The Choice 123movies – Watch The Choice full movie online free

Watch The Choice full movie online free – I have read the book before watching movie version. And I really like it. I mean there were some differences but the movie did it very well. The differences made it looked like we read new chapters of the choice. It still touched my heart though. It’s short and not taking too much time to get going like in the book. Recommended!!

The Choice 123movies – Watch The Choice full movie online free

The Choice review by Reno Rangan – When a veterinarian meets a doctor.

Not for the current generation, the film was at least 20 years late. On the other hand, I think the direction is not good. Even the casting looks so bad. There are lots of big names for the women characters. Even for the tiny roles, Maggie Grace and Alexandra Daddario appeared. And I could not find one good male actor, apart from Tom Wilkinson. Sorry to say, but the lead actor was not the perfect choice. Besides, I find Teresa Palmer was over-performed her parts. If you have seen many romance flicks, you will find it cliché in the many segments.

It was based on the book of the same name written by the ‘The Notbeook’ author. It is his another signature romance tale, but somewhat different from all his books those made into the films. I did not come here to write bad about it, but I could not find any good stuffs about it to give some credits. Maybe the location was great and music. The fun part is, I did not know anything about it, so when I decided to watch, I saw the poster and assumed it was a lesbian theme. Funny, but disappointed after realising the mistake.

Still, some of the dialogues were below par, not romantic when those were delivered and then there’re some silly scenes like the dog finding the lost object, including its following event. Those things make it more a supernatural film than actual world romance. The film is for a selected audience, I’m sure the film will find its audience today, tomorrow or even decades to come. But there will be people like me on the corner who say the film is not good, so ignore them if you really want to try it and decide yourself.

The Choice review by Bkoganbing – Travis and Gabby

Benjamin Walker and Teresa Palmer star in The Choice and the thesis of this romantic treatise is that life is made up of choices and what decisions we make set the course of our lives, especially our love lives.

In the case of Palmer she’s a medical student and involved with a rich young doctor. But on a fateful night she meets up with Walker who is a veterinarian, a neighbor, and a kid from the wrong side of the tracks. Palmer is involved with Tom Welling late of Smallville who is a doctor from a wealthy family. But one fine day Welling goes to Atlanta to set up what sounds like an HMO. While he’s away Walker and Palmer after a fashion decide they’re right for each other. It’s wedding bells and kids and a few years of wedded bliss.

But ‘happily ever after’ isn’t for them at least just yet. Palmer made the critical choice to marry Walker. Later though it is Walker who is stuck with an even more critical choice involving Palmer.

Walker and Palmer play well against each other, they have a good affirmative chemistry for the screen. The Choice is a nice romantic comedy/drama about true love and what it can cost.

The Choice review by kam-49787 – The Choice

If you are ever in the mood for some tear-jerking romance and drama, The Choice, is the movie for you. The movie is based off of the Nicholas Sparks novel, The Choice. It takes place in the most romantic setting, a small coastal town, and it is full of young love. The Choice is about a man named Travis Shaw, played by Benjamin Walker, who is a cool, easy going, and good looking man, who is currently in an “off and on” relationship with his high school girlfriend, but is not ready for commitment. Gabby Holland, played by Teresa Palmer, is a stubborn young medical student, with a long time boyfriend, who recently moves into the house next door to Shaw. At first the two don’t get along, because of Travis’s smug and egotistical nature and Gabby’s fiery and stubborn mindset. However, over time the two start to grow fond of each other, and they will have to decide whether or not their love is real and if they will be together. Directed by Ross Katz, The Choice is a well acted, heart warming, romantic drama between main characters, Travis Shaw and Gabby Holland, who will have to make a decision on whether or not their love is worth fighting for.

The Choice is a great movie because of its well selected cast. I think that Ross Katz, the director, along with screenplay writer, Bryan Sipe, did a great job making the film come together as a whole. They choose very talented group of actors and actresses to make the movie come to life. In the film, Benjamin Walker played the lead male role, Travis Shaw, and Teresa Palmer played the lead female role, Gabby Holland. This talented duo was able to bring out the unique personalities of their characters. They both did an amazing job at making it seem like their feelings for each other grew gradually throughout the film, and the connection between the two characters was incredible. The love they had for each other, draws the viewers in and makes them feel connected to the film.

The Choice also had great drama scenes. At the beginning of the movie, you can already sense that there is tension between Travis and Gabby, and as the film progresses you can still feel the tension building between the two, even after they begin to fall in love. When things between them are at a high, Gabby and Travis will be forced to make a choice that will affect whether or not their love is worth fighting for. I think that Nicholas Sparks writing really came alive through the film. Each dramatic scene was acted and planned so perfectly that the drama that was woven into the romance of the story, putting the viewers at the edge of their seat.

The Choice was also very heartwarming. Throughout the film, there is definite growth within the characters as individuals. Supporting roles like Stephanie Shaw, Travis’s sister, played by Maggie Grace, and Monica, Travis’s girlfriend, played by Alexandra Daddario, have important and heartwarming moments together that help to shape him into a even better man. The transformation and growth of character relationships in the film was also amazing. As the love between Travis and Gabby grow, the more intimate moments they have together. The relationship between the two is so full of love that it will touch your heart.

Overall, I think that The Choice is a great movie. It has great actors that makes the movie come to life, and it is full of dramatic and heartwarming scenes. It is hands down one of my favorite movies, because I love how even though there’s ups and downs in the relationship in the movie, it still somehow seems perfect. The Choice is an amazing movie for teenagers or adults, it will keep you at the edge of your seat but also touch your heart.

The Choice review by 851222 – OK flick if you like Nicholas Sparks adaptations

Greetings from Lithuania.

I think people and especially critics were a little bit to harsh on “The Choice” (2016). While it as usually has many, many, many eye rolling moments (and did i say many?), predictable plot “twists”, meet- cute love, some descent photography of beautiful sight seeings of the most romantic and beautiful place on Earth (accoring to Nicholas Sparks) – North Carolina – this flick isn’t bad. It has more then OK acting by both leads and OK performance by a great Tom Wilkinson, some very nice pacing (at running time 1 h 44 min this movie barely drags) and … that’s pretty much it about good things.

Overall – this is corny as hell and far from the best or even good Nicholas Sparks adaptations, still this is not a bad movie to see it once, if you know what are you getting into.

The Choice review by asgarhaider8 – heart touching romance

There are seldom such films that touches my heart and i wish to watch it a few more times. The best book adaptation film after Notebook from Nicholas Sparks. The romance it carries is such beautifully personified by both the characters. The country side scenario of Wilhemina, NC was such soothing views along with the movie plot. Such simple story yet portray a powerful romantic voice. Teresa Palmer was magnificent. Nothing too fancy on her role but a strong personality and the chemistry with Benjamin was enjoying to watch. The dialogues specifically were fantastic and especially the proposing scene. The story says a lot about unconditional and powerful love and that was perfectly crafted by the actors and director. I did not read the book but i think it was no less than it. Will watch it again with loved ones.

The Choice review by RHL – Take note, book this great romance!

I can’t believe the negative critiques!! You have a good idea before the film starts that this is going to be a romantic story so if that’s not for you… then don’t watch!!! I, however, wanted to see another story by the brilliant Nicholas Sparks and, even though I approached this film with a little hesitation and doubt because I didn’t know the main actors, I was absolutely rewarded with a wonderful, poignant and heart-rending story which I loved. The setting is idyllic and the fabulous cinematography admirably captures this and the performances are superb… I’m not going to detail any of the story but it kept me enthralled and I’d say it’s on a par (at least) with the Note Book! Bright, fun, moving and charmingly captivating.

The Choice review by Dylanbateson – Teresa Palmer is absolutely mesmerizing and amazing to watch in The Choice

Absolutely enjoyed this film for Teresa Palmer, otherwise known as “Gabby” is so beautiful through her acting, personality, and appearance. With the addition to Benjamin Walker, otherwise known as “Travis” they compliment and build off of each other so very well that the movie is actually brought to life and shows so much more meaning then the film can grasp. Gabby is truly a wonderful lady and I’m sure she resembles a lot of the true personality traits of Teresa Palmer herself in real life for her acting was so breathtaking that it was like second nature to her. Truthfully I don’t watch a lot of movies that deal with romance and never heard of Nicholas Sparks but from my mother and sister. I am a normal down to earth, happy go lucky guy who enjoys a good laugh.These aspects that most people rave about don’t interest me, such as a movie actually isn’t real life, but yet The Choice has found my Number #1 best movie slot in my mind, The Choice truly moved me and through Teresa Palmer’s stunning work I see life truly is “held together by choices, all shapes and sizes, right or wrong doesn’t matter, because life just keeps unfolding, It won’t wait around for you, If you sit still it can pass you by altogether, I guess I’d like to believe that all of these choices are made for us as soon as we enter this world, because if that’s true, then we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be”(Gabby). This quote from The Choice is held true to me in my belief thanks to Gabby, for I would not had heard it if it wasn’t for her, she always says what needs to be said and says it perfectly. Thank you Teresa Palmer for you are an astonishing actress and in all my dreams would I get to see you one day.

The Choice review by jeene23 – Nice Locations…

The movie uses many open shots of lakes, beaches, stars and so on to romanticize everything in the film from something as prominent as the protagonists’ relationship to even minor details. Everything looks perfect. This movie is like an advertisement. It glorifies its’ settings, praises its’ characters and unrealistically portrays a life of… perfectness. It’s an advertisement. You want to have a relationship like this, you want to live in a place like this and you want to be as happy as all of the perfect people in the movie. Anything that does go wrong is soon shown as a good thing because it showed how much characters loved each other or it helped in some way that wasn’t obvious at first.

The dialogue is cheesy, but the actors are competent enough and do sell the emotion. Especially on Benjamin Walker’s part playing Travis, I admit he turned out to be pretty likable even after being initially unlikable. I even felt a little for him in the final act. Whether they are phoning it in or not, I believe that the actors do a good job here. Nothing ground-breaking in terms of film acting but nothing illusion breaking either.

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