Love, Simon (2018) putlocker – Watch Love, Simon (2018) online free

Watch Love, Simon (2018) online free – Love, Simon is a heartwarming, honest and witty adaptation of Becky Albertalli’s praised-worthy book. It is undeniable that Simon’s story is a universal one that many people from all walks of life can relate to in one way or another. It is extremely difficult for book to film adaptations to translate properly, however, having read Simon Vs. The Homosapiens Agenda, I believe Love, Simon is a truthful adaption of such a beloved novel. The performances from the cast exceeded all expectations, especially Nick Robinson’s portrayal of Simon. Kudos to Jennifer Garner, Josh Duhamel and especially Tony Hale and Natasha Rothwell who undoubtedly elevate this film to greater heights. The direction from Greg Berlanti should also be lauded as it is apparent this film wouldn’t be what it is if it weren’t for his vision. All in all, I am extremely happy I was able to see these characters that have lived in the pages of one of my favorite books come to life.

Love, Simon (2018) putlocker – Watch Love, Simon (2018) online free

Review Love, Simon (2018) by Womenarebetterthanmen – How Refreshing!

Love, Simon is a very touching, heartwarming story about a relatable teenager with a big secret. This film is entirely relatable for anyone who has been in high school. Viewers don’t need to share Simon’s exact problems in order to enjoy this film. That’s what makes it so special! The characters are all well-thought out and the story is very funny, interesting, and emotional. This is a film for everyone!

Review Love, Simon (2018) by elparkeeto19  – A Must Watch! You just have to!

I had been looking forward to this movie for a long time and I was not disappointed in the slightest. It was funny, heartfelt, and honest. I’ve been a big fan of Nick Robinson since his days on Melissa and Joey, but this was easily his best performance! I think he’s extremely underrated and I can’t wait to see what else he does in the future! Josh Duhamel and Jennifer Garner were great too as his parents! I loved the way this family was portrayed and it really made the movie work for me. All the actors playing his friends did an excellent job and Tony Hale as the vice principal was hilarious!

This film did not pull any punches and really struck the audience with its message. Be who you are! I think this as great a message as any! Also, this film actually made me feel something. Too often we have these dry, emotionless comedies released that just want to get a few cheap laughs. This movie found a perfect balance of humor and emotion. It gives exactly what we all want – an actual story with real relatable characters!

I would recommend this film to anyone. I was super impressed and will likely be seeing it again.

Review Love, Simon (2018) by Will Bower – I left the theater with a full heart

I didn’t think I would, but – I loved it.

The first 15 minutes or so, I cringed a few times, thinking it was going to be too clever, too cute, and too precious for its own good.

But even my cynical, hard-hearted self soon melted with the realization that the intelligence, depth, and charm were all legitimate and sincere.

I left the theater with a full heart and am confident “Love, Simon” will remain with me as one of my favorites of this new film year.

Review Love, Simon (2018) by fresh528 – Everything and more

Like stepping back in time to watch a classic John Hugh’s film. Makes you cry for happy …enjoyable cast some great lines. Especially when dad wants to help set up Grindr account with Simon

Review Love, Simon (2018) by Adensiegel – Best Movie of 2018 So Far!

Love, Simon was such and amazing movie!!! For one the cast was PHENOMENAL, but two the story had me going through so many emotions! I laughed and cried my way through such an amazing story. I related to it in so many ways and I hope many more people will get to enjoy this incredible movie!

Review Love, Simon (2018) by philipwilson1985 – Did the book justice!

Loved the book and had high hopes for the movie. Came out of the screening without any feeling of disappointment at all!

The cast really brought the characters from the book to life. Nick Robinson was great as Simon. Really felt his ups and downs throughout.

Go and see it!

Review Love, Simon (2018) by SmashandNasty – Sets the bar incredibly high for the modern high-school movie

Simon (Nick Robinson) hasn’t told anyone his deep dark secret: he’s gay. One day, a classmate reveals anonymously on an online message board that he’s also closeted, Simon finds a friend and confidant. This American romantic teen dramedy is based on the young adult novel, Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda follows Simon as he attempts to balance adolescence, his new pen pal, his friends, and the possibility of being forcibly outed to the world.

Our take: See it in theaters. Post credit scene? No.

Love, Simon is a coming-of-age-while-coming-out movie and it has all the elements of an instant classic. It’s touching, heartwarming and refreshing view at the awkwardness of navigating high school – and will pull at even the most cynical viewers’ heartstrings. Rarely does a movie so effortlessly combine knee-slapping humor and poignant, tear-jerking authenticity. This movie recycles some of the oldest tropes in the book in a fresh way and sets the bar incredibly high for the modern high-school movie.

Robinson is a standout, but there is not a single weak performance in the film. From 13 Reasons Why Golden Globe-nominee Katherine Langford’s to the Flash’s Keiynan Lonsdale each actor is believable and relatable. Whether high school is an ongoing saga for you, or it’s been a decade since you set foot in a classroom – this film has something in it for everyone.

This movie was also aggressively marketed in clever and captivating ways. Other studios ought to take note of the outstanding push this film has gotten in the months leading up to its release because it’s been stellar. Overall, it’s a film that’s enjoyable enough to see in theaters multiple times (and purchase the DVD) – and it’s relevant and necessary in a world filled with heteronormative love stories.

Featuring: Jennifer Garner’s continued seamless transition into the cool movie mom.

Review Love, Simon (2018) by Doomsdayrocks – This movie is trash

It relies too heavily on jokes that fall flat, a twisted version of how reality operates, and straw manning. This film is trash.

Review Love, Simon (2018) by conradjohn-79621 – Amazing!

This movie was a very inspiring movie and I hope everyone will enjoy it. I would recommend this movie for anybody. I saw the prescreening, so I saw it two weeks before it comes out and it was beautiful. The acting was amazing, it’s just a great movie. I have read the book and thought they did a very good job with everything. I will go see this movie again because of how good the movie was!

Review Love, Simon (2018) by graves-scott – Can’t beleive the premice.

A gay kid has to stay in the closet and can be blackmailed over his orientation. Seriously? When is this happening? The 80’s? Somewhere in Frog Balls Montana? I can’t imagine a place outside the overly fertile imaginations of hard core leftists where gays still have to hide in the closet. I live in a small city in South Dakota and my son knows plenty of gays, lesbians, transgender and gender fluids. If they are safe here there can’t be too many places left where this story could make sense. Maybe 30 to 40 years ago it would be a good plot but Black Panther has a more believable concept than this movie.

Review Love, Simon (2018) by DJKwa – Love, Simon is more likely to be remembered for what (or rather who) it represents rather than what it achieves

Every generation has its own coming of age story. For kids growing up in the “plugged in” age, Love, Simon will prove to be a relatable look at high school life at a time when nothing stays hidden for long online. With the web at their fingertips, rumours spread like wildfire and secrets are shared quicker than a game of Chinese whispers. In Simon Spier’s (Nick Robinson) case, his secret is that he’s gay.

The story follows Simon after a fellow closeted classmate comes out online under the pseudonym ‘Blue’. Tracking down Blue’s email address, Simon reaches out to him using his own alias and, under the shield of anonymity, the two quickly become digital pen pals. Sharing their thoughts and feelings with each other, things start to get complicated after Simon realises he might be falling in love with Blue and starts attempting to uncover his identity.

Part of the film’s fun is guessing along with Simon who Blue may be. To keep audiences on their toes, the film adopts numerous narrators for Blue and this playfulness keeps the film engaging even when it feels familiar. Moreover, the film’s genuine portrayal of gay teen romance feels like a watershed moment for the well-worn coming of age narrative. A gay protagonist coming to terms with his sexuality like any other teen will speak strongly to an underrepresented audience and the film recognises this prerogative. At the same time, the film’s success lies in its ability to find the shared moments of humour and heart that will appeal to all audiences, irrespective of their gender or sexual orientation.

Unfortunately, the film goes for grand gestures when dealing with Simon’s complex feelings and a few scenes feel excessively Hollywood-ised as a result. Most egregious is the films’ climactic scene where, without giving much away, Simon stages a public forum for his anonymous pen pal to reveal his identity. It’s played as a heroic moment for Simon that he’s come to terms with his sexuality and is willing to publicly fall in love. However, the over-the-top way the scene plays out is like something you’d see at the end of a hackneyed love story, and it doesn’t get a free pass here just because it’s a gay love story.

Still, much like Simon himself, the film is frequently funny, charming and easy going. It’s also fronted by a strong cast of young actors who work convincingly as a tight-nit group of friends who go through their own emotional dramas rather than simply serving as emotional support for Simon.

Ultimately, Love, Simon is more likely to be remembered for what (or rather who) it represents rather than what it achieves. The story is far from groundbreaking, but maybe its adherence to formula is a message in and of itself, that straight or gay, love is all the same.

Review Love, Simon (2018) by Dayletleyva – Great start to a long road ahead

Let me preface by saying this movie was incredible. Amazing casting, very poignant conversations, and funny one liners. If you’re not looking at it from a socio-political standpoint, it’s a great feel good movie.

A movie that’s been long over due.

Where some of the short comings occur is when the movie strikes a tone deaf chord. Some instances were Simons friends and not grasping the quandary he was in. The vice principal was a caricature of a person, and as a person in authority, I would’ve preferred for him to have become someone a teen in that situation could feel safe and validated with…not someone who at the first instance says “well we’re not alike like that”. Thankfully there was Ms. Albright! She was incredible! Also, the joke about being “too gay” no cool. There’s no “too” anything. Especially when you’re trying to build a space for movies that depict all walks of life from all types of individuals. And to be honest, not in love with the whole blackmail aspect, although I guess I can understand why you’d need it as a story arc.

I know it may seem like I am bashing the movie, but I am really not. The family was incredible. The friends, once they got their act together, were really supportive. Bless Ms. Albright and IT HAS A HAPPY ENDING! Wish it was longer though….

But like I said, it’s a great start but we have a long way to go before movies like these can become the norm. Where everyone gets their happy ending and feels like they can let the world know their secret.

Review Love, Simon (2018) by royronit-51350 – Sheer Brilliance and is as touching as it is moving!

This film has nothing more to offer than a coming of age comedy romantic drama but it is exceptional in its own unique-and quite exceptional way. It may pave way for many teens to be inspired about what they want to be and not become what others prefer you to be. It helps you feel better-and better than good to be comfortable in your own skin and be happy and proud about what-and WHO YOU ARE. You are a human with personal preferences and choices and you will never let other others give a f**k about you. Berlanti is genius director and has managed to maintain the beautiful balance between happiness and pain. Nick Robinson is convincing as the sometimes fanatical and sometimes happy and sometimes anxious SIMON. He is more than just convincing. He adds more-much more to the hard-to-understand character. And yeah Simon’s friends are funny and sweet to. (Sorry I dont know the real actors’ names!) So Yeah this is a great film to be watched on happy weekends with your family and friends. And for all those Simon kinds out there – be done keeping your story straight! Be who you are.

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