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HBO has been renowned for its excellent programs – The Sorpranos, Dream On – but this show, Sex and the City, has truly changed television. It was the first show that break the mold of entertainment and give the women audience the courage to speak about their sexuality and those the faith to know their not alone in the dating game.

At first the show seems shallow with its jokes, sex talks, sexs, but it is a phenomenal educates women and show men how women really are.

However, as the show progresses we fall in love with these 4 beautiful unique women and see their friendship grow through breakups and many hardships that tackles real life issues. This show has a lot of depth and emotion that will make us laugh, awestruck, and totally break down in tears as we witness these girls go through many hardships.

I strongly recommend any individual, of both sex, to give this fascinating series a shot, it worth every penny..

Review Sex and the City by JuveeJun – My all time favorite TV series!

Now, admittedly, this show may appeal to a slightly more female audience, but I think men may appreciate ..well, the sex…(uncensored versions can be a bit graphic with nudity) and the comedic aspect of the show. The writing is truly phenomenal, with some of the funniest lines I’ve ever heard.

For me, this show is so great because it hits just about every dating/relationship issue I’ve ever had right on the head. If I’m going through a difficult breakup, I watch an episode, and realize that I’m not alone.

The show is hilarious in its sometimes shockingly straightforward discussions on dating and sex. It also touchingly portrays the friendship between four loyal friends: Carrie- the main character, a writer for a dating column who can never seem to find the right guy; Miranda- the self-assured lawyer; sexually liberated Samantha, and the hopeless romantic, Charlotte. You will come to love these women like your own best friends. No one series has ever made me laugh and cry so much.

Review Sex and the City by Ephraim Gadsby – Hedonism Run Amok

One can easily identify with the characters on this show — if one is young, attractive, and affluent or rising (with money to feed a cutting-edge fashion sense). One can also identify with the characters if one is supposed to be intelligent and capable yet is really vapid and narrow-minded. The stars’ ages range roughly around my own, late-thirties and mid-forties, but their mentality is barely past puberty. These are prosperous career women who talk like junior high schoolers. It’s as if they never had a deep thought in their lives. They seem intelligent enough to grasp Dostoevsky, and it would do them good — but they’d probably think that meant something sexual since, as the title implies, they think of nothing else.

That such shallow characters, with no more depth than an ad in Cosmopolitan, can exist for an hour a week on television is not suprizing. What is frightening is that some people actually think human beings can live like this, and may even want to emulate them. I don’t know anyone like the characters in this show, thank God, and I hope I never meet any. I will reside in the country where people read and think, are reflective, introspective, and muse on eternal verities. Shows like this, which present people who are supposed to be intelligent and witty and urbane but who in fact are sadly vacuous, encourage one to keep the television off and live a real life.

Review Sex and the City by awawa-2 – Sure…the title is “Sex and…”

How ironic that the characters in this show are so starved for “Mr Right” that they jump in the sack with every loser in NYC at the drop of a zipper. While constantly depicting men in an unfavorable light, these same characters demean women of true character in every show. Is it any surprise that the characters are the real losers in the pursuit of happiness? Whether by design or not, the show is nothing more than a spin-off of Madison Avenue mentality, i.e. sex sells.

Sure…the title is “Sex and…”, but how much talent is needed to write about and produce sleaze? It is in subtilty and innuendo that genuine humor, talent, and genius are found. The “in your face shock value” of the show is tired. Better writing and producing would greatly enhance this show.

Perhaps some find it appealing to live vicariously through the many, many, many, (emphasis added), sexual exploits of the characters. However, I find it boring and condescending to both men and women. But that’s the nature of this show…sink to the lowest common denominator for market share. This does not mean it is good material, or any measure of contemporary life.

Review Sex and the City by jlm-6 – Remember: this is TV.

As I read through user comments on Sex and the City, I note that many get “Carried” away (groan) by the degree of veracity the show might or might not be reflecting.

Why seek veracity on television…? Why should this new (not so new) RELIGION, this opium of the masses, be any different to any other? Supposedly, the point to the whole trip is TO REMEMBER NOT TO FORGET NOT TO BELIEVE WHAT YOU SEE!!! Movies, literature, poetry, music, TV comedies… All these are mere illusional disciplines, creative arts where artistic license rules… and where artistic license can kill, too, if we forget the fundamental rule: that we are simply viewers, and that documentaries are meant to frighten through overt clarification, that films are meant enthrall us with their larger-than-life techniques, that news bulletins are meant to condition us with their partial and very limited slant on events, and that TV comedies are meant to liberate us from the throes of daily routine, precisely through parodies and caricatures of those very routines, of our complexes, our limitations and our errors.

If Sex and the City does not work for you as a comedy, why waste your time knocking it or getting all het up over it, when you could, simply, switch channels or switch off and go believe some book, or film, or song…? And, if you really want a taste of veracity, there’s always some religion, where you can meditate and pretend life’s not really happening.

Sex and the City seems to work for me, just like soma did for all but one, in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, and I look forward to my next shot. For, after a lifetime of useless searching for what’s “real”, I needed something to work for me. Something easy.

Review Sex and the City by Thefruitthatateitself – Much Better than Previously Thought

My girlfriend and I had long ago decided not to watch Sex and the City. We had never watched it, but many people we knew were obsessed with it, so we knew the show’s basic plot, but it just didn’t seem very appealing to us.

Anyway, we went off to college and TBS started showing edited and syndicated versions of the show. My girlfriend somehow started to watch the show and began to drag me into it. It turns out that Sex and the City is much more enjoyable than previously thought. While the show can be extremely corny and predictable at times, the characters are very entertaining.

So before dissing this show, please take time to watch one or two episodes.

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