The Kissing Booth putlockers – Watch The Kissing Booth full movie online free

Watch The Kissing Booth full movie online free – This movie surprised me so much! I expected a cheesy and badly casted chick flick , but the opposite was proven! The story line is surprisingly unusual, fresh and I really appreciated the cast. Not the best movie ever seen, but definitely highly rank-able for its genre.

The Kissing Booth putlockers – Watch The Kissing Booth full movie online free

The Kissing Booth review by alicia-olofsson – Surprisingly good for a Netflix movie

Netflix really nailed it this time. So fun and entertaining! I absolutely don’t agree with the ones who gave this movie a low rating! Movies like this is supposed to be cliche and predictable. That’s what’s makes them good!

This is a movie that is a little heartbreaking and awkward at some point but mostly fun! Really enjoyed it. Love the story and the characters. The script is a bit poor sometimes but it doesn’t make it bad.

It’s totally one of my favorite movies of all time and I have watched A LOT of movies. Trust me. Already watched it way to many times but I can’t get enough. It is so hilarious and it makes me laugh every time. Really have something extra to it.

Just watch it and ignore the reviews with low rating! And if you don’t like it, just turn it off, easy as that!

The Kissing Booth review by tessamessa-83816 – This movie was fantastic and now is one of my favorites

I haven’t been able to find any new teenage high school movies that were good or interesting till I found The Kissing Booth. Whenever I thought I would find a great movie like this one I kept getting let down and started losing hope for a bit. I almost didn’t even watch this movie, but already 10 minutes into the film, I knew it would be great. It has a great combination of your favorite movies from the 80s and 90s and a modern day love story. The casting is great and the chemistry between the characters is great and very understandable as the main love interest is dating in real life. At times, some scenes were slightly cheesy, but overall the film was solid. I even felt that the cheesy scenes fit well with the movie and balanced out nicely. I believe this film was truly amazing and is one of the best, if not the best, coming of age/teenage films I have seen. I think that the people rating this film poorly have never liked this genre of film because they would love it if they did. I greatly enjoyed watching this film and highly recommend that you watch whenever possible because it will not let you down when you do.

The Kissing Booth review by Devnyannie – Imperfect actors make for more realistic movie

Ok, I’ve watched a lot of chick flicks and teen movies in my life. As a teen girl, I’m basically a connoisseur. Everyone is saying it was predictable, and some typical things were, as they pretty much inescapably are in any given teen movie. I was actually on my toes the whole movie. I had no idea what was going to happen, it was a lot less predictable than I expected! The best thing about it was that the star (Joey Kind, I think) isn’t super hot. She’s average, maybe even below average looks. And the hot main guy didn’t have perfect teeth. Like, they’re kind of normal looking people. It always annoys me in teen movies when they’re all perfect, unrealistic people, with perfect matte skin, and glowing white, straight teeth. They defied that, and that left me extremely satisfied. If you like chick flicks, watch this movie!

The Kissing Booth review by lieselot1997 – I needed this

Finally! I mean finally. God I needed this. It’s been such a long time since a good high school movie came out. My prayers have been heard.

This was your typical cliche-love story, but seriously there’s nothing wrong with cliche at all! This movie gave me a huge jealousy vibe. I wanted it to be my life. I wanted Noah Flynn.

I loved the humour in this movie. Elle was hilarious and so cute. And her best friend, Lee was one of a kind. AND then there was Noah Flynn. Such a bad boy.

Again I needed this happy mood movie. And the kiss in the kissing booth was H-O-T!

The Kissing Booth review by Klaraloney – Not as bad as I expected

Honestly when I saw the trailer I exepected a cheesy, predictable rom-com/chick-flick sort of movie, not that it wasn’t, just not as bad as what I had in mind. I mean yeah it could have been better, and there where a lot of scenes that could have been cut as they made no diference what so ever to the plot of the film, but I did find myself enjoying it. All in all, I would watch it a second time.

The Kissing Booth review by Mfbeif – Bad message for young girls

Sure, at first glance the movie is cute and light. Elle and Noah are a classic girl and best friend’s older brother deal, not unusual but not too sappy. But here’s the real problem: Noah is extremely controlling and manipulative of Elle- before they’re even dating. He orders her around and expects her to do as he says, tells her not to go to parties, threatens boys who want to date her, and gets into fights over her. There is one scene in particular where he fights someone over something they have said to Elle, and then he screams at Elle to get into his car. Is this a good relationship for young girls to be idolizing? Do we want them to think that’s okay for boys to control them? Maybe we should carefully consider how our current media affects young minds in the formative stages.

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