Padmaavat putlocker – Watch Padmaavat full movie online free

Watch Padmaavat full movie online free – This movie more than lives up to the hype. I love indian history, and Sanjay Leela Bhansali depicts Rani Padvamati”s story in a beautiful way. The cinematography, screenplay, directing, music and choreography, was great. This was a movie well made, worth every penny. The lead characters played their roles well, athough I didn’t really get which emotions the actress that played “Nagmati” was trying to portray each time. It was obvious that great attention was paid to every detail.

Padmaavat putlocker – Watch Padmaavat full movie online free

Padmaavat review by Souvik Das – Speechless

Was it only a film? Or a page from history finally evolved and brought to life by Bhansali’s stroke of visual brilliance. Again Bhansali got full marks in heightening opulence and grandeur in this master Piece. A magnum Opus which make the viewers enthralled for 3 hours and force to be confused thinking that “Whether they are seeing Deepika Padukone or Raani Padmaavati face to face”. Whom I should give The title of being Best? Ranveer Deepika or Shahid This Trio are just Magnificent in playing their characters. Ranveer unleashes an animal magnetism on screen with a scarred face, kohl-lined eyes and a greased torso.The scenes between him and Shahid are some of the most engrossing, as both flex their acting muscles at opposite ends of the moral spectrum. Deepika’s dreamy and sacred eyes, expressions, Holiness in face showed her love and dedication for her husband, proved that She is not only Padmaavati,The saviour of Rajputs and Chitor, “God’s Own Child”. And the Climax, The last 20 minutes, surely make you cry and give all goose bumps. I don’t have much words to describe the film. A film which is more than anything. Please watch it.

Padmaavat review by Outtamywaypunk – Indian cinema Visual masterpiece… Haters Back off!

Well I know people have huge expectations from Bhansali production and rightly so. This movie doesn’t disappoint in any way. Simple story told in most amazing way. Brilliant acting once again by Ranveer. This could be Defining moment of his career. Wonderful Cinematography, powerful background score that will give u goosebumps. Stunning costumes and locations. This movie faced a lot of criticism for no good reason. Rajput community shud only feel proud of it. But people who are protesting haven’t even watched it im sure. So it all could be politically motivated. All you movie lover Go watch this one… Celebration of love. Honor of a woman. Pride and Bravery of Rajputana warriors and Goddess padmani.

Padmaavat review by Eelish – Ranveer Singh stole the show!

Being a huge fan of Bhansali Movies, I felt this time Bhansali portrayed his all efforts in a single character instead of the whole film. He’s done period movies already with great sets, amazing dialogues and most gorgeous costumes in the past. Doing that again wasn’t something new which Bhansali could deliver. But creating a despicable monster in the form of Alauddin Khilji was a challenge for sure where I seemed to notice the Director’s effort and it was flawless. Deepika’s acting wasn’t upto the mark or maybe because they cut out a lot of pieces from the movie of Padmaavat due to the conflict I guess that was the reason there wasn’t so much of Deepika in the flick. However, Shahid’s performance was better and he brought justice to the character. I also enjoyed Malik Kafur’s role as he brought some light into the dark shadows of Khilji’s character. Over all I loved the movie, the direction, music and specially Ranveer’s barbaric performance which was inspiring as well as despicable at the same time.

Padmaavat review by Yashiyatish – Great Stellar Performance By Ranveer

Those who understand and respect the creativity and art, will salut SLB, for his consistency, Devdas, Ram Leela, Bajirao, And Now Padmaavat. The Acting, Cinematography, Camera Work, Costume, Make up, Music and Direction, easily make ordinary movie into an extraordinary cinematic experience. His Third Movie with Ranveer and Deepika, SLB is the god father of Ranveer, he always manage to extract the best out of him. One Should go and Indulge in it..Spcl Mention to Shahid, Jim Sharb for their commendable efforts.

Padmaavat review by Prateekhemdev – Mr. Bhansali’s Magnum Opus!

After all the difficulties in releasing the film Padmavat clearly emerges as the winner. Mr Bhansali’s attention to finer details with larger than life characters great costumes makes the movie a visual treat. The actors have done a phenomenal job with Ranveer aka Khilji stealing the show as a savage ruler who could go to any limits to fulfill his desires. Shahid kapoor as the Rajput might get overshadowed at times but has done justice to the role and Deepika as Padmavati is great as usual.

Some scenes in the movie could have been handled better such as the climax scene but having said that this movie is a celebration of the Rajput pride and bravery and would be remembered for years to come.

The dialogues are very well written with some great punch lines by Khilji manage to keep the audience interested in this 3 hour long saga. I personally found the background score disappointing but the songs like Khali bali and Ghoomar made up for it.

This movie is a must watch for the sheer effort and hardwork put by the cast and crew of Padmavat and Kudos to them.

Padmaavat review by SivakumarBalachandran – Alaudin Khilji steals the show in Padmavat

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s (SLB) magnum opus finally hits screens after all pre-release protests of demeaning the Rajput’s honor, queen dancing etc. but at last what we see is completely the opposite Rajputs are shown in all glory here except for the Brahmin villain, wonder what dirty politics was behind this protests and cult. The core plot is the fight between the good and evil and Rajput women choosing death over dishonor. (Sati or self-immolation) As with any SLB movie the magnificence is, lavish everywhere and the canvas painting etches the screen throughout. BGM synchronized perfectly to the tone of the movie. Songs have come out well but couldn’t avoid comparing it to SLB’s previous movies – like courtyard dance Ghoomar in this movie where are Mohe rang dola or deewani mastani in Bajirao also Ek tu song sounded similar tone to Laal Ishq of ram leela and Aaji ki Badat of Baji rao. SLB’s trademark directorial template was exactly maintained but I felt there was some emotional connect missing unlike what Bajirao brought perfectly. The screenplay or the storytelling was not that great here and had some slogs here and there. Performances: Undoubtedly, its Ranveer singh as Alaudin Khilji steals the show with his venomous looks he brings the character live to the screen. Khilji is demonic, ruthless, notorious, and barbaric with animal instincts and he desires for everything that is considered precious in this world. Deepika fits the role of Rani Padmavat of Mewar delivers another strong performance though she took the front seat in the second half, she captures us with her emotive and glazed eyes with a uni-brow. Shahid as Raja Rantan the Rajput king mostly depends on his posture and delivers a decent performance. Jim Sarbh as the slave of khilji and Aditi as Mehunisa the first wife of Khilji have also equally done justice to their roles with the amount of screen space they had. The film runs close to 3 hours which feels stretched and sometimes makes us think logics in the decisions made by the characters but also we realize it is what happened in reality so nothing much to think rather dive and sink into the story to enjoy it. VFX in some places were weak, not sure it looked perfect in 3D. Worth watching in big screens for SLB’s style of periodic drama rendition.

Padmaavat review by Nandidot – I’ve never loved a villain more

What’s in a name? Everything. After countless struggles, delays, a name change, death threats, and appeals to the Supreme Court Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s magnum opus gets to see the light of day. But I have to ask, how is it acceptable to offer a bounty to behead an actor in any civilized society? That too from a politician. On national TV. It’s wildly disturbing to think that terrorism is acceptable in the name of protesting. Mall and school buses were recently burned after the Supreme Court banned the ban that some states had imposed. And the movie still hasn’t released in certain places. Welcome to the most controversial film in recent memory.

It’s a story. It will not change your history even if it portrays said history in a negative light…which it doesn’t. It glorifies it. The movie in an ode to the Rajputana culture. Bhansali makes it abundantly clear who he believes is good and who is evil, such is his prerogative. The plot of the film revolves around a Rajput king, Maharawal Ratan Singh, Rani Padmavati, and the unhinged and ambitious Sultan Alauddin Khilji who develops a manic obsession for the queen without ever laying eyes on her. Wars are raged. Lives are lost. Kingdoms fall. All for an illusion. It’s a fascinating concept that Sanjay Leela Bhansali brings to life.

Mr. Bhansali has a knack for making larger than life movies particularly those that take place in eras long gone. He creates lavish sets, adorns his actors with rich costumes, and takes us back to a time of kingdoms and grandeur. There is no doubt that he succeeds in creating a visual masterpiece this time around as well. It’s hard to look away. His narrative works for the most part as well. There are some inconsistencies and the pace dips towards the middle of the film but I found myself captivated with what was happening on screen which made it easy to forgive the slight missteps. The dialogues struck a chord…and often a nerve. There’s underlying tension and an impending sense of doom in the last hour that’s beautifully portrayed. It all came together quite wonderfully but what carried the movie through was the performances. One in particular…

Ranveer Singh’s Alauddin Khilji is a villain for the ages. It’s one of the most well executed characters I’ve ever watched on screen. From his body language to his pronunciation and dialogue delivery Ranveer roars with a passion that’s hard to fault. He is Khilji from his first scene to his last. He is the menace and beating heart of the movie. It’s immensely satisfying to watch an actor lose himself in his performance and Mr. Singh, you’re unforgettable! I’ve never loved a villain more.

Shahid Kapoor is a fine actor, no two words on that, but unfortunately he’s not a king. He plays the doting husband well, the emotional lover very well, but his demeanor isn’t as royal as one would expect. Or perhaps he’s just overshadowed by his wife and nemesis. Maybe that was the idea all along? Not everyone can play royalty as well as Ms. Padukone. Deepika Padukone returns to Indian cinema after two long years and how we’ve missed her! Frankly she doesn’t do much heavy lifting in the 1st half of the film other than appear goddess-like but her act in the 2nd half is noteworthy. Bhansali has written Padmavati with a sense of awe and has captured her like a first love. He prods her gently and Deepika delivers with grace. I particularly enjoyed watching her mind work in the 2nd half. It’s easy to see why practically everyone in the movie is in love.

It’s grand, bold, and driven by Ranveer’s powerful act. That’s ‘Padmavati’ for you. Yes, the name was changed to ‘Padmaavat’ but in a small act of defiance I’m going with Padmavati. As it should be. And while it isn’t Bhansali’s best work to date it is still a memorable experience. Love it, hate it, judge it. But watch it. Make up your own mind. Surely we’re capable of that much.

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