Game of Thrones review – Watch Game of Thrones 123movies online free

Watch Game of Thrones 123movies online free – An epic tale of the struggle between good and evil. Game of Thrones is stunningly beautiful and a work of art out of the ordinary. Rarely have I been so moved by a movie / series. A must not only for those who enjoy a fantastic medieval adventure, but also for those who wish to be blown away by a brilliant storyline, strong characters, unexpected twists, beautiful scenery, captivating dialogue, fast paced action scenes… I could go on forever. You will hate the evil characters and love the good ones, or the contrary if you wish. To feel such strong feelings for the characters in a movie / series is the ultimate proof of what masterpiece Game of Thrones really is.

Game of Thrones review – Watch Game of Thrones 365movies online free

Game of Thrones review by paulday98 – One of the most stunning shows on television

Do not believe any of those negative reviews. I honestly cannot understand why some reviewers have given this such a low rating. I think some people love the sound of their own voice and think their opinion is worth something and will be disagreeable simply for the sake of it.

Having said that, this show is stunning. I have never read the books and now I want to. There is so much crap on TV that is renewed year after year (CSI, House etc.) which uses cheap gags, pointless and sometimes ridiculous plots, unbelievable and many times one dimensional characters and yet all the truly great shows get cancelled.

There is enough brain-dead television. But once in a while a show comes along that transports you to another world and makes you believe in the magic of television again. Game of Thrones is one such show.

It is complex, multi-layered, surreal, vibrant, imaginative and it draws your eye in to the surprising level of detail, from the sweeping vistas, to the narrow dungeons, from the beautiful castles and magnificent trees, to the contrasting landscapes. It is worth watching just for the scenery alone.

Yes the acting seems a little cold and even wooden at times, but this is perfectly in keeping with the medieval look and feel of the show. Yes it is dark and gloomy, but again in keeping with the narrative.

The scripting is intelligent and well delivered by competent acting, led by Sean Bean perfectly cast as Lord Edard. Although Sean Bean is better known for brooding bad guys, he strikes the perfect balance between father, husband and Lord and soldier. He is well supported by other well known actors and many new to the scene.

After watching and sometimes enjoying Camelot, this show makes that one look more like “Merlin” by comparison. And where Camelot lacks in depth and scripting, Game of Thrones strikes the perfect balance between brooding medieval angst and wonderful fantasy story telling.

Even if you have never watched a fantasy show before, you should not miss this.

Game of Thrones review by Unknownmirc – Lord of the Rings – I think not!

Seeing a review comparing this brilliant title to Lord of the Rings made me make an account here and post my very first review.

I had very high expectations from this series and I believed that it will (like most TV series) absolutely ruin the book. And I couldn’t have been more wrong! Where do I start…

The cast is great, though not amazing with one exception – Sean Bean is perfect for the role of cold master of the North, Eddard Stark. The setting, the atmosphere is perfect and not boring at all! Some scenes are just amazing and are exactly as written in the book – for example the scene where they find the wolves, the nature and the dialogs are just as they should be. Now to get to the part most people are interested in: What is this? What can I expect of the series?

THIS IS NOT LORD OF THE RINGS. Now that I got that out, I can continue. The very idea behind the series is a lot different. It’s based around great families on different sides of the world, the stories their members have to tell and the secrets they hide. And there are many secrets, You will have a chance to witness small portion of them in the first episode. If you cannot follow the story just yet, don’t worry! It’s meant to be like that, you will eventually get to know all the characters and get involved in the story so much you will BEG for next episode just to see what happens.

What to expect? Plots, love, action, war, hatred, quite a few surprises and much much more… All that after the first episode. I really hope they will not ruin it as the series progress.

Conclusion: Do not miss this! Yes YOU complaining that the book is better. And everyone else.


Game of Thrones review by Salerkbozava – This TV series is magnificent!

This TV series is magnificent! I read a book and I must say that A Game Of Thrones is one of the best books I’ve read. So when I first heard that HBO will do a series on the this book I was thrilled but I was afraid that they will not be done exactly by the book. But I must say that I was wrong and that the series is better than I thought it would be. Much better!

While I watched the first episode I had the same excitement as the time when I first read the book. HBO has done a great job and they fulfill all my expectations. Sean Bean was born for the role of Eddard Stark. Costumes, scenes, actors, everything is done as it should be. Actors are perfect for the role they play in the series.

For me the biggest surprise of the series I figure Daenerys Targaryen. Emilia Clarke actress who plays Daenerys Targaryen is more beautiful than I imagined it would be and more beautiful than is described in the book.

The Wall is a lot different than I had imagined, but in a good way.

The series revolves around Eddard Stark and his family. He has a wife and five children, three sons and two daughters. Eddard Stark is ruler of the North and close friend of King Robert who needs his help in ruling the Seven Kingdoms.

The seven kingdoms, united under one ruler, have lived a life of peace and comfort since King Robert took the throne. But nothing is ever as it seems. Within the king’s court there is murder and treason, with no one aware of what is really going on. Across the seas, the last remnants of the previous royal family gather forces to reclaim their throne. To the north, the unthinkable gathers, the creatures of myth and legend that have been forgotten.

Game of Thrones review by Ren Beaudoin – Fresh and Exciting

Game of Thrones on HBO is a TV adaption of George R.R. Martin’s books, a Song of Ice and Fire. For those fans who know and love the books, then you can’t help but love the TV adaptation. It is difficult to translate books into movies or TV series, but HBO’s GoT made it look easy. The characters, cast, scenery, costume, etc., all looked incredible, and gave me the feeling that I was inside the books themselves. Although not every little detail was translated perfectly, and nor should they be, the pilot episode was a grand achievement.

For all those Nay-Sayers out there: If you don’t like the series, then you probably have never read the books or watched the countless behind the scenes trailers that helped those who didn’t understand the complex storyline. Yes, this story is complex, its original, its fresh, and it is very exciting. The story line gets better with each episode. You also have to keep in mind that this story is an adult story, and as I said, it is complex. Simply put, HBO didn’t dumb the story down, but rather remained true to the core of this epic fantasy. For those who have never read the books and found the pilot interesting, trust me it gets better and better. Stick with it.

Game of Thrones review by Geisterkarle – Really Surprised!

Damn you George R.R. Martin! Don’t do movies, finish the damn next book … oh wait … he did! OK! Than let’s look at the series…

Well, above statement has a meaning: I read the books! Yeah, big deal, but when I did I always thought: “It is not possible to do a movie about this!” And I was right! … but they did a series! And I can’t really believe it, but: It (well, the pilot) is quite good! Never expected that!

Also funny how many people talk about the nudity and/or the gore. Yes you see some breasts and so on … so what? This is a fantasy, that is realistic (if you didn’t read the books and don’t know, what I mean by that: Wait and watch the series … and you will be surprised!) so the scenes are realistic too! I like that! Adds more to the feeling of the books!

The main problem is, that if you don’t know the books you are quite lost with the characters and what happened to all of them. But I hope we will get deeper into the minds and backgrounds of those people! The cast for that is really well done and I hope for they can pass on the feelings I got when I read the book!

Overall: Great start, hoping for Brilliance!

Game of Thrones review by Thegoodthebadthesmugly – Worth the hype

I was reluctant to start watching this, mostly because I am *so* unique and different (in case you missed the sarcasm in the text, I’m being facetious). In all seriousness, I don’t know why I avoided it for so long, but I wish I hadn’t. This series is awesome.

I also didn’t realize that it actually delved into items such as dragons, witchcraft, etc. I really, really like it and I’d recommend giving a few episodes a shot to see whether or not you like it. Please don’t judge it on the snow scenes. That is the only storyline that I seriously don’t get, and wish was cut out – I feel like those people have been lost in the snow for forever.

Game of Thrones review by Julienne Ford-Hammond – Loved it! A Series steeped in Passion

I watched an encore last night and I was so enthralled with the grit and texture of the piece, so much, that I was emotionally and mentally whisked away into a fantasy world of passion. Passion of love, death, power and life. My lover and I watched it several times in a row last night, until we were totally and absolutely filled with satisfaction. It brought back all the great memories of epic films such as “Braveheart,” & “Lawrence of Arabia,” that we adored growing up.

We felt the acting was spot-on! The men were men…and the women…well, shall I dare say delicious! The costumers surpassed our expectations by again being accurate to the times and yet revealing a subtle teasing of the beautiful women’s forms (Lena & Emilia)…and the locations were breath-taking. There aren’t many films…and definitely NO American TV Shows that even come close to being as exciting to us, as this one. Lena is possibly the most lushish woman we’ve ever seen.

Being a history nut, I was thrilled with the successful attempt at depicting the brutality of the medieval era, including the sexual scenes. Traditionally, the women were mounted from behind by their lovers, which is accurate to that era…and it was exciting.

My lover and I took full advantage of the fantasy and ravaged each other after-wards. Thank you for Producing such an exciting and emotionally thought provoking TV Series.

Please…give us more! Especially Lena.

Game of Thrones review by Andrew_in_NH – An unexpected masterpiece

Despite being acquainted with Martin, and multiple recommendations of the books by friends of good taste, I have never read the series. I saw trailers for the HBO series, and they looked lovely, but my wife and I never quite found the time to try it.

A couple of days ago my wife wasn’t feeling well, and we wanted to watch something…and a teaser about the second season caught our eyes. We both admitted to curiosity, so we started the first episode.

The next day we finished the last of the ten episodes making up the first season. We never do this kind of viewing marathon, but Game of Thrones grabbed us completely.

The acting varies, sometimes by intent and sometimes by the capacity of the actors, but the overall quality is far above average for TV drama. The cinematography is superb. There are visual elements from the season that I’m still processing two days after the marathon. (The last television I saw that had this combination of beauty and quality was Downton Abbey, and I never would have thought to link the two until this moment.) Best of all? There is a strong story, with multiple lines, and I have to think about and figure out the ways in which it works. Nothing is handed to me, and I often have no idea what will happen next. I have a chance to discover this world, and figure out parts, at least, of how it works.

I have been delighted by the first season, and now am eagerly waiting until the second season begins. I have a nasty feeling that I have the first book in the series lurking in my bedroom, and I don’t know whether I can resist the urge to begin reading….

Game of Thrones review by Azhanei – Well worth the hype

While I’d heard of Martin and his work, I came to the series not having read the books. The show so far has lived up to my expectations with a well-assembled cast and the budget to explore the visual depth of a richly-drawn mythos. It is an HBO production and as such nudity and unflinching portrayal of more brutal aspects of their lives was to be expected. People in early history were much more intimately acquainted (no pun intended) with sex, bodily functions and death than many sanitized accounts would lead us to believe, so I find it adds an earthy realness to the story rather than distracting from it as gratuitous. Looking forward to the rest of the season!

Game of Thrones review by Desmonddane – Like a lot, but not love…

I’m not trying to be a hater here and slam this show just for slamming’s sake. And to that end, I’m not even slamming this show. It is very, very well done. The set design and production value is stunning. One episode I’m sure costs the same amount as a low budget film to be sure. But while I really like this show, I don’t love it. And the reason is because it is just so goddamn depressing. Call me an eternal optimist, but I have to deal with reality on a regular basis and there’s already so much depressing, disgusting crap going on all over the real world, so I like my escape from reality to have a little, just a little, bit of hope. Once in a while I need a victory. And you’ll be very hard pressed to find a victory during any storyline in the Game of Thrones. It’s just always so much hate and hell and death and malice. Ugh. It gets to be so heavy and drawn out. Yes, it’s written well, the casting is superb, but come on already. Give me someone to cheer for once in a while. I’ve never read the books but friends of mine who have did not enjoy them stating that everyone you love or grow attached to dies; that the author just wants to kill everyone off. I get it. From a writer’s perspective, I’m sure he wants to keep everyone on their toes, sitting on the edge of their seats, but in order to keep your audience, you gotta give them a little love too.

It also says a lot about the world today in which this show is loved by everyone. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you it’s their favorite show. I think that says a lot about society. Everyone hates everybody and wants everyone dead and gets lots of enjoyment from all the horrible things that happen to everyone. Nice. Look at Cersei for example. Why is she so hateful? I mean, I can understand why she is now, but at the start….she had a brother whom she could hump any time she wanted, children she loved, a brother who wanted very much to be loved by her (and yet she hated for no good reason) and a father who adored her. Even as a child in flashback, she was an evil little bitch. Why? Is there an inciting incident that I missed in her life? She really is just hell-bent on killing anyone to sit in the world’s most uncomfortable chair? I could see if she had been abused as a child, her family killed, loss of her wealth and driven into poverty by oppressive powers, etc. but last time I checked, her family did all that cold business to everyone else. Anyway, her motivation seems a little reaching. But of course now she has motivation with all her kids dead.

The other thing that I don’t find works is that there are way too many story lines and characters and NONE of them really cross over or come together. I feel like we’ve been waiting forever to see Sansa and her sister cross paths. Finally Jon and Sansa are together but man it took forever. And finally when Riccan is brought together with his family it’s only for a very short-lived time. I wish more of the story lines intersected. I guess it’s coming because now we have Daenarys and Tyrion together which is cool so I hope they continue. But do we really need a bunch of snow zombies??? This storyline seems so lame. We’ve got enough characters to keep things interesting, just sayin’.

Anyway, I absolutely love dragons so that’s what keeps me watching. I hope there are more dragons in this season.

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