Tangled putlockers – Watch Tangled full movie online free

Watch Tangled full movie online freeTangled goes down as one of Disney’s best. It does not quite have the grandeur of movies like the Beauty and the Beast or the Lion King, but that does not mean that it is lesser, just different. The tone is light and yet feels deep. The characters Rapunzel and Flynn are extremely likable. The story is simple but moving. The visuals are great too. And most of all the dialog and the interaction between characters are excellent. The one weakness seems to be the soundtrack. The background music works but the songs are not that great. I feel like this is the only thing that keeps this movie from being truly great. Nonetheless, Tangled is very good and I would recommend it to people of all ages.

Tangled putlockers – Watch Tangled full movie online free

Tangled review by Earl Weinz – Excellent Movie That Differs from Other Recent Disney Movies

I am a 32-year old father of two. I recently watched this movie with my family and was pleasantly surprised by a number of things: unlike nearly every other Disney movie over the last decade, this movie doesn’t have the frustrating innuendos and jokes that only adults would understand (see Frozen, among many others); this movie doesn’t have the same old recycled Disney characters that have appeared in multiple Disney movies (see Tarzan and Hunchback of Notre Dame, et al); and this movie doesn’t have the ridiculously annoying pop culture references that seem to have gone out of control since Shrek introduced that style of humor to kids movies (see Frozen, et al). All of the above prevented this movie from being as irritating as most new “kids” movies, but it also had its merits: it’s got a nice story, amazing animation, an awesome magical atmosphere and setting, great characters, very good voice-over acting, and a smooth flow. Honestly after seeing this, I still don’t understand why a movie like Frozen would become such a huge phenomenon when this movie is better in a lot of ways. It must be simply that the music in Frozen put it over the top. That’s the one negative about this movie – the soundtrack isn’t as memorable as most classic Disney movies, but it’s not bad either. Overall, this is an excellent movie and is probably the most refreshing Disney movie I’ve seen since The Lion King.

Tangled review by hs-94 – More like this!

So this movie was the start of a new era of Disney-animation. Their first completely CGI-made animated movie. It was also the second movie (after The Princess and the Frog) that brought back the story of Disney princesses after a long absence. It is 12 years since since Disney made a princess-themed animated feature! I have to say I missed them, it is kind of the trademark of Disney.

Tangled is the story of Rapunzel, the lost princess of Corona, and Flynn Rider, a wanted thief that stumbles upon Rapunzel in her tower. They share a journey to the kingdom for the lantern- ceremony that will change their life forever.

What makes this such a good movie is because of many things. Firstly, the movie is beautifully made, the CGI, that people were skeptical to, works fantastic, and some of the “shots” are simply stunning. The animation has also come to an incredibly impressive level. The story is heart- warming yet simple, in classic Disney style. The cast, first and foremost Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi, does a fantastic job providing voices for the main characters. Moore has such a sweet voice that works perfectly to the cute Rapunzel, and Levi is amazing in terms of expressing his characters feelings only through his voice. The music is great, with “I see the light” being the highlight, and Pascal and Maximus are both funny and complementary as sidekicks.

I write this in 2014, which means both “Brave” and “Frozen” have been released. That is two new Disney-princess movies that continue the success of “Tangled”. People love movies like this, they can be enjoyed by both young and old. I would love to see Disney continue to make these princess-themed movies, and I am sure there are others who feel the same.

Tangled review by Mayu Terui – A modern princess story

This movie was more interesting than any Disney movies I have ever seen. This story is what is called “princess story”, but every characters were modern and speaking. This is the reason why I could emphasize with them easily. The heroine, Rapunzel was not only cute but also brave. I think she was the first princess who fought bravely! I have a great regard for her. The hero, Flynn was narcissistic, which is rather unusual for Disney movies’ heroes. At first, he cared about only himself, but gradually became a genuine hero like other Disney heroes. Yes, this is his most attractive feature! The 3D was also wonderful. Everything which came on to this movie was no more than an apology for being right in front of my eyes. “Tangled” put the memory which I dreamed to be a princess into my mind. It must be liked by men and women of all ages!

Tangled review by Jacob Ryan Hughes – Excellent movie.

This movie was better than I thought it would have been. The story line was a well-thought out movie frame. The tall tower was an amazing part of the movie. The best character would have to the White Horse. That horse was absolutely hilarious. The one thing that I would change is the ending, it was a bit underly- dramatic. It should have been more expressive. However, understanding that her parents are the King and Queen makes more sense about the situation. Tangled is probably one movie that I could watch over and over again. The characters were thought out to be connected to everyone. That is why Tangled is more of a better family- child movie than a Disney Channel Film.

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Tangled review by MartianOctocretr5 – Animated adaptation of Repunzel both funny and touching

One thing I’ve got to say about this movie before anything else: it spares us that post-millennial mentality of mocking any existing story a la Shrek, Robot Chicken, Simpsons, and so many others. It is faithful to the original story, even presenting elements of the original fairy tale that had been rendered obscure over time. It has respect for the source material, knowing it can stand on its own, without gimmickry.

It’s truly a splendid mix of childhood fantasy, action, adventure, and comedy. It preserves the soul of the fairy tales’s moral, by not watering down the scary and ruthless villains in animated movies or grossly overdoing them to the other direction. This gentle yet playfully mischievous rendering of Repunzel is truly the best I’ve ever seen. The fact the movie makes chose to title it Tangled even though it’s a very faithful telling of Rapunzel suggests the intent to have a good laugh with it. And you do get the laughs but there are no shortage of dazzling and intensely emotional moments. The candle-light lantern bags vigil on the anniversary of the princess’s disappearance is lyrical, impressive, and moving. It’s magnificently presented and this scene is woven with purpose into the plot. Events that happen there serve as a stepping stone for the characters as they move toward the resolution of what is happening.

The villain is superior; the wicked “step mother”/kidnapper is threatening and deliciously evil; you can’t wait to see her get her come-uppance. The gallant bad guy turned good guy/romantic interest couldn’t have been better; very reminiscent of Aladdin who trail blazed that pattern.

Action moves, characters develop, the audience’s emotions are touched. A fabulous story; and an expert job of adapting it for animation. Wonderful for kids, and has something for adults too. Recommended.

Tangled review by Yerlo – The horse stole the show

Even though you just know the ending will be typical for a fairy tale, the ride to the end was a thorough delight. The horse deserves an Oscar. I found myself waiting for it to turn up in every scene. Great animation. I noticed the fabric flowing and moving. I noticed the mouth really caught the natural movements for words and expressions. Was a little put off by the cleavage and buxom-ness–really unnecessary and a distraction. Disney can go back to chaste necklines that were still so feminine. Why does every Disney female now have to took a tad slutty? The witch had her knockers out waaaay too much. Blech. And the story wasn’t anything like the fairy tale, but, hey, it’s all make believe anyway.

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Tangled review by Picaresk – Back to the Core of Fairy tales

Unlike many fairytale animations of today, Tangled manages to go back to the deep roots of fairy tales. The mother-daughter relationship between Rapunzel and the witch, and the naiveté of the Rapunzel during her years in the tower is dark and eerie in rudimentary levels. Unlike bogeys, monsters and exaggerated evils, it touches to an inexpressible cord inside us. But that darkness doesn’t make you feel depressed as well, as the goodness (even in Gothel to some extent), the sunshine of the tower’s pretty dweller and her positive spirit reflected on the life and decoration of the tower balances it.

Fairy tales indeed touch to the very deep cores of humanity, family relations, the boundaries of childhood, pain of growing up, the good and evil.. that’s why they survived for centuries. Tangled is more successful in delivering the true soul of a fairytale than many animated adaptations, especially in the first part.

The tower and its hidden small valley is quite atmospheric; and all the other settings are well designed. They deliver the feeling of a fairytale and an ageless style well. Rapunzel is a very likable heroine. The film also has a fun but forgettable bunch of side characters like a horse with exceptional mimics and a surprising Eros.

Tangled review by kdnor2011 – I loved this movie

I am pretty much in the far opposite group, that this movie was aimed at. I’m an 18 year old boy, who’s graduating high school soon, and is worried about his future, why should I waste my time watching a fairytale. Well Tangled was fairytale I watched, and it made me feel like a kid again.

First off, the animation is beautiful, Repunzul’s hair looked so real, I wanted to reach into the screen and touch it. The characters are great, Flynn was the perfect jerk character, he’s so unlikable, that you can’t help but love him. Repunzul is charming, and the horse Maximus had me laughing at everything he did. The action scenes are fun and creative, and the ending came as a big shock, it even took one of the worst cliché’s ever, and made me not care that I had seen it before.

One of the things that disappointed me were the songs, only two were memorable, the rest were fine, but completely forgettable. “When will My life Begin,” and “Mother Knows Best,” are still trapped in my head though, I rank up there with my other favorite Disney songs like “Under the Sea,” “One Jump Ahead,” “Be our Guest,” I just Can’t wait to be King,” “Savages,” and “I’ll make a man out of you.” Although I still think I like Bolt a little bit more, Tangled shows that Disney can make a great CGI movie, and I hope for more in the future.

Tangled review by Igenlode Wordsmith – Good, but somehow not great

I saw the UK preview screening of this film — largely, I confess, because I was intrigued by the rumoured ‘Errol Flynn influences’ — and feel a little mean in awarding it only 7 out of ten, when I have consciously awarded more obviously flawed films an 8: but somehow I feel that it’s good but not great.

Good points: The creators’ stated aim was to recapture the “cool, retro look” of the classic Disney animations in the 3D format, and they’ve certainly done a good job in that. The 3D is much less jumpy than in most live-action films I’ve seen, and is not intrusive save for a couple of scenes where things start to separate out into ‘planes’; whether it actually enhances the film is I think questionable (see the credits sequence for a lively 2D rendition of the same characters), but it doesn’t detract. The much-trailed ‘post-modern’ elements are far fewer and further between than publicity had suggested, and while they grated on this viewer (“I don’t do back-story” “So you want to make me the bad guy?”) the film more or less gets away with it.

The storyline is dense and well thought-out, neatly explaining a number of issues (why is Rapunzel’s hair have to be so long? How can she realise who she really is? How did the witch get up to the tower when Rapunzel was still a baby?) without labouring the point, and setting up all the necessary elements well in advance of when they are needed. The ‘Errol Flynn influence’ is, I would say, unquestionable (although it’s not necessarily presented as being a good thing, so far as the character is concerned!)

In addition, there is no annoying squeaky-voiced sidekick — one Disney 2D tradition that I can very happily do without! Instead, we get a couple of blessedly non-vocal animals who communicate in the silent-movie tradition of Wallace’s Gromit: the chameleon actually manages to be very funny, and Maximus the proud horse is eloquent without a word, in addition to being much smarter than his master…

Bad points: The music I didn’t care for. This is no “Beauty and the Beast” — the best songs to my taste were the entertaining ‘character’ numbers “Mother Knows Best” and “I’ve Got a Dream”, while the big pop-style ballads don’t do a thing for me, I’m afraid.

And American teen-speak in fairy tales really grates, unfortunately. It’s not reasonable — if I can swallow contemporary street slang in 1930s dramas, I ought to be able to handle its modern equivalent in today’s Hollywood output — but for me such expressions as “Stop with the mumbling” and “I am so not going back!” have the same result as Hobbits scampering through fields of medieval European maize: so culturally jarring as to rip me out of the story temporarily.

Overall, that’s far more good points than bad, yet I wouldn’t rank this film alongside “Mulan” and “Beauty and the Beast”, my favourite Disney animations of the recent era. It’s slick and quick and well-made, with good moments and thrills (although the latter, ironically, were a little too ‘CGI’ and large in scale to involve me fully), but I’m not sure it’s going to be a classic. For me, something was missing.

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