Doc Martin putlockers – Watch Doc Martin full movie online free

Watch Doc Martin full movie online free – We love this series – Louisa included. We need more good viewing like this! Cornwall is beautiful and the characters are very entertaining. Martin Clunes does an excellent job of maintaining the character of “Doc Martin,” even in the face of frequent requests to just go with the flow. Louisa is beautiful and, and in our opinion far from a “harpy.” The supporting cast is amazing – they are so believable, even when they are doing things you can’t believe would really happen. Bert and Al Large are some of our favorites – along with Pauline. The first receptionist was just annoying, but Pauline fits in perfectly and is someone you can really care about. Doc Martin is outstanding!

Doc Martin putlockers – Watch Doc Martin full movie online free

Doc Martin review by Asomersday – Doc Martin is one of the best of the Brit com series

One of the things this program tells us is that we as the public need to learn a great deal more about Autism and in this case, Asbergers…. From everything I know about this condition, Martin’s portrayal of his character is a perfect example.

He is good at what he does, but socially inept, and doesn’t seem to care, although at times he does show that he suspects he is missing something. He is not arrogant, he simply is who he is. He expects others to behave in as efficient a way that he does, no frills, no small talk, but we know that cannot be, and his frustration leads him to step on his own feet quite a lot.

How wonderful that the people (most of them) can still appreciate him and especially the beautiful school teacher. She may very well be the one who will help him to become more willing to accept social ‘norms’….. and of course his dear Aunt Joan.

I do hope that the rumors about the show continuing after the initial series is true. I for one would love to see him with his child as they both grow up.

Doc Martin review by Justinecullinan – understated wins again!

I’ve just started watching this series on my local public television station in Queens, New York, and can now hardly wait for each week’s episode — I’m enchanted by its clever plotting … but pained as well because it seems as plain as the nose on one’s face that Doctor Ellingham is suffering from some disease on the autism spectrum (perhaps, to this laywoman, Asperger’s disease). He’s saved by his obvious scientific skill and care, but it would be nice to have a few more “human” moments coaxed out of him by others in this brilliant cast … The scenes of Cornwall are as inviting as a well-made travel brochure, though there is less rain than I would have expected in the United Kingdom (or perhaps they only filmed on sunny days). In any case this gem of a series is a rare one, and one that is blessedly free of hype.

Doc Martin review by Anderbilt – Series Six was outstanding

I would heartily recommend this series to any and all fans of romantic comedy/drama, and I would give a hearty thanks to the creators, producers and actors involved with Doc Martin.

I want to take this opportunity to single out the most recent season, season six, for special commendation. Thank you for not giving in to any temptation to provide the so-called ‘storybook’ happy ending to the courtship of Dr Ellingham and Louisa, which some fans seemed to be calling for. Both have personal baggage related to their upbringings that reinforces the impasse they face in their relationship, and it’s this slow passage through the process resolving their issues which makes these stories such a joy.

I personally found season six to be greatly interesting and entertaining, in the stories and the life-changes faced by all of the regular characters. And I absolutely was not prepared for the emotional impact of the final moments of the season’s final episode.

Well done. I’m ready for much more.

Doc Martin review by kikkapi20 – love this show.

Doc Martin is as close as it gets to perfection. Martin Clunes and Dominic Minghella should (and I’m sure do) take intense pride over their creation. The writing is the best in the business, the director Ben Bolt is amazing, and the acting is subtle, natural, hilarious and touching. In addition to Martin Clunes, Caroline Catz has shown herself to be one of the best of her generation. And the scenery and music, of course, are beautiful.

Mr. and Mrs. Clunes: Don’t sell out to us Yanks. Let the American version of Men Behaving Badly be your guide…Don’t do it, ever, under any circumstances!

Doc Martin review by Kecallen – Lots of Fun!

The quirky characters and the beautiful scenery have made my husband and me huge fans of “Doc Martin.” When we hear the opening music, we just feel good. We got hooked when we were trying to find a decent TV show to watch. We love British shows and found “Doc Martin” by accident on Netflix. “Doc Martin” is one TV show you will love. Especially if you liked “Northern Exposure.” Very similar with the same kind of characters and wit.

Our local PBS station is going to start airing the show in July and we can’t wait. We already have made several friends addicts of the show and I know there will be many more after the first of the month. Even though we’ve seen every episode, some more than once, we are looking forward to starting over with the series.

Please give it a try. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Just make sure you get through the first few episodes.

And if you want to see how it all started, watch the movie “Saving Grace.” It’s a riot.

Doc Martin review by Thechauf – brilliant, a must see for the English rural way of life.

Port Issac aka Port Wenn IS a slow moving sleepy little hamlet, without a cranky Doc. The cameras do not do justice to the place, how they ever transport all the TV gear down to the bottom of the hill to the ‘beach’ is beyond me, it must be absolute chaos. I found it slightly challenging to drive a car there and wouldn’t want to drive anything bigger than a 35cwt transit (panel) van or the like. There is a whole lot more residences at the top of the hill, never a mention of those, but with scenery such as the pub and school areas why bother. I salute Martin Clunes, what a superb actor, so believable, early in series one he handed his car keys to the receptionist without a second thought, then walked down the hospital corridor, at that point he WAS Doc Martin, brilliant! The to earlier films are so worth watching as is the making of series 1. when is series 7 coming out???? soon please.

Doc Martin review by Rockthedocpodcast – Great show!

We love the show. Great actors and characters, great story lines and a beautiful setting. We loved it so much we made a podcast for each episode!

The show contains everything you want in a series including drama, comedy, romance, and a little quirkiness thrown in. Anyone can find a connection with the characters because there’s a little of them in each of us–and in the cities we live. From the first season through the most recent, Clunes’ character goes through many changes in his professional, personal and romantic life. And we love being on that roller coaster with him.

The show is timeless and its fans are devoted to the show and its characters. Long live the Doc!

Doc Martin review by Nolalily – Plenty More to Do

I love this show because, as quirky as it is, it is one of the greatest love stories of all time. However, up until now, the story is about the “feeling” of love that the Doc and Louisa have for one another. This series would do the world justice if it continued for a few more seasons that centered around the two of them learning how to love and what the true meaning of “loving” another really is. This would take it from “best series” to “classic series”. And…in these troubled and confused times, would greatly help us all.

I think they have begun to scratch the surface by living together. All I know is that my brilliant husband begs me to watch another episode of Doc Martin every night and he’s not the most romantic sort. We have watched all 5 series twice and are halfway through our third.

Doc Martin review by Bettycjung – Catch this series, you will love it!

2/17/18. I watched this based on recommendations from people and I was so amazed that I ended up loving this series! Granted that Doc Martin is not exactly your dashing leading man, he is a wonderful character that allows everyone around him to look so good because he is so rude and totally lacking in social skills. Yet despite his lack of social graces he manages to find a wonderful woman (Louisa) who loves him, despite it all. However, he is a competent doctor even though he is off-putting and has no bedside manners whatsoever. This series is so well-written that you actually get to know all these people who live in the small village of Portween and actually get to understand why they act the way they do even though you may not necessarily like any of them or want them to be your friends. What I truly got to enjoy are Martin’s aunts – Joan and Ruth, kinfolk who truly love Martin and understand him more than he understands himself. And, Catz does a wonderful job as Louisa, the ever patient, loving wife that Martin believes he don’t deserve. Catch this series, you will love it!

Doc Martin review by David Skinner – Doc Martin is a wonderful series

Best written drama/comedy I’ve watched. Superbly written, never preachy, and the music sets the perfect tone. A wonderful way to spend precious time. You want to love these characters; they all have a back story and you are drawn to their struggles. Dr. Ellingham is a hero because he always tells the truth, even when it hurts. Louisa sees his sterling character, but struggles with his personality. One blooper I gleefully noted: at one moment a character fires a shotgun, and the sound of a pump action shotgun is heard before the second shot. However, the gun shown is an over/under model, and cannot make the pump sound. My wife and I have started watching the entire series a second time and we are enjoying in at least as much as the first time. I must agree with those who wish to keep this from the “yanks,” of which I am one! Unfortunately many USA writers feel compelled to insert multiple agendas and causes into whatever they write. Doc Martin, Downton Abbey, and all the other UK TV we’ve seen is free from this compunction. How refreshing. DJS

Doc Martin review by Regina McCullar Sparks – Loving it.

I found this show on Netflix, and I was hesitate at first to watch it, but now I am so glad I did. I absolutely love this show. I am almost finished with seasons 1 – 6 and I only started watching it less than a week ago. I can’t even sleep at night because I have to see the next episode. Absolutely loveeeeeeeeeeee this show. It is different from anything I have ever watched. The doctor seems to be one way but really surprises you with his honesty. This is one of the best shows on the television to this day. It amazes me how much I actually laugh at this show. The twists and turns of this show do keep you guessing. If there is one show that I will ever recommend, it is this one.

Doc Martin review by MartinHafer – Basically, it’s a soap opera in the guise of a medical show.

“Doc Martin” is a very enjoyable British series that has so far run six seasons–short seasons by American standards and often coming out a couple years apart. Despite this and the occasional turnover of cast members, the show is very well written and enjoyable. My only complaint is that a couple of the characters wear a bit thin, as the writers insist on a couple buffoon-like characters for comic relief. The worst of these is Police Constable Penhale who is just too idiotic to believe. To a lesser extent, the same could be said about Bert Large. Fortunately, the other characters and story lines are excellent and make up for occasional lapses. Overall, it’s a very well crafted and enjoyable show about a curmudgeonly doctor with abysmal people skills and the bizarre, almost “Green Acres”-like community in which he lives.

Doc Martin review by cosmax10 – Over The Top

I love British shows, but the characters have been done to death in the usual village scene with quirky personalities. I just don’t find the characters realistic and I don’t believe anyone with that personality would be interested in entering a field where you have to navigate people and interact with them, and I can’t imagine villagers putting up with him. I think all the actors and actress are fine and play their parts as scripted. I haven’t seen Martin Clune in anything else,so have nothing to compare him to, but given his character, and what he is, he portrays him well and does not veer off course where his personality is concerned. I have seem much better British shows and I think it is just a matter of personal preference and what you consider funny or good.

Doc Martin review by Amy Poust Leddy – Doc Martin Keeps Me Sane and Laughing While the World Goes Crazy!

I have watched this superb British Comedy-Drama since it first appeared on PBS in the States. The many elements that have contributed to the longstanding success of this series are; exceptional acting, creative writing and producing, cool music, talented dogs, and the beautiful scenic location. All of these efforts combine for a wonderful and creative synergistic effect to unfold so that the tales of Doc Martin interacting with the quirky residents of Portwenn can be told with humor, beauty, honesty, and humanity. Martin Clunes is fantastic as the protagonist, the grumpy doc relegated in a sense to the village GP from his role as a posh London surgeon due to haemophobia of all things. He is rude, intolerant, arrogant, socially awkward, and hates dogs. All things would indicate that we would hate him, yet as viewers we like him, we root for him, we want him to get the girl. We seem to empathize with his awkwardness and sense through Clunes portrayal that there is much more underneath his rough exterior (a talented doctor that deep down cares for the well being of his patients and has a need for love and even has a capacity to love) The writers and producer take extreme care in their script writing which is funny, intelligent, and emotional when tackling these simple yet complex characters and story lines. I’ve now finished season 8 and to me the show is still fresh and leaves me wanting more. I’ve heard that season 9 will be the last but I’m hoping that isn’t the case. I’ve grown very fond of the characters and they have found a place in my heart through this wonderful show. Whenever I just can’t watch the news of the world I escape for a few hours to the beautiful coastal village of Portwenn where Doc Martin makes me laugh, cry, and reflect a bit on the uniqueness of his special community and the important role he plays in their lives.

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