Ready Player One putlockers – Watch Ready Player One full movie online free

Watch Ready Player One full movie online free – A movie that embraces everyone regardless of the age, whether you are young, old, teenager, middle aged. And it’s brilliant for a movie which is based on games and technology to be able to do that, and nobody would feel left out. Which watching you feel like you have entered ina different universe but like the Avatar. Interesting, engaging and well made movie, and definitely a great watch.

Ready Player One putlockers – Watch Ready Player One full movie online free

Ready Player One review by ruston95 – Geeks assemble.

In the years since its release, Steven Spielberg has famously gone on record for, on several occasions, saying that Jaws (1975) was the most difficult film of his career, closely followed by his WWII epic Saving Private Ryan (1998). Just recently, in an interview on the Kermode and Mayo podcast, he revealed that Ready Player One, based on the novel of the same name by Ernest Cline, ranked third on his list of films he found particularly difficult to craft. As the trailers dropped for the film, eager eyed geeks everywhere were drawn in by the pop culture references sprinkled throughout, from the Iron Giant to Freddy Kruger, to the time travelling DeLorean racing through the streets to King Kong clinging to the top of a skyscraper. Of course, this was just the tip of the ice berg, as Ready Player One is a treasure trove of pop culture. Specifically, 80’s pop culture. In 2045, the world has become a desolate, depressing place to live, with the virtual reality world of the OASIS becoming the ultimate escapism. Whilst inhabiting the OASIS, people can be anything they want to be, and go anywhere they want to go, taking on the form of their own unique avatar. When James Halliday (Mark Rylance), creator of the OASIS, dies, he leaves behind an Easter Egg in his creation. Whoever finds this Easter Egg becomes the rightful owner of the OASIS, thus sparking a quest among thousands to locate it.

Spielberg has confessed to geeking out multiple times during production of the film, and its clear to see why. Ready Player One is thriving with geek references, from easily recognisable mainstream characters like Batman, to more obscure references like Buckaroo Banzai. Geeks will have a blast trying to spot them all, but the film packs so much into it that its practically impossible to find every single one on first viewing. Though a good 80% of the film is set in these massive, epic CGI landscapes, it doesn’t at all detract from central storyline of escapism and friendship. Wade Watts (Sheridan) and Samantha Cook (Cooke) first meet in the OASIS as their respective avatars, Parzival and Art3mis, but soon develop a real-life romance that keeps the films heart beating. The two share great chemistry and are exceptional as the films leads. Ben Mendleson as the films big bad corporate businessman Nolan Sorrento is a menacing antagonist, and channels elements from his performance as Orson Krennic from 2016’s Star Wars spin off Rogue One. Visually, the film is a true spectacle. Spielberg crafts such spellbinding action sequences that demand to be witnessed on the big screen, and, in this rare instance, 3D actually works miles better. As mentioned before, so much is packed on screen that at times it’s near impossible to keep up. Some may feel that the films CGI overload is too much, but with a source novel bursting to the brim with such action and 80’s nostalgia at every turn, it seems as though CGI was the only possible route to bring the story to life.

Ready Player One is the ultimate geek movie. Bursting with action, heart, and stunning visuals, it is a film that is totally unapologetic of its endless nostalgia fest. Following the film’s success, I read that Cline has announced he is working on a second book in the series. Consider me ready.

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Ready Player One review by desin-07049 – Spielberg is back baby, forget the book critics

Not a bot, saw it on IMAX here in south africa, this is Spielberg back to his action best. No book in history ever translated to the movie excatly the same, I have not read the book, nor would I, this movie is up there with J park, ET and back to the future, yes I know he did not direct it, but he produced it, anyway go watch the movie of the year, my wife who hates my scifi movies loved it, awsome movie for everyone. To the haters, read the book, love the book, but please know the movie is not the book, if you want an excate story from the book to any movie, than please stop watching any movie adaptation!!

Ready Player One review by Brian Wilson – Eye candy extraordinaire

Let me start by saying that I didn’t read the book. As such, I’m not going to compare it to the book and evaluate the film based on loyalty to the book, as I think it’s unrealistic to expect a 2 hour movie to ever match the depth of content of a book. If anything, the story is more of a wrapper around the action scenes and CGI.

So anyway, RPO is a movie that looks to entertain. And quite frankly, if the Manhattan race track with the T-rex didn’t entertain you, you have no soul. There were multiple times where I was just in awe over the technical brilliance of the CGI, and just enjoying the hell out of the visuals.

I didn’t get the impression that the movie tried to be a serious plot about alternative realities or anything. There are an increasing number of stories being written about that kind of stuff. This one isn’t all that different, and it doesn’t take itself seriously. That’s okay. Actually, it’s a good thing. There’s nothing lamer than a terrible movie trying too hard to have some sort of deep story by being gritty and dark.

So it’s quite simple. If you want to see some really good CGI, and if you like geek culture, go see this. Just don’t go expecting some sort of deep philosophical debate about anything.

Ready Player One review by alexr-46075 – Awesome movie!

Weird to read all the reviews that talks against the movie, only because it’s not like their precious book. Didn’t read it, and I really appreciated the movie. Readers wants a movie that follows every line, but that will never happen because movies and books are two different things! Stop crying about it, even if that would have been the case, you’d have complain that it’s too much the same thing, so snap out of it and appreciated the iteration!

This movies is filled with references to classics movies\video games. I’m 30 years-old and I think both older and nowadays classics are well balanced and well placed in the movies. They have made me and my older brother smile and laugh a bunch of times! It’s a simple yet exciting story, just enough action, just enough humor, and just enough… of everything, like I said, balanced.

A movie for everyone, that’s what it is, and I’ll certainly be going to watch this movie another time again one day and appreciate it again that much, and surrely I’ll decipher other references I didn’t catch in the first time !

Ready Player One review by devenrules02 – Get ready to watch this one.

I went to the theater to watch it as it was an spielberg movie and was in 3D. Otherwise I would have watched it on dvd if this was not the case. I watched it with my friend who didn’t know anything about this movie and we were not disappointed, in fact we enjoyed it a lot.

This one is not the spielberg’s best but is a really good one time watch for entertainment and better if you watched it in theater instead of watching it on dvd. The movie has all the elements to keep you engaged and entertained but there is nothing as such in the movie that is going to stay with you for at least sometime. Yes it lacks that spielberg charm from other movies but is still worth watching.

Ready Player One review by Hewittjack – Speilberg Succeeds!

The film, directed by Steven Spielberg, is set in 2045, with the world on the brink of chaos and collapse. But the people have found salvation in the OASIS, an expansive virtual reality universe created by the brilliant and eccentric James Halliday (Mark Rylance). When Halliday dies, he leaves his immense fortune to the first person to find a digital Easter egg he has hidden somewhere in the OASIS, sparking a contest that grips the entire world. When an unlikely young hero named Wade Watts (Tye Sheridan) decides to join the contest, he is hurled into a breakneck, reality-bending treasure hunt through a fantastical universe of mystery, discovery and danger.

This is a film which I can understand people not liking, the references are in your face and the premise is some what nerdy, but to me that’s all I needed to have fun. Along with some great acting (next to on occasion some very cringeworthy acting) and fantastic action (especially one chase scene early on in the movie which was so fast and fun I couldn’t help but catch myself smiling) Speilberg delivers some of his best work in ages.

For those who have also read the book, I’ll also understand your dismay at this film being so different from the book, but those differences are understandable and if not compliment the book and create two separate and fantastic stories!

Ready Player One review by Julianrochlitz – Welcome back Steven

Wow, what a ride, Ready Player One was everything I wanted and more this movie has lots of references to our favourite movies and video games of the past and does not insult the source material. The one problem I had with the film was the villain, he was a bit generic and never really cared for his character any scene that’s just him and anyone else that works for the company were very boring compared to the rest of the film. I’m happy to see another great film from Steven.

Ready Player One review by samuel-82741 – Beautifull

When I bought the ticket, I was a bit scared, it was going to be another bad “used up” hollywood story. It wasn’t anything like that. The movie where so beautiful. Just like Spielbergs movie “Tintin” he shows us how perfect and real an animated movie can be. It felt original, it had some funny bits and it was exiting. Spielberg did not disapoint. I deffinently recomend it. The reason I rate 9 instead of 10, is because Spielberg (and other directors of course) have made even better movies. My fears of Spielberg letting me down are all gone and I can now sleep again, nowing it’ll probably never happen.

Now please stop reading this review, and go watch Ready Player One.

Ready Player One review by dylan_girls_killer – Virtual Reality at its best!

At first I was not sure about this movie but then around 10 mins after starting it blew my mind with the graphics and it all became like the real world in an instant, it was that good. Highly Recommended movie for kids and family. A little bit of romance in there as well but it’s very sweet. Also the main highlight was this movie gives us a touch of movie Avatar. Nicely done. A must watch!

Ready Player One review by Dannystonegr – Spielberg makes magic with a Mediocre Script but I Loved the Oasis

I never read the book so I had no point of reference or any preconception whatsoever. That being said I was pleasently surprised with Ready Player One. I can’t imagine another director helming this Colossal task. The biggest letdown is the script IMHO. I’m a gamer and a Milennial, so all the easter Eggs were Spot on and relatable. The oasis for me Was the Best part of the movie, I Would gladly spend countless hours logged on. I really hope they make a sequel, this movie is an instant classic. If you can Watch it in IMAX 3D.

Ready Player One review by Timothyalanwilliams – Masterful Storyteller Spielberg Saves “Ready Player One”

Let me start with a disclaimer. I have never read the best-selling book this film was based on. I’m also not a big video game person. So “Ready Player One” was not necessarily on my “must see” movie list when it came out last month. But I do love most Steven Spielberg movies and I had heard that there were lots of 1980’s pop culture references in the film (and the book) so it began to pique my interest. I must admit though, I didn’t go in with very high expectations. The story is a hodgepodge of familiar tales. There’s a “Willy Wonka” vibe, a heavy dose of “Avatar” feels, and even a few scenes that reminded me of “The Goonies” and “The Breakfast Club”. Some of those I think are obvious while others are perhaps implied. But either way, it’s pulling from some great past movies, stories, and pop culture icons, so it keeps you entertained (much like the hit show on Netflix, “Stranger Things”) Steven Spielberg continues to prove what a masterful storyteller he is because he took a story that could have been all spectacle but without any heart or emotion to connect us to it. But he was able to balance both parts really well, although he didn’t have me fully invested until well into the second act. There are still some plot questions I don’t think were answered or explained very well. But “Ready Player One”, much like the video games of our childhood and the current “cyber reality” we all find ourselves in (whether we like it or not), is meant to pull us away from the “real world” and enjoy some “pure imagination” for a few hours in our day. I would recommend seeing it in the theater while you still can, but I expect to do very well on home video because it’s really designed for multiple viewings so you can catch all of the pop culture Easter Eggs in the background. I’m looking forward to seeing it again myself.

Ready Player One review by Fero_Marini – A movie loosely based on the book

I didn’t hear about the book until I saw the first trailer, so I bought it immediately after. I finished it in two weeks and loved it very much.

Eagerly awaiting this movie I tried to not look at the reviews, nor find out more about the movie so that my view is not affected. As with every book to movie adaptation, it cannot be followed to the dot, it has to be different, so I wasn’t expecting a 100% adaptation.

The movie started great, I was blown away by the first Easter egg challenge, which got me really excited, but it was clear that the differences to the book will be greater than I thought. And I was right. Although the movie follows the book, a lot is different. The book is great, so why they changed literally all the key events? It’s like going to arcade and putting a coin to play Pacman, but instead getting Dynablaster. You still have fun, but it’s not the same. The movie did however a great justice to the 80s pop culture, feels like every scene has at least one Easter egg. This makes it exciting to watch, and re-watch.

It’s a great movie to watch, but if I didn’t read the book first, I would probably enjoyed it even more. But I’m still happy I read the book first.

Ready Player One review by Kayla Dube (kayladube) – Do Not Expect The Book

I’m going to review this as a separate entity from the book, because that’s what it is. I made the mistake the first time I saw this movie of expecting to see a lot of similarities from the book. I’ll tell you now, they are NOT there.

Anyway, the movie in itself is a really fun watch. Even if you haven’t read the book, things are accessible for a general audience. And if you have read the book, you will see a lot of references to parts of the book they don’t talk about. If you’re into video games, retro or new, you’ll see a lot of cameos in this film. They definitely don’t overdo it though and rely on it to sell the film, which is nice.

The film is pretty well paced and will keep your attention. The CGI is also pretty nice to look at for parts in the OASIS, and the film looks nice overall as well. Although the plot doesn’t do anything too special from a lot of current dystopian/action films, it’s an interesting take on the book. Much of the movie is completely changed, which I expect was to cut down runtime, so if you go in expecting it you will be very disappointed. I didn’t like to movie too much the first time, but I enjoyed the movie more for its own sake the second time around.

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