LA to Vegas putlockers – Watch LA to Vegas full movie online free

Watch LA to Vegas full movie online freeI watched this show originally because I like to give new shows a try and I wasn’t expecting much. What I found was a premise that allowed for an organic mix of characters you wouldn’t find anywhere else and humor that rivals the glory days of happy endings. The writers rely on you being smart enough to understand humor without needing a laugh track to tell you something is funny and when they do fall back on a punchline it’s usually a perfect cherry on top like Bernard discovering he has a fetish when he sees Peter Stormare punching a ventriloquist dummy. Watch this show, tell people to watch this show, otherwise it will be another brilliant missed opportunity from Fox.

LA to Vegas putlockers – Watch LA to Vegas full movie online free

LA to Vegas review by Sophiesaunt – Hilarious!!!

I’m already a fan of Steve Levitan’s because of Modern Family. As a Flight Attendant of 28 years, I watched the first episode with apprehension. A show about Airlines never last. Well, this is a PARODY, People! Ronnie and Bernard say things I wish I could say; Captain Dave is a riot and we all know pilots like him; and Colin, Nichole and Artem (the very talented Peter Stormare; he’s awesome in everything he does) provide funny back stories. Yes, I watch the show saying “we’d never do that” or “that’s not how it’s done” and “do they realize how short of a flight that is?” The job has changed so much in my 28 years and after 9/11 that I enjoy relaxing, laughing and letting loose for 30 minutes. If you have a sense of humor and laugh at what passengers do in real life rather than get angry, this show is for you.

LA to Vegas review by Majormadmax – Fly the Friendly Skies!

With all the crap that’s on the TV these days ‘LA to Vegas’ is a refreshing change! The characters are entertaining and as someone who flies quite often I can relate to them. The scenarios may be a bit over the top but historically that’s what has always made good comedy (was ‘Seinfeld’ that realistic?). Honestly I can’t say there is a better sitcom at the moment, which doesn’t mean ‘LA to Vegas’ is great but compared to its competition it’s at the top of the list.

So it isn’t a home run right out of the box but as someone has also noted, the first season of ‘Seinfeld’ was pretty slow. ‘LA to Vegas’ has potential and has already shown great promise in its cast and scripts. It’s balanced and even the over-the-top characters such as Captain Dave are easy to connect with.

I am glad to see three more episodes have already been order (for a total of 15), I hope Fox realizes what a hit they have and supports more seasons. “LA to Vegas’ deserves a chance to prove itself!

LA to Vegas review by Ed-Shullivan – Even Seinfeld got off to a very slow start…give LA to Vegas just a couple of flights

I give the series an 8 out of 10 rating with room to exceed my expectations.

Ever been to Vegas? Ever taken a red eye to Vegas? Well how about taken a bus to Vegas? Well for you naysayers, I think not. I am not saying that the pilot episode of LA to Vegas knocked my socks off, or hit it out of the ballpark, but there are a varied eclectic cast of characters that I see great potential in this comedy series.

Take Nicole (Olivia Macklin) for instance, she is a stripper who travels from LA to Vegas on a regular basis in an effort to recruit new strippers for the Vegas strip club she works at as she gets a bonus for every new girl she brings in.

Then there is the pilot Captain Dave (Dylan McDermott) who uses his position to pick up girls and bring them to his cockpit. A regular on this flight is a veteran gambler named Artem (Peter Stormare) who gambles by superstitions and will bet on anything including a young couples marriage vows. Captain Dave’s co-pilot Alan (Amir Talai) who aspired to be a dancer (and apparently still does) seems to have more luck picking up the ladies than Captain Dave does.

The lead actress in the series is Kim Matula who plays stewardess Ronnie who hates her job as a puddle jumper flight attendant and aspires to become a Delta stewardess on international flights. Ronnie knows how to make her passengers happy even if she appears to be miserable doing it, as she states “I go on my gut”. So she attempts to have sex in the plane’s bathroom with a British passenger (Ed Weeks) but gets interrupted. Her peer steward is gay Bernard (Nathan Lee Graham). Bernard is very content in his job and tries to explain to Ronnie she is perfect as his peer stewardess. Bernard sees how easy it is for Ronnie to make their repeat passengers comfortable on their multiple flights to and from LA to Vegas.

The show is not about what happens in Vegas but what happens on the flights from LA to Vegas and from Vegas back to LA. So I say give this series a chance and watch a few more episodes and I am quite sure it will grow on us, just like the future multiple Golden Globe and Emmy winning series Seinfeld did after being bashed in the media continuously during its first flight (no pun intended).

LA to Vegas review by Hithereh – Thoroughly Enjoyed!

When I first saw the trailer for this show I knew I had something to look forward to each week. Captain Dave is the pilot my husband wishes he could be. Is it a realistic portrayal of the airline industry? Of course not. But it’s close enough to home and that’s exactly why it fits the bill. These characters do and say what we wish we could at their workplace in the sky, much like how how Michael and the cast from The Office do and say things that would never fly past HR in real life. Is every joke perfect? No, but enough of them make me belly laugh and turn to high five my husband while we shhhhh each other to pay attention. We’ve watched and rewatched the episodes to replay our favorite one-liners and while some of the jokes are Sophomoric that is exactly what I was hoping for from Will Ferrell. In a way, Captain Dave is a 2018 version of Captain Ron Burgandy and I couldn’t be happier.

Surprisingly, I love that Captain Dave is not the main character. I have found myself enjoying the depth and flaws of Ronnie, the Lead Floght Attendant. I didn’t expect the show to make her more than a sky waitress so kudos to the writers. I am also hoping to see a lot more of Bernard (loved him as Todd in Zoolander). His witty quips and impecoble timing are spot on and are probably some of the most true to life conversations I’ve overheard from my real life airline industry friends. Not to mention that Bernard has some of the best raised eyebrow expressions that speak for themselves.

Hoping this show gets wheels up for many more seasons.

LA to Vegas review by Auror2569 – Stop being pretentious and just enjoy it.

I only write this because I am so sick of people wanting everything to be a cop procedural or talent contests or something in a hospital. Shows can be just fun. I know I am in the minority here but just STFU and enjoy some mindless humor FFS! Look if you want some nonsense to laugh at for 30 minutes this is a show you will enjoy. If you need everything to be some sort of commentary on society or watching a 12 year old hypnotist make a dog act like a chicken then you probably won’t dig this show.

LA to Vegas review by jimel98 – Just Funny, and that’s all you need.

This show is funny. I don’t give a hoot what the pretentious snobs out there think, not all GOOD comedy has to be brainy, British farce. With it’s head in the clouds and it’s feet on the ground, this program nicely straddles outrageous insanity and good old fashioned basic humor about the ‘normal’ weekend round trip flights from, well, LA to Vegas. * Capt. Dave is a howl as self absorbed Capt. Dave. (best episode, “Two and a Half Pilots” where he and equally self absorbed Capt. Steve, masterfully played Dermot Mulroney, NOT Dylan McDermott-Capt. Dave) get into a pissing contest about piloting.) * Ronnie, the disgruntled and rather mysterious female flight attendant. * Bernard, the disgruntled, yet more accepting of his position (and why not, that’s no easy job and not everyone could ever do it.) who is equally mysterious. * Alan-Co-pilot who is a bit naïve, inexperienced and in slight awe of Capt. Dave. And the passengers, anchored by: * Nichole-a Las Vegas stripper who commutes to work weekends and is a lot smarter than she appears * Artem-the crafty gambler who also seems to have a rather bizarre past growing up SOMEWHERE in probably Eastern Europe. (at three he dug a hole for a swimming pool. at 4 he discovered it was a mass grave!) and * Colin-a recently divorced father of one who’s ex lives in Vegas. He’s like some of the reviewers on this site, a bit pretentious and over the top in self absorption, but he gets to know others before he truly condemns them.

It’s a terrific show so far and, as another reviewer pointed out, and many have for many shows, the absolute gold standard of TV comedy, “Seinfeld” got off to a slow start and was threatened with cancellation. I don’t know if that’s been kicked around, I certainly hope not, but I’ve seen far too many great shows knocked down in their infancy by small minded TV execs. I’ve read the External Reviews and all are behind it. I know if weed out the naysayers here and just watch the show, odds are probably good you’ll get hooked. It’s just funny, and as my ‘headline’ stated, that’s all you need.

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