Once Upon a Time review – Watch Once Upon a Time 365movies free online

Watch Once Upon a Time 365movies free online  – This is the best show on TV I mean this is like my weekend I look forward to a new episode all week. I love it so much I hope there is 20 seasons. Regina (Lana parrilla) is so awesome such a good actor. Eddy and adom are so creative. All the characters are great. I hope Pinocchio is on again. I hope we see more of Regina’s back story and her in her castle being evil. I hope we see more of rumple and belle. I love this show so much best show on TV I own all the seasons. I got my whole family started in this show at first they said ehh just fairy takes but them started watching it and couldn’t take there eyes off of the screen. They all like me gold but I think Regina is just amazing on the show.

Once Upon a Time review – Watch Once Upon a Time 365movies free online

Once Upon a Time review by Zactac – The previews sparked my interest and the pilot just hooked me.

Once Upon a Time already shows much potential with a great pilot episode. It really got to the point without giving everything away. It basically tells the background information behind the story seen in the shows fictional town of Storybrooke. It does this in just the right way so that the viewer won’t get confused or bored from just hearing the talk of fairy-tales from the side of a little boy.

It’s simply about Emma Swan and the destiny she’s unaware of. Before she was born a prophecy was foretold that an evil curse would befall all of the inhabitants a fairy-tale kingdom sending them to a world where they no longer remember who they are or the happiness they once knew. In the prophecy it is foretold that Emma would be the one to return and save them from the dreaded curse.

Now while there are many other characters in the story it is meant to revolve around Emma and the issues she must face in order to overcome the curse. The story shows much promise already and with no doubt it is sure to progress as the show continues. Morrison (Emma), Goodwin (Snow White), and Parrilla (Evil Queen) have already hit all of the right notes in just the first episode, Parrilla I loved mainly because she makes a very worthy villain in the show.

Even though it has only begun there is great room for success and progress. I think this could be the show of the fall/winter TV season to watch. If any one decides to watch just one show this fall then let it be Once Upon a Time.

Once Upon a Time review by killer1h – A Enchanting Story

Going into this show I wasn’t quite sure what to expect seeing as how it was only partially laid out. However to my ever happy surprise this show is amazing, beautiful acting, terrific plot lines, and they weave it together so perfectly that you really just have to applaud the way its done.

This show is about 3 key elements, henry(the boy) he’s basically like the guide he tells his biological mother(Emma swan) that the entire town is filled with fairytale creatures and that his adopted mother(Regina mills) is the evil witch that cast a curse upon the town and made everyone forget about their fairytale endings, and now its up to Emma to bring them back. The reason that this show works so well is that it introduces the very seldom seen both sides of the coin element. You see what it looks like in their “modern” town and then you see what happen in the past to lead up to the series of events. All and all it works just right. 10/10 We couldn’t have asked for a better show keep up the good work!

Once Upon a Time review by audrey-sondheimer – once upon a time…an amazing show began.

to be honest i hate all that fantasy crap, like harry potter, twilight, true blood, and i also hate all the shows that nbc and abc brings to the table. But the other night I was bored and a re run of this was on and I thought what the hell, I’ll give it a try. This show is mind blowing. I am officially addicted. There are some questions I have, as the whole present time vs story time doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. But the end of the first episode got me so insanely hooked. This show is definitely better than grimm. I don’t know how there going to make seasons out of this show, but I am very excited to see. I gave it a 9 only because I am a bit confused on who some of the present time characters are. But besides that, amazing.

Once Upon a Time review by Dtuttle – If the premise appeals to you, stick with it!

I love the premise of this. But there are some really poor scenes in the first half of the premier. The acting seemed bad, the script was uncomfortable, large parts of that section were very hard to swallow. The other half of the story where most of the action takes place is plausible, well acted, packed with emotional resonance and charming. It’s also got a great dark side to it and the story doesn’t hit you over the head by trying to explain every detail of what is going on. There are characters who I think I have figured out but I’m not certain, so I look forward to finding out. However I stuck with it and was rewarded with a marvelous overall premier and I’m looking forward to watching 1.2 right now!

Once Upon a Time review by zgamer-1 – A decent idea with mediocre execution

I do not think this idea had zero potential. Fairy tales have an immediate charm that could have served well for an intriguing series. Unfortunately, it has been squandered by the show’s shortcomings. The first is the writing, which is almost straightforward to a fault. The dialogue has no snap or charm, with many lines just being mentally tuned out of my ears. The character are not fleshed out very well and are only distinguishable by bare bones traits, appearances or the fact they are a certain fairy tale character. There is also no emotion to the script, with many of the “sad moments” coming off so limply that they are clearly artificial.

The show also has a sense of cheapness that could have been a nice artistic touch had it not seemed like it was not intentional. The effects are shoddy, the costumes are store bought, there are apparently a very limited number of sets and it lacks artistry despite its belief that it looks fairy tale like. I think the directing is a huge problem there as to much of the pace and style play it too safe to be interesting. The pilot is a terrific example of the flatness with a terribly handled chase scene with a completely out of place song choice that just ends abruptly. This structure repeats quite often of start and stop.

One of my biggest gripes is the cast. There are some talented actors in the cast (Raphael Sbarge, Robert Carlyle, etc) but they are all mishandled and underused. The crying/emotional moments ring false, the line delivery is flat and overacting from people like Carlyle completely ruins certain scenes. Most of these people just lack charisma or screen presence despite how much the show attempts to manufacture it.

I cannot say it was just terrible, but it was completely dull. I never had a moment of excitement, humor or thrills at any point and I just had a sinking feeling that it would not improve. If it just was not so clumsy blending fantasy and reality, it could have performed better.

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