I Can Only Imagine 123movies – Watch I Can Only Imagine online free

Watch I Can Only Imagine online freeThis movie was so good that I HAD to review it. I have never had any other movie reach so far down into my soul. Truth is far deeper than fiction. This true story will grab ahold of your heart and soul and shake you to the core! Have you ever seen a 6’3″ 280 lb giant man sobbing at a movie? I have. And I was sobbing right along with him. You will be SO glad you watched this movie

I Can Only Imagine 123movies – Watch I Can Only Imagine online free

I Can Only Imagine review by Patsworld – Hollywood Pay Attention To This Movie

Here’s the thing – I only go to matinees. And rarely, over the years have I seen more than a dozen people in the theater during any one movie. This week I went with two other friends to see I Can Only Imagine. I told them I wanted to get there about 20 minutes early because I figured the place would be packed. They laughed at me, but went along with it. As it turned out, it was a good thing we arrived early because we got the last three seats together up on the top row. By the time the movie started every other seat was filled too. And as we left, the lobby was teaming with people waiting to get in to see it. This is a splendid movie with a message, music, good acting and it contained none of the usual trash turned out by Hollywood these day. In fact, rather than spend ridiculous amounts of money to churn out unfunny, raunchy so-called comedies, slash everyone to bloody bits horror messes or the usual suggestive or downright explicit garbage Hollywood deems what America wants, somebody with a working brain should be paying attention here. Give us what we really want to see – decent movies – and we will buy tickets. As for this one, I will gladly buy another ticket to see it again. It’s that good.

I Can Only Imagine review by cindynavarro713 – I Can Only Imagine

The story behind the song that went beyond the Christian music charts into the mainstream and brought the group, MercyMe, into prominence in Christian music. The movie is based on the life of musician Bart Millard and the experiences that lead to the writing of the song. Obviously, the film can only touch on a few highlights of his life and career, and J Michael Finley strikes the right note, not only with his amazing musical gift but as an actor portraying Bart Millard. The stand-out for me was Dennis Quaid. I have always been a fan and his performance as an abusive father was outstanding. “I Can Only Imagine” is a film that shows that forgiveness and redemption are always possible and the movie and song tell of the hope many believe in today. There were both tears and laughter from the audience of the sold-out screening I attended and I heard many positive comments. The Erwin Brothers step up their game with each film they make. Congratulations to cast and crew for a job well done.

I Can Only Imagine review by Dave McClain – a layered Christian film which has appeal which goes well beyond its underlying religious message

“I Can Only Imagine” (PG, 1:50) is a dramatization of the creation of the all-time most popular contemporary Christian song, after which the film is named. The story follows the rise of MercyMe, the group which made the song famous, focusing on the life of lead singer Bret Millard, who wrote the song as his way of healing from his abusive childhood. Yes, this is a Christian movie, but it’s also much more.

Newcomer J. Michael Finley (looking like a young Seth Rogen) stars as the adult Bret (with Brody Rose playing Bret as a child), a man trying to get past… well, his past. We see Bret as an only child being raised by a verbally and physically abusive father named Arthur (Dennis Quaid). Bret becomes a high school football player, like his father, trying for gridiron glory which eluded the elder Millard. But Brett’s plans change and he accidentally discovers a talent and love for singing as a member of his school’s glee club.

As Bret pursues his new dream, he distances himself from his father, but also ends up throwing away his relationship with his childhood sweetheart, Shannon (Madeline Carroll as an adult, Taegen Burns as a child). After joining the musicians who become MercyMe, Bret and company go through the usual growing pains of young musicians, even after veteran music producer Scott Brickell (Trace Adkins) takes the group under his wing. Even as they make original music and go on tour, it seems what they really need to take them to the next level is more truth in their music, songs which come from their hearts.

“I Can Only Imagine” effectively speaks to Movie Fans on several different levels. It’s a story about Christian musicians which doesn’t preach, but simply shows how the faith of these men affected their lives and their music. Co-directors Andrew and Jon Erwin also make this movie a story about redemption and second chances, pursuing your dreams, and rising above your circumstances, all presented in a way that most Movie Fans can relate to, religious and non-religious alike. The movie even manages some surprises, framing the story in the context of a conversation about the famous song between Bret and a woman whose significance to the story is not revealed until late in the film. To all this, add a cast that is solid from top to bottom, mixing the talents of actors with widely varying levels of acting experience, and what we have is a very entertaining and impactful motion picture. How anyone could make a Christian movie that is likely to please its core constituency, while having equal appeal to a broader audience… well, I can only imagine.

I Can Only Imagine review by Ljcamp – Inspiring

I have listened to Mercy Me for years and loved their music. The story behind the making of this song makes it even more meaningful for me and I am sure many people. I grew up with a father much like Brad’s so I cried through the whole movie. Once I looked over at my husband and he was crying too. The movie was well done and I think even people with good parents will understand and enjoy it but if you grew up with an emotionally or physically abusive parent, it is a must see. There is healing in forgiveness.

I Can Only Imagine review by MsMarlaJ2 – Powerful MUST SEE Movie

Michael Finley, Dennis Quaid and Nicole DuPort are brilliant in this movie, they skillfully take you back in time to the very beginning of the careers of Bard Milliard and the Christian Music Band “Mercy Me”. The movie shows the horrors of child abuse and domestic violence. Then even though it is horrible and yet these individuals were able to survive and even to show the incredible life’s journey through trials and tribulations and how the love and selfless sacrifice of JESUS CHRIST on the cross can conquer all the horribleness of domestic violence. This is truly the BEST movie that I have seen in the last decade. I hope that those who see this movie can know that they are “not alone” no matter how bad something appears and gather the strength to follow their dreams, that they NEVER let anyone steal/kill their dreams.

I Can Only Imagine review by rking-19 – Don’t Leave This One To The Imagination

It’s real. The story was and is so real and in my face that even hours later I cannot get it out of my mind. I randomly burst out. The only other time that sort of occurence befell me was in grieving for someone close to me. So bear with me.

Mercy Me is a band that rocketed to popularity after releasing their first real song, “I Can Only Imagine.” The song itself you can easily find on YouTube or Amazon and you will see why the song exploded through to number one on the charts and has remained very popular over the years even as the band has produced other hits. That song was a juggernaut!

But how did the song and the quality of the band come to be? “I Can Only Imagine” presents this captivating backstory with a great deal of depth and rawness. I knew nothing about this story when I took my family to see the movie (although I had heard the fabulous song before). If you do not already know the story, please take my advice and do NOT research it before you go. Afterwards, you’re off the leash!

A special note about Dennis Quaid: I am proud to be a fan once again. Quaid played years ago in several enjoyable wholesome movies but then perhaps he felt pigeonholed leading him, in a series of misguided judgments, to take on roles that were radically unsuitable and even disgusting. His role in this film provided a badly-needed redemption from that deeply disappointing season. His character here was an interesting creative challenge, and wow, did he deliver! Let’s hope for more like this from him.

Others have already noted the underutilization of the rest of the cast, and I do wish we could have seen some more of them. The story was intense enough that fitting it into two hours probably made it impossible to allow too much off-axis character development, but the supporting actors really held up their end to make the story come alive.

As the lights came up when the movie was over, there was only muted applause, as though the audience felt a duty to be courteous. Didn’t they like it? Well, yes, they did but a large percentage of the audience in the fully-packed house were so deeply moved that they were tearing uncontrollably and it was the best they could manage.

Please forgive me for totally messing up this review, but the impact of this movie has burrowed into me and I am simply not myself. Please see rgkarim’s or any of several other reviews for a better analytical breakdown. You will generally find that on balance the story was compelling, the production values good, the cast executed well, and the pacing was well-managed delivering the sparkle that makes a movie special.

For the anti-Christians or non-entity Christians I normally have snarky comments in my reviews reserved for you but, for this movie, I just hope you see it with an open heart, that the pot is stirred inside you, driving you to see in a way you haven’t seen before, think in a way you haven’t thought before, and ultimately to receive a deeply satisfying future you hadn’t conceived before. I’ll be here cheering you on.

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