Outlander fandango – Watch Outlander full movie online free

Watch Outlander full movie online freeI started watching this 1 week ago and already I’m halfway through season 3! You wouldn’t think I work full time and have 2 children to look after! But I just can’t get enough….completely in love with the whole concept (as well as Jamie) It is hard not to get swept away in the romance of it all and dread reaching the end of this season because I doubt there is a replacement show whilst I wait for season 4. Can’t say anymore other than I love it.

Outlander fandango – Watch Outlander full movie online free

Outlander review Arash Newday – Lower your expectations then you might enjoy

If you don’t take this TV series so seriously and just looking for some entertainment to pass time, maybe this would be a nice choice.

There are so many plot holes, stupid incidents, silly events, irrational stories, long repetitive dialogs, meaningless scenes, too much use of sex, sickening love show and … but again it’s just entertaining adventure at some points.

Actings are not bad, beautiful scenery of nature and 18th century architecture, some historical facts and an entertaining but not decent story is what you get in your spare time of watching Outlander.

Outlander review npeace-of-mindn – My favorite TV series n I watch about 200 series

Let me say way better then book n the book wasn’t to bad but the TV series seems to be building up Scotland more then the book. They r just way different from each other. Let me also say I love historical fantasy so if u like Da Vinci’s demons you will like outlander😎 Also the sex sense are the best I have ever seen its great writing with actors that go for 100 and 10 percent. Tmi but every intimate moment is just very well done n let’s just say I’m glad I watch this show with my husband 😉 And you will develop a love for Scotland and its history. The music goes With the story and sets the tone for episode. I couldn’t wait for the second season and its started so get caught up because it just as good as the 1st season.

Outlander review esther_manya – My kind of cringey

This show is incredibly fun despite very noticeable cringey moments. In an age saturated with incredible television I realize I might have been a little spoiled so that the awkward and repetitive internal monologues are especially grating. But if you could get past some of the fanfictiony nature of the writing and directing, the actors are absolutely fantastic and the story is creative and fun.

In short I suggest watching it (especially if you’re a romantic history buff) just don’t expect the best quality dialogue…

Outlander review tgriffith_gbhgs – Superb adaptation

Having read the entire series of books several times, I was excited to see the Starz adaptation coming out this fall. I was also anxious: would they ruin one of my favorite books by making it a trite romance? I was delighted from the start to see the book come to life on screen.

Is it EXACTLY the same as the book? No. It would be impossible for any writer or producer to do that, but the meat of the story is there, and there are several bits that are word for word from the book, so that should keep the die-hard book fans happy. I didn’t expect to be the same as the book, but I did want the series to be as wonderful as the book. And I haven’t been disappointed.

There will be those who will always find something to complain about (this is wrong, that is different), but overall Ron Moore did a super job adapting a huge book to a screen format, adding back stories to the series that don’t distract from the written story, but add to the depth of the characters. This is especially nice for those who haven’t read the books.

No doubt there are parts of the story that will be hard to watch, as there are parts that are hard to read, but the series is staying true to the theme of the book and I look forward to the second half of the season, and will anxiously wait for the second season, to be based on the second book.

Kudos to the entire writing, directing, production, and acting team. A superb adaptation worth watching again and again!

Outlander review Suedoring – Outlander The Show

This is a fabulous show based on the book Outlander by Diana Gabaladon. While it does not follow the book verbatim, the adaptation is spectacular and has captured the essence of the book in visual art. The scenery is spectacular. The actors have interpreted their roles so amazingly well. While there are subtle differences in the appearance of the characters as described in the books, I do not feel they change the flavor of the story. I look forward to more episodes. My only complaint is there will only be 16 episodes and I want more!!! The action, the location, the direction, all are to be commended and should be award winners!!! 18th century Scotland, 20th century modern Englishwoman and a love that spans eternity.

Outlander review Aaron Baldwin – Very well made and plotted out show

I like the show quite a bit. The acting is pretty well done, the sets and scenery are spectacular. I love the music they play from the 1945 time period. It shows a great amount of detail into the lives and world of 1743 Scotland; displaying how the clans work and the history of the British occupation at the time. I even began to ‘ken'(meaning ‘understand’ more-or-less in Gaelic) the language a bit. The story line is quite interesting but I have a hard time figuring out how they will keep it going the way they are. As of episode 5, She is trying to get back to her time in 1945, but logically, at some point, she is either going to get back to her time or stay in 1743 and just be there. Seeing as how the show would get super boring, super fast once she got back, it will be interesting to see where they take it. The only beef I have with it is that I have not seen a single legit action sequence as of 1.5. I want to see a battle scene with the British, which I’m sure will happen at some point, it just has not happened yet. Overall, I recommend the show.

Outlander review Steptull – Had potential, but…

Best way I can summarise the tone of this show, well the first series anyway – it starts out Foyle’s War and ends up Caligula. That’s quite a leap frankly. Now having completed the first series, I’m pretty doubtful I’ll be spending time on any more. (Just Say No to The Box Set.)

I lived in Scotland for many years, and was really predisposed towards the premise of the show too. Must confess I hav’nae read the books as a lot of other reviewers have, so I didn’t have any preconceptions, perhaps the books have a massive shift in style (doubtful though).

Don’t be sitting with your in-laws when you’re watching the season finale, it’ll put you right off your Earl Grey and shorty, let me tell you. Talk about jumping the shark. Assuming it’s the same director throughout the series I’m just now wondering if they might be bipolar.

Outlander review Gaiaweis – A little worried at first…..

The first episode of season two seemed to be a little forced. The classic, Jaimie takes his shirt off scene, and the dialogue was just a little too soap opera for me. I wasn’t convinced this was the same Jaimie and Claire, I was worried that their new found fame would add a superficial layer to the show. I am happy to say the every episode since has been sequentially better. I think they were just warming up in the first episode, and just like any warm-up, it was a little stiff. I am once again fully immersed in the show, and it is a wonderful follow up to the book. I look forward to it every week, and am excited for a season three. The setting in France is just incredible. Love you Outlander!!!

Outlander review Raymondsplace – Excellent Story.

This is very well written, and the actors are wonderful. If you like a tale of adventure and mystery this series is for you.

It is not the usual storyline in many television series you see these days. It is very unique and the backdrop of a 18th century Scotland on the brink of rebellion brings a lot of intrigue and action to the story as well as a lot of beautiful scenery. This series is not easy to predict what will happen to the characters in it either. So it is very suspenseful and very dynamic. It has a lot of romance in the story, as well as a lot of nudity. So if that is not your thing I would advise not to watch it, or watch with one eye open if nudity offends you.

Outlander review Wamac – Politics

Outlander Is Fantastic But why would the UK Prime minister want to ban a historical costume drama that is barely clinging to any actual events save plot references to the era? What is it I can’t see? The email, sent from Sony vice president Keith Weaver to chief executive Michael Lynton and other senior Sony figures, said: “From a SPE Sony Pictures Entertainment perspective, your meeting with Prime Minister Cameron on Monday will likely focus on our overall investment in the UK – with special emphasis ~ the importance of OUTLANDER i.e., particularly vis-à-vis the political issues in the UK as Scotland contemplates detachment this Fall.” Why a drama series filmed in Scotland, supporting Scottish jobs and paid for in tax breaks is not available for general viewing in the country its filmed in ? So we help fund it why can’t we see it! Honestly I believe there is much more to this, in 1745 they banned the tartan, and they banned the language and customs of a people to subjugate them! Now some 200 years later they ban a bodice ripper, Why?

Outlander review coastn2 – Exactly how I would imagine the books

I was introduced to the Outlander books almost 20 years ago and have been hooked ever since. I have read them both on audio as well as hard copy books, and have absolutely loved them. I was so excited to see it finally come to a cinematic version, and am more than delighted with its rendition. The actors are absolutely perfect, each character portraying the very essence of what came to mind as I read the books. In fact, even better than I could have hoped. The acting, the costumes, the set- so very professionally done. The historical rendition of the time is so brought to life it is truly amazing.

I was wondering how the scenes of intimacy would be portrayed on screen, and must say they are so artfully and tastefully done while successfully exhibiting the great passion of Diana Gabaldon’s superb writing.

I recorded the series and am watching it again. Couldn’t be happier with this Starz version!

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