The Fault in Our Stars putlockers – Watch The Fault in Our Stars full movie online free

Watch The Fault in Our Stars full movie online freeSympathetic turns by future stars Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort make this “teenage cancer romance” film rise above the likes of other teen aimed fare in its genre. The characters are well etched, and the dialogues are good- which is expected since it is an adaptation of a best-selling book by the same name. The author’s complete participation in the production phase is one reason why the fault in our stars is not like other young adult book-based films- it is faithful to the source.

The Fault in Our Stars putlockers – Watch The Fault in Our Stars full movie online free

The Fault in Our Stars review by Amit Hattimare – A beautiful story that makes your own problems look very small

I stumbled upon this movie while searching what to see on hotstar. The movie is a must watch for anyone who believes in love, or who thinks that their problems are unsolvable, or who feels that they are in midst of a crisis, or who feels that life is unfair towards them, or who believes that happiness has ceased to exist in their life. It is for all those people, for all those mortals who know that life is not unlimited. The month-or-so long story of Hazel and Augustus makes you fall in love with them. You wish you could help them but life has its own ways. It makes you happy, sad, and hopeful, all in the span of 2 hours. You may start loving your life more than before and enjoy the small things which were being ignored for so long. When death is inevitable, love and courage make it easy to embrace it.

The Fault in Our Stars review by Juneebuggy – Funny and heartbreaking

Really great adaption of the young adult novel. Enjoyed this one a lot. Funny and heartbreaking. Shailene Woodley & Ansel Elgort are fantastic, seeming very comfortable with each other and are addictive to watch, you don’t want their story to end.

We follow them from their meeting in a cancer support group and through their whirlwind romance which takes them to Amsterdam to meet the very nasty Willem Dafoe, a reclusive and mostly drunk author of a book that has touched their lives. Ultimately this trip teaches both of them what it means to truly be alive.

Willem Dafoe plays the bad man to perfection, Laura Dern as the mother is great. This teen romance felt very mature to me because of what they’ve both faced. Worth a watch even if your not a teen but be warned, you’ll feel kinda wrecked afterwards.

The Fault in Our Stars review by Kawtarhriche – Some infinities are bigger than other infinities !

The fault in our stars is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. It’s a love story of two teenagers attacked by a cancer, Hazel and Augustus who met and fell in love at a cancer support group. On one hand the film make us discover the pain of cancer patients and the suffering of their families, on the other hand, it show us a pure love that go beyond all the difficulties of life. The outstanding performance of the actors Shailene Woodly and Ansel Elgort make us feel the characters as if they were real. The soundtracks extracted by different fantastic romantic songs, make the scenes rich of beautiful emotions. The plot is very good written, it transmits a lot of ideas, of a pure love that goes beyond the limits such as an infinity. I invite the lovers of romance movies to watch the film, it deserves to see.

The Fault in Our Stars review by Bkoganbing – So little time

If you think that The Fault In Our Stars is just another teen romance are you in for a pleasant surprise. You’d better have a good supply of tissues because this film involves two very special teens. Ansel Elgort and Shailene Woodley are a pair of cancer survivors and they just haven’t got very much time.

With Woodley she’s come through cancer of the thyroid and she has the breathing apparatus as just part of her person now. Her parents naturally worry about over straining herself, but Woodley is determined to lead as active a life as she can.

At a cancer survivor support group she meets Ansel Elgort who has really made quite a name for himself since this film came out. Elgort is a former basketball star who lost a leg to cancer. He is so incredibly quirky and charming in this part I’m surprised he didn’t get Oscar consideration.

The two make a trip to Amsterdam to visit an author they admire. Willem Dafoe however has less than meets the eye, still they have a good time. When they visit the Anne Frank house the symbolism is certainly not lost on the viewer.

The title is a play on Cassius’s famous quote from Julius Caesar about the fault not lying in our stars but in ourselves. There’s no fault here for Woodley an Elgort. Fate has dealt them a cruel and rotten hand and they have to make the most of it.

I haven’t seen a film move me as much since Clint Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby. Even a Medusa would be reduced to tears with this one.

The Fault in Our Stars review by Mihai Toma – An incredibly dramatic masterpiece

A terminally ill girl suffering from lung cancer meets a boy with a very difficult condition of his own who is about to change her life forever. A very close friendship is born between the two but it will not remain as such for long. As they spend more time together and understand each other’s situation, their relation evolves, making the final part of their life more than bearable. As a final wish, he takes her to Amsterdam to visit the author of her favorite book but their adventure will not be without obstacles as illness never sleeps.

It’s a movie which follows the lives of two teens, deeply traumatized by their condition, who manage to find comfort in each other’s arms, struggling every day not to lose faith. Their drama is presented in great detail, from the moment they first met, going all the way to Amsterdam in search of answers regarding their book. We’re faced with two very complex characters, very well designed and described, not to say how they’re excellently played by their respective actors, who transmit a plethora of emotions, making themselves extremely pleasant throughout the movie, despite their illness. You’re bound to burst into tears many times throughout, as you’ll find it extremely hard to see their struggle.

The plot is very well designed, managing not to be predictable or linear, bringing something new and quite unexpected with every occasion it gets. The unique atmosphere it creates simply draws you into it, keeping you attracted, interested and curious about the faith of the two. It generates plenty of drama and thrill along the way, but also raises the mood and even makes you laugh once in a while. The end to their story is as unexpected as it is tragic and sentimental, but in a good way. I cannot express the emotions I felt during this movie, every single word simply being insufficient in providing any explanation.

Overall, it is very dramatic but at the same time it brings laughter when you least expect it and romance in its purest way. This movie can cause a lot of tears but it will also bring warmth in one’s soul if he or she lets it. It’s simply breath taking in every aspect, from its gorgeous story to its presentation, cast and finale. Make sure you don’t miss this wonderful masterpiece!

The Fault in Our Stars review by Floated2 – Positive and Inspirational

Based on a worldwide best selling novel, the Fault in Out Stars made a severe impact with audiences and helped elevate Shailene Woodley’s career to the next level. Fans of the novel having many doubts as to how the film would compare and share with the novel. Compared to ‘the Notebook’, this film is quite arguably better and features arguably better writing and refreshing performances from its leads Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort showing great chemistry.

A major reason why this film is as praise is due to the positive message, sensitivity of the issues and characters and the authentic feel of the film. In many romance drama teen films, there are silly and over the top forced comedy and they come off as cheesy. This film although deals with a serious matter, plays out in a relatively lighter tone and it works. Featuring likable characters, a clean and good pace, the Fault in Our Stars is quite an interesting tale and better than one expected.

The Fault in Our Stars review by robea-73476 – Fault In Our Stars By John Green

“The Fault in our stars” by John Green is an amazing book. If you continue reading this you may be spoiled about the book.The book is from the perspective of girl named Hazel Grace with thyroid cancer meeting a boy named Augustus waters at support Group, her parents make her go too. She is a 16 year old teenager who is already attending college classes because when she found out about her cancer soon after she just became a women. SHe was missing a lot of school and ended up finishing early. Augustus had a time of cancer that made him lose one of his legs. Hazel and Augustus kept in touch after meeting at support group. They began to fall in love, while they shared so much in common. Cancers patient get one “wish”. A “wish” is when they get a free vacation paid for to a trip anywhere they would like. Hazel used her when she was young like most patients. It was spent at Disney World, however, Augustus never used his and his is willing to spend it for Hazel to go to Amsterdam, to get answer about her favorite book that ended in a middle of a story. The trip is for Augustus too because Hazel got him hooked on the book wondering the same questions as she. This book is a love story between two people who share the same thoughts and pain they have gone through. I highly recommend reading it!

The Fault in Our Stars review by Rsjovertoom – I wasn’t ready for this

Tonight I watched “The Fault In Our Stars”. I wasn’t ready. Not even close. After pacing through my room for about an hour, I decided to try and write down my thoughts, as scattered as they may be. So here is the weirdest review ever written on IMDb.

The thing with over-romanticizing is that it leaves you with doubts. If I can’t be like Hazel and Gus, love like them, then what’s the point? And I know I can’t be like them. My semi-egocentric brain isn’t capable of loving that deeply, that profoundly and unselfishly. They share a connection so beautiful, I’ll never have that.

In order to not just give up on love, I have to remind myself that no one is capable of loving like Hazel and Gus. They are fictional characters. Their actions and emotions are exaggerated, in order to make the audience more invested. Too invested, in this case, because I now have to constantly tell myself that they aren’t real. Their love isn’t real, and I will find love and happiness in my own, real, way.

At this point, many of you will think ‘how is this ever a review?’ and many more will have stopped reading already. But consider this: if a movie gets a 33 year old man this emotionally invested, how good will it be?

The Fault in Our Stars review by Catwings – So, what was an Imperial Affliction?

The Fault In Our Stars is a love story about a teenage cancer girl (Hazel Grace) and a survivor of cancer boy with one leg (Augustus Water), and a sequence of drama surrounding their families and friends from a cancer community group. I usually don’t read books or watch films in which I could guess the story is going to be a sad ending. I like John Green, a famous author of young adult books, and read a couple of his books including “Paper Town” and “An Abundance of Katherines.” I bought this book when I took a few pages at a book store.

The story is unexpected in a good way with a sprinkle of the author’s jokes and humors through the characters, and it’s no just a cancer girl story who has a miserable and painful life with supporting family and friends. One of the things I like about the story is that Hazel and Augustus get to know each other through her favorite book, An Imperial Affliction, written by Peter Van Houten. The vague ending of the book has caught her for years to eager to ask questions to the author, and that makes the two teens fly to Amsterdam to meet the author. It’s very dramatic and exciting scenes in that a story is created in places from two countries, as well as it makes the handicapped characters overcome the difficulties of traveling for their dream.

The whole story about An Imperial Affliction never described, but quotations from the book leave footprint stunningly, seemingly that that casts a meaning of life through conversations between Hazel and Augustus. While the story of An imperial Affliction sounds epic, Van Houten’s quirky and socially twisted personality disappoints the two teems. But the trip in Amsterdam builds their bond more tightly, and the story is going to be a moving ending.

This is not entirely a sad story, but it involves with sadness and heartbreak towards the characters. After the story ended, I felt it satisfied me as if a missing piece is matched into the story, rather than it left out only sadness.

On the same day I finished the book, I watched the film of The Fault In Our Stars. Shailene Woodley portrays Hazel so well, and Peter Van Houten, played by Willem Dafoe, matches the original image.

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