Revenge putlockers – Watch Revenge full movie online free

Watch Revenge full movie online free – The movie keeps you engaged from beginning till the end, story is not novel but the way scene were done is stylish, sharp and intriguing. One movie definitely worth a watch and would recommend, if you are into violent gory thriller, the movie is unapologetic takes it all the way.

Revenge putlockers – Watch Revenge full movie online free

Revenge review by Jollylolly – a woman with made up mind is lethal …

Gory, with lost of blood oozing here and there…If you love I spit on your grave, you’ll love this one too. some illogical scenes, yes, but still very enjoyable (to horror fans). Kept me at the edge of seat most of the times. Few lessons we should learn from this movie: never ever become a married man’s mistress, don’t be a cheap slut, do not trust anyone who lie to their wives and….you don’t mess with a pissed off woman.

Revenge review by rockman182

Briefly heard about this film a few weeks back and wanted to see it as soon as possible. Rape and revenge films are often good. I like A Spit on Your Grave (the original) quite a lot because of how effective it is and how powerful the revenge portion is. Same with the original Last House on the Left. This one is a mix of French and English and does a decent enough job while not holding back on the violence and gore which makes it ane effective take.

The film is about a girl named Jennifer who is having an affair with a French millionaire named Richard. They have a getaway in a home in the desert, where Richard’s two hunting friends also stop by. Richard’s friends ogle at Jennifer and eventually one of them rapes her. Richard’s course of action is to try to kill Jennifer by pushing her off a cliff. Somehow, She survives even though she is impaled. She then recovers and attempts to get revenge on the three men.

Matilda Lutz stars, who people will remember from the very bad Rings. She is a fairly good star in this though. The rape scene itself isn’t so hard to watch, it’s not as disturbing as something you’d see in I Spit on your Grave or Cannibal Holocaust. There is a lot of blood including showing fresh wounds with plenty of blood, stabbing in the eye, and heads getting blown off. This is all fine as it makes the film feel cartoony but in a good way. It’s a necessary balance. The films tone isn’t really ever super serious as it’s sparse on dialogue and is more hallucinogenic.

Revenge basically meets the expectations that the trailer sets for it. It’s not an acting clinic, but the stars get the job done and it’s a really simple rape and revenge film executed successfully. You can say the film has a real feminist element to it as displayed by the journey and development of the leading star and the change in her character. I’d say it’s worth a watch if you can stomach it.

Revenge review by Merelyaninnuendo – it wasn’t supposed to go this way..

The technical aspects oozes raw gut-wrenching man-to-man action that one may assume is familiar with, but definitely not like this, for make-up artist, choreography and cinematography in here is mesmerizing as well as cringe worthy. The writing is not something out-of-the-box which the makers were aware of, henceforth directing all their big guns to the screenplay and fine detailing of the characters and the world they reside in. Coralie Fargeat is the real gem of this feature whose brilliant screenplay and execution skills; despite of her debut as a director for a major motion feature, is utterly beautiful, thought-provoking and metaphorical. The performance is the only branch that is undergrown than its surrounding, having said that the work that went behind it is genuinely appreciative if not effective by Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz. Revenge is; contrary to all the ruffled visuals and the core premise, a poetic feature that breeds the essential queries and answers with bold unflinching statements that justifies the action like never before.

Revenge review by KJ Proulx – A Crazy Ride From Start To Finish

Independent cinema can easily go under the radar to those who aren’t all that invested in the film world, but also due to the fact that the film itself may be slightly too gruesome or weird. Personally, I would use both of those two words to describe Revenge to someone who is a mainstream audience member, who really can’t get into anything abstract. From being a political statement to just plain crazy, this is a film that holds nothing back in terms of its message and the overall goal of being a satisfying revenge-fuelled flick. Although saying this film isn’t for everyone would be the understatement of the year, here’s why I’d recommend Revenge to hardcore film fanatics, or those who are literally up for anything when it comes to watching movies.

Revenge follows Jen after she has been raped and left for dead in the middle of the desert. The married man who she had chosen to sleep with runs off with his two accomplices after the event. Right off the bat, there will be some unbelievable scenarios that you have to let slide, due to how gruesome her fall was. Her death sequence is horribly graphic and would’ve killed anyone else in an instant, but she somehow survives and finds herself hunting down these men. As I mentioned, this can be quite the unrealistic film at times, but the plot of the film itself feels very real.

Director Coralie Fargeat clearly wanted to make a statement that relates to today’s day and age and wasn’t willing to stop short of anything, but pure insanity. From visuals that left a lasting impact in my mind, to being genuinely shocked at how realistic everything was seeming throughout my entire viewing experience, I found myself almost wanting to throw up at times. No, that’s not a detriment to the film itself, but rather a large compliment. It’s not very often that I can feel this traumatized after watching a movie, while also feeling incredibly satisfied at the same time.

Matilda Lutz stars as Jen, and her performance here is out of this world. She completely disappears into this role, going from a very obviously stereotypical woman who sleeps with rich men, to the absolutely ruthless revenge-fuelled person who will stop at nothing to bring these men down. I was incredibly immersed in her mindset and found myself helping her along in my mind as the film progressed.

The way long takes and editing styles are utilized in order to further the story in either an interesting or even twisted way was breathtaking to me. Abstract imagery or takes that would bore the average moviegoer are usually left out of mainstream entertainment in order to please everyone, but movies like this deserve to be seen by more people. Personally, even though it may be very hard to watch at times, this is easily one of my favorite films of the year so far.

In the end, Revenge blends the very obvious tropes that a revenge flick presents, with a nice mixture of abstract, violent, and downright unnerving. From visuals that will make the squeamish tune out immediately to the overall look of the film being off-putting to those who wish to watch a generic thriller, all I can say is that if you know this type of movie isn’t for you, then please stay far away from it. If you’re looking for a nice spin on the genre, with terrific performances and one hell of a third act, then strap in, because I can’t recommend this one enough. Revenge is a crazy thriller that is as relentless, entertaining, and sometimes impossible to sit through but wrapped up in a perfect little bow.

Revenge review by Orangehenryviii – New French Eye Candy

Yes there are plot holes, the script, while pretty good, is however superlatively jejune in its grasp of medical science and the laws of physics, preposterously so… preposterous I say, but all of that soon goes out the window thanks to the eye-popping cinematography., and the jejunocidnous and preposterocity (yes I just made up one or both of those words, I think Woody Allen made up the one, they are words now, deal with it) adds to the fun of the experience. The scenes are gorgeous, beautifully well framed and shot, like Kubrick level good. Mad props to director/cinematographer team Coralie Fargeat and Robrecht Heyvaert for filming in a glass house with no reflected crew, the shots are AWESOME. Honestly my biggest gripe about the plot holes is, who the hell puts a scope on a shotgun? I realize that is actually a thing but c’mon, it’s a shotgun, if you need a scope you should not have legally been allowed to drive to where you are or own a gun, without a guide dog. Just crank your suspension of disbelief up a notch like you’re watching a Harry Potter movie and enjoy the eye candy. I can’t remember a single line the heroine, portrayed by Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz, said but I’ll never forget her after watching this movie, or the work of her two talented co-stars, her left and right butt cheeks…oh sorry I meant her eyes. Her dreamy Italian eyes.

Revenge review by Chrissatchell – It just can’t decide what it wants to be

Whilst I absolutely love revenge films (I spit on your grave, john wick, etc), a film that calls itself “Revenge” really should try and live up to the hype. After seeing the trailer I thought this would be a great b-movie gore fest with an exciting revenge plot but unfortunately it falls flat for a number of reasons.

“Revenge” just can’t decide what it wants to be, some parts have a bizarre 80’s blade runner/tron vibe, other parts have a revenge “I spit on your grave” vibe and other parts feel like a college short film. The acting is sub par (the lead is probably above average) and if it had committed to being a true b movie revenge then it could have been decent. You could have over looked some laughable “survivals” and people with (apparently) 4000 gallons of blood inside of them, but disappointingly it never feels like it truly commits to being one thing.

If you’re expecting “I spit on your grave”, I wouldn’t bother, it’s passable as a Netflix time waster at best.

Revenge review by Tmpsvita – A story seen countless times told without personality and credibility

Can be made an interesting film without this being original? Of course, but we need an essential element, the personality and “Revenge” tells a story seen countless times without doing so with a clear, strong and incisive personality that can allow it to stand out from the crowd, despite trying in all ways to take it out of a rather discreet direction that likes to experiment even if with little conviction, and from a color correction with bright and well-defined colors, unfortunately a certain thickness is lacking in all this. So it ends up not telling anything new in a way that is too canonical and with an all too predictable and banal structure, besides it lacks a sense of credibility, caused by a series of inconsistencies, this causes the film to be too thin and, on this plan, immature. Everything is then transported by a dense rhythm that prevents the film from being fluid and engaging, bringing it to moments of stalemate that affect the vision boring the viewer. As I said at the beginning it is possible to produce a good film even if the story has already been seen other times but “Revenge” unfortunately is not a good example despite some good ideas especially from a technical / visual point of view.

Revenge review by Ryansalamence – Bloody good thriller

Revenge is the directorial debut of french director Coralie Fargeat, but don’t let that fool you, this film is solid as hell. Although the concept has been done many times before (I Spit On Your Grave), this film actually executes the concept much better than any of the films you can draw similarities to. Revenge is a gorgeous movie, the cinematography is perfect, the long takes, the scenery, the color palette, all craft a film that is visually stunning. This movie is brutal, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is one of the bloodiest movies I’ve seen in the past few years. I can’t even imagine how many hundreds of gallons of blood was used in production. The cat and mouse game happening all movie slowly has its tables turned, culminating in a very long, suspenseful, and bloody final scene which had my eyes locked to the screen. I loved Revenge, and so will you if you’re willing to suspend some disbelief.

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