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Watch Molly’s Game full movie online freeMy husband and I attended opening night and were dismayed to see that the theater was only about a third of the way full. It was mostly middle-aged couples (we’re 32 and 37) at the 7:10 showing. Despite being 2 hours and 20 minutes, we were both engaged throughout the entire film. Jessica Chastain was fantastic and I thought that she played the part very well. Her depiction of Molly Bloom as both sexy and driven was spot on, as we researched the real Molly Bloom after watching the film. Michael Cera’s character was somewhat of a villain, which is a far cry from the part he played in Superbad. Idris Elba and Kevin Costner both had supporting actor roles and gave the film really good depth. I liked how the film jumped back and forth between Molly’s childhood and current day and current day and her venture into the underground gambling world. We watch a lot of movies, and this one did not disappoint. I really want to learn how to play poker now!

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Molly’s Game putlocker – Watch Molly’s Game full movie online free

Molly’s Game review by Borromeot – Clinically sharp

The focus is clear and yet cold and distant unless Idris Elba is on the frame. He is a human with his complexities but without barriers. He is open, accessible. Jessica Chastain is a technical marvel to be admired but it is hard, very hard to warm up to her. I felt I needed to see in her what Idris Elba saw and I could do it with my head but not my heart. In any case, it is a brilliant performance. Aaron Sorkin writes and directs this time with remarkable self confidence. The film, like the script is clinically sharp, surgical actually. I bet it’s also a great read. For Aaron Sorkin’s fans and I count myself as one, this is a must.

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Molly’s Game review by Bhodso – One of my favorites of 2017

I was absolutely mesmerized by this tale of Molly, a woman who was obsessed at being the best at anything she did whether that was Olympic skiing or controlling the seedy underworld of high stakes Poker.

Jessica Chastain is incredible as Molly Chastain. She makes the character feel real, holds the camera’s attention, and helps us to understand the underlying motivations behind Molly’s actions.

I particularly liked the chemistry between Idris Elba (who plays Molly’s lawyer Jaffey). Their scenes are some of the most electric in the way they play off each other’s emotions and spar with the great dialogue barbs Aaron Sorkin wrote so wonderfully.

Speaking of Aaron Sorkin, for a first time director, he absolutely knocks this out of the park. He conferred with his friend & director David Fincher on strategies for shooting this film along the way and he go great advice because the innovative camera angles, control of time (a key sign that a director knows what they are doing), and assured pacing make this one of the most enrapturing and compelling dramas of 2017.

Molly’s Game review by Serge_Zehnder – A True Tall Tale of High Stakes

Nothing comes close to the rush of winning, at least according to those who have succeeded where others have failed. Molly Bloom (Jessica Chastain) managed to become a millionaire with a dose of luck, will and endless street smarts. The former professional skier ran high stakes poker-games in Los Angeles and New York and found herself in the middle of a federal investigation, where she was accused of colluding with organized crime.

Being a sucker for great stories of real life characters, it is easy to see what Aaron Sorkin saw in the very true tale of Molly Bloom. The American ethos of being No. 1 combined with the isolation and principles of its heroine make “Molly’s Game” a tremendous playing field for Sorkin’s directorial debut.

Even though he has dealt with themes of power, loyalty and the darker side of entrepreneurial endeavors in “The Social Network”, “Newsroom”, “Steve Jobs” and “Moneyball”, what sets this story apart is that Sorkin chooses to layer the rise-and-fall of the titular character with questions about business morals and the loss of a more principled economic system, that has been washed away by fast-buck artists and fatalistic devil-may-care attitudes.

“Molly’s Game” has a speedy pace, marvelous performances by both Chastain and Idris Elba, as her lawyer, and is directed with a sure hand. Which makes Sorkin’s first directorial outing a joy to watch.

It’s two-hour-plus running time glides by like a breeze and ends on a corny yet truthful note about the virtues of failure, that is a glimmer of hope in times of struggle, as well as one of the tenets of screen writing.

The fight, the hustle and the failure never end, but then again, so do the rewards in their own funny way. You win some, you lose some, and Sorkin never seems to forget how close he is to the edge.

Molly’s Game review by Breheneyjames – Not quite a Royal Flush but a high full house

“Molly’s Game” is written and directed by esteemed screenwriter Aaron Sorkin of whom it is the directorial debut. It is adapted from the book of the same name by Molly Bloom herself. The film stars Jessica Chastain as the eponymous character in a commanding performance which keeps the audience hooked when the story itself fails to do so. Idris Elba plays Molly’s lawyer in another good performance to add to his collection. The story is about Molly who was once an Olympic-hopeful skier who got sidelined due to injury which is shown in an engaging opening scene accompanied by her voice over. After to this she moves to LA and after a brief stint as a cocktail waitress ends up working as an assistant at a high stakes poker game featuring Hollywood stars, business moguls and unknowingly the Russian mob. When her boss refuses to pay her because she is making some much in tips she strikes out on her own and moves the game to a new location making sure to alert all the regular players of where to show up in the process. She also has a game set up in NYC and runs them both at the same time.

Of course this after we watch her being arrested by armed FBI agents in the middle of the night in an earlier scene. Sorkin does this throughout the movie intertwining events before and after she was taken in. It was works for the most part however it does slow down the pace at times when the audience gets invested in Molly’s activities before her arrest (running the poker games) and then Sorkin suddenly cuts to events after which are far less attention grabbing (her legal trouble). I will say though that these less intriguing scenes are made more watchable by Chastain and Elba’s performances. They are both really good in this movie and two of the strongest parts of ‘Molly’s Game’. There are a few other noteworthy performances as well namely Kevin Costner as Molly’s father, Michael Cera as Player X (apparently based on Tobey Maguire!) and Chris O’Dowd as another one of the poker players. The other major strength of the movie is the script which is full of wit which one has come to expect from Sorkin. This gives Chastain a lot of ammunition to shine and she uses it brilliantly.

The constant voice over does get a little distracting quite often especially when filled with Sorkin’s signature choc-a-bloc style dialogue. Thought again it less irritating due to Chastain’s fine performance of it. I will also add that the direction is a tad undeveloped but then again this is Sorkin’s debut so I’m sure he can only improve from here on out. Despite this though he does use some nice techniques to make high stakes hands of poker more exciting to watch. Overall this a decent directorial debut for Sorkin and one that will hopefully lead to better films from him in the future.

Molly’s Game review by TheLittleSongbird – A highly enthralling game

With an interesting subject matter, advertising that drew me right into wanting to see it, a great cast (Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba) and one of today’s best screen writers in Aaron Sorkin making his directing debut, “Molly’s Game” had a lot going for it and had more than enough to compel me to see it.

Saw “Molly’s Game” a few weeks ago but didn’t get round to reviewing it due to being so busy and my “to review” list being a long one and getting longer all the time. Likewise with my “films to see” list. Finally getting round to reviewing ‘Molly’s Game’, to me it was a great film and worthy of every ounce of its positive reception, being one of the year’s better reviewed films (another factor in my want to see the film). Not flawless, but one of the year’s best? Yes. Absolutely.

“Molly’s Game” perhaps runs a little too long and it fizzles somewhat at the end. At this point the momentum grips less and things ring false, particularly in the over-sentimental family elements (Elba’s powerful speech makes the courtroom elements worth it).

However, Jessica Chastain is a marvel in the lead and she is matched every step of the way by charismatic Idris Elba. Their chemistry blisters. Also worthy of credit are Chris O’Dowd and, more surprisingly, Michael Cera, known for their more comedic roles, being cast against type in very dramatic roles and being every bit as much at ease with them. Kevin Costner also hasn’t been this good in years and that is saying a lot.

Sorkin’s directing debut is a very confident one and shows huge potential and assurance. Despite perhaps being too early to say, he is a better writer than as a director, only because he is so outstanding a writer. The energetic and stylish production values make ‘Molly’s Game’ a visually striking film. The music score is not the most memorable or extraordinary there’s ever been, but it at least fits and sounds appealing.

On top of all that, ‘Molly’s Game’s’ story is fast-paced and highly enthralling. The poker elements fascinate and to me it wasn’t talky and the narration wasn’t that over-used or over-explanatory, there are far worse examples in film and for no reason at all. Other than the cast the other big star of ‘Molly’s Game’ is the crackling script that sizzles in energy, razor-sharp in wit and consistently thought-provoking and entertaining.

In summary, one game that is a must play.

Molly’s Game review by Rabbitmoon – Sorkin running himself into a slightly boring corner

I miss the days when Aaron Sorkin put effort into writing stories, like Malice, A Few Good Men, or The American President. Sometime since, he fell so much in love with his own formula (characters delivering fast monologues involving random facts, statistics, distorting each others words into new meanings) that he doesn’t seem to care about story any more. Apparently the audience will salivate and be duly aroused by yet another cutesy bit of fast-talking dialogue that could be about anything.

Put simply, the story of Molly Bloom could have been told in half an hour. Heck, a 3 minute montage could have done it. Dragging it out to 2 hours 20 is just… silly. This is NOT an epic story. Its not even particularly interesting – the result has nothing in particular to do with anything. Jessica Chastain plays EXACTLY the same character as in the utter-Sorkin-imitation Miss Sloane.

I was really hoping it would end soon, and there was still an hour left. Yes, Sorkins writing can be ‘amusing’ here and there, but most its taxing and irritating, people simply don’t speak like that in real life, and it seems a real shame to let it get in the way of telling a good story. There isn’t one here.

Molly’s Game review by Ed-Shullivan – Well done Molly! Well done! This film delivers the best hand in a Royal Flush!

It is understandable that the producers would take some liberties with the film Molly’s Game and portray Molly Bloom (played by Jessica Chastain) as more of a victim than a perpetrator of a crime(s). It is also understandable that it is near impossible to portray a real person’s true persona on the big screen in only 140 minutes when their true story covers three (3) or more decades of actual living experiences. Suffice to say though that Mrs. Shullivan and I quite enjoyed the ups and especially the downs of Molly’s game.

There were some great supporting performances such as Bill Camp’s performance as the serious poker player Harlan Eustice. Molly’s professor father Larry Bloom was played by Academy Award winner Kevin Costner, and her defense lawyer was played by the superb actor Idris Elba. Graham Greene played the sympathetic New York state Judge Foxman.

The film unfolds as Jessica Chastain who plays Molly periodically narrates her own life story to the film audience. Molly Bloom’s narrative style works quite well in explaining Molly’s lifestyle choice and how through osmosis and some strong female ambition she beats the men in a men’s game/world. If not for a sympathetic judge Molly may have done some hard time in prison for her crimes at running an illegal card game that included a known criminal element at her tables in more than one state.

The film ran for 140 minutes and I never found it to be slow moving at all. Mrs. Shullivan felt that some of the poker terms could have been explained and I heard the same concern raised by other movie goers at the film end, but eh, how often in a medical drama film does a doctor provide his/her diagnosis to a patient using a medical term and no one even cares what it means. The actual euphoria that some players experience after winning a big pot was never included in the film. However the despair of an addicted poker player who cannot buy a winning hand was quite evident when seasoned actor Bill Camp (2016 The Night Of) who plays Harlan Eustice insists to Molly to keep extending him a further line of credit way above his ability to pay back Molly for his hundreds of thousands of dollars of poker debt extended in one night. The desperation and fear on Harlan’s face I have witnessed many times on a losing gamblers face and it is not a pretty sight.

Molly’s Game may have only shown the audience half of who Molly Bloom really was downplaying her drinking and drug addictions but it also portrays a woman who would not sell out any of the men whose lives would have been ruined even though none of them appeared in her corner when she could really have used both their financial and personal support when the Federal government was squeezing her for high profile names and critical information.

Molly’s game draws a Royal Flush and is well worth seeing at least twice.

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