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Watch The Exception (2016) online free – What movie mogul said that if you want to send a message, contact Western Union? Regardless, this small-scale movie–while chafing at the bit of plausibility-manages to work owing to the fine cast, laconic dialogue, and beautiful, understated art direction. But back to the “message.” Without it, this would be a mediocre film, but with it, it is something of a parable. What’s the message? I’ll let you figure it out. Christopher Plummer is wonderful, and the casting in general is superb–it’s evident the director worked on finding complementary and contradictory characters whose roles and personalities are extended by their appearance, stature, and clothing–making it quite apparent that a theater director created this film.

The Exception (2016) putlocker – Watch The Exception (2016) online free

The Exception (2016) review by Red-125 – The Kaiser in exile in Holland

The Exception (2016) was directed by David Leveaux. The movie was produced in Belgium, but the dialog is in English.

The film is not meant to be a documentary, so we can’t take it at face value. However, the basic outline of the story is true. Kaiser Wilhelm II was forced to relinquish his throne after World War I. He spent his remaining years at a secluded mansion in Holland. When Holland was invaded and conquered by the Germans, Wilhelm came under the direct authority of Germany.

In the movie, a previously wounded German army captain (Stefan Brandt, portrayed by Jai Courtney) is sent to be the commanding officer of the Kaiser’s guard. Brandt is a loyal officer, but he is disgusted by the SS atrocities. He falls in love with one of the maids, Mieke de Jong, portrayed by the beautiful Lily James. She is Jewish, but Brandt isn’t anti-Semitic, so he pursues his romance with Mieke.

Historically, Heinrich Himmler, the Reichsführer of the SS, did, indeed, visit the Kaiser in Holland. That visit is the lynchpin to the plot. (If the visit had been invented for plot purposes, we wouldn’t believe it. However, Himmler really did visit.)

The key role in the film is that of Kaiser Wilhelm II, played brilliantly by Christopher Plummer. Plummer is a consummate actor, and he makes the role come alive.

I think that the manner in which the Kaiser is portrayed takes the movie the furthest away from historical reality. In the film he’s shown as a more-or-less kindly old man who loves to feed his ducks. According to Wikipedia, he remained a harsh, haughty aristocrat. However, the movie will only work if we believe that the Kaiser also has a softer side, so that’s what we see.

I want to alert IMDb readers to watch for the work of Janet McTeer, who portrays the Kaiser’s wife, Princess Hermine. She has no great love for the Nazis, but she is willing to go to any lengths to see that her husband returns to Germany and is restored to his monarchy. She is a German Lady Macbeth–cold, calculating, and decisive.

We saw this film at the wonderful Little Theatre in Rochester, NY. It will work well on the small screen. The movie carries an anemic 6.8 IMDb rating. It’s much, much better than that. The plot is interesting, the acting is outstanding, and the direction is excellent. Don’t be fooled by the low rating–this is a movie that I highly recommend.

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The Exception (2016) review by Kendmonk – An underrated movie with great acting.

This is a movie and in my humble opinion is totally underrated. Yes, there are a few flaws but don’t most movies have them? The story starts off slow but soon picks up and keeps you interested to the final credits. Christopher Plummer as usual plays the part to perfection. As do most of the characters in the movie. I really enjoyed this movie and highly recommend it.

The Exception (2016) review by GManfred – Christopher Plummer

This is the main reason to see this picture, an old-timer at the top of his game at the ripe old age of 87. Acting skill and impeccable timing still at its best as he enters the character of Kaiser Wilhelm hoping to make a comeback as the ruler of his beloved homeland. He gets scant help from the two principals, Lily James and Jai Courtney, and you find yourself waiting for Plummer’s next appearance.

The story which has been recounted in other reviews is good and is basically a love story between James and Courtney. There is little action in this character study, but mention must be made of Eddie Marsan, who gives a hypnotic and creepy performance as Heinrich Himmler, Hitler’s Gestapo Chief. His portrayal is chilling and repulsive and he is an arresting presence on screen (no pun intended). “The Exception” is interesting and absorbing – especially when Plummer is front and center.

The Exception (2016) review by Paul Zink – Delightful war fluff, well acted!

I’m giving this an “8” simply for the fine acting and commanding presence of Christopher Plummer (I keep wanting to say “Sir Christopher Plummer”) as the aged but sprightly and opinionated Kaiser Wilhelm II. I’m torn between calling this the most enjoyable silly film, or the silliest enjoyable film, I’ve seen in a while, but I found it captivating, even though it’s almost certainly sheer fiction regarding any historical accuracy. Although I relished the early and frequent appearance of nudity and rampant sex, what I really wanted more of was extra screen time for the Kaiser’s extensive wardrobe of military and imperial uniforms. Notable acting props also to Janet McTeer as the Kaiser’s consort, and to Eddie Marsan as a glum, coldly business-like Heinrich Himmler.

The Exception (2016) review by Edwardlovette – A semi-fictional account of the last days of Kaiser Wilhelm II

Though this movie is not based entirely on factual events much of this movie is based on true historical data on the last days of German Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm II. The house in Doorn, Holland is accurate as is other historical events such as the Nazi troops stationed at his manor.

For students of World War I or German history this movie is a must see.

Unlike Hitler, the Kaiser did have morals and religious views that he held until his death despite being largely responsible for unleashing WWI.

The Exception (2016) review by Paul Allaer – Spy drama comes to life in the second half

As “The Exception” (2016 release from the UK and Belgium) opens, we are told it is “Berlin, May 1940” (the Nazis have just invaded Belgium, Holland and France). For reasons not yet clear, the Nazis decide to send Captain Brandt to Utrecht, the Netherlands to guard the exiled Kaiser Willem II. As Brandt settles in, he starts a passionate affair with Mieke, one of the local maids working for Willem II, and she reveals to him she is Jewish. Along the way, we also start to know the thinking of Willem II and his wife, who both still are hoping for a return to the throne. Then the news comes that the Nazis have intercepted morse code transmissions made from the nearby village that an English spy is trying to infiltrate Willem II’s entourage. At this point we are 15 min. into the movie, but to tell you more of the plot would spoil your viewing experience, you’ll just have to see for yourself how it all plays out.

Couple of comments: this is the feature-length debut of British director David Leveaux (best known for directing theater plays). Here he brings the book “The Kaiser’s last kiss” to the big screen. I have not read the book so I don’t know how closely the film’s script stays to the book. Given that this is a spy-related drama, one mustn’t say too much that could give clues about how it all plays out (biting my tongue!). Let me just comment in general that the movie drags a bit (for me, anyway) in the first half, but really comes to life in the second half. Christopher Plummer continues his recent streak of great performances (check out last year’s “Remember” if you haven’t seen it yet!) in his role as Willem II, and Jai Courtney is fine as Capt. Brandt. But for me the movie was stolen, in the best possible way, by up-and-coming (and stunningly beautiful) British actress Lily James in her role as the local maid Mieke. Surely we have not seen the last of her. Bottom line: this is a fine movie, bringing a mix of spy drama and romance.

“The Exception” has been available on VOD since early June, so imagine my surprise when this recently showed up at my local art-house theater here in Cincinnati. The Tuesday evening screening where I saw this at was attended quite nicely (about 10 people in the theater). If you are in the mood for an ol’ fashioned spy-romance movie, you could do a lot worse than watching “The Exception”, be it in the theater, on VOD or eventually on DVD/Blu-ray.

The Exception (2016) review by Mariamru – Underrated movie

We all know they are a lot of movies about world war II, but luckily this approach it’s not much exploted yet, so it’s not the common storyline that we’re used to it. The movie it’s interesting from the beginning to its end with very good performances.

The Exception (2016) review by Reno Rangan – A look at the German Royal family during the WWII.

A book based film, partially inspired by the real, but I really loved. In the backdrop of the world war two, it focused on the German royal family, Kaiser. An officer sent to protect him during the nazi Germany’s invasion of Europe, possibly from the spies. So during his stint, all events that unfolded were revealed to us with a twist at the end. The twist was predictable, so they did not hide it for the perfect moment and to make the film entirely rely on it. What’s important is it was more a straightforward narration. Though there were some tense moments.

Overall a great drama. I did not know what to expect, whether a thriller or romance, but it mixed them all together nicely. Of course, Jai was good, and so Lily James, but I was very impressed by Christopher Plummer. This film was awesome because of this 88 year old Canadian actor. Directed by a newcomer, and he did his part nicely. One of the fine addition to the world war two related dramas. It has a strong sex scene, otherwise would have been fit for all. Definitely I suggest it if you’re interested!

The Exception (2016) review by lovetheoutdoors_2000 – Totally underrated–touching, gripping, and perfect acting ensemble!!

I watched this film on Amazon Prime, and it’s a total surprise. The acting of all main and every supporting actors are nothing short of perfection, especially, of course Christopher Plummer, his role as Kaiser Wilhelm II in this film is my favorite of all of his performances. It is a beautiful romantic story that is also gripping and kept me at the edge of my seat from beginning to end. What a great job for the first time director. This does what a good movie does, lures you into the story and don’t want it to end.

The Exception (2016) review by jennifer p-d – romance between 2 gorgeous people…..

Personally I don’t care if the movie is ‘historically accurate’ as some people point out. I don’t think they advertise it as that. The acting was good. They had chemistry which is most important. Someone also said ‘this could never happen’ well I think when 2 good looking people that are emotionally damaged anything can happen. Now this point is stupid I know but it did keep happening. While sucked into the movie I suddenly got pulled out by how big Jai was in this movie (I suspect he was getting ready for Suicide Squad or had just done it) because he was huge. Don’t get me wrong he is sexy AF but I thought ‘would a soldier in the era be that big? I mean he is ‘beefcakey’. Then I thought how would a soldier keep that body with his shrapnel injury? See I told you dumb thoughts but they did jerk me out of the movie experience but only momentarily.


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