The Girl from the Song 123movies – Watch The Girl from the Song online free

Watch The Girl from the Song online free – This movie shows the truth in passionate love, it doesn’t always work out but the journey itself makes it all worth it. The main character Eric was what drove me to see this movie through, his raw emotion and love for this girl Jo that he hasn’t known too long is so real, this is what passionate love is, if you’re a passionate lover and finding it hard to understand what passionate love truly is this move is for you. Love is not sugarcoated in this movie, this is real passionate love between two totally different people with different morals and goals they want to achieve. Give this a watch, you’ll be doing yourself a favor.

The Girl from the Song 123movies – Watch The Girl from the Song online free

The Girl from the Song review by Cloisscherzy – Young Love to Perfect Love

First thing that will comes to your mind when you heard the title “The Girl from the Song” is like this is something you’ve heard or seen before, but what differentiate this movie is that it’s deep yet light to understand and get carried away.

The characters is someone you can relate to reality, Jo has the crazy, bold, sweet and vulnerable personality which everyone can relate. She’s the type of girl who bails out to something she really liked because she’s scared to mess it up. While, Eric is the nice and “never been touch” kind of guy, whose afraid to take chances. But their young love pulls them out of their comfort zone.

Perfect love will teach you that there is no such thing as the perfect love.

“There are imperfections in every relationship and it takes hard work to keep it steady. Perfect love will teach you to put your needs before anyone else’s and to not be controlled by your emotions. Perfect love will teach you that sweet words are like popsicles on a hot summer day; they melt under the sun. They disappear with the heat.”

The ending is somewhat lacking, they kept it open-ended. How I wish they put the classic years after effect, wherein Jo finished his studies and continued her craft with woods while Eric continue is passion with music and finished his song for Jo then Jo will hear the music and will come running to Eric again to start anew.

The Girl from the Song review by michael-ernest – Walking to Burning Man would be less boring (and cliché)

Utterly predictable young adult romance. All the emotional depth of Riverdale, with about the same budget for eyebrows, the same artistic passion for two-dimensional character development, and the same target audience in mind.

I’d have rated it a 5, but the Burning Man locale is so arbitrary, I’ll deduct a point for that. The artistic license for setting, generally, is absurd. The Reno airport wouldn’t recognize itself in this movie. I get the whole middle-of-nowhere idea, but it sure doesn’t have to start there. Let this poor emo sap run out of cab money by Wadsworth — which he damn sure would — and start it there. So many lazy details. The writers might have at least visited the area with their eyes open to get a better sense of what’s actually there.

And the male lead is supposed to be some guitar virtuoso? The playing’s OK. No one’s going to fall in love with it, unless maybe you’re a young, rapid-cycling manic British girl with absolutely no problems who has taken her wild-child diagnosis and decided to run with it.

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The Girl from the Song review by jocee91 – It made me think

I’m really in trouble when I have to say anything about this movie.

First of all, forget about super cheesy and completely unpredictable story. If you are looking for this you should probably go look elsewhere.

Second, I kinda liked this movie. Although I had problems with character development: sometimes it doesn’t really makes sense why a character does what he/she does. I felt that some scenes are over- acted and there is a character who doesn’t succeed to fit his role at all.

I said that I kinda liked the movie and that’s because it made me remember a girl who broke my heart a long time ago. I know that sounds strange but she had the exact same behavior as Jo has and I felt nostalgic when I was watching the movie. I made the same mistakes/efforts that Eric does and this really made me sad. A few days are already passed since I watched the movie but even if it’s not the best movie I ever saw I still think about it a lot. The soundtrack is OK, I think Eric has a great voice ( I guess he’s the one who actually sings ).

It was great that the viewer gets involved in the festival as well, I heard about Burning Man before but now I learned a few other infos about it.

Overall it’s a nice movie with great soundtrack and scenery and you should definitely watch it if you were ever in love with someone.

The Girl from the Song review by Tayyaba Hassan – An indie Romance

Such a good movie with a sense of very loud yet silent love. It gives you classic feels and takes you to place where you feel free, your soul is free and free people around.its a Very different story yet one problem there should be one last scene. I mean at the end you so want that last scene and all you get is end credits rolling.

The Girl from the Song review by Amandarenskemann – Sweet hippy tale with a festival theme.

I thought this was delightful, if simple tale set against the background of the Burning Man festival. The film is strong visually with nice acting, and well-cast characters. I thought it described the artsy-party-heathen vibe of the alt. scene very well, which can be superficial just as it is poetic. I thought the ending was in balance to the rest of the film. Enjoyable – made me nostalgic.

The Girl from the Song review by maja-furlanic – A Superficial Story About Superficial Love

The Girl from the Song is a movie about a story as old as time – a story about young love. Passionate to the extreme, yet superficial to the extreme. The main character Eric, a stereotypical quiet nice guy, falls in love with Jo, a stereotypical wild girl, and follows her all the way to Burning Man in the Nevada desert. What follows is a lot of silly, predictable drama and beautiful images of Burning Man. The movie is like a beautiful picture with no soul. All the main characters look like models who just walked off of a Mad Max-themed fashion show in Paris. Except for one character, who is supposed to play the role of the old, wise man who mentors Eric and helps him on his quest for love, but only comes off as incredibly creepy. I feel like I never got to know who Eric an Jo really are and what motivates them, which made me not care for what happens to them and what becomes of their love story. On a positive note, the two actors who portrayed Eric and Jo were actually pretty convincing, despite the silly script, and there was some good music.

The Girl from the Song review by Iby One – An Unexpected Experience

Going into this film I had not read much about it, and I typically like to know what i’m diving into. But I decided to take the risk and give it a watch. The more the movie’s plot began to fill in, the more you got to know the main character Eric and the more you felt connected to him. Eric was a big reason why I stayed glued to the screen. He gave such a genuine feel to the movie. As so did the girl he falls in love with “Jo”. She is a magical person with such a rich personality, and so much mystery. The two of them together created an essence that was addicting to watch. By the end of the movie, I was very pleased with how it went. I would suggest giving it a watch, especially when you have some alone time to really get sucked into the plot.

The Girl from the Song review by Olcip – Not your Classic cheesy love story

From Spain, this uncommon movie tells us a good love story from London to the desert of Nevada. Without tears or violins maybe, but with lyricism and guitars instead. Nothing seems easy for our modern Orpheus but why should it be? His little Trip to find love will put him face to face with himself and the complexity of relationships. Sided by the beauty of music. Acting is great, script and scenario fantastic and the music score is perfect. Half of the movie was shot at The Burning Man festival with breathtaking images from the location. A special mention for Sir Owen. Loved his part. For me, a “must see” for the “Singles” generation. And also the others. Especially if you don’t like love stories.

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