Poldark 123movies – Watch Poldark full movie online free

Watch Poldark full movie online freeI like Poldark. He is the ultimate underdog. I dunno about the emotional side of the story, kind of weak. It is just too far fetched. The tension of the players keep it going too. I dunno about the business side that is kind of crazy too. I like the historical stuff. I like the views into the past with accurate settings, sets, and outfits. The flip flops in the relationships are kinda crazy too and have made me question even watching it sometimes. The evil ogre business lender guy George is constantly placed in positions I just don’t see happening….. If you are just starting, you could start with season 2 but I would recommend starting with season 1. Again, the underdog supporter in me digs this show. It takes a long time before he shows any success.

Poldark 123movies – Watch Poldark full movie online free

Poldark review by l_rawjalaurence – Sunday Sizzler with its Roots in the Dramas of the Seventies and Eighties

What can one say about Debbie Horsfield’s rendering of Winston Graham’s evergreen series of classics that has not been said before? Being old enough to remember the 1975 version when Robin Ellis strode through the West Country with his scanty undershirt revealing a hairy chest and equally distinguished sideburns, I was impressed with Aidan Turner’s recreation of the same role. Turner has a wonderful gift for smoldering; his features do not change much, but his eyes flash and his lips purse in a way that brooks no resistance from anyone. George Warleggan (Jack Farthing) is an eminently hissable villain, his pasty face and arrogant mien contrasting with Robin Poldark’s humanity. The facial and bodily contrasts between the two resembles that of any great melodrama. We know George will get his comeuppance in the end, but we marvel at the extent to which he is prepared to manipulate others in order to achieve his aims.

Filmed on the rolling Cornish coast, POLDARK knows how to make the best use of its locations, filming its protagonists against the setting sun or having them walk alone among deserted beaches or wading into the sea. There are also plenty of opportunities for Ross to be shown either shirtless or sweat-soaked down the mine, moving in close proximity to his fellow-workers in lurid orange light. We can understand from their expressions how committed they are to their futures, despite George’s best efforts to impede them.

In truth the structure of each episode is a tad repetitive, with Ross and his wife (Eleanor Tomlinson) having to overcome a series of struggles both mental as well as professional: negotiating obstacles like Scylla and Charybdis so that they can arrive at a happy end. But the production, directed by a variety of artists, is constructed with such élan, with plenty of swash, buckle and romance that we are scarcely aware of its schematics. The BBC used to distinguish itself with these kind of dramas of a Sunday night – there was HOWARDS WAY set in the contemporary era that enjoyed a long run. How pleasant to see the new POLDARK perpetuating that tradition.

Poldark review by johnm-38132 – A wonderful period masterpiece

Been watching Poldark since season one. Partially fills the DA void on PBS. Love the photography, acting, cast, dialogue, costumes, period, and setting. All are first rate. Though the series is set in the late 1700s, the characters feel contemporary, which makes it easy for a 21st century audience to relate to. Sadly, one of the major characters was killed off in Season 2. This was rather distressing since he was just beginning to become very likable. Have no clue why the creators thought writing him off was a good thing. In any case, I will keep watching as there is nothing decent to watch on any major TV channel here in the States. There’s just a glut of crime shows and stupid sitcoms.

Poldark review by Anupiya Alwis – Beautifully cast … A masterpiece

Finally, a TV show worth writing about. An outstanding performance by the entire crew, especially Aidan and Eleanor. Usually adaptations as such wouldn’t be this beautiful, and I’ve not even read the book. The story is about this stubborn and arrogant, young war hero returning home to his family who thinks that he’s dead. Losing his love due to his absence, he then sets out to make a living by his own, changing his entire self into someone new; someone who actually cares for another human being, unlike his previous self. If there was ever a pilot which would blow your mind off, this would be it. I wonder why Poldark hasn’t had much attention as it should be, for it’s too beautiful to share one’s thoughts about. A spectacular show which definitely should be on the top of the charts!

Poldark review by help-21069 – Excellent Series worth watching

I think this series has it all. Superb acting, great dialogue, and wonderful simple story. I particularly like the characters. You sort of get attached to the main characters. Most series I cannot get passed the first, second or third episodes and I just get fed up or bored. This series it is completely different you want to be with the characters and go through their struggles. Some characters you feel their pain and sympathize with them. The scenery of the places are stupendous. I wish I lived in a place like that. Why can’t series have a simple story, strong dialogue, and good acting. In my opinion that is all you really need. Easier said then done. I hope I could see more series like this one. I am giving it a 9 because I am comparing to other similar series and this is just a remake of the original.

Poldark review by Itsiouam – Amazing acting, breathtaking scenes and an overall addictive show!

This is my first ever review on IMDb, and I felt “Poldark” was the right place to start. It had me hooked from the very first episode, and Anne Dudley’s theme certainly played a big part in that.

But let me start by saying what, in my opinion, stood out the most, after now having binge-watched all 8 episodes in two days. In a sea of overly sexualised period/fantasy dramas, this one is refreshingly “pure”, yet by no means lacking chemistry or passion. There might be the occasional shirtless Aidan Turner, and yet the fact that he has proved himself an incredibly talented actor, able to express a thousand emotions with his eyes, ensures that he is not turned into eye-candy. In fact, all actors have done an amazing job in this, and it is their portrayal of highly relatable characters that makes “Poldark” interesting and addictive. Add to that a gripping plot, breathtaking photography and realistic portrayal of the era and you end up with this spectacular series.

Curled up with a hot cup of coffee, “Poldark” will certainly make you smile, situations and characters will frustrate you and some will even break your heart, but above all it will give you the feeling that you are watching something worthwhile! I haven’t read the books, but I am certainly planning to, especially since I can’t wait to find out what will happen to the characters…

Poldark review by Kim Ren – Love It! Love It! Love It!

I too am a huge fan of the Winston Graham novels and especially the original Poldark series that I watched as a young girl. I was a bit skeptical that they could remake such a classic but I am pleasantly surprised and how much I am loving this show so far. Aidan portrays Ross Poldark so well and is hot hot hot to say the least. The girl who plays Demelza (sorry her name escapes me at present) is great. I remember her from The White Queen mini-series and was impressed with her then. I was totally enthralled from beginning to end. The chemistry between Ross & Demelza is amazing, just how it should be. This series is well casted and well written. I am hooked! Hope it is around for a long long time. I am definitely a fan.

Poldark review by Aldebaranian – Good start

Quite good, unexpectedly good even. Comment coming from an original Poldark series fan (the second season of which I recently viewed again).

Considering the competition, the series start is very promising, hopefully they will keep it this way. Aidan Turner looks to be really on a par with Robin Ellis – which is astounding. A different approach but with essential nuances kept intact.

Goes without saying the scenery benefits from 40 ears distance and vastly superior technical possibilities (probably with a bigger budget also, relatively speaking), yet the atmosphere of the place the 1975 Poldark created can be immediately rediscovered.

The cast is alright, some pluses, some minuses for the corresponding characters in the Poldark of yore (I like a lot the new Prudie!).

Looking forward for the next episodes. The new Poldark might prove to be a hit and stand up along with the formidable old one in future’s references. We’ll be watching.

Poldark review by Portobellolinda – The best television adaptation by far…

I watched a little of the adaptation made in the 1970’s but found the lead actor rather lame, though Anghared Rees was splendid. This time, its simply superb. Well cast and directed, with sumptuous Cornish scenery, the first episode introduces the main characters with a great deal of skill. We are not shown everything and not all is obvious, so there is an element of guesswork for the viewer, which always adds to the enjoyment. I can’t wait for episode 2 and the others. Its fabulous, and shows how very skillful the team who put this together are. The narrative has strong sub texts which add richness to the feel of this and the acting is very fine. The whole experience was rich, costume and storyline, suspense and symbolism of the man who will not take hand-outs but instead, chooses to make his own way despite the fists of fortune punching his nose…

Poldark review by Jicka – Love it!!!

Finally, something I love as good or even maybe more than Downton Abbey on Sunday night. It was so good – beautiful scenery, Aidan Turner is perfect for this part – good acting, good story line. It’s got romance, drama, it’s exciting, a man for the women to swoon over, beautiful English countryside, galloping horses; great costumes. It was just good and never, never boring or slow. It’s got crazy English folks with bad teeth and it’s just wild. I hope that it continues several years as I know I will be watching it. I’ve been so down and out since Downton went off in late Feb. I believe this show will definitely take the place of Downton, since it will be going off after the 6th season. Go Poldark!!

Poldark review by Ahmetsersin – Cannot wait for the next episode!

I prefer watching police procedural, crime TV series who could be a comedy, a romance or a thriller at times, in general. But this one works like a charm for me too. Because this is like “Les Miserables”, my favorite novel telling the story of close historical period. Also, I should admit I like watching TV shows having good looking cast members just like Poldark. But actors performances are also deserve standing ovation. Although this is a remake of Poldark, it is the first version I have ever watched and I really like this one. I won’t write a spoiler here. So, if you like watching TV series with intrigue, romance, endeavor, drama, hope and despair my advice is just watch for yourself. After watching then come here and write your review about the series too. Good entertainment!

Poldark review by Ohlabtechguy – Quite enjoyable

Have watched the first 3 episodes. Great scenery, cinematography, acting and costumes. I love the setting in late 1700s/early 1800s England. But the best part is that the central character is thoroughly likable, even if not thoroughly plausible. Oh….and yes, he is handsome and does have an awesome, cut torso, which is besides the point. What attracts me more and more to a series is whether or not there are likable characters portrayed by great actors conveying realistic dialogue. I much prefer to watch someone likable than to watch someone unlikeable. No…I do NOT love to hate a villainous character. I would love to love a virtuous character. I am at an age, 55, where focusing on the positive in life is so much more important than focusing on the negative. I just wish Hollywood and the movie industry would catch up with me.

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