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Watch Everything, Everything online free – I went to the cinema to see “Everything Everything,” after reading the book. I thought that it was a great film full of romance and action. I would recommend this film to ages: 14-17, as it is a film for teenagers or young adults. Maddy is played by such an amazing actress and I will definitely consider purchasing this film and watching it again. At times it feels a little slow paced and cheesy, but if you are looking for some light-hearted romance, then this film is for you! It is my kind of film and I thought it was excellent, but you should read the book before you see it! Enjoy!

Everything, Everything 123movies – Watch Everything, Everything online free

Everything, Everything review by Gordon-11 – A captivating story

This film tells the story of a teenage girl who has a serious illness called SCID, which affects her immune system and makes her prone to deadly infections. She is not allowed out of her house by her mother, until one day she decides to break free from her beautiful cocoon.

“Everything, Everything” captivates me right from the start because the house it is set in is beautiful. The decor is minimalist and modern, which s exactly my taste. Then, the story is engaging because I cannot imagine what life is like to be captive inside the house, having to constantly worry about catching a nasty bug. The girl is very sweet and likable, and I feel so sorry for her illness. She is very brave to risk her life and break out of her house, as she wants to really live her life. The ending twist is very unexpected, as I have not imagined that the story is going to turn out like this. This twist adds another dimension to the story, and enhances the film.

Everything, Everything review by Baharuka – Believable Story, Nicely Executed, Loved It!

As someone who has to use pills which suppress the immune system, I can say Everything, Everything reflects such a person’s life and thoughts very well.

The reality of a harsh disease meets super-styled environments and good-natured characters in the movie. It’s a Romeo & Juliet story nicely executed, catching the Zeitgeist. It captures the mind of Maddy- an isolated patient- well, emphasizing how you would depend on your thoughts, imagination, and internet connection when you’re all alone. It also captures the worry and love of characters around Maddy. The director did a very good job and the acting is great at times, okay at others. Ana de la Reguera shines as the nurse!

As a negative point, we don’t see any truly ugly side of the main characters. Instead, Maddy is almost disturbingly perfect. Her home is also picture-perfect to the point it feels like a commercial set. The color spectrum and animations are very polished and sugar-sweet, speaking to a young audience. The movie does one great thing to break the polished looks, though: It zooms on little details on skin which we normally don’t see in movies. It shows dots on skin, bumps on skin, a single hair on skin, aka shows skin as skin at times. Another refreshing point is, Maddy comes in a body shape that we’re not used to seeing in movies. The camera doesn’t try to hide the fat on her, nor glorifies it for being simply fat: She’s not a skinny Hollywood girl and not the tattooed plus-size model in red lipstick: She’s depicted as a teenage girl in her own body shape, and that body shape is glorified to the max. Olly, the main guy, comes in a look you can see in your own neighborhood, and that allows you to focus on his personality, not thinking on how much he had to work on his abs.

Some people found the main characters too lucky to have met, others didn’t find the end of the movie believable. I disagree. Life is crazy both in good and bad ways, and human psychology is like that, too. Just watch the news, you would see!

Everything, Everything review by Orlacordial – Heart-Warming and Overall Lovely

This film made my heart flutter, I thought that everything, everything was wonderful about it. It is hard to not demonize the mother but you must know that everything she does she does out of love, fear and anxiety. It is a truly unique love story, although it may not be medically accurate for people with this SCID the fact the this was a novel written by a black woman and that it was directed by a black woman AND the lead is a strong beautiful black woman who is the voice of a generation is absolutely incredible!

Everything, Everything review by Reno Rangan – The modern day Rapunzel tale!

There are lots of films to compare with. ‘Tangled’, ‘The Space Between Us’ to all the cancer themed films. Yet it is still unique with the reasons it reveals. But highly influenced by Rapunzel tale. Well written and directed, along with the performances. It was not your regular teen romance. It had depth in romance, but the balance between the main two characters were lacking. That did not do any bad for the film. Since it was told from the girl’s perspective.

A teen girl with SCID had never left the house almost all of her life. But that is going to change when a new neighbours moves in. The new boy shows interest in her, and so she’s. So they develop a friendship through texting. In the next stage of their relationship, things changes and makes them go crazy. Regarding the medical condition of the girl, how the love perspective of this young couple shapes was told in the remaining.

Going by trivia, I think I’ve missed so many things from the original source. So I’m thinking to read the book now. Because to learn more from the boy’s perspective. Yet the film was nice and cute, made nothing wrong to dislike it. Being simple and/or altered to cinematic version is always welcomed by me. There young actors were awesome. It is definitely an under-rated film. Like usual forget the film critics and follow what the film fanatics says. Especially if you are a youngster, you should watch it.

Everything, Everything review by LemonLadyR – Life is Short, So Go Watch This Movie!

I am over 60, and don’t usually like movies with usual plots (although this one had a good, if not original, twist) or ‘teen movies’. But I loved this one, even though I knew going in that it was a young love story. And I loved it a little because I related to Maddie’s life, a lot because it was done well, and very beautifully.

I think there is something for everyone here, from good character development, acting, editing, and even the great house Maddie lived in (although more of a beautiful jail). Since so much of it took place indoors, the house had to be a character, for the movie to work. I want that house! The Hawaii ‘dream’ sequences were beautiful and emotional, everything I hoped they would be. Maddie’s emotions were conveyed very well.

I loved that there was no nudity. I loved that he loved her the most for being funny and smart, and then beautiful. I loved that people of color were cast mostly, at least it seemed, just because they got the part, although I understand some was done due to the book it was based on.

Everything, Everything review by Davis P – Syrupy sweet teenage romance

This film is similar to the fault in our stars in many ways, it doesn’t involve cancer but it does involve one teen suffering from a disease. Madeline (Amandla Stenberg) is an 18 year old girl who lives with her doctor mother in California, her father and brother died in a car accident years ago. And Olly (Nick Robinson) is an 18 year old boy who’s just moved in next door to Madeline and her mother. Madeline has SCID, a disease where you’re blood cells can’t fight off simple bacteria, so she is forced to always stay inside the house because she could die if she doesn’t. Madeline and Olly form a bond/connection through texting and holding up messages against the windows, they get to know one another and eventually begin to have romantic feelings towards one another. The chemistry between Nick Robinson and Amandla Stenberg was great, I really loved how they connected on screen and I bought their feelings for each other. The performances were very good from all cast members, Anika Noni Rose included. I thought Rose’s performance was very commendable. The plot can be pretty predictable at times, but what made the movie work for me was the two leads performances and their romantic chemistry. That’s what makes the movie worth seeing. I do suggest everything everything.

Everything, Everything review by Maia – A beautiful movie just as good as the book.

I went to the theater not expecting much, having previously read the book, I doubted the movie would be as good. I was wrong. Everything everything is a beautiful movie for everyone. Seriously, just go watch the movie.

If you need more convincing, let me break it down for you. It’s a diverse movie without the main topic being race. Amandla Stenberg and Nick Robinson both to beautiful acting jobs, bringing their characters, Maddy and Olly, to life. Both characters are interesting, deep, and most importantly, alive.

I’ll probably use the word beautiful to describe this movie way too much, but that’s because it really is a beautiful movie. The visuals are gorgeous, every shot is artistic. It’s also a very aesthetic movie to watch. I also really enjoyed the music played throughout the film and during the credits. It was a beautiful story with depth.

In conclusion, just go watch the movie.

Everything, Everything review by jeremy Jessup – Surprisingly Good

I’m an action movie kind of guy. I see every Marvel, DC and transformers movie as soon as they come out. I care not for chick flicks. Luckily my wife doesn’t force me to go to them either. I watched this movie because it’s our anniversary and I wanted to watch a movie I knew my wife would enjoy. I went into this movie with a Large soda and Large popcorn with the expectation to keep myself energized so that I wouldn’t fall asleep on my wife. NOT NEEDED.

This movie didn’t have the most action packed story line but the story line was good. They progressed the story at a good pace, not lingering on any one scene too long. They did a good job developing the characters backgrounds and helping you understand everyone and had a nice plot twist at the end that didn’t feel rushed as if they had run out of budget. They also didn’t linger with the closing.

While this movie didn’t make me want to go see other chick flicks or go read the book, I definitely enjoyed this movie. I know that some of the ways they portrayed SCID and people who are disabled isn’t necessarily accurate, but it doesn’t take away from the quality of the movie. After all, this wasn’t a documentary but a romance movie so I’m OK with them taking a few liberties with the portrayal of her condition.

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