautiful gothic horror

There are not a lot of movies like this. If you are a fan of gothic culture and supernatural, this one is for you. Beautifully shot in a real haunted house called Loftus Hall, which was build over 666 years ago. The movie is set in 1920’s Ireland, where the house actually resides. If you are looking for monsters and scares, this is not that kind of film. It is more artistic and involve a young woman fighting for her freedom from family curse / tradition.

Review The Lodgers by MaryRose – A stunning, Gothic masterpiece.

The Lodgers is a breathtaking film, every ounce the Gothic masterwork that reviews claim it to be. David Turpin’s writing is haunting and gorgeous – I couldn’t believe that this was his first screenplay. The decrepit world of twins Rachel and Edward is brought to life with unsettling brilliance by director Brian O’Malley, making each exacerbation of events more evocative than the last. Charlotte Vega is a mesmerising Rachel, as she grasps the audiences empathy from the very first scene. Bill Milner’s turn as Edward is unforgettably unsettling, a role he takes on with every bit of his marvellous acting ability. All the players in this exquisite film deserve all the commendation that they’re receiving. Bravo on a truly wonderful film!

Review The Lodgers by Iamtherobotman – They spelled Loggers wrong

Well the synopsis of this sounded great, it sounded interesting and intriguing.

Sadly, they then decided to make the film, and what sounds good in type sadly failed to translate into action. It’s a lovely big house, nice quaint setting, seems authentically period in dress and mood and then the story starts and it all goes to pieces which is a real shame as this could have potentially been a good film had they made it half as good as the written synopsis.

The pacing was so slow that it finished third in a two horse race, there simply wasn’t enough story to beef it up and at times it just seemed lost in a vortex of nothingness. It took so long to get to the punchline that honestly, by the time it got there i’d forgotten the build up and didn’t really care what the punchline would be.

It was beautifully shot, atmospheric shadows and lighting throughout, nice use of angles and perspective and for the material they were dealt, the cast done a not bad job of carrying it out but it just seemed like it was trying too hard to be a ‘feels’ filled film with a hint of horror and mystery thrown in but the story was so bland that any hint of mystery was lost, it just didn’t intrigue the way it obviously wanted to.

No doubt we’ll have some ‘Luvvies’ drooling over this, calling it ‘genre defining’ or some such nonsense but in reality it just isn’t and I for one am quite disappointed at that fact.

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