Fahrenheit 451 putlockers – Watch Fahrenheit 451 full movie online free

Watch Fahrenheit 451 full movie online freeI can’t understand why so many bad reviews. It’s a good movie. It was never going to be exactly like the book, get over it. For those who are thinking about watching it, it’s worth it, go on.

Fahrenheit 451 putlockers – Watch Fahrenheit 451 full movie online free

Fahrenheit 451 review by Andylaode – Good Movie

I do not understand for who are here giving very low rating to this movie. What is it that this movie doesn’t have? nothing. This movie has everything

  1. It has plot that need to be resolved at the end of the movie 2. The main character facing his internal and external conflict and in the end find his peace 3. Although in the external it looks like the antagonist is win over the protagonist but in the overall plot, the protagonist is winning. The ending might be sad, but it’s a fulfilling ending.

If people going to compare the book over the movie, it is not fair. This movie is create based on character from the book, it is not there as a copy of the book. No it is not.

And just like any other movie that I have been review, good movie is the one that give you feeling good, this movie indeed give me a good feeling.

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Fahrenheit 451 review by Jamesjtowell – It’s not bad but it’s not great!

Watched this film twice now. Only watched it the second time to see if it was as bad as it seemed the first time round. Unfortunately it seemed a bit better but wasn’t blowing my socks off. The casting is pretty good hence the 4 out of 10 stars, it’s just a shame the original story was so badly botched in this. The production values very good again. you can see money was spent and well just a shame the execution of the story.

Fahrenheit 451 review by Nathan Laing – Such a Disappointment

Fahrenheit 451 can be summed up in two words: wasted potential After seeing the trailer a few months ago I was exited about the idea of a new retelling of Ray Bradbury’s classic dystopian novel especially seeing that it was to star Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon. What HBO actually realised this it flew under most peoples radar and those who did see it, myself included, were not impressed. This film has no sense of store structure, world building or char development. Motivations are not just unclear but non-existent and no clues are ever given as too how the system became what it was. The result is painfully boring and doesn’t give me much to talk about, any interesting concept is clearly ripped from the source material without clear understanding. Shannon is unapologetically loud and Jordan is a blank slate, neither works.

Throw in a hilariously bad romance sub-plot and some severe logical issues and you have what will most likely be one of the most disappointing films of this year.

Fahrenheit 451 review by cshackelford-78413 – Wow.

You know how some movies get panned for following source material too closely and getting bogged down because of it? Yeah this isn’t one of those times. There were books, and those books were burned, but that was about as close as it came. The updated plot didn’t really make much sense, and the entire film sort of felt like a giant montage. And while it was a montage with flamethrowers, which is fun I guess, there was little character motivation given in between. Very little information given as well about how and why society has taken this route to begin with besides ‘government = bad + fire.’ Add in a really abysmal end, and we’re left with a film that is bad enough to truly be flabbergasting. I mean, it could have been worse, but they would have had to really give it the old college try.

The only way I can think of to sum up my feelings is that it’s a film that assumes you have read the book but really, really hopes that you haven’t.

I gave it a star for the Satie Gnossienne. The actual film made me hate myself for finishing it.

Fahrenheit 451 review by Aubuchon – Outdated. Low Budget. Great Acting and Directing.

You can tell this was written in a time when paranoia of ‘big brother’ was in full effect and before Facebook made it into a reality. The motivations of the Guy Montag lead character are ambiguous at best and never fully resolved. I have to ask why they even bothered to create this low-budget piece where all the cars in the distant future are manufactured up to and before 2018. Many scenes involve people standing in rooms that are completely engulfed in flames yet they don’t ever choke or cough but seem to be able to breathe normally for extended periods of time. The grandiosity of genetic imprinting is handled with a lack of complexity that it deserved. More ambiguity and implausibility than I care to see in my sci-fi.

Fahrenheit 451 review by Kirpianuscus – massacre

…or blasphemy. Or a too big mistake And  after its end, the only question remains why Fahrenheit 451 must be the victim of and adaptation who use it only as pretext. Because it is a bad MTV style movie. flames, few lines from books, flat performances ( for his Montag, Michael B. Jordan deserves Golden Raspberry Award) and Michael Shannon is refuged in the skin of military bad guy, using each clichee. short, a massacre of a masterpiece. Chaotic, lost in incoherence, without any meaning, proposing no story and proof of the hate against books of director. Because it has every piece for create a decent work. But, except the desire to propose few fake impressive images, a lot of kitsch and stupidity, nothing else.

Fahrenheit 451 review by Jackmeat – Not the book/original but still not bad

My quick rating – 5,1/10. I read a few reviews, and the distain for this movie is high, but also makes sense. The movie itself is taking on a great adaptation of an even better book. Tall order that HBO took on. Problem lies in the things they took out were key to the story, and the things they added seemed to distract from the actual point of the story. Not a great thing to do but as the movie stands on its own, it really is not bad. Michael Shannon does a great job as the bad guy, but what else is new. I thought Michael B Jordan was adequate but didn’t really stand out against the backdrop of the story. I won’t get carried away in the story itself since it has been altered almost past the need to name it “fahrenheit 451” The oversimplified nature of the change of heart was far too easy to grasp and hinders from how it would really be (I would think). Which is a shame because the acting was there if the script had called for it. Just seemed like a rush job with a great story, and instead just got a glossy special effects finish.

Fahrenheit 451 review by Yolanda Elliott – Fahrenheit 451

An updated spin on the movie Equilibrium, Fahrenheit 451 doesn’t disappoint. Sometimes one has to sacrifice blind ambition for the sake of the Greater Good. Excellent movie. Sharp points and down right fantastic writing and superb acting. I found the film encouraging. Hypocrisy is real and only courage and a deep rooted sense of morality can walk you through it; the fire. Two thumbs up!

Fahrenheit 451 review by Siderite – An epic and unintentionally self referential failure.

Another same writer and director bomb, Fahrenheit 451 seems to be more inspired by Equilibrium than the book it’s named after. The points made in the book are just alluded to in the movie, while the script seems to be ripped off from any number of B grade dystopian movies. Instead of making the point that knowledge and memory are important for not repeating the mistakes we’ve made and that fast paced media designed for very short attention spans is a poor substitute for a well told story, it stumbles about until you realize the writer has already succumbed to the disease and is unable to comprehend the book he was supposed to be adapting. There is no explanation as to how this movie was made, validated and then released. I can already see Ramin Bahrani sitting in his house, ripping pages out of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 to roll cigarettes, while watching Equillibrium on his home entertainment system. If it weren’t so sad, it would be funny to see how the subject of the book describes so well the reality of the making of this movie.

Fahrenheit 451 review by sam iam – An Appropriate Resurrection in These Times

“Based” on the Bradbury book, this iteration of the story continues to highlight the dangers of conservatism. Continued cutbacks in public education (in the US and elsewhere) create a significant block of the public ripe for this sort of brainwashing. Election of lunatics to positions of power becomes possible in this climate (US, Britain and elsewhere). Next comes the censorship, of Internet, “news” and other modes of free expression. Book burning could popup one of these days, again.

As to the movie, don’t be too hard on it if it isn’t word-for-word to the novel. The message is still there folks!

Fahrenheit 451 review by Jrneptune – A Tale of Two Michaels

The original story line has been updated and in my opinion made even more relevant than ever. Most of the original storyline is still followed but I absolutely love how tech from today is part of the story and how humanity in general could be losing it way to it.

Michael Shannon and Michael B. Jordan both immerse you into their world as expected for myself. Sofia Boutella surprised me and wasn’t just a pretty face but had a serious and significant role to play and she did a great job as well.

I know some folks are hating the movie because it didn’t stray far from the book but I love that they updated the story for our present times.

Spoiler follows:

Post 2013 so much of truth is under attack from various parties with their own agendas, it was particular relevant that the movie also has a statement on that as well. The folks running the show and the AI supporting them know the truth but they want people to stay ignorant of history as much as possible.

I will admit I am not a big fan of the macguffin used half way through the movie but it is supposed to be in the future after all.

Fahrenheit 451 review by tkaine3 – Not bad, good msg but totally predictable.

With this being a remake of a movie I didn’t see I won’t be comparing whether it was better than the original which I think is pointless and doesn’t matter but what I think is relevant is the fact that the message conveyed was powerful then and remains powerful now and into the future. It wasn’t Michael B Jordan’s best performance but I don’t think the writing for this movie was the strong point of emphasis it really didn’t rely on what was said it was more about what was thought after what was said. This was a movie you could definitely watch twice and maybe pick up on something you missed the first time, Like I think the 23 cleveland was a Lebron reference and maybe also for Michael Jordan who knows but the film had a pretty good pace with dark cinematography I found to be quite beautiful although stark and gritty. The problem I found is that this film does show it’s hand about 90% throughout and it’s almost childish how predictable it was I mean it follows the 123 basic guidelines of a storyline and at this point you kinda feel like you’ve seen all of it before even if you haven’t but when it happens it’s just the same soup reheated.. ahhh.. With such a deep message if only the storyline could’ve gone deeper than scratching the surface they just might of had something… All in All I do think this movie was worth watching I would give it an OK rating you should check it out if u get a chance.

Fahrenheit 451 review by Lee Eisenberg – the burning season

François Truffaut adapted Ray Bradbury’s dystopian “Fahrenheit 451” for the silver screen in 1966. It was a worthwhile movie, if not his best. Ramin Bahrani has made a new version, updated for the 21st century (with news feeds appearing across buildings). Like the updated version of “The Handmaid’s Tale”, this new version is seen as an allegory for the Trump era, with the suppression of information and slide into ignorance. I understand that Bradbury’s original novel wasn’t simply about the suppression of information as much as the loss of information: people were getting drawn more to TV and away from books.

Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11” also focused on the suppression of information. I recommend both movies as a warning about what could happen if people take the availability of information for granted.

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