The Durrells in Corfu review – Watch The Durrells in Corfu 365movies free online

Watch The Durrells in Corfu 365movies free online – Totally against the grain of the other reviews here I love this. I haven’t read the book since school so basically I have forgotten it. That gives me the advantage of watching this as an original work (not an adaptation). And I love it, I love the characters, the actors, the direction and the cinematography. Overall it is just charming, crammed full of dry wit and it’s a bit of a page turner as I can’t wait for the next episode. Margo’s besotted face is a delight, Leslie’s imperialist stomping around with guns and suitable opaque wit is a hoot, Larry’s fey artist trip just sucks you in and gets you ready for the ‘Quartet’, Mrs Durrell is like a real Mary Poppins and Gerry (well he, sacrilegiously, is the weak link for me, I don’t really care about the animals). I usually hate this kind of family thing but with this I am a convert. So if you are not a stickler for adaptation fidelity and you want a smile on your face for an hour a week then watch this.

The Durrells in Corfu review – Watch The Durrells in Corfu 365movies free online

The Durrells in Corfu review by bb-772-999720 – A different perspective on the story

Like many others, I repeatedly devoured the books by Gerald Durrell as a child, especially the Corfu trilogy, and was very sad to discover that the author passed away in my late teens. I also read some of Larry Durrell’s writing and watched a documentary “Gerald Durrell in Russia”, however I did not see the 1987 TV show (nor the 2015 movie). I am not English, so the Durrellian universe was much smaller in my reality of a post-soviet CEE country; nevertheless I regard it a vital part of my growing up and it brightened many a day back then. So I was really happy when I stumbled upon the TV show on the Durrell’s tonight, keen on being reunited with little Garry, mercurial Les, Larry the intellectualist, girly Margo and all the other strange, goofy and dear characters roaming the emerald Greek island . I understand that expectations are high when it comes to childhood favorite reads and after the first episode it’s pretty safe to say the show did not overwhelm me either, but I really enjoyed the different perspective on the adventures and struggles of this eccentric family I feel I know almost like my own.

While in the books you watch the family story through the eyes of a young boy keen on nature, in this show it’s the grown-up perspective of a mother trying to survive with 4 intense teenagers on a beautiful yet unfamiliar island with no electricity, little money and very basic language skills. It’s not all blue skies, sparkling green see, dazzling sun and the perpetual summer holidays feeling the books enchant you with. But watching the show, it’s easy to imagine the small and bigger dramas behind Gerald Durrell’s lighthearted and funny family portrait, making it a more real and less funny account. The show seems to unravel in a somewhat bumpy and chaotic way, with some originally hilarious scenes becoming more awkward than funny and I can’t help the feeling the actors are neither able to play to their full capacity nor do they seem to harmonize with each other particularly well. But slowly the familiar feeling seeps in and the moment you see young Gerry’s (Milo Parker) bright eyes widen up in thrill with some odd wildlife, you know you will want to watch the next episode. As a sworn Durrell fan I wouldn’t miss it!

The Durrells in Corfu review by MikeBethany – A Heartwarming Family Tale

I’m so very glad I’ve never read the books so I’m able to watch the show and enjoy it for what it is: a touching, brilliantly produced coming of age story / mature romance / family drama.

Imagine if your father has died and your mother, in a fit, decides to move to a completely different part of the world. You have crazy, interesting siblings

The Durrells does everything right. The actors have convinced me I’ve travelled through time and am actually watching a real British family living in 1930s Corfu, I lose myself in the beauty of the island due to some magic the cinematographers have cast (or maybe it’s just incredible skill), and the director does what a director should do, they make you forget they exist.

The Durrells in Corfu review by Orob – Fell in love from day 1

This is true lighthearted comedy-drama at its best. Its happy, comforting and superbly well acted. Honestly this is the best thing to watch on a Sunday night with the family. Although it doesn’t strictly follow the books accurately, and as a fan of the books that could of irritated me, however I thought the greater depth in which it explored the character was wonderful and made for great TV. The actors have a genuinely convincing chemistry that makes it even more enjoyable to watch. I would recommend this to everyone of all ages. I watched it every Sunday with my family and I’m gutted its come to an end. It was great news that it was renewed however and I cant wait for season 2 next year.

The Durrells in Corfu review by Andrew Goss – Not My Family and Other Animals

Louise Durrell, still missing her late husband and in financial straits, moves her family from dismal Bournemouth to the Greek island of Corfu. It is 1935, the world unaware of the calamity over the horizon, Corfu is sunny, easygoing, and cheap. The oldest son is Larry, an as yet unpublished writer. He is tall, clever, and witty, rather like a young Jonathan Miller. The next is Leslie, a bit dim and with a fetish for firearms. Margo is a tempestuous girl impatient to grow up. The youngest is Jerry, fascinated by wildlife and liable to bring it home with him. Add to the mix Spiros, taxi driver, protector, and general fixer, Dr Theo, also a naturalist, the enigmatic Sven, and Lugaretzia the housekeeper. These contrasting characters are well drawn, and well cast, the acting is fluid and convincing. Although this is essentially a comedy, nothing is played for laughs, the viewer must pay attention to get the full flavour of events. The standout performance is that of Milo Parker as Jerry. Milo oozes character, convincing as the intense and focused future renowned naturalist and author. The episodes follow on from each other, but are mostly self-contained. While certain themes recur, each story is unique. With only the years 1935 to 1939 available, The Durrells will never become a franchise, though a second series is on the way. Many years later Gerald Durrell described these years in My Family and Other Animals and two sequels. As the foreword admits, his brothers and sister remembered things differently, and the books are not historically accurate. My Family has been twice adapted for television, under that title, but The Durrells is not a third, though obviously it borrows the characters and situation. It is many years since I read My Family, some of the stories look familiar, but the writers have mined, rather than adapted, the material. It is probable that they have referred to Lawrence and Margo’s writings. What we see on the screen is not an accurate account. For instance Larry was already married to Nancy and they lived in a separate house, Margo was eighteen, here she seems much younger. Lawrence was actually noticeably short. But I’m not complaining, this is a fictional evocation, not a dramatised documentary. Lawrence is portrayed much, I suspect, as he would have liked to see himself, and Keeley Hawes does a lovely job as the harassed, hopeful, scatty Louise. Gerald went on to fame and fortune, his books must have outsold those of his upmarket big brother many times over. Leslie, I read once, became a professional big game hunter in Africa. Margo lead a more interesting life than most of us. Louise never did re-marry. But who knows what the scriptwriters have in store for her? Many of the disappointed reviewers here are fans of Gerald’s books who wanted a straight dramatisation of them. I am a long time fan of Lawrence’s books, if not of the man, so I don’t come to the series with the same preoccupations. So forget for the moment everything you’ve read, and enjoy the ride. Then if you haven’t already, go out and read both Gerald and Lawrence.

The Durrells in Corfu review by PhantomDadooA nice Masterpiece

There has been substantial criticism of this series’ failure to accurately portray the source material about the Durrells. Not having read the books, I cannot use them as a comparison. So I am judging on the series itself, and comparing it to other presentations of more modern material on Masterpiece. In that light, I have thoroughly enjoyed it. The actors, especially those portraying the children bring real spirit to the four quirky kids. The photography captures the brightness of Corfu, the sky and sea are brilliant blue. The countryside captures the rustic life of the 1930’s. The animals add a realistic and fun realism to the family’s life. Is it the best Masterpiece ever? No, because the story doesn’t lend itself to high adventure and suspense. But it is an enjoyable series that kept me interested in the family’s story.

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