Love on the Slopes 123movies – Watch Love on the Slopes online free

Watch Love on the Slopes online free – Hallmark movies most of the time are a pleasant timepass but hardly more. This one is one of the exceptions. This one leaves you with its impression. You actually see the development that happens over the course of the movie. The love that blossoms between the leads feels natural instead of forced and manufactured. Their expressive acting breaths life into the story. Overall a commendable job. One of those movies you can watch again.

Love on the Slopes 123movies – Watch Love on the Slopes online free

Love on the Slopes review by jacobs-greenwood – Pleasant self discovery adventure

Alex is a New York copywriter that wants to become a feature writer. Her boss has just introduced a cover story contest that might help her to fulfill that dream, but tells Alex that she’ll likely have to step outside of her comfort zone to succeed.

So the city girl heads west to a ski resort where Cole, a reclusive extreme sports photographer she admires, is said to live. She hopes to get an interview, or at least experience the sports which inspire his work.

Of course they meet, she’s a fish out of water klutz, but he’s a social misfit that wants his foundation (which helps young kids experience the outdoors) to succeed. So they strike a bargain – Cole will help Alex try different outdoor activities on the slopes for her article, and she’ll help him with his presence at his gallery.

One things leads to another with both gaining confidence, overcoming their weaknesses while growing personally – especially Alex – until her boyfriend arrives. However, if you know the formula, you can figure out how it will end.

Like most Hallmark romances, the scenery is postcard beautiful, and all the actors are attractive, so it’s a carefree couple of hours of harmless fun.

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Love on the Slopes review by Jane H – Fantastic scenery makes this Hallmark

Hallmark is great at making setting an important part of the movie, but this particular film does that in spades. There’s incredible snowy mountain scenery here, especially in the scene where Alex and Cole zipline across a canyon above an icy river. Just gorgeous. Seriously, this is worth watching for the scenery alone.

As for the romance, I liked the leads, even if Alex’s girly “I’m so not sporty” was a bit ridiculous initially. The premise of having her do a lot of winter-y extreme sports allowed for breathtaking vistas and for her to cling to manly extreme sports guide, Cole. The chemistry was pretty good, especially towards the end. The script was serviceable.

All in all, one I will rewatch. The leads are attractive and appealing enough that the romance was decent. But it’s mainly the setting that puts this one over the top for me.

Love on the Slopes review by Ronbokirk – Another great Movie from Hallmark

I never review a movie without watching it at least 3 times. The first viewing gives you the overall picture; story,plot, characters etc. The second gives you access to details you missed in the first one. The third viewing allows you to concentrate on production, directing, writing, casting etc. since you already know the plot and outcome.

I found this to be a deliteful new entry from Hallmark. Outdoor scenes were shot on location (real snow). Casting actually (finally) put the two leads together with on screen chemestry. Character development took place early in the movie. we were shown their weaknesses and goals early on thanks to good writing. This movie sets the bar pretty high for Hallmark to follow with the rest of this years new entrys. my total score: 9

Love on the Slopes review by Victor Jordan – Hallmark kicked off 2018 with a winner.

The filming was in British Columbia, Canada and the scenery is gorgeous and makes for great winter sports.

Alex (Katrina Bowden) aspires to become a travel writer and is given a chance to write a story about her fears of almost anything adventure related as she participates in overcoming them. Early in the movie she meets a sports enthusiast Cole (Thomas Deadoin) who has some weaknesses of his own. Cole becomes Alex’s guide. As they conquer some of Alex’s fears sparks flies. While the chemistry isn’t the greatest, it is solid. Alex was a little annoying early in the movie but as it progressed I enjoyed her and hope to see her in more HM movies. This is a movie that I will enjoy again in the future.

Love on the Slopes review by Miss M – Main character’s journey.

After putting it off for a while I finally watched it. And despite having to pause it for 20 minutes I really enjoy it. While it’s not my favorite from this Winter season, I believe it’s worth the watch. Beautiful scenery: it only increases my desire to visit Canada.

The best part was definitely Katrina Bowden as Alex: watching her overcome her fears and developing as a character. I hope we get to see her in more Hallmark movies.

Great storyline. It was not the funniest script, but acceptable. My only problem was Thomas’ character Cole. I did not connect with him. And sometimes I didn’t find Thomas’ acting very convincing. The chemistry was not enough for me. Once again, disappointing: I was expecting more after watching the previews.

Despite my disappointment I liked it, it’s worth the watch. Don’t know if I will watch again.

Love on the Slopes review by Jack Vasen – Xtreme?

The basic story is a nice one about a woman’s journey from fear to believing in herself. Alex starts out as such an exaggerated wimp, I was actually turned off by her. To make it worse she had wannabe dreams that showed no understanding of what it would take to accomplish. The story does pretty much follow what you would expect with few surprises.

Katrina Bowden does a good enough job showing Alex develop her character. By a little more than half way, she became likeable and appealing. Unfortunately, Thomas Beaudoin is stiff with little spark with the result that there is little chemistry.

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