The Greatest Showman 123movies – Watch The Greatest Showman full movie online free

Watch The Greatest Showman full movie online free – This film was truely spectacular, with an amazing plot line, and memorable soundtrack, which successfully tied the story together. This film explains the story without making it a continuous past story, and incorporates the idea of standing up for what you believe in, and chase your dreams as well as the idea that you have to work for success. Hugh Jackson successfully expresses this idea, conveying the idea of never giving up, and how anything is possible if you work for it, and although people may judge you, there will always be a place for you in the world, and how you should stand up for yourself, and not let the way people view you stop you from living the life you dreamed of; and how although you may fail, you have to pick yourself up from the ground and show the people who didn’t believe in you, and judged you that everyone has the chance to create something spectacular. This film was a thrilling two hours, with an amazing plot line and soundtrack that brought the film together, and is definitely one to put on your watch list, no matter what film genres you are into.

The Greatest Showman 123movies – Watch The Greatest Showman full movie online free

Review The Greatest Showman by Jecal – Surpassed My Expectations

This is possibly one of the best films I have ever seen in this genre. From the start to finish, I felt that there was some inaudible and invisible metronome setting the overall pace of the film, a consistent rhythm within many rhythms, if that makes sense. Everything about this film had perfect timing. Editing was seamless. Attention to detail was mind blowing, costumes outstanding. Special effects… whoa. Acting was flawless. I really can’t find anything to criticize. To summarize in a sentence, first class family entertainment.

Review The Greatest Showman by Hertl – As Soon As It Was Over, I Wanted to See It Again

I love the circus. I love quality cinema. Not since Billy Rose’s Jumbo (1962) has a motion picture so successfully combined these two elements. I wouldn’t be surprised if it won the same awards as Cecil B. DeMille’s The Greatest Show on Earth (1952). Michael Gracey skillfully brought together the best music, choreography, cast, cinematography, visual effects, costumes, and set decoration I have seen in recent years, all fresh and original, and integrated them into nothing short of a masterpiece.

Review The Greatest Showman by laconsulting-88228 – Forget the critics – Just enjoy the movie

As usual, the critics fail to grasp the obvious. Does the movie entertain? Yes, it does. Absolutely. Sure, it may not match the real story, and many things are not based in reality, but that’s the point! It’s a movie! It is a fun musical, very well done and enjoyable.If it was a made up story about John G. Pigglestack, then the critics would have nothing to complain about. I actually likes this much better than La La Land. Guess it’s more upbeat. Musicals are a rare breed. Enjoy them while you can.

Review The Greatest Showman by lilylou-85745 – Critics are Wrong

I have never written a movie review but I couldn’t let this jewel of a movie be slammed by the cynical critics without saying how much I loved it. This was the perfect movie for our family on Christmas Day. Don’t pay attention to the “professional” reviews; judge by the moviegoers who are praising the movie. It was moving, upbeat, and romantic. Can’t say enough good things about it. Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Michelle Williams, and Zendaya are all so talented. Go see it in the theater to really appreciate how magical this movie is.

Review The Greatest Showman by autumnbeam-26651 – Sorry, critics, you got it wrong…

Ok, so I’m not a movie critic, and I’m sure they look at things differently than I do. I almost hesitated to see this movie because of the critic reviews, but I’m glad I went anyway. This movie is insanely good. The acting, original music, singing, and imagination is fantastic. Bravo to the cast, crew and Michael Gracey for putting together a phenomenally entertaining and captivating film. Don’t listen to the critics, see this movie. This soundtrack will be on repeat in my car for MONTHS.

Review The Greatest Showman by Bullyfx – A Wonderful Holiday Present

As is evidenced on this site, critical reviews of “The Greatest Showman” have been lackluster – at best. Sadly, it seems that unless a film features mind-numbing special effects, anguished characters and/or “a real thinker” of an ending, the critical community doesn’t feel the film is worth your time. This time, they got it wrong…

“The Greatest Showman” is an uplifting, joyous experience that we all need, now more than ever. The musical numbers are glorious and the plot, while not historically accurate (if you want a history lesson, rent “Dunkirk”,) is heartfelt and engrossing. It is a film that families can enjoy together, devoid of the sappiness and goofy grownups that infest most family fare. And, the greatest present of all: you feel wonderful at the end!

Within the film, an entertainment critic who describes Mr. Barnum’s offerings as “a circus of humbug” asks whether it bothers him that all he offers is fake. Barnum, referring to his customers, replies, “Do their smiles look fake?” No, they don’t – nor do the ones in the theater. And those smiles are reaffirmed through the round of applause that many audiences bestow upon the film at its conclusion.

Gather the family, enjoy the music and leave the theater feeling better than when you came in. Happy Holidays.

Review The Greatest Showman by alex_grant-41857 – One of the best movies I have seen

What an incredible movie. It isn’t often I go rewatch a movie at the cinema but I did with The Greatest Showman. Best musical I have seen. The acting is brilliant, the storyline is fantastic & the music is utterly superb. Feel like I could rewatch it 20 more times & not get bored. Hugh Jackman is at his very best as are Zac Efron & Zendaya. True masterpiece. Must see!

Review The Greatest Showman by Chjeme – See this movie, do not listen to the critics.

I loved this movie. I have already pre-ordered the blue ray and I am planning to see the movie again in the theatre. I am writing a review mainly because I am so annoyed by all of the negative reviews by the critics. One point was that it is not completely accurate to how P. T. Barnum was. Well it is a musical, not a documentary. It still was a well written story. One critic complained that the movie turned Barnum into a saint. Not true! He was flawed in the movie, at times uncaring or selfish. The scenes of the circus were just amazing. The choreography was very well done. The songs also are excellent and performed by very talented singers. Listen to the songs on youtube. Try “Never Enough” and “The Greatest Showman.” The movie also shows the importance of having compassion for those who are different, and the effects of racism, and standing up to racism. The songs are very catchy, and will stay in your head, and the movie is uplifting. This movie was Hugh Jackman’s dream, it took 7.5 years to make. Each actor held their own and fit well into their role. This movie has so much talent and effort put into it and deserves to become a classic.

Review The Greatest Showman by Harrisonlundy – Another Musical Classic: Don’t Mind the Critics!

I think critics are missing the whole premise of the film. I never really saw this as a biography to begin with, but a fun, upbeat historical fiction musical. Each musical number had a fitting mood for the scene, especially the opening number where it was especially satisfying to see the visual aspects of the film. I saw this film as a mixture of the pop-style mood of Hamilton, mixed with the visual joyride that was Pippin. It works for me perfectly. I never really felt the runtime at all because the musical parts of the show were enough to keep me satisfied. Zac Efron and Hugh Jackman definitely brought my favorite performances, with Waitress actress Keala Settle delivering some satisfying vocal delivery. You can definitely feel the La La Land levels of genius lyrics here. As for story, I found myself telling the characters “NO DON’T DO THAT” or “YESSS” very softly in the theater. There were even a few moments where I smiled and laughed out loud. In the words of Rachel Bloom, “the modern musical is an American invention, and it is still alive and well.” It’s rare that we get to see wonderfully crafted theatrical musicals such as this and La La Land. This is also something I think many critics fail to see. This is definitely one of my favorite films of all time.

Review The Greatest Showman by bostanci-51769 – Greatest Show Tunes

This is a movie about P.T. Barnum. He is a great entertainers. He knew what would keep people coming, keep people talking, and keep them entertained. He was a master of marketing. He was able to market his entertainment ranging from Feejee Mermaid to opera singer Jenny Lind to various classes of society.

Movie has great tunes by Pasek & Paul. My favorite is “Never Enough”.

It’s a movie you can take the whole family and have good laugh, cry, stand up & clap.

Review The Greatest Showman by Llsbundy – I will definitely see this again!

Critics these days, pssshhhh. It’s the public reviews that seem to get things spot on. This movie was upbeat, fast moving (which I love) and completely dazzling. The talent was top notch and the story line was appealing to all ages. Sure this is a clean family film, but it doesn’t make it any less artsy or enjoyable than those with an adult rating. I looked up the actual history of P.T. Barnum, and this movie wasn’t far off from the basic story of his life. Sure they added drama to the story, but I don’t even care. It’s not like this was a pivotal story in World History. He was an entertainer, and guess what, a movie in his name just got made that was completely entertaining. I’m sure he’d be pleased with the end result. I am not one to see movies twice, but I’m sure I will. My husband and I went to the late showing last night and I will likely go again this week with my daughters and their friends. Is there anything Hugh Jackman can’t do? Clearly there is not!! I would see this on the big screen with the full sound effects, and I’d probably plan on seeing it in theaters twice if I were you.

Review The Greatest Showman by David S – Fantastic Film

After La La Land (which I could not stand) I almost stayed away from this movie. But after some arm twisting I went and boy am I glad I did. Sure there are some gaps in the story telling, but who cares. This movie is visually amazing, the songs are incredible, the performances are perfect. Especially props to Zendaya, who seems to be on the verge of superstardom. She can sing, act, dance and is about as beautiful as a person can be! I may do the unthinkable and go see this one again!

Review The Greatest Showman by tanne-35639 – 2 hours after the movie and I still can’t stop thinking about it

I just made an IMDB account in order to write this review. This movie was absolutely fantastic. The last time I watched a movie I was this excited about was Batman: Dark Knight (mind you, a very different movie) and it feels great to be so excited.

Off the bat this movie has a stunning cast and soundtrack. The acting is great and the singing is better. There wasn’t a single song in the entire movie that I didn’t find myself truly enjoying listening to and I am really excited to listen to the soundtrack again and again in the future. These songs should all be classics! The casting was perfect (even Zac Efron fit his role perfectly).

This was a fun, emotional, and exciting rollercoaster of a movie and I left the theater wanting much much more of this movie. 10/10 would recommend to anyone. My wife and I couldn’t be more excited about this movie. Also, it reminded us both of the animated film Sing: lot’s of interesting parallels.

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