Game Night putlockers – Watch Game Night full movie online free

Watch Game Night full movie online freeTreat yourself to a couple hours of fun. The writing, the plot, the dialogue and characters work very well, with a number of memorable moments. Like any movie, there are slower times and less imaginative scenes than others, but if you don’t laugh out loud at least a few times, you definitely need to talk to a shrink. No politics or stupid college pranks or jokes. Just well designed, entertaining plot for grown-ups.

Game Night putlockers – Watch Game Night full movie online free

Game Night review by christian-larson – A fun, entertaining well made comedy

Game Night is the latest comedy made by the people who made Horrible Bosses, which I also liked. This movie is fun. The highest praise I can give the movie is the cinematography. I was really surprised with it. There are shots in which the cars and the surroundings look like game pieces, which is such a great choice. The action scenes are very well made, the camera is so creative and it sometimes reminded me of Edgar Wright. I absolutely loved the cinematography. The script is decent and it could have been easily fixed. The big twist at the end surprised me and it was a great payoff. Unfortunately, the movie aside from the twist is kinda predictable. It’s a very safe script, but I laughed a lot throughout the movie. The acting is decent, and the only standout is Jesse Plemons and Rachel McAdams. They did not play themselves and actually got into their characters. The rest of the cast are really boring. The characters are not really all that special. The pacing was really good. I really enjoyed Game Night and although it could have been great, it’s a perfectly fine entertaining comedy.

Game Night review by Niki Kefala – Bateman and McAdams rule together

Is it a thriller? A comedy? A little bit of both, actually, and it mixes both genres in entertaining ways. “Game Night” it’s very funny and surprisingly clever with a script by Mark Perez that makes all the pieces fit together. It has a perfect balance of slapstick, plot intrigue and emotional sentiments. Every character is interesting and funny and develops really well throughout the film. It is a sharp adult comedy that earns genuine laughs and manages to surprise. Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams make “Game Night” even more fun and have a magical pairing. I am sure that they should do more films together. Even if the humor in the film is pleasant and conventional for the most part, the characters themselves are massively enjoyable.

Game Night review by The Couchpotatoes – Don’t believe the negative reviews unless you’re a sad sod.

I read somewhere that a reviewer was complaining that there were alot of fake reviews on IMDb. He’s right and wrong. There are alot when a bad movie gets a high rating and there are not much reviews, but there are not alot when a good movie gets a high rating when there are alot of reviews. And that’s something he apparently does not understand. If this movie gets a high rating when having alot of reviews there is a reason why, and that is that you are wrong and in this case being a comedy that you have no sense of humor at all. I wouldn’t want those negative reviewers as friends because they just don’t have a good sense of humor and that’s important to me. Game Night is funny and I’m pleased I watched it. I had more laughs then I normally have with comedies and that’s a good sign. All the actors brought an amusing note to this movie, and even the story wasn’t bad. So for all the bad reviewers I suggest you all gather together and moan about everything instead of enjoying life and laugh once in a while. I can only revommend Game Night to all people that enjoy having a laugh and that don’t take everything too seriously.

Game Night review by Bowmanblue – Like rolling a “double six”

The main reservations I had when I sat down to watch “Game Night” was that I’d seen all the jokes during the trailer! I’d probably advise most people NOT to watch the clip, as it does give away some (but thankfully not all) of the funniest moments. It’s about three couples who regularly get together every so often and play a variety of games (the type that doesn’t involve a Playstation or Xbox controller – if you can believe that!). However, one night they get more than they bargain for when one of them decides to ‘up’ the game to the next level by incorporating one of those games which employ the services of actors to stage a murder mystery for you to solve. Now, this would be fair enough if it wasn’t for the unfortunate coincidence that this night happens to also be the one where a real kidnapping takes place, leaving our middle-class couples unsure of what’s real and what’s just part of the game.

Despite there being three couples, it’s mainly Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams who have the most screen time, therefore allowing themselves the most time for gags and character development (which I’m pleased to say there are plenty of both). The other two couples are fun and have their moments, but, in some ways, both couples are technically superfluous to the main plot and couple almost have been removed completely! But they’re all good and the gags come thick and fast, many of which reference popular culture (good now, but I do wonder how many will still be relevant in 10-20 years’ time. However, if you’re looking for the real ‘scene stealer’ it has to go to Jesse Plemons who plays the creepy neighbour down to perfection (even if it does look like he’s getting a little typecast after ‘Breaking Bad’).

In a film like this you do have to suspend your disbelief a little bit to keep enjoying the story. However, the bottom line is that it is funny and, for that, it should be allowed a little slack when it comes to picking too many holes in the plot. Ultimately, it’s a great movie to watch if you just want something simple, funny and good to sit through with your mates. It may not be remembered in 20-20 years’ time as one of the all-time comedy greats, but it should deserve more than a little love and laughs right now.

Game Night review by thedarkknight-99999 – Awesome concept … OK movie

Let’s begin with the positives. With that said, I think it would be fair to start mentioning what grabbed me from the beginning, and it’s the cool direction. The visual style is quite polished and cranky. That wasn’t just a mere feast for the eyes, but this cool direction also helped to set up the tone for the movie. That tells us this movie would be a slapstick comedy that shouldn’t be taken seriously, but it would also has a touch of dark comedies and some smart jokes. And that’s what I got … sorta!

The premise itself is superb! Honestly, I am not a big fan of comedy movies, specially new comedies, but the concept of Game Night is what make me insist to watch it.

The movie has some twists and jokes that as smart and genius as its premise. But there are some things that made Game Night a good comedy film but nothing more. The chemistry between the actors is what made these smart jokes work. As when these actors don’t appear on screen together, there is almost no joke that hit the mark. That’s not just because the dialogue between smaller groups of characters isn’t as smart as between the more bigger ones, but also because the minor characters, despite the good performances and the different personalities, aren’t interesting at all and just not funny! Kyle Chandler’s character, Brooks, is the only secondary character that I found interesting and very funny, and Kyle Chandler’s performance made his character even more interesting. Jason Bateman was okay specially when I compare his performance to McAdams’s. She seemed to me as she hated every single joke she said. Alas, her character has some of the best lines and smarter joke of the movie, and Rachel McAdams just ruined almost every joke with her sluggish delivering of jokes. But as I talk about uninteresting characters and bad performances, I have to mention the actor that has the most annoying character of the movie, and maybe of all movies I’ve seen in recent times, and his performance that made this character even more annoying and infuriating. Of course, I’m talking about Jesse Plemons and his character Gary, the king of all tedious characters. You know this character that is so weird, creepy and vague that supposed to be funny, Gary is exactly this character, or at least that’s what I should have had instead of a character that kept turning me off every time appeared on the screen. And these times aren’t few for a secondary character.

Also, after the first act the humor retreated as the comedic set pieces were now and again and half way through the movie they were almost not there.

Overall, I liked Game Night but it hasn’t lived up to my expectations.

Game Night review by John Ryan – Compared to most mainstream comedy, it’s Citizen Kane

This was nice.

As far as mainstream comedy film goes, this was as good as it gets. I went to this film on a recommendation with only the knowledge that Jason Bateman was in it, which is fine. That’s the only motivation one should need to see a film, because Jason Bateman is the man.

But because I went into this film not knowing much about it and ended up endlessly entertained, I would want any readers of this to experience the same way, so I’m going to go light on the plot. Jason Bateman and the unexpectedly to me hi-fucking-larious Rachel McAdams are a couple that fell in love due to their fiercely competitive nature. They are both serious when it comes to games and once they are a couple, they are unbeatable together.

Now married, Bateman’s brother comes to town much to his chagrin. His brother is a rich and successful Playboy and the only person that Bateman has not measured up to competitively. Soon after, Bateman’s brother invites the couple as well as their normal party guests to a game night at his house. But as it so happens, it is far from your normal game night and soon our characters find themselves in over their heads in the quest to solve a great mystery.

That’s all I’m giving you plot wise.

I wouldn’t call this film “smart” the way others have called it. There are a couple plot holes (or at least muddy bits of plot that could have been explained better), seemingly ham fisted twists and more than your average dramatic conveniences. But compared to most mainstream comedies, this is Citizen freaking Kane.

Where this film is indeed very smart though is in the dialogue and creativity. The film is a non-stop joke factory and the vast majority land. All the main actors here have great chemistry and comedic timing with one another, and the writing is so funny that you will not spend any significant length of time not laughing or smiling. To boot the characters will find themselves in some truly absurd and hilarious situations, some of which had me in stitches. In fact this is easily the most I have laughed at a film in quite some time, especially in a theater.

Jason Bateman’s comedic delivery is at it’s typical brilliance here, but Rachel McAdams blew me away with her performance. I am not too familiar with her work and although I’ve seen comedies with her in them, I’ve never seen her be the funny character in those comedies. Here, she shines with completely natural comedic timing, whether it be her witty comebacks, her selling of the absurdity of situations, or her physical comedy. She impressed the hell out of me.

Joining our married couple on their grand mission are four supporting characters who serve as the regular game night party guests. Wrapped up into this unexpected situation, they all have a role to play in solving the mystery, and they are all super funny, both in their own right, and when bouncing off their fellow partygoers.

Sometimes it’s nice to go to a theater and simply be pleasantly surprised and entertained. That’s rare nowadays, especially when it comes to comedies. To see a comedy that relies on good writing and character work, and not on bad improv, farts, sex, pop culture or any of the other go-tos and to have it actually be funny; well, it’s simply such a breathe of fresh air. Go see this film if you just want to be entertained.

Oh and before this movie I couldn’t tell you who Jesse Plemons was, but he looks like a discount Matt Damon and I love him.

Game Night review by MisterWhiplash – above average, for what it’s trying to do – and Plemmons is the MVP

If you’re a comedy filmmaker (or two, in this case) working in what is currently the thing in recent comedies, there isn’t usually much asked as far as visual ambition or even any real vision at all past making sure everything is well lit and the actors are in frame. As far as making the thing *funny*, that mileage may vary depending on who can stomach copious improv or walk-one from people who shouldn’t even be in this kind of movie (for better or worse). While Game Night does have that last part, the directors (behind the, what, Vacation remake, the fuck? Oh ok they wrote Horrible Bosses, got it, I guess) are less inclined to follow the other facets of Hollywood comedies that dont ask much from the makers or the audience expecting more. And it’s funny, and dark, and creative. It also solidifies Jesse Plemmons as a full fledged star (but more on him in a moment).

These guys wanted to make a sorta spoof or take off or, if you want to cal it, homage to Fincher’s The Game, only they go a couple of steps further. They have a solid cinematographer and have a grasp of getting in at least the set pieces more than one would usually bargain for – it’s shot more in some ways like Fincher and other times like a professional neo-noir cinematographer is at the helm – and with Cliff (Drive) Martinez doing the music, it has the total feel of a dangerous, all-at-night thriller…. And from this comes the crazy hijinks and comedy one might expect from the premise of a group of board game enthusiasts (Bateman and McAdams as the main ones, also Billy Magnussen from Ingrid Goed West) get roped into a kidnapping plot involving Kyle Chandler.

But easily the show-stealer by a mile is Jesse Plemmons as the cop neighbor with his little dog and among the great creeps in… Any movie I’ve seen in recent memory. How he is perfectly still, how his face barely contorts and yet one hears all the anguish from being excluded by the gamers (who once or twice had him over, saw how tightly wound he was, and never had him back) and being dumped, it’s all in the eyes and voice. I’m not joking when I say it’s Oscar worthy – if the Academy ever saw that this is just as hard work as what any of this years nominees did to submerge into character like a deep sea diver – and there’s barely a moment when he’s on screen that is not wildly funny.

It’s not a great movie overall, it should be noted, largely due to a couple of predictable beats and then a conclusion/final 15 minutes that feels oddly like a tacked on studio-noted or test screened reshoot – it just feels like they bite off more than they can chew, and after what seems to be the BIG reveal turns out to be not quite the last one, it doesn’t stop being occasionally funny but it drags. And yet I have to commend the filmmakers for casting this so well – Bateman is not completely his usual nice-ish guy and Chandler gets to have some moments that land and shows more of what he’s capable of as a performer – and that they are interesting characters throughout this. Even the arcs that don’t seem to have much meat on the bones (sitcomish on the page) get carried by the actors to wonderful lengths. Oh, and it’s gloriously violent at times and yet feels earned for the style of the film.

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