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Watch Love 2016 full movie online free – I absolutely love this show. The first season was awesome. The second season however, was a little bit harder to love. I understand the reasoning and they had to push Mickey’s character a little bit further to show beyond a doubt that she is messed up. However, she is such a bitch that it’s hard to like her character or end up liking the episode. Maybe that’s what the writers want to do and getting under my skin but I found myself just watching to get through to the end and hoping that they somehow kill off her character and Gus get’s together with someone who actually deserves him. Gus (Paul Rust) is an awesome character that we can all relate to and sympathize for. A pure genius in his acting. This show would suck without him and it’s the main reason I continue watching.

Love 2016 pulocker – Watch Love 2016 full movie online free

Review Love 2016 by Kirkmanhayley – I really appreciate this show

I like this show because it’s not quite a sitcom and it’s not quite a drama. It feels very real, like something you’ve probably experienced in your life before. There are so many little moments that strike a chord with me… The awkward silence after cracking a terrible joke. The exalting victory of the person you like finally texting you back. The struggle of navigating parties where you don’t know anyone.

Some people might not like this show because of that rawness, but I for one find it endearing. I love seeing Mickey and Gus’ story play out in such an unconventional way. You really do feel sympathy for the characters’ successes and failures. Give it a try, because you might find a little bit of yourself in this show.

Review Love 2016 by Kingans – This is so good!

I was not expecting to like this show, and I was laughing and captivated and I can’t wait to keep watching this human “superfund site” of a couple sort it out. It is well written and Paul Rust is perfect as an awkward, cute, slightly devious 30 something.

Like this new show a lot! We watched it in a group that ranged from a whole contingent that age of Mickie and Gus (they totally related to it) to people in their 70’s who also loved it.

This isn’t strictly a comedy, as it examines insecurity, awkwardness, drugs etc. It is not for everyone but a lot of viewers will be hooked. The situations and characters are very real.

Review Love 2016 by Dottedzebras – I love this show and I don’t know why

I don’t write reviews but I had to on this one. I love this show, but I can not pinpoint what it is about it that I love so much. Maybe because it’s real? Or because you genuinely feel for the characters. You watch this show and you will think to yourself “oh, I remember when that was me” or “I’ve been through that before”. It literally has made me think about so many past relationships and all the stages in my life. If someone were to try to explain to me what this show was about before I watched it, I don’t think I would have been interested in it. I’m so happy I went in with no expectations because it seriously is a great show.

For those who are leaving bad reviews, maybe they’ve never been in situations like these? I don’t know but I can definitely see it being a show that is a hit or miss. Fortunately it was a hit for me! Can’t wait for next season.

Review Love 2016 by Joefatica – It’s Great!

I have watched Season One multiple times and it’s great each time. I love the characters, all of them! I love the dialogue! I love the music! I love the situations these characters have to deal with! I love the subtlety the nuance! This show has it all! I can confidently say it is one of the greatest shows of all time with one of the greatest ensemble casts ever assembled for TV! If they stop now it remains great but don’t you want to know more? I do! I love this show and all the characters! I cannot wait to see where they all end up.

Review Love 2016 by Lucy Bonette – I just don’t like the people in it

One of the main characters, Mickey, is just horrible. It’s amazing she appears to have friends on this show, because she’s super selfish. If people are not talking about what she wants, or when she cannot relate to the conversation, or she’s not getting any attention, she just keeps annoying people or even sabotaging the night. It’s just uncomfortable to watch. And sure she’s a recovering drug addict, but most people don’t even know that.

I do kind of like Gus, but then it annoys me that he would go for such a horrible person.

I am still watching this though. I’m pathetic.

Review Love 2016 by Rhys Stonely – Fell In “Love” with it from the start

This series really relates to all those out there who go through what you are going to/have watched. I simply loved it, I fell in “love” with the Characters from the start and shared the infuriation they went through. This Series really showed you, showed me, what not to do and what to do in a relationship and how much of an emotional wreck you could be, but also showed you, that you need to be yourself and not what anybody else wants you to be.

I hope this particular series with those Characters comes around again as i really miss this series already and hope for more to come out soon!

Review Love 2016 by James De Bello

Created by Paul Rust, Lesley Arfin and Judd Apatow, “Love” is a romantic comedy series that is way less pretentious and quirky than its title suggests. After a very bad day Mickey (Gillian Jacobs) meets Gus (Paul Rust) at their local grocery store after he paid her coffee, as she had no money with her. “Love” is the story of the two of them trying to figure out their very messy lives whilst feeling a connection for each other after that first quirky, yet sweat day together.

After “Freaks and Geeks” and “Undeclared”, Judd Apatow has another brilliant series to add to his resume and it is so wonderful that he can finally get to do a second season as both of his shows were canceled after their first run and they are all so deserving of further character work.

This is the third time I find myself reviewing a show by Apatow in less than two months and it feels kind of repetitive by now because the reason this show succeeds is exactly the same why his others do: treating the characters with affection and love and making them develop in a constantly poignant and relatable way, whilst never loosing a sense of fun and love for life which lights up the screen with the usual, non-stop laughs that constantly carry forward the storytelling in an effort of combination between comedy and story that is both perfect and extremely rare to find.

The writers populate this show with such distinguishable and unique characters it never feels we have to stop and halt the story to get a gag and some laughs out of it. They integrate every person organically and whilst it is clear that almost every side character is playing off a stereotype they always get away with it, both because of great self-consciousness and because of genuine story beats where all of the people are handed turns that ground them in reality. So whenever the comedy come out, it gradually builds and releases flowing naturally with story. It is such a difficult thing to pull off, but Apatow has demonstrated throughout all of his career to have a natural instinct for playing to stereotypes, reversing them, mocking them, using them correctly to understand a character instantaneously and ultimately delivering the laughs without ever feeling slightly offensive nor looking down at these characters.

Now the show’s merits don’t end simply on comedy value, actually comedy might be secondary to what is the primary focus of the writers which is the relationship between Mickey and Gus, a great opportunity to look at blossoming relationships, the complications of dating and trying to make someone else like you, but most of all looking at two different types of broken individuals (one admittedly more than the other) and the challenges they face in their every day lives which aren’t by any mean romanticized and instead ring so true and bittersweet.

I think this series gave me a crush on Gillian Jacobs: she brings to life Mickey in all of her off beat charisma and humanity and she is for sure the character whom I most related to, but also the one that had the most interesting arch. There are many, many points in the show where Mickey takes decisions that aren’t necessarily understandable looking from the outside-in, but Jacobs grounds her so much, she strips away any filters and gives this incredibly human performance that manages to make us us stick with her even when she repeatedly makes the wrong choices. Paul Rust isn’t any less interesting, his struggles are very different from Mickey’s and it makes for a very fresh dynamic throughout the show. Gus is painted as a very coherent character and the perfect “Apatowian” under-dog who has become a staple of the years still never loosing his fascination with audiences thanks to an always original take on said dynamic.

Does the show have flaws? Yes, it is occasionally a little too exuberant and the approach to some characters might be considered simplistic or rushed at times, but on such a low budget it is extremely impressive to look at quality of storytelling and character development we are handed in five hours of content that pass by in the blink of an eye. Another gem of joy from Apatow.

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