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Watch Loving Pablo full movie online free – Based on the true story of Pablo Escobar, the world’s most famous opium magnate, there have been many filmmakers exploiting the subject at various angles, which may have been the rise of the drug empire. love, or the process of running away as the most wanted criminal in the world … Loving Pablo is a film inspired by Pablo so, but contrary to the title, the film exploits very little about the term. The celebrity romance with the Virginia journalist, instead, spends a lot of time talking about the fall of the opium empire and the process of escaping from being wanted by Pablo.

Loving Pablo is a story told by a Virginia journalist. Pablo’s life in the film has been described only in the period since the female journalist met the drug boss. In addition to the dramatic scene, most of Pablo and Virginia have not had a lot of love scenes and are missing out on some of the international trailers (which may have been cut when they returned to Vietnam). Therefore, the film really can not highlight the love story has so much inked the ink of the Colombian newspaper. He was the one pursued by the police, she was the one who was followed by the media, and their beloved love was supposed to have a lot to offer but it was nothing more than a little detail in the story. the intense life of a tycoon.

Speaking of that fateful life, perhaps the film should have a different title than Loving Pablo, while three-quarters only talked about how Pablo manipulated the government and then crushed the empire into self. have to run for many years. If you are a lover of history, especially the history of the 1980s of Colombia and the United States, you will love the film because of the realism portrayed in every scene, and of course, all that. It’s from the boss Pablo.

The film completely ignores the source of the boss who started selling drugs and how successful it was, concentrating only on Pablo’s ambitious and cold-blooded personality. Every action, word, thought expressed Pablo is a dictator but very intelligent, delusional, he always knows how to “go one step ahead” in any case. Even the most dangerous situation, he still knows how to handle the government to control everything in his mind.

Loving Pablo has not had too much of a hit when it comes to the true story of Pablo, which is the life of the famous Virginia journalist, because of Pablo, who dabbles in nothing but plunder. The mud can not be washed. But not so that the film does not have its own twist when the end of the film will make viewers have many different thoughts. The film’s image is well made when it comes to the violent, bloody nature of the unstable political situation in Colombia as Pablo’s drug empire and domination are over.

The highlight of the film is definitely the real-life couple’s real-life Javier Bardem & Penélope Cruz. Virginia’s journalist is so beautiful and seductive with Penélope’s natural gestures, from happy feelings, love and admiration to Pablo until depression, fear, and extreme despair are all realistically portrayed.

More particularly, the hard-to-describe emotions as when both love, fear, and hatred at the same time of the Virginia journalist, Penelope also expressed very clearly as easy to understand and easy to understand. The main character of the movie is Pablo Escobar, the notorious Columbia drug boss said to have the same image as 80-90% compared to actor Javier Bardem when wearing masks, this feature has made viewers have. It felt very real to see Pablo on the screen, in addition to the deep voice, but quickly said each of the words are the weight of a smuggled boss, all make a Pablo as equal to bone. raw meat on the screen.

In a nutshell, if a different title is given, the movie will not be as lavish as the title Loving Pablo. Besides, if the focus is on the subject of love of Pablo and Virginia film can create more surprise and more impressive than the subject of Pablo life has been exploited a lot before. Also, if you have a little knowledge of Pablo’s biography or history, you’ll find the film is pretty well done in the darkness of politics at this time. In general, if you like criminals you can completely watch movies for fun, but if only to find a movie to watch the weekend, then Loving Pablo will not have to choose the most bright at the present time.

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