Pete’s Dragon 123movies – Watch Pete’s Dragon full movie online free

Watch Pete’s Dragon full movie online free – Try not to spoil it but its a brilliant film. It has a bit of resemblance to the 70’s film only this takes place in the 1980’s. Its got some very good characters, the CGI was done just as well as Jungle Book 2016. There is not much songs compared to the old version which is a little sad, however its got a very emotional and fun side to it all. I recommend buying this and watching. It really is a good film and its plot it good. There are also some funny scenes which even made me laugh. The plot was also very good.

Pete’s Dragon 123movies – Watch Pete’s Dragon full movie online free

Review Pete’s Dragon by TheLittleSongbird – For a re-imagining, ‘Pete’s Dragon’ impressed much more than expected

The 1977 ‘Pete’s Dragon’ was a favourite as a child. As far as by today’s standards, while not a great film and not as good through adult eyes (plus there are better live-action Disney films, especially the timeless ‘Mary Poppins’), it’s still well worth watching.

Despite having some really talented names on board, expectations were both of great interest but feeling dubious. It did have potential to be better than the 1977 film, and still stand very well on its own, or it could have been a lazy and pointless cash-grab. While it is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, it proved to be a better film than anticipated.

Not one of the best live-action Disney re-imaginings like ‘Cinderella’ and ‘The Jungle Book’ (much better than ‘Maleficent’ though), but still for a re-imagining ‘Pete’s Dragon’ was a good one. It is let down by the final act, where the darker and more action-packed tone jars with what was happening before in the film and at this point the film starts to feel rushed. The villain just felt very shoehorned in and out of place, for the sake of “needing” an “obligatory” villain for conflict (that to me wasn’t necessary), not helped by the hammy performance of Karl Urban that just feels out of kilter with the rest of the cast.

Where ‘Pete’s Dragon’ especially soars is in the very charming and touching friendship chemistry between Pete and Elliot, essentially the heart of the film. Speaking of Elliot, he is a very lovingly crafted creature with not just beautiful details to him but also with a personality that wins one over in how endearing he is.

‘Pete’s Dragon’, apart from some overly grim lighting in places, looks great visually, the splendid scenery being especially good complemented beautifully by cinematography that’s atmospheric and picturesque. The music is lovingly whimsical and fits the film well when it could easily have not done.

Scripting serves its purpose well and doesn’t hurt the atmosphere or the central friendship at all, weakening only with the villain and when the film gets darker. David Lowery directs very capably and balances the various elements well. Although it won’t work, and hasn’t worked, for some (with criticisms of it being thin narratively, slow-moving and either too sentimental or cold), for me the story (radically altered with a more sombre tone for example) was immensely charming and appreciated the calmer, straightforward, more gentle and deliberate nature of the story which allowed the friendship to resonate. Never found it mawkish and thought that there was enough emotion without it overshadowing things, though admittedly there is not much that is particularly new.

Urban aside, the acting is good. Oakes Fegley and Oona Laurence are very appealing, while Bryce Dallas Howard is luminous and compassionate and, while not being on screen for long, Robert Redford achieves the right balance of the grizzled and the sympathetic. But essentially it is Elliot and the friendship between him and Pete that carry the film, and, as they should, captivate most strongly.

In summary, while with its foibles ‘Pete’s Dragon’ was a much more impressive re-imagining than expected after mixed expectations. 8/10 Bethany Cox

Review Pete’s Dragon by Peter Lewys Preston – Magical

I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Pete’s Dragon’ because it made me remember that there is magic if you dare to believe!

To be fair, there were a few things that were not too great (like some of the actors), but for some reason I could see beyond that. Thanks to the beautiful story itself, the magnificent cinematography, the lifelike CGI animation of Elliot (the dragon) and the superb acting of Oakes Fegley as Pete.

David Lowery did a good job directing the movie, and casting Robert Redford as Meacham was a smart choice.

I can only recommend this movie – and not only to families and kids, but to everybody who’s open to fairy tales and magic.

Review Pete’s Dragon by bp96-137-679777 – Kid again

Liked this a lot. I was 4 when I first saw Pete’s dragon way back in ’83 or whatever back in England. I remember how much I loved the idea of Pete’s dragon. I watched the original a few years back and realized that it was a fairly average musical with an animated dragon. But still!!!! I remember how great the story or idea of a personal dragon was. The modern spin is very sentimental, but never cheesy. Everything was great; from casting to special effects. I really enjoyed this movie. If you remember the old Pete’s dragon from back when you were a skid, you’ll love this movie. To be completely honest, there were several tear jerker moments. I guess they really nailed down the aspects of a child becoming suddenly orphaned. They also did a really good job if propelling the story so that it never sat idle. Robert Redford played the integral old timer part, but played it exceptionally well as to be expected. It is also relevant to mention that I typically do not review movies I have just seen immediately after I have seen them. This film made an exception for me.

Review Pete’s Dragon by Jezfernandez – Packs some emotional heft

This updated version wasn’t quite what I was expecting, though surprisingly good. The dominant theme is friendship and family and they explore this through a rather subtle tension. Pete loves Elliot, but he also needs a family (which he finds in surrogate form through Bryce Dallas-Howard, her fiancé and his young daughter).

The threat feels shoehorned in, as Karl Urban’s inexplicably vengeful logger decides to hunt down the dragon and do…well, he hasn’t really thought that one through. It’s a weak plot device that sells the story a little short, but is ultimately forgivable. I had a sizeable lump in my throat at several points in the film, and I’m not one for sentimentality. Director Lowery handles the emotion well, particularly through an inspired folksy soundtrack.

There are distinct shades of ET here, as a boy comes to terms with the impossibility of a critical friendship. Not a lot really happens in this movie, but what you get is well paced and thoughtful.

Well worth a watch.

Review Pete’s Dragon by Vasiliskioses – It was a truly heartwarming experience!

This is my first IMDb review, I really liked this movie that’s why I felt the urge to let the people know how amazing It is!

Firstly I want to tell you that I had my doubts, I din’t know if it was going to be any good. Luckily the doubts disappeared as soon as I saw the first scene, I’m not going to spoil it but it was an amazing intro to a brilliant movie which is always keeping you interested and intrigued.

Disney has a unique, almost magical way of touching your soul, and it did just that in this movie. It will make you feel like a kid again, no matter how old you are. It will make you feel sad, it will make you feel happy and it will make you feel angry. I’m not ashamed to admit that I cried a lot and also caught myself yelling at the screen! You share the character’s emotions and you are feeling like you belong in the story. Another thing that helps with that is the kid who plays remarkably good, and the dragon that feels like real.

I strongly recommend it to you. Anyone can watch it. Your kids, you and even the older people can enjoy this amazing fairy-tale.

Review Pete’s Dragon by Navid Junayid Chowdhury – A good soul among greedy souls

Love, Just a one syllable four letter word. So simple yet so powerful. Hatred, a two syllable word, complex but powerful. Both the words are powerful enough in their ways. Both resides on us, but it’s us, humans, who have to decide which side we will take, on which word we will act on! Animals are primitive, ferocious, vicious and wild, but it’s ours, men’s point of view. May be they think of us the vice-versa. We fail to see the beauty of them, beauty of this planet. It’s because we look upon them with our greedy eyes and filthy souls. But what of a child, who looked in a different way, . He saw them kind, naive and innocent. He could see the goods in them because he acted on the first word, Love! The message was great. To talk about the direction, it’s overall an average, sometimes down to the marks direction! The boy is a brilliant actor, with some help of a good director, he can deliver the goods.

Review Pete’s Dragon by Oliver Thatcher Watson – Amazing for the most part

This film is absolutely wonderful. With its stunning CGI, heartwarming story, and great performances, this film is truly a staple in the realm of Disney movies. The CGI in this film is so good, that Elliot’s fur looks completely real almost. It’s also well detailed in every aspect, making everything look truly lifelike. The story is very good, as it’s not only very well written, but it’s also poignant and very heartwarming, which works nearly perfectly together. And the acting in this film is very well done, and I couldn’t be happier with the performances. However, there are a few minor flaws in this film. One is when Pete and his parents got into the car crash in the beginning, I feel like there was not enough drama during that scene. Also, while this film is very well done, it is very slow paced. Almost to the point where it can come off as boring at first. But luckily, this film does redeem itself with great CGI, a great story, and great performances, which is more than enough for me to recommend to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, as it will most likely impress everyone not only visually, but also story wise, like it has done to me.

Review Pete’s Dragon by Hollywood_Yoda – New but Certainly not Better

Remakes are a really hard market to sell to, especially if the remake in question is of a film that’s not very old in the first place. Yes, I admit, the original was long, and full of songs, but it’s a film that is still fresh in the minds of any Disney film loving person, ages 25 to 50.

Why remake this film in the first place? Was it purely for money? It’s not like they’re rejuvenating an animated film into live action here! That’s what made the new Cinderella and Jungle Book so fun (however, Disney had done those in live action before too, but the quality wasn’t there).

Who can forget the original, it had some great moments, and pretty good stars. This version has Robert Redford (is he trying to make a comeback?). Redford’s performance is lackluster, I wasn’t impressed. More thought and planning could’ve put this version up there with the original.

Review Pete’s Dragon by Attackofthespaceturtles – Great kids’ film weighed down by cheesiness

I honestly wish I had seen this movie when I was a kid. It is the perfect movie to inspire a sense of imagination in children and doesn’t really talk down to them even if it is full of clichés.

Unfortunately, however, this film just didn’t do much for me personally. As I mentioned, the story is predictable and full of clichés, though I do appreciate many of the updates from the original. The original very much felt like a product of its time while this one feels very timeless. The acting from Bryce Dallas Howard and the little girl is atrocious, though most of the other actors manage to keep it to a reasonable level of cheesiness. The one stand out for me was the little boy, who did an incredible job interacting with the CGI dragon. The animation on Elliot was amazing. You truly believe this is a living, breathing character, and the acting from the little boy just heightens this even more. Every time Elliot was on screen I enjoyed the movie a little more, but the human parts just weighed the whole thing down for me.

Not to say this is a bad movie by any means, because it’s not. The people who worked on this clearly put all of their effort in. Even the actors, who are totally hamming it up, obviously care about the movie and weren’t phoning it in.

I normally love Disney films, but this one hit too many clichés for me. If you have children I would recommend it, but otherwise wait until it is available to rent.

Review Pete’s Dragon by Orthoclin – Family friendly remake of 1970’s animated film

Walt Disney Pictures seem to have set out to make all of their animated treasures into live action features.(The recent Jon Favreau Jungle Book for example). This film is not remake of the 1970’s mixed live action animated musical of the same name. It is not a musical. It is live action with a well thought out plot, a great cast including Robert Redford and new young talents. It is a great story ,that tugs at your emotions and though directed to the pre-teen age group I found it captivating as well. The visuals were great and the Dragon extremely well done. Yes the environmentalist theme underlies the story here, but their is really no villain. This movie looks great on the big screen and is best seen there . The beginning may disturb the younger child less than 6 or 8 years of age, so just a word of caution to those with young children :this film is not for them. Still,this is one of the best films I have seen this year

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