Grey’s Anatomy 123movies – Watch Grey’s Anatomy full movie online free

Watch Grey’s Anatomy full movie online free – Oh my gosh, I have been in love with this show since it first came out many years ago. There’s so many twists and turns that you’ll never expect, you get emotionally attached to the characters, everything is always so great. And it goes really deep into the personal lives of each individual surgeon. Grey’s Anatomy makes you feel like you’re actually living it. Not just watching it.

Grey’s Anatomy 123movies – Watch Grey’s Anatomy full movie online free

Grey’s Anatomy review by HaloFive00 – Addictive show

Grey’s Anatomy is a surprisingly addictive show. The plot lines are an interesting blend of soap opera, drama, and comedy–it’s not really like anything else, but at the same time, it occasionally feels pedestrian. However, it’s very well done–good writing, great acting, and well directed.

Sandra Oh stands out for her comic timing, but the entire cast is superb. It’s not as grave as ER, but is just as compelling. Also, it’s a little more accessible than ER and some of the more serious medical dramas. The show is definitely worth catching–if you can’t watch it when it airs, TiVo it or rent the first season DVD. It’s well worth the time spent! It’s great for marathon viewings!

Grey’s Anatomy review by Obsessivefilmlover – Excellent Series

This television series is one of the best dramas I’ve ever seen in a while. The cast has great chemistry, especially Patrick Dempsy and Ellen Pompeo. The script is flawless, full of new obstacles for each character to go through per episode, with bits of comedic writing in it as well. I have compared this series with the ER series and personally, I like this series much better. Grey’s Anatomy has bits of life lessons for viewers to learn every so often. Many episodes breaks your hearts, making you feel tempted to even yell or shout at the television screen! Great cliff-hangers, making viewers waiting impatiently until next Thursday to see what happens next! Overall, Grey’s Anatomy is a wonderful show. Tune in!

Grey’s Anatomy review by dschroe261 – This show is absolutely wonderful!!!

I absolutely love this show! The characters are full of character and feeling and sense and everything that is in the best shows!!! The story lines are totally believable and there are sad parts, funny parts, intense moments, and refreshing insights…just everything I love in a great show. There are enough surprises to keep you guessing, but enough stability to keep me coming back to watch the next episode. This is truly an absolutely wonderful show! I cannot wait for the next season to begin and my daughter loves it too. All my co-workers love the show too and we watch it and look forward to discussing all the parts the next day at work! This show is irresitable…so if you haven’t watched the first season…you should try to rent it or watch the re-runs (if they ever come on again!!!) We (my daughter and I) say – when is it coming back on?!? Now – tomorrow is too late.

Grey’s Anatomy review by mosu197 – Wonderful!

Nothing gets better than this. Leaving work early every Sunday night to see what’s up with 9PM block on ABC in HAWAII. Love to be on that edge, wondering if she is going to have her McDreamy. It makes the suspense so intense! Grey and Shepard are a wonderful duo. The cast in the show are so awesome. Remembering Patrick Dempsey in “Can’t Buy Me Love” and now a very mature individual who achieved so much to get where he’s at now. Ellen Pompeo as a very fresh face in the Primetime Segment, and many other characters as well. As my four daughters would say, “There must be more to life than Grey’s Anatomy, Mom!” I replied, “I have you four girls first, but now it’s my time…my time for McDreamy & Grey.” They all laughed and now leaves me alone for only one hour of laughter and tears.

Grey’s Anatomy review by caspian1978 – Life Support

When I began watching Grey’s Anatomy I was single, dating and connected with the first round of characters that the show offered its audience. We were along for the journey with these young Doctors as they began their professional careers as well as their personal struggles with friendship and love. Fourteen seasons later, Grey’s Anatomy has become a completely different show as we the audience has also changed. I am now married with children and at a similar time-line as some of the current cast members. It is for this reason that I am no longer a devoted fan. Having seen every episode since its pilot, I have finally questioned why I am still tuning in every week to watch the continuing adventures of Meredith Grey and her circle of friends and fellow doctors. Simple, it is no longer the same show I began to watch 14 seasons ago. Most of the character of the original show have left if not been killed off. The hospital has been set on fire, blown up, and taken hostage multiple times. We have seen love, lost, passion, promise, joy and sadness from multiple story lines throughout its run. Grey’s Anatomy has reinvented itself so many times that we have seen its central figure (Meredith Grey) change for good and bad.

From the single girl, the devoted daughter, the young doctor, the passionate girl friend, the on again off again good / bad friend, the angry daughter living in her Mom’ shadow, the newly-wed, young mother, widower, lost adult and now, for lack of anything else, a supporting character to the show that graces her name.

For this reason and the loss of so many of its prior cast members, I have found myself question time and time again when Grey’s Anatomy “jumped the shark.”

Grey’s Anatomy by default has inherited the generational audience of fans from such shows as St. Elsewhere, Chicago Hope and ER. The hospital drama has a home with Grey’s Anatomy. When the show began, it was a home to a young cast of young professionals that were in multiple “sexual” relationships as they juggled their careers and side stories. Also, the show has taken a life of its own by juggling a much more diverse cast then it set out originally. With good and bad results, the solid fact remains that the current show does not reflect anything that the original show set out to be 14 seasons ago.

While the show has created a multitude of amazing stories and moments for its audience to enjoy, I have lost that love and feeling many years ago. Now, I fear that after many years of hoping, wishing and praying, the show will not return to what it once was. It has tried several times to revive its cast to showcase this but has failed. Even during its second and third wind of new medical arrivals, only a handful have made the cut to the current cast while the large majority have disappeared if not written off the show. However, I am not angry at the overall show. Grey’ Anatomy has (had) produced many good characters and stories back in the day. Thank you for the good times, which were many many seasons ago. Now, audience members have to make a tough decision.

With that said, the show has struggled for an identity while holding onto several different aspects for a show. It has taken me this long to finally “pull the plug” and take Grey’s Anatomy off of life support.

Grey’s Anatomy review by Jessica L. Jacobs (Jess_Jacobs) – Love the show but I think it’s non-stop drama is over the top

I have loved, loved, loved this show since the very first episode. So much so that I was hooked from the very beginning and it gave me a new appreciation for doctors. The first several seasons were awesome but as each new one comes out, I find myself getting bored with the non-stop drama. Like, seriously, how much drama can one hospital and it’s staff possibly endure? Especially Meredith, one of the main characters in the show in which it’s centered around. It’s unrealistic. It’s starting to get really annoying. It’s TOO MUCH DRAMA anymore. Which is sad because it has a wonderful cast and premise but now it’s more like a soap opera which I must mention that I detest soap opera’s! If they toned down the show and quit making so much unrealistic “bad” things happen to the cast members, then I might be still wanting more of the show. However, as I said before, it’s “Drama, drama, drama” and I cannot take much more of it. Seriously. Twelve seasons already and I think this show should make a graceful exit soon before I pull my hair out.

Grey’s Anatomy review by kaZZer88 – Entirely Worth the DVDS price and time.

Hands down, the best show currently on television. The writing is absolutely brilliant, the actors can have you laughing, then crying in a matter of seconds, and the ensemble itself is phenomenal. if you aren’t watching, you are making a HUGE mistake. Buy the DVDS, spend some time watching them or even jump in right now, you’d catch up eventually, it’s not like “LOST”. seriously. best. show. ever. It seems like each week as a viewer you’re left saying, okay, they’ve hit their peak and there is no way it could possibly surpass this, and then they do. I’m a film student, and I would absolutely LOVE the opportunity to create something like this show. I am normally not an overly emotional person but with Grey’s, all bets are off. I watch episodes from previous seasons and they still affect me the same way as if I’m watching them for the first time, because each time you put more and more together and you learn something new. Each character is incredibly unique with their own set of goals, talents, and faults. Even the character that in any other show you would despise (Addison- for breaking Meredith and Derek up originally), from the instant she walked in became someone I was curious about. Each character is so intelligent and tenacious and yet they are all so vulnerable to different things but what keeps them together is what Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) said, their ability to believe in their survival. I can’t say enough great things about this show. Watch it.

Grey’s Anatomy review by Haidok – Downhill after first season

The hardest thing is to assign a star rating to the whole program. It was at least a 9 the first year, dropping lower and lower as the second season progressed, until the maudlin, final episodes were aired. By the last episode of the 2nd season I was rating it a couple of stars. Why does something so fresh and interesting in the first season have to deteriorate into a daytime soap? Was there simply nothing more to say? The British have a solution to this problem. They don’t try to stretch out their successes over multiple seasons. They move on to another new, interesting project, rather than trying to milk a dead horse forever. And now I read other reviewers saying the third season is even worse (even from commentators who, unlike me, liked the second season). Is anyone surprised? I’ve gone from being a major fan to being a major detractor in just two seasons.

Grey’s Anatomy review by Syl – We need more of Sandra Oh!

I thought this show was going to be around first year interns at a Seattle Hospital. I wasn’t expecting Meredith Grey to be the central character. I love watching Sandra Oh and Patrick Dempsey. They are both excellent actors themselves. With the success of Sideways, Sandra can be singing all the way to the bank. She is very entertaining to watch even in this show. I would say this is an average show. I like the fact that Meredith is the daughter of a famous surgeon who now does not remember her own name possibly from Alzheimer’s disease. I do not understand networks who keep trying to use the same familiar surroundings like a hospital or a police station in dramas. There are too many dramas on today. I would much rather have something original. Since it comes after Desperate Housewives, it is not a bad show. It just needs time to grow. There are good episodes sometimes but I think the characters are so involved in their personal love lives that they have forgotten medicine sometimes. I don’t think this show is evolving appropriately to combine love, medicine, story lines, and a mixture of it equally. I love Kate Burton who appears as Ellis Grey, Meredith’s mother. Anyway, it has become Ally McBeal meets ER now rather than St. Elsewhere.

Grey’s Anatomy review by pagan6969 – Grays Anatomy

I have enjoyed this series from the very start. It is nice to have only a few main key characters to follow – allowing them the chance to have more in-depth story lines outside their hospital duties. Whilst some of the couplings were easy to see coming others weren’t. Nice twist with Addisons former lover reappearing to re-win her affections only for him to make a pass at Meredith. The most unexpected for me is that of George & Callie. The last few episodes here in the UK have had me screaming at the TV that they cant end there…. The episode ending with Preston shot down outside the hospital and the following one – pure genius. Izzys love triangle with the almost dying Danny and the sometimes annoying Alex only add to the romantic intrigue. These mixed with the weekly medical cases of varying severity make the show a mix of drama romance and light black comedy. Loved the episode with the unexploded bomb in the patients chest cavity – it was great television. I only wish it was on terrestrial TV here in UK – I rave about it to work colleagues and they don’t have Cable so are really missing out. Keep it up for many seasons to come….

Grey’s Anatomy review by groundpilot43061 – Great Sunday Entertainment

Having watched the entire series now I have to highly recommend this show. I have been through quite a few evening “soap operas” and I can say that this one has the makings of drawing you in from the start. On one hand I can’t exactly say with all certainty that this is a typical day in the life of hospital medical staff about to finish up their required courses to be able to say yes I am a surgeon. And be able to call the shots or hand their own shingle. But after watching this program the way the day to day personal lives have intertwined at the hospital they are working in Seattle.

You begin to say way how much like real life are these stories. You can begin to feel for these characters and also to have others that will bother you to know end. All in all I would give this show on a rating of 1-5 with 5 being the highest a 10. The show has way exceeded my expectations and now I can’t wait for the new season to begin. Hopefully ABC won’t make us wait too long before this season is released on DVD.

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